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An article in our ongoing series:
The Holocaust and World War 2.

for Moloch?

A Preliminary Overview of Germany, World War-2, and the Holocaust.

1. The German Stereotype.
2. History and the Wars.
3. The Treaty of Versailles and its Aftermath.
4. Walther
5. The Ideological Climate in Europe.
6. The Nazis and Jews in Germany.
7. WW2 and License to Kill.
8. Holocaust Denial Refuted.
9. The Armenian Massacre and Holocaust Denial.
10. Britain and the British Dominions.
11. France.
12. Comparisons Between Different Countries. An Indication of Israelite Origins?
13. Quotes and Sources.


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1. The German Stereotype.

The Germans complain about the negative stereotypes foreigners have about them.
The Germans traditionally depicted themselves as tall, blond, blue-eyed, healthy, pure-blooded; as manly types who would act ruthlessly against inferior races. This is a myth but it was accepted by many.
Claims by German nationalists to be superior and to have the inborn right to rule over others are to be found from Renaissance times (ca. 1600s) if not before then. From the late 19 century these ideas were considered by many to be almost "scientifically" verifiable. One has only to glance through books on Race written before World Wars 1 and 2, i.e. especially before WW1 but also leading up to WW2. This racial pseudo-scientific literature was to be found almost everywhere. British and Scandinavian works also promoted the "Nordic" ideal but in Germany it was taken to extremes.  Even now these notions still persist amongst some right-wing ideologues in the West. Even foreigners held the Germans to be somehow superior. They still do in Eastern and Arab nations. I have met French, Polish, Baltic, American, and even Jewish individuals with only a small portion of Germanic ancestry who because of it have adopted extreme racialist notions.
Germans like to see themselves as outgoing, friendly, guest-welcoming hospitable lovers of good company and out door activity. There may be something in this but in Anglo nations these qualities are not particularly appreciated unless subservient to a higher standard of value.
Outsiders tend to associate the Germans with the barbarians who brought about the fall of the Roman Empire. We doubt this and so do the Germans. In Germany the presence of German mercenaries in the service of Rome was much emphasized. Under the Nazis great emphasis was placed on imitating Greek and Roman art forms and architecture. Historical re-enactments today of battles in Germany against the Romans have no trouble in finding extras to act as Roman soldiers. Playing the part of "Barbarian" antagonists of Rome is however not popular. Nevertheless the identification of Germans with "barbarian" qualities persists.
It was the Kaiser at the outbreak of World War I who exhorted his men to act like the Huns of old.
The Germans proved themselves to be ruthless, efficient, and cruel.
The German National Anthem was
"Deutschland uber alles"
It begins:

Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles,
uber alles in der Welt,

i.e. Germany, Germany over all
Over all in the world.

This was the German National Anthem from 1922 though it dates back to 1727.
There is a debate as to what the words actually mean. This is not the point. What is important is how they would have been understood by most of the Germans who sang them.
The Germans went to war. They went to war to conquer, to exploit, expropriate, and to rule over others. They knew it. They knew what they were doing and thought they had a right to do it. They were not necessarily so much mislead by their leadership but rather pushed their leaders forward. They would "Anticipate Hilter" (their expression) meaning act as they thought their leaders should wish them to. From 1933 to 1945 the Nazis ruled over Germany. The Third Reich campaign against the Jews in Germany was accepted by much of the populace because (amongst other reasons) of the booty they received from it. Lawyers, doctors, and academics benefited from the elimination of their Jewish peers and competitors; Jewish houses and household goods became available at give-away prices; widespread participation in pogrom-type actions established a bonding and camaraderie amongst the participants and public in general. Many felt they gained by it all. The idea of Race and Racial Folk Values was popular. In Germany there was a feeling they had become themselves. They were happy. This is another aspect of what being a smiling, friendly, pleasure-loving German could mean.

[ This was also one of the rationales given for Reparations to the victims that were paid after the war. To try and give back what had been actually stolen by ordinary German citizens was liable to result in Civil War. The rest of the world however (in the case of Germany) was not prepared to leave things as they were. Compensation in the form of Reparations was the answer.
It was a German initiative for the sake of Germans. ]

With the ascendancy of the Nazis many Germans had considered themselves liberated from the constraints that defeat in WW1 had placed upon them. They were also no longer constrained by alien impostions foreign to the Germanic psyche. They could act naturally. Concomitant with this new-found "Freedom" was the feeling that the Jews should disappear from the German scene, one way or the other.
At first Jews were expelled from public life and employment and encouraged to emigrate but later they were forbidden to do so. The majority of Jews of Germany got away. Those who did not were killed. These included some of the relations of my mother. When the Germans conquered other nations of Europe they preceded to exterminate the local Jews. These included other relations of my mother.

If the Germans have negative stereotype in the eyes of others, they earned it.

2. History and the Wars.

In 1870 the Prussians had defeated France and annexed Alsace and Lorraine. After that the Second German Empire (the Holy Roman Empire was the first Reich) was created. Germany along with the Austro-Hungarian Empire prepared for war. For centuries the Germans had been expanding towards the east. They wished to continue this expansion if necessary at the expense of Poland, Russia, and whoever else stood in the way. They also wanted to eliminate the threat of France in the west, to replace the British and French in Africa, and to at least equal British Naval power. They prepared for war and it came to them according to their preparations when they were ready for it.
World War-1 (1914-1918) ended with popular uprisings within Germany, mutinies in the German Navy, and the decision of the German High Command not to continue since total defeat was considered inevitable. Germany at that time was on the verge of starvation. The German Army was being pushed back on two fronts: France in the West; Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece in the south east. The German Forces lacked manpower and materiel whereas that of the Allies was increasing. The USA had entered the war on the Allied side and its input was growing from day to day. There was no real option other than surrender. The decision to give in had been advocated by the German High Command. Despite their own decisive role in the capitulation, the German Army (along with nationalist elements) later propagated the notion that Germany had been stabbed in the back by Jews and Communist types.

There had in fact been attempts by Red Communist elements to take over Bavaria and other places. A few Jewish radicals (along with many Germans) had been involved. Rosa Luxemburg was probably the most prominent Jewish personality amongst the revolutionaries. In 1919 she was killed.
Most Jews in Germany however had been very patriotic. In World War-1 relatively more Jews were killed in the front line and on average received more medals than the Germans themselves. In hindsight there is something almost shameful about this since it seems the Germans never really accepted them. After the War the popular view was to consider the Jews as typical shirkers.

3. The Treaty of Versailles and its Aftermath.

The Treaty of Versailles ended World War 1. The Weimar Republic was established over Germany. It was decided that compensation should be paid to occupied nations and to the Allies especially to France that had suffered greatly. In practice the money that Germany paid out was very much less than the aid that was given her by others, especially the USA. Nevertheless the myth persists that the Treaty of Versailles reduced Germany to penury. [Jews were also blamed for the Treaty of Versailles amongst every other problem they were blamed for.] Germany did suffer from severe economic problems. The causes however should be sought in the general world-wide situation, German governmental policies, public attitudes, and machinations of the German ruling classes. 

4. Walther Rathenau.

Walther Rathenau serves as an example of a Jew who worked for the German cause. He was murdered by Germans for his trouble. Rathenau had been a German Jewish industrialist, politician, writer, and statesman who served as Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic.

# A strong German nationalist, Rathenau was a leading proponent of a policy of assimilation for German Jews: he argued that Jews should oppose both Zionism and socialism and fully integrate themselves into mainstream German society. This, he said, would lead to the eventual disappearance of anti-Semitism. As a powerful, affluent and highly visible German Jewish politician, Rathenau was hated by Germany's extreme right, despite himself being a German nationalist, culminating in his 1922 assassination. # Wikipedia, April 2011.

In WW1 Rathenau had,
# played a leading role in putting Germany's economy on a war footing, enabling wartime Germany to continue its war effort for years despite the serious shortages of labor and raw materials that were caused by an ever-tightening naval blockade. # Wikipedia, April 2011.

After WW1,
# Rathenau negotiated the Treaty of Rapallo, 1922 with the Soviet Union, although the treaty implicitly recognized secret German-Soviet collaboration, begun in 1921, which provided for the rearmament of Germany, including German aircraft manufacturing, inside the Soviet union. # Wikipedia, April 2011.

This did indeed enable the Germans to prepare their air force and military rearmament against the terms of the Versaille Treaty. It also helped weaken Russian preparedness. In other words it was a pro-German step. Even so in the eyes of German nationalists it was a betrayal.
Rathenau was assassinated two months later in 1922. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, they declared Rathenau's assassins to be national heroes.
[One of the assassins, Ernst Werner Techow, during WW2  helped save hundreds of Jews in Marseilles, France, apparently as an attempt at penance for his crime.]

Both Rosa Luxemburg and Walter Rathenau had been murdered by German nationalists.
It did not really matter what the Jews did or did not do, or whose side they were on.

5. The Ideological Climate in Europe

In many nations of Europe there existed national movements whose beliefs were not much different from those of the Nazis. They also hated Jews. The ideological climate created all over the world helped set the stage for the subsequent Holocaust. In many cases after German conquest these local anti-Semitic Nationalists assisted the German rulership and enthusiastically participated in the hunt for and killing of Jewish men, women, and children.

6. The Nazis and Jews in Germany.

After the Nazis came to power in Germany they immediately implemented anti-Jewish policies of a most shameful and demeaning nature. Little Jewish children in schools were victimized and many induced to commit suicide. Before coming to power the Nazis had viciously perpetrated physical attacks against Jews. They had vigorously spread false reports concerning the Jews and demonizing them. From the very beginning the Nazis had declared war against the Jews. In the USA American Jews responded by attempting an embargo of German goods. Jews in Germany were against the boycott since they thought it would only make matters worst. There were those who hoped the whole Nazi episode would somehow blow over. Others even then foresaw the coming attempted extermination of the Jews, but most did not. At all events it was clear that the situation was intolerable and that it was liable to worsen.

At that time the British ruled over Palestine. The Zionists in Palestine came to an arrangement with the German Government to allow at least some Jews to emigrate in return for economic considerations. Consequently about 60,000 Jews from Germany went to Palestine.

There had been 522,000 Jews living in Germany when the Nazis came to power in 1933. In 1939 only 214,000 were left  and ca. 90% of these were killed during the war.

Hitler and some of those around him had wished to torment, degrade,and then kill as many Jews as possible. Others in Germany shared these sentiments. Hitler however would not necessarily have undertaken his attempt at complete extermination if he had not received consensual agreement from the German populace. At the beginning it was not so evident that this would be unreservedly given nor was it clear how the rest of the world would react. This is why emigration (instead of immediate extermination) of Jews was countenanced for a while. Hitler was not so much an absolute ruler but rather a personification of the German People as they were in his time. Nazi policy resonated according to the will of the German people.

7. WW2 and License to Kill.

Before WW I Germany had stretched to the borders of present day Lithuania. Much of this territory had over the centuries been conquered from others. In German eyes it was rightfully theirs. They wanted it back. WW2 was inevitable since the Germans craved lands occupied by others and preferred the use of force to obtain them. The Germans received Austria and Czechoslovakia through the exertion of pressure and without fighting. They then attacked Poland and WW2 broke out.

With the outbreak of war the full scale extermination of Jews was undertaken. This was not everywhere necessarily at the command of the Nazis alone. Additional active intruments included the German army in general. Also actively hostile to the Jews were the ethnic Germans and the native populace of East European countries whom the Germans conquered or became allied with.

The Jewish population of Europe had been more than 9 million. It is often said that about 6 million Jews were killed but the figure may be significantly higher, i.e. much more than six million, not less!

In addition 100,000-200,000 gypsies were murdered. This was most of the gypsy population in Europe. About 3 million Polish Gentiles were killed in concentration camps along with almost equal numbers of Russians and others.
More than 200,000 physically and psychologically disabled Germans were systematically murdered as part of the notorious 'Euthanasia Programme'. Germans put to death by Germans included World War 1 veterans who had been injured in action and who were no longer able to contribute.

The extermination of Jews was carried out at first through mass shootings by regular German army forces as well as specialized units called Einsatzgruppen.  Jews were also confined in overcrowded ghettos where many died of starvation and the deliberately induced effects of overcrowding and consequent sickness. The ghettoes would be systematically emptied by stages. Shipments of Jews were transported in cattle train to extermination camps. The cattle train-trucks often had standing room only and sometimes not that and little ventiliation. They were given almost no food or water. Many died in transit. Upon arrival the Jews would then be terrorized by armed guards (who sometimes shot and lashed out with whips at random) and dogs. They would be made to strip naked, and then killed in gas chambers. A few remained alive through employment in factories set up by German industrialists in the concentration camps.
The gas chambers were disguised as mass showering facilities. Even though to our minds German intentions should have been obvious everything was done until the last to delude those who wished to believe that there was a chance they would be allowed to live.

Perhaps the most famous extermination center is Auschwitz which was actually a complex of 48 camps.
The camp's first commandant, Rudolf Hoess, testified after the war at the Nuremberg Trials that up to three million people had died there - 2.5 million gassed, and 500,000 from disease and starvation. The numbers given by Hoess may have been inflated but in other cases they are too low. The overall picture needs to be assessed when calculating the numbers killed. Victims would be gassed by Zyklon B. The bodies were cremated after any gold fillings in the teeth had been extracted.
The camp was staffed partly by prisoners, some of whom were selected to be kapos (orderlies). These were usually either criminals (the majority) or intellectuals. Elie Wiesal testified that not one Rabbi ever became a kapo.
Towards the end of the war Jews were also killed in forced death marches through Europe.

The killing of the Jews was often accompanied by acts of sadism, of torture, and inflicting pain and abuse for its own sake.
[The motivations for this killing will be discussed in a separate article.]

Extermination Centers
in Poland.


8. Holocaust Denial Refuted.

Nowadays there exists a movement amongst some Conspiracy Freaks and others to deny the Holocaust. This however is not so popular in Germany where alongside a feeling of shame there also exists an undercurrent of pride and satisfaction in what was done.
The State of Israel received many Holocaust survivors from Europe. Most of these lost most of their families. Each one bears witness to what went on. There were numerous eye-witnesses and even photographic documentation of the killings. We also have German official and unofficial documents, the testimony of both perpetrators and victims, and other evidence.

9. The Armenian Massacre and Holocaust Denial.

The Killing of the Jews in Europe had been preceded by mass massacres of the Armenians by the Turks.

During and just after WW1  between one and one and a half million Armenians were massacred. The Turks also killed Greek and Assyrian Christians whose populations they wished to eliminate. At that time the Germans were allies of the Turks. Many German officers staffed the Turkish army. The Turks had also intended to exterminate the Jews in Palestine but a German officer prevented them. Nevertheless the Jewish population in Palestine diminished to about a half due to forced emigration, starvation, etc, and Turkish hostility.
Today the Turkish government (no matter who the ruling party may be) denies the Armenian Genocide and exerts strong diplomatic pressure against its recognition.

Not surprisingly one finds Armenian extremists who blame the Jews for everything. Mendacious Conspiracy Freaks (such as M. Antelman and B. Chamish) also blame the Jews or rather a portion of Jews. Whatever happens someone will always blame the Jews even if no Jews were there in any way whatsoever.

Today anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories form part of the official Constitution of the Hamas Government of Gaza.

Hamas was the also the elected representative of all the Palestinians. In the modern era Arab "Democracy" usually means Nazi-style Islamic rule!
The Palestinian National Authority (ruled by Fatah) has usurped the power to rule from Hamas!
This has been done with Israeli and American connivance since a need is felt for a valid "peace partner". Fatah however is not much better than Hamas and basically shares the same aims and ideological outlook as Hamas.
The present (April 2011) President of the Palestinian National Authority (since 2005) in Judah and Samaria is Mahmoud Abbas (b. 1935).
Abbas received the equivalent of a Ph.d. from the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. The theme of his PhD dissertation was "The Other Side: The secret relations between Nazism and the leadership of the Zionist movement". This dissertation downgrades the Holocaust. It is taught in Palestinian Arab schools.

Report: Abbas’ Holocaust-Denial Dissertation Widely-Taught in PA
by Hillel Fendel.

In our time a New Holocaust against the Jews is being prepared by Muslim leaders.
The climate is being created throughout the world.
There is indeed a kind of Conspiracy but it is against the Jews, not for them. It is also not written nor formulated but works through concensus and connivance. In the same way as a pack of ravenous wolves do not need to make any formal decision to attack a vulnerable lamb neither do the heathen.
Saudi money, Nazi-type ideaolgists, and left-wing liberals have found a common denominator which is hatred of the Jewish People and the State of Israel!

10. Britain and the British Dominions.

Britain and British Dominions in WW2 in the years 1939 -1941 stood alone against Germany. At one stage their prospects looked bleak. They may have been able to come to an agreement with Germany on reasonable terms. They refused to even consider the matter. One of the reasons for refusal was that British public opinion would not accept anything else. The historian A.J.P. Taylor said that the main single factor turning the British public against Germany was the way the Germans had treated Jews prior to WW2.
During the War most of the public was not aware that widespread exterminations were taking place.
Here and there reports about it were published but these were not believed, or rather the information was never really taken in until afterwards.
Contradictory evidence exists concerning the British attitudes towards saving Jewish refugees. This is natural since contradictory emotions and contradictory policies were adopted.
Despite everything on the whole it may be said that Great Britain did more than any other nation to take in Jewish refugees or to otherwise assist them. Britain also did the most to defeat Germany. Great Britain so acted for the sake of removing the Nazi evil rather than mere self-defence.

11. France.

France was riddled with anti-Jewish sentiment and collaborators with the Germans. Nevertheless in retrospect when consideration is taken of the circumstances the French also did much to help the Jews. Before being conquered by the Germans they took in comparatively large numbers of Jewish refugees. After German occupation most foreign Jews were killed but more than 80% of the Jews of France itself were saved. This was often due to the efforts, heroism, and self-sacrifice of ordinary Frenchmen.

12. Comparisons Between Different Countries. An Indication of Israelite Origins?

In our book "The Tribes"  we have analyzed  and compared the attitudes towards the Jews of different nations in Europe. This has been one of our indications of Israelite Ancestry. In general, the higher the degree of Hebrew Origins the greater empathy for the Jews was evident.
We may go into this issue in more detail in future article(s).

13. Quotes and Sources:

Who Were the Five Million Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims?
Of the 11 million people killed during the Holocaust, six million were Polish citizens. Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians and Catholics. Most of the remaining mortal victims were from other countries including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany.

Who is Responsible for the Holocaust?
It is also clear that ordinary Germans displayed the ability to conduct the mass murders despite the threat of future oppression. It is believed that "many prisoners were shot even after it became known the Himmler had ordered the killing of the Jews to cease. All of this happened when the Germans had clearly lost the war, when the guards knew they could soon be held responsible for the mistreatment of prisoners, and when no one was making them do these things" (Reilly). These horrifying accounts suggest that average Germans were motivated by hatred, rather than a suspected fear of punishment.

Is it real that during II world war some german officers ordered GLOVES WITH HUMAN SKIN?
#People would order lamp shades, gloves, scarves, and various other materials.
These were made from the skin of captives that were held in concentration camps. I've listened to a woman's first hand account of her experience in a concentration camp. She said that there were rooms in her camp that were set aside for the storage of human skin.

#...there is documented evidence of some Jews with tattoos who were lining up for the camps being taken out, shot in the head and their tattooed skin cut from their bodies, the skin was then treated and sewn together to make lampshades and other 'items of art'. of the Concentration Camps the wife of the commander of the camp use to use tattooed skin of the victims of the camp to make lamp shades.

# EDIT: The Honorable Rev. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam once lamented the fact he did not have one of those lampshades.
# The National Archives in College Park, Maryland, has identified "a human skin lampshade, or part of one," from the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald. The National Museum of Health and Medicine holds three pieces of tattooed human skin, also from Buchenwald.

# General Lucius Clay gave an interview at the little-known George C. Marshall Research Foundation, in which he indicated that he believed that the human-skin ornaments were not in fact made of human skin, but rather of goat skin.

Brit-Am Note:
Whether or not human skin was used for anything is a relative minor issue in light of the crimes that were actually committed.
It is almost certain that human skin was used as was human hair.
In fact the phenomenon may have been very wide-spread.
See Pathological reports conducted on behalf of  the American Army:
Nevertheless the fact that it could be claimed that skin which seemed human could actually have been that of goats throws light on the story of Jacob disguising himself up as Esau by the use of goats skin!
cf. Genesis 27:16:
# And she put the skins of the kids of the goats on his hands and on the smooth part of his neck. #

See Also: Reply to a German Apologist.

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