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Aussie Blues
TG Challenges Brit-Am Over the Land of Sinim-Australia Equation!


Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, Replies to Some Criticism

Polemics, Aussie Blues and the Land of Sinim-Australia Equation

Introduction: Brit-Am Note
The Poem: "Land of Sinim and Australia".
Round One.
Criticism by TG of "Land of Sinim and Australia"

Brit-Am Reply to TG
      The Wasted Heritages of North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
      Rabbinical Sources.
      Jerome, Isaiah, and Australia.
      Phoenician Seafaring and Australia.
      Ancient Egypt and Australian Aborigines.
      The British Creation of Jordan Compared to Israeli Jewish Disregard.
      Bible Codes Vindicated in General and by Finds Concerning Australia and New Zealand.

Round Two. Not Yet Available.

Introduction: Brit-Am Note:

For those of you who do not know, TG, is the pseudonym of one of our more persistent critics.
TG is evidently Jewish and we understand lives in Australia.
Some of our veteran readers have expressed mild dissatisfaction with our revered selves stooping to reply to the likes of TG.
Nevertheless duty calls.
Experience shows that by engaging our various critics new avenues of approach and valuable aspects of evidence sometimes present themselves.
TG in the following letter is referring to our poem, "Land of Sinim and Australia", found along with Background Notes at:
Additional Background Information may be seen at:
Land of Sinim, the Lost Ten Tribes, and Australia.

The Poem
Here is the poem:

Land of Sinim and Australia

Isaiah forty-nine verse eight
Speaks of a Day of Salvation
Predicts Lost Israelite Fate
To receive Divine Preservation
A Covenant People or Brit-Am
As was promised to Abraham.

Isaiah forty-nine verse nine
Tells of freeing the prison-bound
To raise sheep and cattle-kine
Colony of Australia was found.
First settlement in Sydney Town
A township on Australia's ground.
To raise up those who were down.

Isaiah forty-nine verse twelve
Says they will return from afar
They who in Scripture delve
Will be shown just who they are.
Coming from west and north
Britain and North America lands
Mighty nations have come forth
Seed numerous as the sands.
So too, from east and south
New Zealand is the place
Predicted by Isaiah's mouth.
Founded by the British race.
Decent beer and good wine,
Australasia is the Antipodes.
Land of Sinim and sunshine
Proven in Brit-Am Bible Codes.

Proofs applying to country one
Concerning ancestral family ties
Apply to brothers under other skies.
The Tribes in Ancient Israel begun
Are to be found as natural allies.
Who fought the enemy and won.
This includes the ANZAC Blues
Land of gum trees and much sun.
Freedom and dignity to choose
Good work, sports, and booze.

This is the Great Hebrew Clan
Destined to rule the world wide
United together as one man
Their Ancestry no longer to hide
Coming from Britain and Irin
Scandinavia and Land of Fin.
Holland, Belgium, and France
Every one deserves a chance.
Helvetia, USA and Canada too
Jerusalem and the Israeli Jew.
Diggers from Down Under
Together with Kiwi males
Warriors tough as nails
Full of hope and wonder.

They shall return to Bible Law
Come back to what was lost.
Regain the Land they forswore
Regretfully realizing the cost.
To sacrifice and atone for guilt,
The Temple shall be rebuilt.
Borders from Euphrates to Nile
Cyprus, Lebanon, and Syria.
They shall make it worthwhile,
Amend the Captivity of Assyria


Kine, Old English term (still used in KJV Bible) for cattle, derives (like many English words that come from Hebrew) from the Hebrew word "mikneh" (cattle) which in turn comes from the word-root KNH connoting "possess, acquire".

ANZAC, Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Term used in World War One  for the combined Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces and since sometimes applied to Australians and New Zealanders as one entity.

Blues. Singular of "blue", nickname for a genuine person, cf. "true blue".
Irin. Name for Ireland

Land of Fin i.e. Finland

Helvetia. Official Swiss name for Switzerland

Diggers. Nickname for Australian soldiers in World War 2, since applied on occasion to Australians in general.

Down Under. Australian nickname for Australia. The nickname originated since on Maps of the World and Global Models the south is placed at the bottom (and the north at the top) so Australia ends up being depicted as underneath everywhere else!

Kiwi. Native bird of New Zealand but applied as a nickname for a New Zealander in general.

Captivity of Assyria. The Ten Tribes were exiled by Assyria and consequently lost awareness of their ancestral identity.

Criticism by TG of "Land of Sinim and Australia"

The Commentary and Criticism of TG are given below and then (further down) our own answers follow in the Brit-Am Reply. TG quotations from Brit-Am are highlighted in this nice light creamy-yellow color.
TG refers not only to verses in the Poem itself but also to introductory notes given in our Background to the Poem.
This may be seen at:

TG wrote:

wasted heritages?
This is under the assumption that before Europeans arrived North America and Australia were 'empty'?

"That this passage is referring to the Lost Ten Tribes is confirmed by the Talmud and Midrashim." - please provide sources for this statement.

Sinim is interpreted to mean Land of the South in the Aramaic Translation. In the Vulgate Latin version of the Bible which was translated by Jerome after consulting with Jewish sages, the Land of Sinim is rendered as Australia!!! Saint Jerome (c. 347, 30 September 420 CE), or some 1,350 years before Captain Cook!!!

Sinim, read without nikudot, and spelled with a Shin, can also be read as Shnaim in Hebrew, of the two, i.e. the two Egypts, of which the southern would be the Upper Egypt. You think its just possible the Phoenicians called the Upper Egypt 'second' or southern?

Do you even give pause to consider the things you say?

The name Australia is derived from the Latin "Australis", meaning "southern". It related to the Southern Ocean, not land, since at the time Cook was convinced he discovered several large islands.

"The Egyptians referred to the southernmost known area of land as sin-wur. This corresponds to the Land of Sinim meaning Australia." - putting 2+2 and getting 41.3?! Did you notice how south of the Nile there is the rest of the African continent? Maybe they referred to that? Even if they referred to something in the ocean, there is the Madagascar!

"There are reports of Egyptian and Phoenician remains being found in Australia." - by people with no scientific credibility! I met one of them in NZ living like a hippie in a wreaked house. Do you even appreciate what it would have taken to get from the Mediterranean to the northern coast of Australia? There is a reason there was little to no communication by sea between Egypt and even India until well into the Renaissance. There were little to no materials suitable for ship-building along that entire coast from Eretrea/Somalia (today) to the Indus Delta. To sail anywhere in wooden ships one has to have the means not only to sail, but also repair the vessels that are not built for long voyages. There are no large areas of reeds required for building/repairing Phoenician/Egyptian vessels anywhere along the way. Even 17th century vessels, vastly more sophisticated by comparison to those of the Phoenicians, often failed to make the journey. And thats with pre-stocked stations along the way! Alexander the Great MARCHED to Afghanistan despite Greek sea-going knowledge. Only on the way back was Nearchus able to build a fleet in the Indus delta/valley that sailed back to what is now the Persian Gulf, and not all the way to the Egyptian coast.

Mela did not report Australia, but, based on prevailing theories of the time "Pomponius Mela, and in the second century, Claudius Ptolemy, he of the Alexandrian academy of astronomy, predicted such a continent. Mela proposed that the earth was land surrounded by water, Ptolemy proposed that it was water with areas of land."
"...TERRA AUSTRALIS INCOGNITO" (in capitals, in ancient Roman alphabet there were only capital letters) is just how it was said in Latin. In English "...I predict there is an unknown land to the south".

"The Australian Aborigines originally came from Egypt." Really? Despite evidence they arrived about 40,000 years ago over a land bridge? Despite genetic evidence they are only distantly related to the African negroid genotypes? Having lost all of their sophisticated Egyptian knowledge?

"One of the most famous and most admired (in Australia) Australian Prime Ministers was Billy Hughes who believed that British-related peoples descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel."  - So what?

"Australian and New Zealand Troops liberated the Holy Land in the First World War." - So what? But it was the British who gave half of it to Arabs! Thats Brit-ish according to you as I recall.

"The Bible Codes very strongly affirm our identification of Australia and New Zealand being the Land of Sinim and areas where the Lost Ten tribes in the Latter Days were destined to be found." - The 'Bible Codes' have been largely disproved by statistical analysis.

Suggest you start reading what you write and taking some anti-delusional drugs.

Brit-Am Reply to TG

The Wasted Heritages of North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
Isaiah 49:8 says the Lost Ten Tribes will inherit "desolate heritages". We have applied this to North America, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also pertinent to South Africa. North America relatively speaking was underpopulated before the white man arrived. With all due respect to Amerindian culture and Native American values they seem to have mostly been Stone Age nomadic or semi-nomadic warrior groups, periodically attacking, killing, and enslaving each other for goods, hunting ground and women.

Wikipedia (Native Americans in the United States) says:

# Estimates of the pre-Columbian population of what today constitutes the United States of America vary significantly, ranging from 1 million to 18 million.#

The lower figure is probably the more realistic of the two.
The situation was even more extreme in Australia:

Indigenous Australians
# The population of Indigenous Australians at the time of permanent European settlement has been estimated at between 318,000 and 750,000,[7] with the distribution being similar to that of the current Australian population, with the majority living in the south-east,
centred along the Murray River.[8] #

Here too, in our opinion the lower figure is most likely the more correct one and even that may have been exaggerated!

In Australia (and probably also in North America) the natives were not so much primitives but rather culturally degenerated. They had gone downhill from a higher state and were continuing to do so. The Lands they occupied were desolated or "wasted heritages".

Rabbinical Sources
We quoted passages in Isaiah chapter 49 as referring to the Ten Tribes. This is confirmed by the Talmud and Midrashim:

The Rabbis (Numbers Rabah 1;6, Eichah Rabah 2;9, Talmud Yerushalmi Sanhedrin ch.17, L.6,29) agreed that Isaiah 49 was referring to the Lost Ten Tribes. They quoted Isaiah 49 and said that there were three major areas to which the Lost Ten Tribes went: One to beyond the Sambation River, one to Daphneh of Antiochia, and one to where the Clouds came down and covered them.
In our book, "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel" (as well as in articles on our site) we show what regions the above terms were historically referring to and where their descendants are today.

Jerome, Isaiah, and Australia.
Jerome rendered Land of Sinim (interpreted as "Land of the South" in the Aramaic Translation) as Australis or Australia. Jerome (c. 347 - 30 September 420 CE), indeed lived (as TG says) some 1,350 years before Captain Cook!!! The name Australia was given to the Australian Continent evidently because it was identified with the Australia (Land of Sinim) referred to by Isaiah!

Isaiah 49: 12 Surely these shall come from afar; Those from the north and the west, And these from the Land of Sinim [i.e. Australia].

TG tried to argue that Sinim in Hebrew should really be pronounced as Shnaim meaning two or doubled and referring to Lower Egypt.
This is against the Hebrew Language since "Sinim" is spelt with a different letter (a samech) than Shnaim (a shin) and also the traditional reading is against it.
In exceptional circumstances etymological speculations such as TG proposes may perhaps be countenanced but they need much more supportive evidence than he has.

TG asks if we "even give pause to consider the things" we say?
Well, TG not only do we consider them but we also check and cross-check them and when interlocutors like yourself challenge them we consider the challenges.
If the contrary claims have substance we may adapt or change our position accordingly.

The verse in Isaiah could have several meanings.
Isaiah 49: 12 Surely these shall come from afar; Those from the north and the west, And these from the land of Sinim.

Isaiah himself may not have known what he was referring to! cf. Daniel 12:8 "I heard, but I did not understand".
Isaiah was referring to the future.
    Since we have proven that according to the Bible the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found amongst certain West European nations and their overseas offshoots it follows that the populations of Australia and New Zealand who descend from these same peoples also belong to the Ten Tribes.
Isaiah (49:12) was referring to peoples to the north and west of the Land of Israel in West Europe and North America. He also referred to the Land of Sinim meaning somewhere in the south and most likely to the southeast to juxtapose the west and north. Australia fits the bill!

    Isaiah did not necessarily know about the existence of an Australian Continent. If he did not he could still have been referring to it. There is a principle that a Prophet will explain and describe his prophecy in terms pertinent to his own times. This is why, for example, we may take the Prophecy of Isaiah concerning Cyrus and say that in addition to Cyrus himself, Isaiah was using the figure of Cyrus as a prototype for someone who would appear much later.
    Isaiah may have used the expression "Land of Sinim" meaning somewhere known to him as far to the south but have intended an even further stretch. Such an explanation however may well seem to be stretching the point and is probably unnecessary. Despite there being no necessity for Isaiah having known about Australia to refer to it he may yet have done so. The knowledge of the Prophets was much greater than we care to acknowledge today. He may indeed have known of Australia and intended it.

Phoenician Seafaring and Australia.

The Phoenicians and Israelites are known to have sailed around the coast of East Africa and then around Africa altogether.
1-Kings 10:22, 2-Chronicles 9:21

East Africa was also a source of tin used in the production of bronze as evidenced by archaeological finds from Haifa in the north of Israel:
"Central Africa as a Source of Tin" by  John E. Dayton item #163
"Recent lead isotope analysis of lead ingots found in Haifa in 1982 have thrown new light on possible sources of Bronze Age tin. The analyses of
Bergernanli show that some of the Haifa tin came from the extensive tin fields of Central Africa".

TG mentioned Madagascar! Madagascar is an island off the coast of East Africa. The Phoenicians reached Madagascar and East Africa.
Madagascar was settled in Roman Times by people from Malaysia and Indonesia who spoke a dialect similar to that now found in Borneo. The distance between Borneo and Madagascar is more than four times as far as the distance from Borneo to Australia.

# Wikipedia. Madagascar. Demographics
Madagascar's population is predominantly of mixed
Austronesian (i.e.South-East Asian/Pacific Islander) and African origin. Those who are visibly Austronesian in appearance and culture are the minority, found mostly in the highland regions. Recent research suggests that the island was uninhabited until Austronesian seafarers arrived about 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. Recent DNA research shows that the Malagasy people are approximately of half Austronesian and half East African descent, although some Arab, Indian and European influence is present along the coast. Malagasy language shares some 90% of its basic vocabulary with the Ma'anyan language from the region of the Barito River in southern Borneo.#

# Subsequent migrations from the East Indies and Africa consolidated this original mixture, and 36 separate tribal groups emerged. #

TG quoted from our humble selves:
"There are reports of Egyptian and Phoenician remains being found in Australia."
He then commented:
 #- by people with no scientific credibility! I met one of them in NZ living like a hippie in a wreaked house. #
Well we all have our little adventures, TG.
New and unusual ideas attract eccentrics and unconventional types. That however does not prove that the concepts in question are mistaken.
Alfred North Whitehead commented on this phenomenon:
  "If you have had your attention directed to the novelties of thought in your own lifetime, you will have observed that almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced".

The Ancient Egyptians and Indians of India were in communication. The Egyptians at one stage were seafarers though later they seem to have preferred to employ Phoenicians instead of making the voyages themselves. India traded with East Africa and with Egypt. There were even population exchanges between Ethiopia and India. The Phoenicians were accomplished sailors and navigators. They sometimes used gigantic ships by comparison with which the later 17th century vessels of Europe were midgets. The Phoenician alphabet was introduced to India and to Sumatra (in Indonesia) and the Hindu religion of India was practised by Indonesians.

Ancient Egypt and Australian Aborigines.

TG quoted from Brit-Am:
"The Australian Aborigines originally came from Egypt."
and TG commented:

#Really? Despite evidence they arrived about 40,000 years ago over a land bridge? Despite genetic evidence they are only distantly related to the African negroid genotypes? Having lost all of their sophisticated Egyptian knowledge?#

Craig White, "In Search of ...The Origin of Nations", was our source concerning the Egyptian origin of the Aboriginals.
There is no proof as to how long they have been in Australia. The claim of TG  about a land bridge 40,000 years ago is conjecture. These is no proof to the Australian aboriginals having been in Australia further back than about 3000 years or less.

Egyptian and Australian Aboriginal DNA
The genetic structure of the aborigines is that of a mixture of peoples. 
#4. Australian Aborigines DNA
In our opinion the DNA is determined by geography but going by conventional science the Aboriginals are ca. 60% YDNA haplogroup C like Maoris, Polynesians, Mongols, Koreans, etc;
25% K like some Malayans and Melanesians etc; K is found "at low frequency in South Asia, the Malay Archipelago, Oceania, and Australia".

10% R# (distantly related to European R1b and R1a) amongst Australian Aboriginals compares well to ca.2% R1# found amongst the population of Egypt where ca. 12% derives from combinations of R (R1b, R1a) in general.

In other words about 10% of Australian Aboriginals have very similar DNA to about 2% of Egyptians.

R1# is found mainly in West Africa as well as amongst a minority of Beduin Tribesmen by the Dead Sea in Jordan. R# is found almost exclusively amongst Australian Aboriginals. Nevertheless R1# and R# are close. Either way it means that the 10% of Australian Aborigines with R# have their closest YDNA kinfolk in Egypt.

The aboriginals look similar to and are presumably related to the Veddoid primitive tribesmen of India and southern Yemen. The remains of related groups have also been found in South America. They moved around. How they traveled is uncertain but travel they did. Racially and spatially there is no reason why at least a portion of the Australian aboriginals could not have come from the Middle East area. They used the boomerang which was once known amongst primitive peoples in Egypt. The native Australian dog, the dingo, is related to the Canaanite dog now found in Israel. The Sini or Sinim were a Canaanite people who apparently gave their name to the Sinai Peninsula. Most of the Australian interior is a desert region similar to that of the Sinai. The aborigines may well be descended from the Sinites of Canaan or at least that portion of the aborigines who arrived via Egypt and the Middle East may have done so. If such was the case then this explains why Australia was referred to as "Land of Sinim", i.e. the Canaanite people known as Sinim (Genesis 10:17) had moved there!

Genesis 10:
15 Canaan begot Sidon his firstborn, and Heth; 16 the Jebusite, the Amorite, and the Girgashite; 17 the Hivite, the Arkite, and the Sinite; 18 the Arvadite, the Zemarite, and the Hamathite.

The British Creation of Jordan Compared to Israeli Jewish Disregard.

The British Mandate originally included the region later known as Trans-Jordan. But See,
"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler

TG quotes from Brit-AM:
"Australian and New Zealand Troops liberated the Holy Land in the First World War."

TG comments:
 - So what? But it was the British who gave half of it to Arabs! Thats Brit-ish according to you as I recall.

TG is evidently referring to the British creation in 1921 of the State of Trans-Jordan, later known as Jordan. This region had originally been considered part of the Mandate of Palestine in which a Jewish State was to be created. The British should not have given it to the Arabs.  The British attitude towards Zionism and the Jews was ambivalent and problematic. Sometimes it bordered on being anti-Jewish. Nevertheless overall the British helped the Jews and Zionism much more than they hindered it. We have discussed this elsewhere.

It was worth noting that at the time Trans-Jordan was created there were no Jews living there. By way of comparison it was the patriotic Jewish hero Menachem Begin in 1979 who gave away the Sinai Peninsula to Egyptian foes. This was accompanied by the destruction of Jewish townships, infrastructure, and loss of strategic advantage and economic sources especially petroleum.

Jewish Zionists (some of them religious) in Israel agreed to the Oslo Accords (1993) whose effect was that of an outright betrayal of the Jewish State. For the time being the State of Israel can survive without the temporary loss of Jordan. It cannot survive without what the Oslo Accords attempted to give away!

The great Jewish Israeli warrior, Ariel Sharon, in 2004-2005 caused the abandonment of Jewish settlements of the region bordering Gaza. There was no known justification for this act of folly.

This morning (28 March 2010) the results of a survey was published saying that President Hussein Obama in the USA receives more support amongst US Jews than PM Netanyahu of Israel does. This is despite the fact that Obama is attempting to force the State of Israel to stop Jewish settlement in Jerusalem!

If this is the way Jews who know they are Jews, and whose grandfathers in many cases were religiously observant, relate to the State of Israel what do you want from descendants of the Ten Tribes whose last contact with anything resembling Judaism was about 3000 years ago?

Bible Codes Vindicated in General and by Finds Concerning Australia and New Zealand.

TG quotes from Brit-Am:
"The Bible Codes very strongly affirm our identification of Australia and New Zealand being the Land of Sinim and areas where the Lost Ten Tribes in the Latter Days were destined to be found."

TG Comments:
- The 'Bible Codes' have been largely disproved by statistical analysis.

This is not true. It may be that over-enthusiastic amateurs at times apply the Codes wrongly or make mistaken claims about them.
Nevertheless overall the Bible Codes are valid.
BAMBINO no. 32
Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part one
BAMBINO no. 33
Fabrice Bect: Mathematical Proof of Scriptural Truth part two

The Identification of Australia with the Land of Sinim is confirmed by the Bible Codes. In fact, the Bible Code Findings concerning Australia and New Zealand when corelated with our other sources help vindicate the use of Bible Codes in general. The Bible Codes show how:
The Land of Sinim is linked with the Americans, Irish, Scots, sunshine, Merono Sheep, horseback warriors such as the ANZACs in World War I.
The Bible Codes show how the Land of Sinim (i.e. Australia) was to be a place of Exile for criminals and indeed this was the initial intention behind the colonization of Australia by the British Empire. Sinim was intended as a Penal Colony, as the Codes relate.
The Imprisonment of Joseph is also linked by the Codes with Sinim and indeed Joseph from his imprisonment emerged to greatness. Australian convicts served their time and then were freed to create a nation whose acheivements they could be proud of!
Australia was reached from Europe by ships via the Suez Canal passing through the Red Sea as the Codes indicate.
Australian Cavalry liberated Beer Sheva from the Islamic Turks in World War I setting the stage for complete liberation of the Holy Land. The Bible Codes show the link between this event and the Land of Sinim!
New Zealand was characterised by birds who filled the ecological niche elsewhere fulfilled by land animals. This too is indicated by the Bible Codes concerning Sinim.
One third of the birds in New Zealand could not fly. This is repeated in the Codes concerning New Zealand and confirms the inclusion of the islands of New Zealand together with AUSTRALIA within the definition of Sinim.

In short Isaiah 49:12 refers to the "Land of Sinim" as a region whence some of the Lost Tribes will return. Others will come from "afar..from the north and the west".
The Land of Sinim was identified with Australia. The Sinim may be identifiable with the Australian Aborigines. The Prophecy of Isaiah referred to descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (along with Judah) amongst the present-day inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand.
Just as the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found amongst the present-day inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand so too are they to be found amongst their kinfolk nations in Western Europe and North America. What applies to one area regarding Israelite Ancestral identification applies to the other regions.

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