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Isaiah Summary chs 46 to 50

Isaiah Prophecies:

The gods of Babylon along with its people will be destroyed. The persecutors of Judah will be punished. The Lost Tribes of Israel will be in the Isles, at the geographical extremities of the earth and a Brit-Am meaning a convenant of nations. Israel will free the slaves and settle desolate heritages. The Tribes of Jacob must guide the rest of humanity, be a "light to the natioons". Judah will be loathe to accept the Lost Ten Tribes, nevertheless there will be a reconciliation. Judah will be compensated for its suffering. Do good and God will reward you.


 chapters 46 to 50 

A Biblical Commentary Courtesy of Brit-Am

The Brit-Am Summary of Isaiah

Chapters 46 to 50

Below is presented an overall impression of the Book of Isaiah (chapters 46 to 50 from a Brit-Am point of view.
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Isaiah Summary chs.46 to 50

Isaiah describes the destruction of Babylon (46:1). God is not a mortal and not subject to mortal restraints. He can help us always. He has no limitations. He can make up for the limitations we have or acquire (46:4). Money can be important yet it is only a means. Like strength, youth, and life itself, it should be seen only as a means to fulfil the tasks God through life places upon us (46:6). Isaiah (chapter 46) spoke of the fall of the gods of Babylon. Chapter 47 speaks of the fall of the people of Babylon. God was angry at Judah his people. The Babylonians took advantage and did not show them what mercy they could have done therefore they will be punished (47:6). All your scientists will not help you, Babylon (47:13).
The present State of Israel which is however primarily comprised of Judah is condemned (48:1-2). Judah will be punished but not completely. God will have mercy on Judah for the sake of His Name that is called upon Judah (48:3-11). Both Jacob (the Lost Ten Tribes) and Israel (usually the Ten Tribes but when juxtaposed with Jacob meaning Judah) are called upon to acknowledge the Almighty (48:12). Babylon will be punished (48:14) but before then may yet cause harm to Israel (48:20).
The Isles are called upon to listen to God (49:1). Israel is the servant of God (49:3). Israel will raise up the Tribes of Jacob and restore the preserved of Israel, to be an enlightening influence on the Gentiles unto the geographical extremities of the earth (49:6). God calls to the Jews who were despised ands says HE will save them (49:7). The Ten Tribes will be made into a Brit-Am or covenant of peoples. They will settle and civilize wasted heritages (49:8) and free the prisoners while converging together along their paths of migration (49:9).
Judah will be consoled (49:13-16). Much of the troubles of Judah were cause by her own wayward sons (49:17). Judah will be compensated greatly (49:18-20).
When the Lost Ten Tribes return Judah will be reticent about receiving them.  the Jews will ask where were all those now identified as Israel when the Jews needed help and were alone? According to the Midrash (Pesikta Rabati 32;10) this reaction of the Jews will indeed take place WHEN THEY SEE THE THREE EXILES OF THE LOST TEN TRIBES RETURNING! (49:21). Judah will be elevated and her former oppressors will come bowing down to her (49:22-26).
Judah has not been disowned.  Judah was not divorced and is still obligated by the Law. Jeremiah spoke of the Lost Ten Tribes being divorced (Jeremiah 3:8). Even so in the Last Days God will say that HE never really divorced either Judah or Israel. They shall always belong to the Almighty and each in their own way had their task to fulfil (50:1). In the same way that God punishes or afflicts so too can He bestow blessings.  Do good and ultimately good will come unto you some how or other. The good will come in the form you yourself would prefer if you knew all the options and were aware of all your culpableness (50:2). Judah was forced to become passive and bear affliction in Exile (50:6). In the end, the justification for Judah comes from God (50:8).

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