"Ten Tribes Tribal Reports"
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Contents of "Ten Tribes Tribal Report"
nos 1 Onwards

"Tribal Report"-1
1. South Africa: Is An Independent Afrikaner (Boer) State Possible?
2. Machete gangs bring fear to South Africa as they carry out mutilations for traditional medicine
3. Humor: Victoria Victorious Over Rest Of Australia
4. Financial Crisis in Iceland
5. Starkey in 'Scotland adores failure' rant

"Tribal Report"-2
1. Brian Patmore: "Victorians are really jealous!"
2. South Africa: Afrikanners Largely from Frisia!
3. Australia: Intimidation of Parents of Suicide Soldiers by Australian Army

"Tribal Report"-3
1. David Tempelhoff: Thoughts on South Africa
2. R. Fleet: Impending Exodus of Anglos from South Africa?
3. Are Whites in South Africa Threatened with Genocide?

"Tribal Report"-4
1. South Africa: Our Son Was Shot!
Is Movement to Israel an Option?
2. Norway:
Women bite and punch Police (We always knew they had a problem)
3. Eire: Donegal women 'most adventurous'
in Ireland - survey

"Tribal Report"-5
1. Norway: "My sister used to pinch me, but I could bite"
2. Britain: Self-Defined Characteristics of the British According to a Poll
3. New Zealand gets third Jewish prime minister

"Tribal Report"-6
1. Owen Murphy: inter ethnic humour without racist overtones
2. Call for Help from South Africa for South Africa
Selected Extracts from the BBC "key facts and figures"

"Tribal Report"-7
1. Britain and France, 1948:
The Attempted betrayal by the British of the Jews in Palestine
2. Norway: Extracts from BBC Country profile
3. Norway Africa: One in every three women is raped in her lifetime

"Tribal Report"-8
1. David Tempelhoff : Reflections of a Former Afrikaner
2. Canada: Fireball in the Heavens
3. Britain: Prince Charles' pride for grandmother who sheltered Jews

"Tribal Report"-9
1. Eire: The Holocaust Shame of Ireland Will Not Go Away
2. Norway: An Anti-Semitical Nation?
3. Judah in Israel: Conversion Problems (see the Brit-Am Comment below the article extracts)

"Tribal Report"-10
1. British prejudice Against Jewish Presence in Israel Continuing
2. South Africa:
Crime drives South Africa emigration
3. USA Situation may be better than Presented?

"Tribal Report"-12
1. Ireland: Economic Downturn
2. Norway: $100 million given to Arab terrorists
3. Australia: Boy Gives Shark a Punch and Saves his Female Cousin

"Tribal Report"-12
1. Ireland:
Proposed names for Early Milesian Irish mean "Outside, Separated People"
2. Australia:
Scientists find new sea creatures of Australian deep
3. Sweden: Latvians Petition Sweden to take over their Country

"Tribal Report"-13
1. Scotland and Britain:
Heroes who saved Jews in the holocaust
2. Norway's pro-Israel opposition leader under 24-hour guard
3. Ulster: Anti-Protestant Forces Unite with Arabs Against the Jews of Israel
4. Ireland: Interesting, if Exaggerated, Article on Irish Character
5. Iceland: Selected Extracts from Wikipedia

"Tribal Report"-14
1. Sweden:
Pro-Israel Swedish government worker fired for second time
2. Australia:
Face the burning question
3. Netherlands:
The Dutch Need Jews in order to Love and to Hate them

"Tribal Report"-15
1. Ulster: IRA Terror Returns?
Soldiers die in Ulster gun attack
2. USA Home Politics:
Sharon Lindstrom now has her own blog.
3. Norway weathers snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures

"Tribal Report"-16
1. United States: Where Different Migrant Groups Settled
2. Norway: Norwegian Government Funds Arab Jew-Hater Propaganda
3. Eire and Ulster: Breakaway IRA Group Supports Palestians kills Catholic Irish
(a) The Killing
(b) Eirigi Support for Palestinian Philistine Canaanite Murderers and Steal Goods from pro-Israel Shops
(c) The Murder Victims

"Tribal Report"-17
1. Britain: Columbus was a Scot?
2. Australia: The greatest General of them all was an Australian Jew!
3. Ulster: Ian Paisley launches Northern Ireland Friends of Israel

"Tribal Report"-18
1. Britain: BBC Anti-Jewish Prejudice Proven
2. Britain: Pro-Zionist War Hero Trained Jews to Fight Back
Wingate "The Friend" is Remembered, 65 Years Later
3. Belgium: The Muslim Threat from Inside the Country?

"Tribal Report"-19
1. Australia: Is Gobal Warming becoming a Threatening Reality?
2. Judah: Jews USA; Some Interesting Statistics
3. Switzerland, Iran, and a Questionable Past

"Tribal Report"-20
1. US Democrats Hate Jews More!
2. France: The French are wide awake to the joys of life
3. Scotland's unique 15-strong juries will not be abolished

"Tribal Report"-21
1. The Swedish Navy: A Poem
2. The Israelite Nations are not Positive to Judah or to Brit-Am: Introduction
3. The Israelite Nations are not Positive to Judah or to Brit-Am: Finland

"Tribal Report"-22
1. Britain: John Le Carre on Ephraim and Judah?
2. Australia: Climate Change Causing heat Waves and deathes
3. Ulster: Israeli Flag Combined with Ulster Banner. Good Photos
Ulster Israeli Combined Banner Photos

"Tribal Report"-23
1. Judah. How Strong is Orthodox Judaism -- Really?
The Demographics of Jewish Religious Identification
2. Icelandic Words
3. Finland and Other Peoples

"Tribal Report"-24
1. Is Finland the Tribe of "Asher" and not Issachar?
2. Scots to gather
3. Judah: British [non-Jewish] teens get a taste of Orthodox Israeli life on reality TV

"Tribal Report"-25
1. Musical Clips USA and Ireland
2. America's spirit of freedom was born in Arbroath (Scotland) in 1320
3. Scotland: Pub blaze fireman 'died to save lives of others'

"Tribal Report"-26
1. Scotland:
War 'lures new recruits to the army'
2. Switzerland
Leave Swiss Banks Alone
3. Unicorn on UK Stamp

"Tribal Report"-27
Skull-Caps, Kipling Poem, Britain and Judah
1. Judah: Article on Different Types of Skull-Cap and their Significance
2. Britain: Norman and Saxon by Rudyard Kipling
3. The Jews and Britain: Judah and Ephraim at Odds?

"Tribal Report"-28
Jewish Acheivement, Swedish Libel, English Apology?
1. Interesting Articles about Judah
(a) Jews in South Africa
(b) Undermining Race Realism from within: In Defence of the Jews
(c) Jewish IQ: Above Average or Extraordinary?
(d) A Jewish Blessing: Jewish Acheivements
2. Swedish Newspaper Affair
(a) Left-Wing Jewish Account
(b) Ghanem Family:
We Never Said Son's Organs Were Stolen
3. Did England Apologize for Expelling the Jews?

"Tribal Report"-29
Irish History, Hibernian Hypocrisy, Orde Wingate and Heroism
1. Modern Irish Historical Background
2. The Irish Were Harsher to their Own People than Israel is to the Arabs!
3. Britain. The Zionism of Orde Wingate: A Complex Origin
by Aaron Eitan Meyer

"Tribal Report"-30
Iceland, Norway, France, Ireland, Poem
1. Ingileif Steinunn: Iceland Left-Out?
2. Norwegian Sympathiser of Brit-Am Fears Exposure
3. New Subscriber from Oslo, Norway
4. France: Most Converts to Judaism from Brittany, Normandy, and Alsace
5. Judah: Were the Jewish Spouses of Great Men also Important?
6. Ireland
Dublin Overgrown Hooligans Attempt to Intimidate Customers of Shop Selling Israeli Goods
Brit-Am Protest Recorded.
7. Ireland: Irish Fancy Boys Invoke Israel in Lisbon Debate
8. Ireland-Poem: The Wean of the Green
9. Brittany in France: A Brief Outline

"Tribal Report"-31
Iceland, Judah, British Eccentricity
1. Iceland looks to serve the world
2. What are Sephardic Jews? What are Ashkenazis?
3. British Eccentricity

"Tribal Report"-32
Anti-Semitism in Israelite Nations, Rape by Non-Israelites
1. Florida, USA, Student assaulted during 'Kick A Jew Day'
2. South African rape survey shock
3. New Zealand: Holocaust party students fined
4. Norway, Israel and the Jews by Manfred Gerstenfeld
5. Many Swedish Women Raped by Muslim Foreigners

"Tribal Report"-33
1. Cheese making made the Dutch cleanest people of Europe
2. Finnish-Language Site Says Fins Descend from Israel?
3. Scottish Economy Better than that of England?

"Tribal Report"-34
2. Britain and Ireland: To Forget and Remember?
3. Ireland: Dubai Execution. Should the IRA or the Mossad Take Credit?

"Tribal Report"-35
1. Scotland
'Energy bonanza' to power 750,000 homes
2. Finland: Finnish Descent from Europe, Sami Genetics: Distinct
3. Scotch-Irish
The Most Politically Successful People

"Tribal Report"-36
1. Scotland
'60,000 [pounds sterling] cost of keeping an addict on drugs
2. South Africa: Was White Nationalist Really a Left-Wing Pigeon' The Legacy of Eugene Terre'blanche
3. Helvetia (Switzerland) Takes on Islamic Cush. The New Neutralism:
"US and EU Abandon Swiss in Conflict With Libya" by Paul Belien

"Tribal Report"-37
1. Orjan Svensson: Royal Wedding, Yesterday in Sweden
2. The UK. Slavery and pain: the Nazis on the Channel Islands
3. Swiss Churches Show Solidarity with Kidnapped Israeli Soldier

"Tribal Report"-38
1. England is anti-Jewish, claims Israeli president
2. Albion and Israel - In the Same Boat, or Running Aground
3. Britain and the Creation of Israel
4. How Britain helped Israel get the bomb
5. The Academic Boycott: Why Britain?

"Tribal Report"-39
1. Canada and Israel are equally happy.
2. Population: Reports from Finland.
(a) Finland: Population
(b) Finland's Prosperity Brings New Migrants
(c) Finland Extracts from Wikipedia
3. " An American who knows History" Defends the Irish

"Tribal Report"-40
1. Australians Most Generous Givers in the World!
2. The Drinking problem of Australians
3. Question on Mixed origins, Israelite Ancestry, and Finland

"Tribal Report"-41
1. The Irish-Jewish connection by RORY FITZGERALD
2. Irish Links to North Africa and the Middle East
North Africans may have beaten Celts to Ireland

"Tribal Report"-42
1. USA and Feminism. Second Thoughts?
2. Netherlands:
Dutch Police Afraid to Arrest Jew-Baiting Muslims but are Active versus Pro-Jewish Patriots.
3. Orjan Svensson: Sweden is In a Bad Way. Jew-Hatred is Rife.

"Tribal Report"-43
1. The Danish Value System.
Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore top list of least corrupt countries by Sean O'Hare.
2. Remarks on Holland.
By Barry Rubin.
3. Jews Join British Patriotic Demonstrations.
What are Israeli flags and Jewish activists doing at demonstrations sponsored by the English Defence League? By Shaul Adar
4. Are they Jewish?
Interesting Site Answers ??? About the Jewish Roots of Famous People.
Jew or not Jew? Example: Kate Middleton (Fiancee of Prince William).
5. Canadian Prime Minister Defends Israel.

"Tribal Report"-44
1. Ron Fraser: Australia's 'Biblical Disaster!'
2. Sally Bird from Australia: "Please pray for us!"
3. One hundred famous Norwegians call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

"Tribal Report"-45
1. Some Irish Contributions to the Restorationist (Gentile Zionism) Movement.
2. Circumcision Around the World and in Israelite Nations.
3. The Secret Jews of Calabria, Southern Italy.

"Tribal Report"-46
1. Amnon Goldberg: France, Napoleon and the Rabbis.
2. Ireland. New Brit-Am Historical Information.
The Elsaz Family in Ireland and World-wide Sifrei Torah Supplies!
3. Orkney Islands (Scotland) Infusion into Amerindians of Canada.
Scotland's Lost Braves by Kath Gourlay
4. Normandy, France:
Visit to 1,000-year-old yeshiva.
5. Jews in Ireland Murdered Prior to WW2.

"Tribal Report"-47
1. The Irish Component in the Population of Britain.
2. Sweden: Article Recommended by Bo Ronn: Welcome to Pretend Land.
3. Anti-Semitism in France.

"Tribal Report"-48
1. Sweden. Bo Ronn: # Soon, Swedes will knock on the door to "Greater Israel." #
2. Ireland and Belfast in World War -2
3. Britain has higher rate of self-made rich than U.S.

"Tribal Report"-49
Scotland, Australia, Netherlands.
1. Scotland. The Economist Book Review on the Scottish Daispora.
To the Ends of the Earth: Scotland's Global Diaspora, 1750-2010. By T.M. Devine.
2. Australia. Miracle at The Gap: the day Nellie tried to end it and came out alive
3. Netherlands. Why are Dutch children so happy? By Kathryn Westcott

"Tribal Report"-50
Scotland, Australia, Netherlands.
1. Netherlands: 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas'.
2. Australia: Body of infamous Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly found
3. Scots-Irish Contribution to the USA. Excerpts from Book Reviews, Part One.

"Tribal Report"-51
1. Australia and Norway and other Israelite Nations Lead the World in Human Development!
Not quite Norway, but still a great place to call home by Peter Martin.
2. USA: Report: California leads nation in anti-Semitism.
3. Ireland: An Old Online Book of Historical Curiosity, Interest, and Some Value.
The Geographical Distribution of Irish Ability by D. J. O'DONOGHUE, USA, 1908.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"

1. Valued Norwegian Subscriber offended by Brit-Am Comment.
2. Bo Ronn [Sweden-Madagascar]: Swedish Self-Hate Reflected In Statements by its own Leaders.
3. Lists of National Animals, Birds, Flowers, Symbols, Emblems, Trees, Mottoes, Musical Instruments.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"

1. USA and World: The USA is Still No.1.
The Happiest Countries in the World
By Bruce Stokes
2. UK: The New British Christian Menace to the Jewish People.
by Giulio Meotti
3. Ireland: Interesting Article About Michael Collins.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"

1. Scotland and the Immortalized Worse Poet of Britain.
William Topaz McGonagall
2. Swiss helping Nazi victims finally cleared by government.
3. A Shortened List of Selected Scottish Achievements.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"

1. Owen Murphy: PM of Canada Supports Israel!
2. Queen gives Irish soldier medal for acts of bravery by Barry Duggan.
3. Ireland: Irish Soldiers who Fought in World War-2.
Pardon is too late for dad, says son of soldier branded an army deserter by Breda Heffernan.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"

1. The Jewish vote in Canada by URI MARANTZ.
2. Ireland. Nicky Larkin: Israel is a refuge, but a refuge under siege.
3. Sibling Concern? Another Look at Scandinavian Interference in Israel by Yair Davidiy.

1. Norwegian anti-Israeli Prejudices have roots in Positive but Misguided Sentiments!
2. Iceland Radio Features Anti-Semitic Hate Hymns for Easter.
3. Netherlands on the side of Israel!
Dutch veto against condemnation of settlers' violations.
4. USA spends more on its military than EU countries, China and Russia put together!
5. Worth Watching?
Prince Frederik of Denmark.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report". Sweden, France, Ireland.
1. Bo Ronn from Sweden. Malmo Jews Under Siege.
2. France. Colonizing and Decolonizing French Algeria, 1830-1962.
An Arab Transfer of Europeans.
3. Ireland.
(a) Musicians Forced to Cancel Tour of Israel.
FM Shatter accuses Palestine group of cyberbullying
(b) Ireland: Tamar Yonah (Arutz-7, Israel) calls to Suppor Irish4Israel.

"Ten Tribes Tribal Report".
Canada-Israel 'solidarity' includes defence partnership.
'an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada.'