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"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"
Tribes Report no.56: Canada, Ireland, Irish Soldiers

31 January 2012, 7 Shevet 5772

1. Owen Murphy: PM of Canada Supports Israel!
2. Queen gives Irish soldier medal for acts of bravery by Barry Duggan.
3. Ireland: Irish Soldiers who Fought in World War-2.
Pardon is too late for dad, says son of soldier branded an army deserter by Breda Heffernan.

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1. Owen Murphy: PM of Canada Supports Israel!
Re: Job 5: Eliphaz and the Law of the Jungle.
Hello Yair...
This series that you are doing on Job is outstanding.
Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated his position, politically and personally to be in total support of the State of Israel as long as he is Prime Minister of Canada.
It makes you wonder if this scion of Joseph, who, now has international recognition because of his wise handling of the financial woes of the West and its impact on Canada, is to be reckoned with on a larger scale, yet to come.
My point being, that, as in Jobs case, his 'friends' saw every thing from their skewed point of view, so has the western world politically seen Canada as a lightweight in all areas and still do to a great extent.

2. Ireland: Queen gives Irish soldier medal for acts of bravery

By Barry Duggan
Thursday January 19 2012

A YOUNG Irish soldier who joined the British army has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth for multiple acts of bravery in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal James White (28) from Cappawhite, Co Tipperary, was presented with the Military Cross by the queen for his heroic acts.

A member of the Parachute Regiment, James joined the army in 2005 after leaving his home in Tipperary.

His father Pat White said his son always wanted to be a soldier.

"He tried to join the Irish army, but failed on the medical because he had asthma as a child, but he quickly grew out of that. He worked here for a bit before moving to England and joined the army." Mr White said. During his service, he took part in two seven-month tours of Afghanistan as part of a 'Special Forces Support Group'. He won his award following three incidents on his last tour.

On one occasion, two platoons were pinned down by enemy fire and he ran across 200 metres of open ground to assist his comrades. With automatic gunfire and RPGs firing all around him, James cleared out enemy positions to alleviate the two platoons.

Another time, he took out an insurgent machine gunner and on a third occasion, he helped the evacuation of soldiers -- who were taking casualties -- by attacking a compound.

James was one of 136 members of the British Armed Forces to make the honours list and received his award from the queen last November.

- Barry Duggan

3. Ireland: Irish Soldiers who Fought in World War-2.
Pardon is too late for dad, says son of soldier branded an army deserter

By Breda Heffernan

Thursday January 26 2012

THE son of an Irish soldier who was branded a deserter after he joined the British army to fight in World War Two says any state pardon will come too late for his father.

Paddy Reid spent five years fighting in horrific jungle conditions in Burma struggling with malaria, starvation and a fierce Japanese onslaught. He also fought in one of the most brutal battles of the war at Kohima in India.

He returned to his native Dublin after the war ended and married and settled in the docklands area.

However, rather than being hailed a hero, he found himself labelled a deserter by the Irish Defence Forces and placed on an employers' "blacklist". Unable to find work, he and his family struggled for years.

He was just one of nearly 5,000 soldiers from the Irish Defence Forces who deserted to join the British and Allied forces. Now a pardon for them is being considered by the Government.

Defence Minister Alan Shatter has said that the dishonourable discharge of the soldiers when they returned home after the war was "untenable". He said he was awaiting formal advice from the Attorney General Maire Whelan about how to proceed, but has indicated that a pardon is on the way.

Last night Paddy's son, who lives in Balbriggan and is also called Paddy, said his father, who died in 1988, left his barracks in Kilkenny and joined the 253 anti-tank regiment of the British army for a variety of reasons.

"There was low morale in the Irish Army, poor conditions, boredom, poor pay. The Army had nothing to do but sit there while the war was on."

Mr Reid said his father's inability to get work -- he was barred from any public service or state jobs -- meant the family often went without food.

"The man fought bravely, he was well respected in his community, but he wasn't allowed to work, to make a living or recover from the mental trauma that such a war had on a young man.

"There is no comfort in a pardon for these men, most of them died a long time ago.

"I always knew he was a good man, they didn't have to write a law to tell me that. These men fought to protect us from the Nazis. We'd all be speaking German if these men hadn't gone out to fight," he added.

Phillip Farrington (91), from Seville Place in Dublin's north inner city, is another soldier who was branded a deserter.

He was 19 when he enlisted in the British army and served in France and Germany, taking part in the D-Day landings and helping to liberate Bergen-Belsen.

While visiting Ireland during the war, Mr Farrington was arrested for desertion and imprisoned in Cork for six months. He was released suffering from malnutrition, but once fit he returned to Britain.

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