Brit-Am Survey
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Answers to a Questionaire-Survey about Brit-Am sent out to Brit-Am Subscribers.


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Brit-Am Survey

rose Contents:
1. Preamble.
2. The Questionaire.
3. The individual Questions and Answers.

1. Preamble.
Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Revelation -Publicizing the Results of our Research.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.

Brit-Am sent out a questionaire to subscribers to "Brit-Am Now".
About 85 answers were received.
Not all the answers were relevant and many answered only a few of the questions.
Most of the answers were well-thought out and of a high quality.
In our summaries below we will not be able to do justice to all of the answers received and our choice of which ones to relate to may be somewhat arbitrary.
Below are posted summaries and quotations from some of the answers received.
They will be posted in stages.

2. The Questionaire.
A. Brit-Am in General
  1. How did you first hear about Brit-Am?
  2. Does Brit-Am meet your expectations?
  3. What aspects would you like Brit-Am to improve?
  4. What most pleases you about Brit-Am? 
  5. What (if anything) most irks you about Brit-Am? 
  6. Where in your opinion should Brit-Am place most of its emphasis? 
  7. If you do not support Brit-Am financially for reasons other than lack of means is there anything Brit-Am could do to change this?
 8. Do you find the Brit-Am message convincing
 9. If you are not convinced by everything Brit-Am says, what is the weakest point in the Brit-Am presentation? 
10. What do you consider the strongest point of Brit-Am? 
"Preaching to the Converted", the Chosen Ones, and the Present
Additional Points to Q.A.10
 11. Do you think Brit-Am should involve itself with matters beyond those concerning Lost Israelite identity?
  12. What more do you think Brit-Am should do? 

B. Brit-Am Website
For answers to this section see:
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1. How did you come across the Brit-Am website?
2. What, if anything, is wrong about the site? 
3. Please name the three articles you found most impressive. 
4. Are there any articles on the site you would rather were not there? 
5. After Succot we hope to upgrade and overhaul the site. Do you have
any suggestions? 
6. What in your opinion are the worst articles on the site? 
7. What subjects would you wish to see the site emphasize more? 
8. What field of information does the site already deal with that you
  wish to know MORE about? 
9. If you come back to the site more than once what articles do you go to? 
10. If you do not visit the site frequently, why not? 
11. If you had a business would you consider advertising on our site? 
12. If you would not advertise with us, why not?.

3. The individual Questions and Answers.

Brit-Am Survey
A. Brit-Am in General
 Q 1. How did you first hear about Brit-Am?

Answers (where same answer is given more than once this is indicated by the number given in brackets besides the answer):

Answer no.A. 1
A. Web-Oriented

J: Searching for two houses of Israel info


JC: If I remember correctly, from Googling the Web for information on sources for proof of British Judaic connections.


C: Yahoo

I: By searching the web for "lost tribes of Israel"

David: I prayed to find out who I was as an American and what my ancestry was it was while I was praying that the LTT came into my mind from nowhere so I went looking for information on the LTT on the internet.
That's when I found your site.

DJ: Internet Search engine

Michelle: Google search for info about lost tribes of Israel

Rachel:found Brit-Am by Googling "lost 10 tribes and Ephraim"

Dafydd: Found site via search engine while studying "lost tribes" topic

Tony: a website called fivedoves

John: I have studied the Holy Bible and related books and found BibleRevelations@yahoogroups.com on the Internet.


S: Web surfing when I was involved in Messianic movement

J: searching for identity on internet

Robert: I found out about your website through a websearch, after seeing a reference on Origin of Nations...Craig White's website

Jill: I first heard about Brit-Am while surfing the Internet. I have been reading your articles, books, website articles since and thouroughly enjoy everything I read.

Ca: It was a link from a Messianic-Jewish site, can't recall which.

H: I found the website why I search to a prove why Rome (romans/yaphet) is Esau (edomites, semite).

Ian: Long time ago, but I think it was a web search on “Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel”.


Marv: I have been receiving your postings almost from the beginning. I don't remember how I heard about Brit-Am or found the website. It's when I first started investigating the Hebrew roots of Christianity, around 2000.


IT: I found brit-am just surfing the net about the lost ten tribes.

B. Other Media or Personal Communications

L. word of mouth(4)

M: friend (13)

Mn:Steve Collins. Long time acquaintance .

Mike: A friend e-mailed me a short text excerpt he found on the internet from your book, "The Tribes" a number of years ago to help show me the truth about the 2 houses of Israel.

TM: Eddie Chumney

S: Rick and Susan Richardson

J: A friend told me about Yair. Also, on Origin of Nations

Pat: In 1995 my sister received a book by mail from Brit-Am.
She had not ordered it and couldn't figure out who had ordered it for her. She showed it to me because she knew that I had converted to Judaism. I love it, of course, and actually called Yair in Israel from my Texas home to tell him so.

Kaj: Bill Dankenbring, who was an agent for Brit-Am books

F: Your books circulate.

WR: A member of the Philadelphia Church of God had a copy of "The Tribes."
He said he got the book when he was in the Worldwide Church of God.

FR: I met Yair in Jerusalem in 2005.

Pam: I first heard about Brit-Am from watching an interview between Howard Condor and Yair, from Jerusalem.

D: From Yair Davidiy personally; although I had learned this same truth from the Bible many years before and was very pleased to hear it from Yair--but I needed no proof of my position within the Ten Lost Tribes. It was, and is, rock solid in my heart, mind, soul, and in my God given spirit--nothing or no one can change that.

Lilly: thru Steve Collins' books

Thy: I found reference to your works in BI literature.

Wendy: I was given a copy of Yair Davidy's excellent Newsletter/Magazine.

John: I'd bought Ephraim and The Tribes and I think the web address must have been sent with that. Otherwise I dont remember how i got the web address. I was first in contact with you in 1994. I was in Jerusalem and I saw a poster about you and back in England I wrote you a letter, to which you replied.

Dennis:As a Christian who observes the weekly and annual Jewish Sabbaths I joined various internet groups where I met many people who are very interested in the subject of the possible lost Israelite identity of North Americans. I actually was introduced to this subject by Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong back in the '70's when I was a teenager.


hr: I first heard about Yair Davidy and hence Brit-Am on a forum of former Worldwide Church of God members.

Peter: I heard about Brit-Am from some friends who are missionaries in China.

Chris; I think I first heard about you and got on your list through Root and Branch.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusion to Question A.1

About half came to Brit-Am after searching for information about the Lost Ten Tribes on the Web.
Some came via links to our site found on sites concerned with related matters such as that of Craig White and David ben Ariel.
A significant proportion heard from friends or from references in related literature such as those of Steven Collins.

In order to reach more people Brit-Am should try somehow to be ranked more prominently by the Search Engines on entries concerning the Lost Ten Tribes etc. As of the present Brit-Am is not ranked so badly on the whole but much could be improved.

Friendly sites are important. We should reciprocate and also seek out "allies".

We see also that passing the message by word of mouth is very important.
Brit-Am supporters are urged to pass the message as well as they can, as tactfully as possible, but also as consistently as they are able.

One may encounter opposition or even mockery but do not be disheartened.
This has happened in the past.



A. Brit-Am in General
  Q2. Does Brit-Am meet your expectations?

Answer no.A. 2

J: Never had any expectations to begin with.(7)


Ron. Yes, certainly, very well.(26)

Michelle: Yes. I just wish there was a block buster movie but that is up to the Almighty to bring these big events about.
Comment: Even though we had not asked about a movie or documentary quite a number managed to insert such a wish in their answers indicating that support could exist for such a project and it might be very succesful.


Yoel: No –I wish to only make constructive criticism. I don’t think you realize how much I wholeheartedly believe the Europeans are the 10 tribes. I am thrilled that you are into this topic.

David: It does meet my expectations once I really understood your mission and there is more to it than meets the eye.

Patricia: I think Brit-Am is doing all it can to reach the Lost Tribes. I just wish that more people would listen!

Jay: Have not placed any expectations on Brit-Am; have never had complaints -- has always been informative and insightful.

Bob: Brit Am's main problem stems from the fact that it is not a sophistocated marketing and merchandising outfit. There is a huge market out there for the kind of information that you are trying to distribute. Your problem is that you really don't know how to get your ideas and material into the mainstream. If I were in your shoes I would pull back all of the literature from the market and start again as if from a new beginning. Having done this I would strike out trying to gain the attention of the mainstream fundamental 70 million strong Evangelical Christian audience in the United States. In particular the major Christian TV stations like Trinity Broadcasting and the Inspiration network to name but two. You may not be aware of it but amongst Evangelical Christians there is great support for Jews and Israel at the present time. You should look up the 17000 member Christian Church which makes up the "Cornerstone Church" of John Hagee ministries. of Houston Texas. Visit their website and see how partial they are towards the Jews and Israel. You will be amazed. There is a red hot market for your products. They fit right in with the prophecies of the "Last Days". Many Jews and Christians look for the return to Israel not merely of the Jews but also of the "lost ten tribes".

You may not be aware of it but the Jerusalem Post has been publishing a Christian edition for the past year and I have just renewed my second subscription. I don't support you guys financially because, although I am interested, you don't know how to market and merchandise your products. It may surprise you to hear me say that but it's true you treat your product carelessly, almost casually. Get with good marketing people, learn how to make your products zing. Then get on some of the big Christian networks and tell your story for the dramatic effect it really should have on the world. Once you have a story to tell and you get it all together in a professional manner. Then get guest appearances on the American shows and the money will start to pour in and your material will sell like wildfire.

Don't be afraid of the Evangelical Christian community as for the most part it is very Jew-Friendly and pro-Isreal. Before you do another thing go to the John Hagee Ministry website and you will be blown away.

Keep in touch and may God bless you in your efforts.

Michelle: Not completely.

Dafydd: Exceeds expectations, good, solid Biblical exegesis combined with excellent scolarly research in many fields.

wrg: I have no expectations as I rely on my own Church for the foundation of truth.

David: Have not checked out the web site, but enjoy all the news letters.

John: Yes but there is room for improvement.

Sal: Yes, it's great being in contact with a growing and enthusiastic organization.

Wendy: Basically yes, at all times of interest in regard to the "so called" 10 lost tribes, and find the explanations of the scriptures and words written in the Hebrew very helpful.

Leah: For the most part.

Dennis: Yes, and you exceed them. I am especially glad to be able to quote your website and give people a link into your writings when I discuss related subjects on internet message boards.


Marv: I have found it very interesting and informative.


Peter: No it does not meet my expectations but the problem is not Brit Am rather the phase we are in in history.
My spiritual forebears in the Motueak Valley, New Zealand, were having Pentecostal type experiences in the 1930s and then got the British Israelite doctrine; but by 1940-42 our nation was cut off from the British Empire and within a decade the Empire was gone. I suppose a similar thing will happen to USA although this time the crash of the Empire will be all the greater. Re [the book]"The Arabists": The Jewish author demonstrates how anti-Jewish and unstatisfactory the US Foreign Affairs approach relating to Israel has been while most shocking is the discovery of the role of oil in US foreign affairs calculations and the ways that this has been damaging to Israel and Christianity...... thus we are currently in a very unstable period of history and things are about to change.
As to the other questions I know that you do a good job for the people who do visit your site.
The most useful things you can tell me are any quirky discoveries you discover in the Hebrew language in realtionship to the Hebrew text we all love.
My reason for accepting your emails is that you give a genuine expression of a highly complex approach that I take to politics on the international level..; So thank you...

IT: some of the things referred to are hard to understand.

Don: Yes; but only about the Biblical truth concerning the Ten Lost Tribes' descendants returning to their rightful place in Israel.

Rick: I appreciated the fact that the information came from Orthodox Judaism rather than from a Christian source with an axe to grind.

Robert: Much more than I expected.

Kaj: Absolutely, Brit-Am meets my expectations. Even though I have been knowledgeable of the Lost Ten Tribes since 1960, the amount of that knowledge tripled because of being able to obtain and read Brit-Am publications.

Ian: In many ways yes, but I think that we could go farther in making the membership more of a “community”. Perhaps formal membership, with a membership fee and possibly member privileges might give more of a sense of “belonging” and cement people more into the group.

Jim: I enjoy it very much and recommend it often, I especially find your page on Talmud and what Nachmanides wrote to be useful in spreading the truth. Not many will call me a crackpot after reading what the sages have to say.

Ferg: Sorry for not filling in the Questions. Just a quick encouragement to go against the flow. It is still refreshing to know [there are some] Jews looking for us in the last place 'they' would think[the 'west']. One point! It is Yosef who will reveal himself to Y'hudah and brothers at the right time!
Hag Sameach [Happy Feastday, posted on Succoth]
from here in the UK.

Sandie: Very good in the history department, and you really helped me in a project on tzitzit i was working on, all those pictures of ancient dress.

Mike: Yes, it has much valuable information.

Rachael: Yes, I was very impressed that it was from an Orthodox Jewish perspective.

Chris: I have no criticism. I think you are doing a very good job... Just keep up the great work. I know of no other who is doing what you are, and I appreciate it very much.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusion to Question A.2

Brit-Am met the expectations of most of those who answered the question.
Some may have preferred that Brit-Am go further in some areas but nevertheless were pleased with what Brit-Am already offers.
One was pleased with what Brit-Am has but disappointed with our lack of professionalism in marketing and in reaching the potential audience for this message.
Over the years many have come and later left sometimes because they lacked the leisure time or simply had become more concerned with other matters. Many almost certainly left because they were unconvinced or dissasitisfied.
At all events it appears that they who are now with us are on the whole pleased with us.

A. Brit-Am in General
Q3. What aspects would you like Brit-Am to improve?

Answer no.A. 3

Some of the answers to this question involved the appearance of the web-site which has since changed.
A large number expressed satisfaction with Brit-Am as it was.

A few wished there was more material relating to the New Testament but this wish is irrelevant to us.

Lynn: You are doing really well on the finances you have.


Michelle: Not too much about putting people down who don't believe the way you do in religion.

Thomas: You could have a list of names and their modern equivelants / locations


Charlotte: Maybe be a laison between those who believe they are of the lost tribes with Jews. I realize that in some cases this may be dangerous if caution is not used on the part of the 'Joe'. It takes a long time to learn what is acceptable or unacceptable to say to a Jew.

Kel: to have a section which teaches us how to become one nation under Gd, learning His Word.

Yoel: To project more assertively deeper Torah stands and truths.

Patricia: I would like Brit-Am to reach the pastors of the churches, who hopefully, in turn, would teach their people about their Israelite roots.

Michelle: Make available dialogue with others who are searching for answers.

Timothy: Less attention to knocking conspiracy theorists and more to ongoing research.

Alice: Sometimes the questions and opinions of others seem silly but overall I keep reading.

wrg: Trust God.

Thiemo: Some more structure within the documentation. You provide lots of facts, but some times I was flooded by it. At first I did not believe your info because of that. Now I have researched many things myself, and found many of your assumptions are rather probable.

Sal: I think you are doing a good job with the resources available, and I think it would be interesting to see more surveys to update numbers and demographics of people who believe or hope they are of the Israelite Nations.

Wendy: More historical information.

Leah: The Biblical requirements that those of Israel are to meet.

Dennis: I would love to see more participation on this internet message board that I put up a few weeks ago:


E. Less flame.

Raymond: Criticisms:
I have issues with your identification of modern-day Gad and Dan.

I believe the biggest problem you face is that folks will look at what you have to say and think.."Oh, that is interesting." and then go on their merry way. While your facts and research are impressive, you fail to convey to observers WHY THIS INFORMATION IS SO IMPORTANT!
I am not sure if you really know why this info is so important. Israel's identity does not just affect the past and present, but will have an impact on the future of everyone on Earth. I think that if you really knew why this knowledge is so important, it would explain why you are having such difficulties getting the message out, getting it accepted, and becoming financially stable.

V: Editing. Lots of typos and grammar errors.
As Lynne Trusse says, "Sticklers of the world, unite!" (see "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves")

Don: To only write and speak messages concerning [the Biblical truth concerning the Ten Lost Tribes].
To keep the answers to the numerous questions asked Brit-Am to the bare minimum and not get into a “Poison pen” debate about issues not important to the Biblical Brit-Am truths.

Sharon: Yair to tour and speak in the U.S.

Anna: Smaller booklets to give to people who are too busy to read.

Rick: Repitition. Proving a point causes one to be redundant.

Allen: Concerning your excellent site, if I could make a single suggestion it would be to create a concise summary of your thoughts before you engage in your long and often-tangential replies! Like all great scholars who see so much at once that you someimes divert from the original question and subject as you explain related items and that can cause some readers to lose direction and become confused. Perhaps a clear and concise summary would aid those of us who see so many strands of thought in your replies that we become lost and frustrated!

Also, you might wish to explain the direct relevance to Jews of the entire question of the identity of the Lost Tribes. How does this relate to the prophecies that must be fulfilled before Moshiach arrives? And why is Britain so damn anti-Semitic if they are Ephraim? They armed the Jordanians against the new State of of Israel which they denied immigration to from Europe with their White Paper before and during Hitler and today the Brits {along with the French} are behind so much of the Europe hatred towards the Jews! Why are they so close to so many of our enemies? Be well and continued success on Brit-Am!!

Steve: Really need to go more public, with various means of publicity.

Ian: It would be a bonus if more Israeli / Jewish organisations were persuaded to endorse the Brit-Am Message. At the moment it seems like Avraham Feld and the Macabbee Institute is the only backing from Jewish organisations

Jim: Your financial situation - but mine is suffering also.

Lillie: I have a hard time reading something that is written by someone who's first language is not American.

Sandie: Stick to your purpose, there are those who love do draw people away from their stated purpose, resist that

MN: Maybe filter some of the unsolicited comments a little more.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusion to Question A.3

Regarding points to improve many suggested more Bible and History.
Debates on extraneous matters and our on-going polemic against Conspiracy Theories seems to have been unpopular.
We try to give expression to they who have complaints against us but many would prefer we did not.
Other points included:
Our outreach to Judah should be more emphasized.
We should try harder to expand our message through the use of additional media outlets.

A. Brit-Am in General
 Q4. What most pleases you about Brit-Am? 

Answer no.A. 4

Joyce: I like the fact that Yair tries to give Biblical explanations about the tribes. It's always more convincing when we rely on the Word of HaShem to explain our position.

Lynn: Your broad approach.


Ron: The quality of research.

Michelle: It is a fantastic resource to teach the tribes thier responsiblity to the covenant.

Thomas: Interesting scholarship. You posted the Vernal Jones website


Charlotte: consistent publishing e-mail discussion each day.

Robert: its willingness to stand up for the return Ephraim.

Joan: Small & responsive. Faith in G-d. Sincerity. Things for sale, but also info for free. (Some people would not be interested if this info was only free.) Feel like friends or family.

Eirik: Good sources of reference.

Yoel: The good research.

David: I love the Jewish (cultural) insight to the scriptures, it provides a different perspective from a Christian perspective.

Patricia: Brit-Am unfailingly works for the Return of the Lost Tribes.

Jay: Insights, including Scripture commentary.

Evelyn: I like that you take the time to answer people, even when the Questions/comments seem stupid (to me anyway!)

David J. Hearing Jewish view of scripture. It provides insights I would not otherwise get. I also like Jerusalem news excerpts. I have sometimes shared them with others.

It is heartening to hear people expound scripture in a way that indicates they truly believe it and have the intelligence to defend their beliefs. It is refreshing.

Michelle: Information about history and tribes

Timothy: The Jewish perspective on the House of Ephraim! This is truly priceless. I also like the Jerusalem News and notes of archaeological interest.

Sal: Frequent contact through mailing list

(1. The importance of Judah's (Yair's) role, this teaching must come from the House of Judah according to my understanding of prophesised latter-day events.
(2. The "Jewish" aspects not found anywhere else. I truly appreciate the insights into the writings of the Jewish sages, detailed explanations of obscure words and phrases in the Tanach, etc. from a Jewish perspective.

wrg: Communication with Yair is good.

David: Acknowledgement of the identity of Israel in the modern world.

Cam: Books and articles.
Insights, including Scripture commentary.

Thiemo: The fact that you people are not racists. Some people think I am a racist because I have an interest in these things.

Tony: I believe that much of the Brit Am claims are correct.

Patricia: Brit-Am unfailingly works for the Return of the Lost Tribes.

sal: Frequent mail from Brit-Am keeps me informed about work you are doing.

What pleases me most is its no nonsense approach to events or historical facts. What is - is! I visited Israel October/November last year [2006] and found such a depth of spirit, that I actually "felt" it. Standing at Gideon's Spring, one could actually visualise those 300 who were chosen - AND WHY. To have been drinking with one hand, and seeing the topography of the site, " the why" that THOSE MEN WHO WERE DRINKING WITH ONE HAND were selected, is, obviously, because they were holding their weapons in their OTHER HAND AT THE READY FOR BATTLE. An excellent lesson for us all. Gd is looking and watching for those of us whom he knows can be trusted, and is of righteous character. Also at the top of Mt Carmel. A vision NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN. I felt, very strongly, such a burst of spirit, of affinity, THIS IS MY LAND, to which one day I shall return. Israel is a vibrant country of context and such a spirit of accomplishment, worth, friendliness, determination, and if one may be forgiven such an observation - great - great similarity to the old Aussie Anzac spirit -- "never give up, never give in, never back off and never back down!!" But then, as sad as it is, most Australians will indentify with the spirit, but pass quickly on, never realising that they are indeed part and parcel of one of the tribes. I believe mostly Ephraim. My ancestry has been traced back to an individual known as "John of Gaunt" so I have no misconceptions from whence I came, as this is a portal of knowledge of ancestry that links back to all else.

Leah: The Research.

I am amazed how Orthodox Jewish scholars can tailor writings to be non offensive to a Christian. I particpate on the anti-Missionary Messiah Truth Message board a lot and the mind set there is that any Christian who so much as posts to that group must be attempting to convert Jews to Christianity and some think that we are even worse than Nazis!

Personally I believe in universal salvation and feel almost zero necessity to attempt to convince any Jew to believe exactly what I do about what was accomplished...or not accomplished.


marv: What pleases me most is your forthrightness and your integrity.


Fred: What most pleases you about Brit-Am? You can only go to Brit-Am to get true info on the "Ten Lost Tribes". Yair is a hero for our times. No one else is doing what he is doing.

E. Genealogy

Pam: The fact that it provides ongoing discussion of this subject.

hrh: It raises points I've not seen considered elsewhere.

VS: The sound research; the tone of objectivity; the refusal to be goaded into argument and petty discussion.

Don: Yair himself and his acceptance of the Biblical proofs about the Ten Lost Tribe's return.

Sharon: Sharing scripture between Jews and non-Jews.

JB: keeping both Judah and Joseph happy.

Anna: You stick to the point, are courteous, and not fanatical.

Sc: Brit-am uses jewish sorces.

Jill: The research you do on the tribes and biblical matters is very interesting. I've learned so much since I've started reading the Brit-Am Now Newsletters and books.

Rick: Acceptance of non-Jews into the fold.

Robert: Finally real truth from someone who has credibility. Many other groups who have talked about the 10 lost tribes, lose credibility because of too much false teaching, or rascist ideas (white vs black) or the Jews are Edomites. As a result many of my family have been leary of having an open mind because of the false teaching that they found.


Steve: I like it all, the info is tremendous, and there are no strange axes ground.

H: The historical findings.

Kaj: With emphasis on "most", it's the selection of books.

Ian: The quality of the research work. And the sense that some Israelis too agree with the Brit Am message.

Jim: I love the truth.

Carol: You give justification to my long, inner yearning to be one of G-d's chosen people.

Dok: Everything.

MN: In depth look at all aspects of the 2 houses.

Mike: Simply that both orthodox Jews and possible Ephraimites can study the subject together.

Rachael: Because it is from a Jewish perspective. I am pleased with the overall message.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusion to Question A.4

Overall the Brit-Am Message and Projection of it is much liked.
Our Jewish Sources and Insights to Scripture are greatly appreciated.
Our general research and news features are also well regarded.
Brit-Am uses Jewish sources as well as secular ones and in a way helps join Judah together with Joseph.
This is what is needed and what Brit-Am provides or at least indicates the possibility of its acheivement.

A. Brit-Am in General
 5. What (if anything) most irks you about Brit-Am? 

A good few answered this question by stating emphatically that nothing irks them about Brit-Am.

Joyce: I tend not to read the daily emails. I scan them because there's just too much in my inbox. It doesn't irk me if BA wants to send them.

Lynn: I wish that your generous heart didn't allow you to get bogged down responding to some of the comments people dare to make.


Michelle: The Noahide teaching which I believe doesn't go far enough-just leaves the tribes in abject rebellion which is WHY they lost their identity in the first place.

Robert:There is still a one sided opinion both Judah and Ephraim, however: the Word of Gd must come first. The reason for this is to get it right this time.

David: The stridency of voice when BritAm says that Christians should not try to "convert" Jews... Anyway, this voice is really evident in the book Role to Rule - which I loved reading by the way. Now here's the flip side. After reading Yair's books and the articles on the BritAm website I have a better understanding of our different (gentile/Jew) roles that we are to fulfill. Knowing what I now know I would be very sensitive in a discussion with a Jew. I understand now that there are two different "economies" at work between us along with the enormous cultural differences (an observant Jew must really cringe when visiting in the Southern US and go by a BBQ restaurant; I can imagine the thoughts that must go through his mind) And, at the same time each of us is fulfilling their G-d given purpose! Isn't G-d GREAT! And since G-d is in control of His plan Christians should understand this and not be so dogmatic in their views about matters of salvation.. So after saying all this, BritAm is achieving it's stated mission by bringing us together but it is not easy and it requires a lot of listening, patience, understanding, introspection, etc. on both of our parts to begin to feel comfortable with each other.

Patricia: I don't understand how people can read the vast amount of material put out by Brit-Am and not be moved to find their Hebraic roots and spread the word!

Jay: Only occassionally tuned out when sharing the negative commentary; yes, we understand it sometimes is appropriate to show kind of responses and the answer needed.

David J: I definitely don't believe there is some vast, hidden conspiracy by Anglo/American/Israeli leaders to take over the world. But many decent people see a coordinated effort in the government/media/entertainment complex to undermine traditional values...

We wonder how such a false message could be so constantly and relentlessly presented unless something was behind it.

I don't have the answers, but I am sympathetic to those who seek to identify the forces responsible for undermining our society. I don't think they should be broadly labeled as conspiracy nuts or something similar.

Michelle: The sense of restriction on issues that are most certainly relevant and possibly connected to what is being discussed even if outside of the current agenda.

Timoth: Nothin irks me about it, but avoiding non-essential controversy could improve it.

Alice: Sometimes the questions and opinions of others seem silly but overall I keep reading.
Thanks for your work.

Jay: Only occassionally tuned out when sharing the negative commentary; yes, we understand it sometimes is appropriate to show kind of responses and the answer needed.

Patricia: I don't understand how people can read the vast amount of materiel put out by Brit-Am and not be moved to find their Hebraic roots and spread the word!

Leah: Not sure how to word this, sometimes it seams that with all the biblical proof that exists there seams to be doubt of it's validity. Does the Brit-AM teaching go against Judaism? I am not sure but it is a little insulting to discover that we are descendents of the lost tribes and then be told that we really can't prove it for sure.



Freda: The people who write in criticising Yair.

It: Some of the things referred to are hard to understand. I do not have a background in Jewish history or laws.

Pam: Nothing from Brit-Am's perspective, only the occasional violent reaction from a detractor.

HR: A bias that precludes certain other points of view and even input.

VS: The tangents that some of the subjects cover that seem so "off base" from Brit-Am core issues.

Don: The (sometimes) highly critical and negative inputs...
Unwanted writings about those who should be Brit-Am's largest and most loyal financial supporters. Personally nothing "Irks" me concerning what I know to be true, but criticizing the average constituent’s beliefs is not necessary; nor is it productive to financially supporting and propagating the true Brit-Am message.
Most people (especially the religious ones) the world over do not want to be told they are wrong--only the Spirit of God has the right and can successfully do that.

R: I did feel inspired to write to Brit-Am in my early days of reading the e-mails, but received no response. Then was a disappointment.

Robert: I don't get irked about much, but I did get frustrated when we spent a lot of time on the Conspiracy Nuts.

Jaj: Really, nothing irks me. We are exploring history, culture and the mysteries about our "Lostness" - surely a unique circumstance of any people, anywhere. We are searchers, and as close to The truth as one can get.

Ian: I know that you have to have funding to keep the work going, but somehow, I’m not sure exactly why, the soliciting of funds linked to Biblical promises makes me a little embarrassed at times. Perhaps, as I said earlier, a formal membership structure with annual membership dues might alleviate this situation.

J: Nothing about Brit-Am annoys me EXCEPT you saying there is no conspiracies going on.

carol: Nothing. You are always very cautious and polite.

Sandie: When you get pulled away from your stated purpose - i skip over most of what isn't pertinent to what you are presenting.

MN: Some repetiton of topics and rehash of outside comments of very little importance.

Ra: I get irked from readers who attack Brit-Am. There are plenty of anti-semitic sites they could patronize.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusion to Question A.5

Judging by the responses little about Brit-Am irks Brit-Am subscribers.
Some people would like us to go deeper in some areas but are not dissastisified with what has already been undertaken.
There are those who are irritated when Religious Differences are brought into focus while others would prefer more of it.
Our monitoring of messages and subject matter is not always met with the understanding it deserves.
On the other hand letting critics a great deal of latitude is also not liked very much.
The Brit-Am anti-Conspiracy Theory approach is still not accepted by some or even if accepted they would rather not have it referred to.
Frequent soliciting for funds is recognized as a necessity but nevertheless is found irritating.
Divergence from the main theme is criticized.
Nevertheless even those who had criticisms to make emphasized that overall they were pleased with us.

A. Brit-Am in General
 6. Where in your opinion should Brit-Am place most of its emphasis?

Joyce: On Biblical evidence for the two houses of Israel and the fulfillment of prophecy.

Lynn: Where it is - making people aware of where greater Israel is today and the importance of unwavering supporting the nation of Israel.


Michelle: Returning tribes to their Hebrew roots.


Charlotte: Mutual understanding between Jew and Joe.

Robert: Uniting Ephraim and Judea.

Yoel: Cannot be politically correct and compromise Am Yisroel or Hashem. The majority of the Goyim or Goyim thinking people in this pre-moshiach era will most often reject the deep truths of Toirah.

David: It would appear that BritAm spends a lot of its time doing research but the mission statement is unclear. It says...that it represents Joseph... How? Does BritAm work to bring Joseph and Judah together? If so, how? Is your object research? The statement isn't clear. ... you may be turning Joseph away. I understand but others may not be so understanding. Remember, Joseph is a Christian that is meeting and getting reacquainted with his older brother Judah.

Patricia: I think most of Brit-Am's emphasis needs to be exactly where it is, on Identity.

Timothy: Research and publication-- in other words, exactly what you're doing.

WRG: Not the past--since you've proved the truth already--but the future and what God states in the Bible.

David B: Right where it is now.

Cam: Books, articles, magazines.

Thiemo: Scriptural data and historical data.

John: Accepting Biblical Truth, the Word of the Almighty.

dennis: I think that you are right on schedule and doing great!

Sal: I'm not qualified to say, I believe doors will open in the right direction if you stay true to your mission.

Research, education and publications as well as outreach to the Jewish people who are unaware of the interest in the Lost Tribes.

Dafyyd: Continue as you feel lead.

Wendy: Continue teaching the history of our Israelite peoples, and their glorious future!

Jonathan: Other Jewish thought about the Lost tribes, thought which doesnt share Brit Am's stance about the anglo-saxon-celtic people. What they believe. Why they reject the Brit Am position.

Leah: Research

Evelyn: I'd like more teaching on what is expected of Noahides, who are probably (in my opinion) those who are... from the 10 'lost' tribes. ...I'd like to see articles on what people like myself can do to be part of this RETURN to Torah that is taking place.

Michelle: Perhaps encouraging those of us who have found our roots, to spread the message to those who seem lost.

Marv: Your emphasis, as always, has and should be on the response from readers.


EC: History

Pam: Consider that many of the people who have risen to the top of their field in the Gentile world, are probably (unknowingly) Ephraimites. A study of these might be revealing. (By Ephraimites I mean the House of Israel).

VS: Emphasize the identity and role of the lost tribes, the biblical foundation, the EVIDENCE that supports all of the above.

Sharon: Speaking and publications.

JB: Reminding Judah that they have another brother.

S: The return of Joseph.

Jill: On everything related to the Israelites and their locations today as well as getting your message concerning the lost Israelites identity out to as many people as possible. You are doing a good job at it at the present time, but it is important that the Orthodox Jews know about the rest of the Israelites.

Rick: Biblical Prophecy from the Tenach proving the existence of the 10 tribes.

Robert: I'm glad you asked this question. If we spent a little more time on linguistics, and the time between exile and the Norman invasion. I've been receiving your emails for over 3 years, and I feel there is some gaps that needs to be filled or reiterated over and over. An example would be the Cimmerians time line into Europe. I know you have written extensively on this, but there is a lot of sources that confirm your information and bringing that out helps the continued process of building the case for the Lost Tribes. Also, if possible deal with the African/Ethiopian "Jews". I keep running into these guys who think that the African tribes are the Lost Tribes.

Steve: It is fine as it is, do not change it.


Kaj: Boiling down the masses of data into forms that can be displayed or presented with enough detail as to show outlines, that irrefutably and unmistakably illustrate who 'Lost Israel" is, from various pints of view.

Ian: On the unity of the twelve tribes. Jews are suspicious of non-Jews getting involved in the Israelite heritage, and sometimes non-Jews can be troubled about having to support a “Jewish” organisation which may endorse current Israeli political dealings. Personally, I have no problem with this as I support Israel in its stance in the Middle East, but I have heard remarks here about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

carol: You should encourage more bible reading for deeper understanding, and the study of prophecy.

Dok: Keep it where it is. Even though I am a Christian, the information that I see on this list can be applied to what I already know.

Sandie: On your stated purpose, information on the Two houses, both anciently, down through time and today.

MN: As laid out in your principles.

Mike: Getting the information out to the masses.

Rachael: The three "r's" seems to be working.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusions to Question A.6:
It was suggested that Brit-Am should perhaps place more emphasis on Biblical Answers to what the future holds.
Brit-Am should also:
Explain how those who understand they are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes may put this understanding into effect at a practical level.
Involve more authoritative participants from Judah even if they hold divergent views.
Provide more Biblical and Historical themes.

A. Brit-Am in General
 7. If you do not support Brit-Am financially for reasons other than lack of means is there anything Brit-Am could do to change this?

J: We support a lot of things and it's always hard to decide what are the most important things to devote resources to. It's something I might consider in the future. At the moment our resources are pretty stretched in terms of supporting worthwhile things.

L: Perhaps making us more aware that any offering is an investment not only in Israel's future, but ours as well, an act that attracts God's blessing upon the giver.


Thomas: Pray for my financial condition.

Note: Many made similar remarks to the above though we did not expect an answer from those under pressing circumstance.

L: All you can do is let folk know the need and leave the rest to the Almighty...sorry I can't support you financially...

Pat: This is something I don't understand. Why should the people who support Brit-Am not be blessed more and more abudantly by Hashem so that they can pass more of that abundance on to Brit-Am?
Brit-Am Comment: we believe that Brit-Am is a holy enterprise and is fulfilling the will of Divine Providence. If anyone would tithe for Brit-Am or regularly help us with offerings our impression is that they would be rewarded. This is what the Bible says according to our understanding. This may be tested. If anyone can show that we are wrong on this point we will admit it publicly. You may ask if Brit-Am is at such a "high level" why does it seem to be always in dire financial straits?
Good question.
We wish we had an answer.
Nevertheless the basic principle remains. Help us and help will come to you.
We will make our reckonings and you make yours.

E: I do support Brit-Am as much as I can.

M: Yes, remove the tendency to tunnelvision.

Sal: I think you have made it as convenient as possible to make contributions, but maybe a blurb now and then about the positive effects of contributing even a few dollars on a regular basis by quite a few people and how that kind of support would add up quickly....For instance $2.00 a month from 1000 people....$5.00 monthly from 2000 people...and so on. It might inspire folks to get involved if they realized contributions needn't be a large amount to be quite effective.

D: Probably not, I will continue to order the occasional book as funds permit. I would like to order more and contribute more as Brit-Am is so important IMHO, but funds can't be stretched. Please don't take this as a personal "grumble" on my behalf, I've never gone to bed hungry, and have never slept without a warm blanket - my life has been blessed and I give thanks to God for that.

WR: No. I support my Church financially, which I believe is the true (official) work of God.

David: I will support when I am able.

D: Perhaps you could consider getting involved in a film production project?

M: I have bought all of your books. Wish I could financially help more.

F: I support Brit-Am.

E: I would like to support everyone who asks, but as a pensioner it is not possible.

HR: Only God could change that, through adding his witness to that of Brit-Am.

V: No, keep up the good work.

D: If you want financial support from people who call themselves Christians who are the majority of the Israelite descendants--present only information about the Ten Lost Tribes and the so-called "Joe's" relationship to the Israelites.

A: Yes have somone in Australa as your agent.

Andy: Greetings,

On your side of the debate, you think it morally imperative to reach out to "us" gentiles and request financial assistance; but we on this side of the fence, equally feel moral obligation not to support your effort, as we both will not compromise pertaining to our religious convictions. However, we both understand and believe in the implications of a Messianic era which is coming upon us, but differ in doctrinal issues regarding it.
We both think we are right in our respective ways, and believe in what we conceive to be the truth.
Some of us will convert and go to your side, but the vast majority of believers will not cross either side until a forceful resolution is accomplished in favour of the ultimate truth. Therefore, it is incumbent to remain divided until such time changes are enforced, and not by the will of man or demi-god.
Howbeit, there are many positive issues you bring to light, through your website, books, etc.
We are all predestined to fulfill His will, whether for good or evil. In the end, His prophecies will be fulfilled and the judgement will be set.
The tribes will soon be reunited with Judah as one people, under One Shepherd and King, and that is worth waiting for.
I care not one iota whether or not the current or any future Israeli (Jewish) government recognise or accept the other tribes as fellow "Israelis", for the time will come that "we" will claim our rightful inheritance, without the blessing of the Sanhedrin.


Robert: I made the suggestion of creating bumper stickers, or coffee cups, or things like key chains that could further advertise Brit-Am. If you could get a publisher to put your books in Barnes and Noble or Borders....the big book stores in America, I could personally get more people interested.

K: If I had spare funds of any sort, you'd get it. Because of our unique beliefs, it is unlikely anyone who thinks we're "off the wall" would give support.

Ian: I ...strongly feel that membership dues would help alleviate the situation.

MN: my problem --not yours.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusions to Question A.7:
This was a difficult question. Many did not answer it. For others it was not pertinent since they already do what they can or are unable to do anything at the moment. Our question was meant to be directed to any who would otherwise perhaps contribute but refrain from doing so. We received a few answers from people who seemed to fit the "bill" -an appropriate expression. The upshot was that there may (or may not) be some who would otherwise help but due to religious differences do not.
Another point that was perhaps gently hinted at was that Brit-Am may not always come across strongly enough considering the urgency of the subject.
Again there were others (not all of whom we quoted above) who suggested alternate means of income such as selling mementoes or setting up a membership program or keeping a section of our web-site exclusively for they who pay a fee and receive a password.
All these options may at some stage be considered and perhaps put into effect though each one would require extra effort, investment, and an additional learning process.
Even so, the basic problem seems to be the need to reach more people. This is the best solution. The more people we reach, the more publications we may sell, and the chances are that the more offerings we may receive.
Human nature will not change. Until we manage to reach out to more people (which is what we endeavor to do anyway) we will have to rely on the generosity of our present subscribers even though many of them appear to be of limited means or have prior commitments.

A. Brit-Am in General
 8. Do you find the Brit-Am message convincing?

Extracts from Answers to Question A.8:

Joyce: I was convinced of the message before finding Brit-Am. Brit Am confirms what I believe in general. Some of the specifics about tribal location etc. I am not yet sure about.

Lyn: Yes![ca 34 or more gave similar answers that are not listed below]


Ron: Certainly.

Charlotte: Yes, for those who need to have physical evidence.

Ken: Brit- Am first shows a convincing argument, but then cuts that argument apart in removing the facts with (they may not be proveable). e.g. DNA could be right rather than using more positive words like shown to be correct.

Joan: No, I consider it factual.

P: Of course I do! But I think Christians read the Brit-Am message with the arrogance of assurance that they have found the TRUE PATH. I think that what you are saying makes sense to them, but they also have to believe that YOU are the "lost" one, not them, and therefore must be very careful in their support of you.

DJ: When I first begin reading it, I was not convinced at all, perhaps because I have always heard that English was a 'Germanic' language and the Anglo-Saxons were therefore just a subset of Germanic tribes, little different than say Bavarians.

However, you have presented so much evidence in support of the theory that the 10 tribes essentially relocated to western Europe, that I am probably as convinced of it's truth as I ever will be. Maybe not 100%, but 95% or so.

mt: Somewhat.

Timothy: Yes. My own Bible study, however, supports Brit-am's findings, and I'm confident of their accuracy for this reason. If I were coming to the subject "cold," I don't know whether Brit-Am's message alone would convince. But it certainly goes far in that direction. The research already accessible through Brit-Am, taken all together, should convince an unbiased reader at least that there's something here that deserves an honest look.

Dafyyd: Yes, solid Biblical exegesis combined with sound scholarly research, no unsubstantiated myths and legends.

David: I was already convinced long ago.

Thi: Yes in many ways. I get many facts from it, but the family name (and other name) things are not really convincing. Specially because local explanations are more plausible.

Wendy: It is only the LORD GD, that can open one's mind to understand and be convinced of His plan and purpose. However if it is at all encouraging to you, I see you doing an amazing job with such physical resources as are available, or made available to you.


Freda: It is convincing, except that because all the world spoke Hebrew prior to Babel, then Hebrew can be found in almost all languages.

HR: Convincing, no, but very worthwhile to consider.

Don: Yes; but only the Biblical Brit-Am message.

JB: yes - just wish that more could have access to these letters and emails - people still rather touchy about British Israelism! (some people very into the cult of World Wide Children of God and British Israelism and Mormonism - we get accused of this!) maybe you could have a warning on your site - not saying that some of the info they have is incorrect.

Anna: Yes it's ballanced.

Jill: Yes, I find Brit-Am message convincing as you back it up with research.

Rick: Sometimes the proofs seem to be speculation upon speculation until the speculation seems to come across as facts. I really don’t like that method of proof when I see it.

Kaj: No question about it, when it comes to detailing proofs of who "Lost Israel" is. We will be vindicated, in the years ahead, regardless of who thinks what about us.

Ian: Absolutely! I have spent many years researching various religions and possible “things to believe in”, and they all failed completely at some juncture. The Brit-Am message, which in a similar form I first encountered with Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, has lasted the pace, and when religion is discussed and I am asked for my allegiance, I always now say I am an “Israelite”. This usually gets the response, “Oh ! I didn’t know you are Jewish.” Which opens the door for an explanation of the fact that an Israelite is not necessarily a Jew, but a Jew is an Israelite.

J: I would literally bet my life on it

Lilly: Yes because it emphasizes a different perspective e.g. instead of "us" saying we are the Lost Tribes there is someone from a Tribe that was never "lost" saying that, "yes you are Israelites!".

Carol: Absolutely. I just think you have some things wrong.

Dok: Again, even though I am a Christian, the information that I see on this list can be applied to what I already know.

Sandie: Yes - you have good research skills and present your message clearly - I did write you about Wikipedia, I sometimes go there, but always verify what I read someplace else also - the two or three witness scenerio

MN: To a large extent - yes. but this is an area of great importance. You have good judgement on validity of facts and you should feel free to offer your information of value.

Les: Yes, that doesn’t mean it is always very strong or interesting to me.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusions to Question A.8:

Nearly all said they were convinced. Some were already convinced before coming to Brit-Am. Some are convinced but have reservations. Others are convinced since they have done research of their own on the subject which has confirmed what Brit-Am says. The proofs from linguistics such as Name similarities etc were doubted by some who however believe for other reasons. The main purpose for belief was given as Biblical Sources. There were those who emphasized the Biblical Studies as their main or only justification whereas others stressed their appreciation of research in secular areas to complement the Biblical points. One correspondent accused us of basing speculation upon speculation and passing it all off as proven evidence.
There were those who said we had some things wrong but agreed with the main issue.

 9. If not, what is the weakest point in the Brit-Am presentation? 

Rein: Sometimes it is very broad.

Rachael: Some articles are very scholarly and assumes the reader knows more than he or she does, whether it is referring to biblical knowledge or historical knowledge. The articles can be "over my head" sometimes, but I don't think Brit-Am should "dumb itself down" to accommodate this, but I should research and study to bring myself up to Brit-Am's level.

MN: Maybe be stronger in dispensing with potentionally errorneous information.

DOK: I don't see a weak point.

Carol: I believe that America is Ephraim, not Mannassah.

Jim: Going beyond proven facts, but I realize this is the nature of research.

Ian: The lack of any endorsement from mainstream Jewish organisations. Without this Brit-Am can appear to some to be not quite “kosher”, if you know what I mean. More of this would make members and supporters feel they are somehow accepted by mainstream Judaism.

K: It's the matter of "religion"; Brit-Am, even though emanating from Jerusalem, is trying to reach basically "Christian Lost Israel", and this will only get resolved as prophecies get fulfilled.

HJ: More archelogical findings in Israel like the mountain of Joshua.

Robert: Marketing

Rick: Speculation upon speculation.

JB: lack of exposure.

Don: Too much writing about DNA, different languages, Bible codes, skin color, eye color and hair; plus other subjects completely irrelevant to the true Brit-Am message.
The timing and the way for the "Joes" to return is totally up to our God and not because some man, men or religious group have “Approved" it. When God does initiate the home coming it will be perfect and wonderfully accepted by those it applies to. There will be no questions about who they are or how they “Fit” into God’s plan.

HR: The refusal to consider other possibilities.

Pam: The fact that it is a platform for people to air how much they know about blood groups etc.

EC: flame from irritants.

Dennis: Perhaps too much emphasis is placed on the North American and British material and maybe more articles could talk about how many people in India or even in Ecuador may have lost Israelite identity as well. Doing this might make your website more objective in the mind of the Jewish scholars who do not yet like your writings.

Wendy: I decline to answer this question, once again it leads back to righteous understanding which can only be granted by Gd.

P: Again, perhaps the weakest point is not dwelling on where their forefathers deviated from following Hashem [the Almighty]. I think they need to see what the idolatrous nations surrounding Israel believed, and how that idolatry crept into the Israelite's worship.

Thiemo: For example [of mistaken etymology] Holland comes from "hold land" (ie: "wood land"), and not from Ellond.

wr: Calls of financial help. There must be a more creative way to get peoples financials interest.

Timothy: The weakest point is probably the physical appearance... It's obviously a "shoestring" operation and its appearance is still evidently "in-house," or non-professional.

MT: Lack of open-mindedness to other sources of information that can bring a person into understanding “holes” in scripture.

DJ: Some of the linguistic points seem too tenuous to present as evidence. I think they can detract from better points. For example, equating Aegle with the Hebrew word for cattle and conecting that to 'Angles' is too weak for me, same for Saxons and (I)saac's sons.

DL: There is none that I can tell.

Joan: Perhaps the tendency to read things in. Don't have an example at hand, but e.g., if an English word resembles Hebrew, QED--no real proof. This can lead to errors, however, because it is not scholarship. I believe the greater part is good scholarship, however. Ke: Weakest you repute yourself when you explain away the facts.


Joyce: Visually, I find the website confusing. It might be me though.

Note last two remarks referred to website at the time the Questionaire was sent out i.e. before it receivewd its present appearance and formate.

Summary and Intermediate Conclusions to Question A.9:

Many refrained from answering this question. Judging from their answers to the other questions we may assume that most of those who did not answer found nothing significantly negative in our presentation.
Amongst those who did reply we find the following criticisms: too intellectual, speculative, religious differences, not enough other Jewish groups involved, need to rely more on Providence, fund raising too frequent and not tasteful, perhaps too much "sceince", negative postings, linguistic weaknesses in proofs, bad marketing, lack of funds too evident, etc.
Sounds like quite a list but it needs to be taken in the context of the complete questionairre. Nearly all those who had criticisms were, on the whole, otherwise quite pleased with our efforts.

 A. 10. What do you consider the strongest point of Brit-Am? 

Joyce: Their commitment to promoting this teaching about the two houses of Israel.


Ron: The ability to provide multiple proofs to back up assertions.

Thomas: The scholarship makes sense to me.

Lee: information innundation.

Carlotte: That it has not aligned itself with any church or Jewish group.

Ken: An open hand of friendship with good research.

Yoel: The misirus nefesh [whole-hearted dedication] you put into with wholeheartedness.

David: The research. It's outstanding!

Pat: IDENTITY!!!!! Brit-Am is superb at identifying the Lost Tribes! I think Tribers recognize themselves as Israelites through Brit-Am's comprehensive effort.

Jay: Scriptural understanding and research re who/where the House of Israel is today.

Evelyn: You're kindness! Your benevolent spirit!

DJ: I asked a religious leader in my church what he makes of the passage in Genesis where Jacob prophesies concerning the characteristics and disposition of the 12 tribes "when Shiloh comes", i.e. at the appearing of the Messiah. He conceded that Shiloh is a reference to the Messiah, but still brushed off the logical implication of this passage: That for the prophecy to be fulfilled, the 12 tribes must exist as identifiable, unique groups in the world at the end of the present age. He accepted the logic that they couldn't simply have been absorbed into the "Jews" and still meet the requirements of the prophecy. He would only say that God knows where they are.

I agree with this of course, but I honestly don't understand why Bible-believing, pro-Israel individuals recoil at the idea of our ancestors being the lost tribes when there is a lot of evidence for it. Maybe they see it as a racist theory, like Nazi Aryanism.

You have made many good points, but I think that passage is still the strongest single argument I have seen. I have not seen an alternative explanation, unless it is to deny the Bible's inspiration altogether.

Timothy: Its research and publications, from the perspective of an orthodox Jew. To date, nearly all teachers of the Two-House truth have been Christians--at least those accessible to me. To have this teaching based solidly on research which taps into previously unavailable Jewish sources is priceless.

Sal: Research and variety of articles and commentaries made available.

Dafydd: Brit-Am is the message of tribal reconcilliation from the House of Judah, this message cannot come from any other source and claim authority.

WR: Truth.

David: Bringing together people of like mind.

Cam: Brit-Am's strongest point is it's detail to subjects. They give room for correction and location of errors.

John: Tieing all of the circumstantial evidence and cultural folklore into a fairly convincing argument.

Wendy: Teaching of scripture [Hebrew] and teaching of our history.

Leah: The biblical proof.

Dennis: Perhaps that would be the zeal of Mr. Yair Davidiy to promote this subject come hell or high water and even when financial contributions are lacking.

Marva: The strongest point is your research and schollarship.

EC: Historical relevance.

Pam: The fact that your heart is to see the promise of Hashem fulfilled in all the descendants of those who stood at Sinai and received the Torah.

HR: Well thought out arguments for supporting evidence, as well as against acceptance of the standard DNA analysis currently accepted by experts in the field.

VS: The soundness of the research and the balanced approach to responding to questions and objections.

D: Yair's honesty and willingness to do without many earthly things in order to proclaim to the world what he believes concerning the Ten Lost Tribes and their descendant’s soon return to Israel.

JB: Keeping it Scriptural.

Anna: The opportunity for people to ask questions.

S. Using Jewish sources.

Jill: The biblical research you do on the lost identity of the Israelites is very important.
Was their identity really lost.... or hidden?

Rick: Biblical quotes and proofs from history.

Robert: Research and your credibility. You are able to speak from a position of strength, because you don't have an agenda other to inform and bring unity. Those are the best messages.


Steve: its scholarship.

Kaj: The mountain of historical details that, assembled and honestly dealt with by an audience, stands right alongside any other well-researched history. Frankly, "other" researched history misses out in the final analysis because it lacks the "secret" - who the major players in history REALLY are, after all.

Ian: A worldwide group of people who support the Brit-Am ideas, but who are, at this time, somewhat unorganised. I think we need some formal footing to turn supporters into members.

Jim: YOU, and your Hebrew / Jewish background.

Carol: To enlighten people about the whereabouts/identity of the 10 lost tribes.

Dok: Hard to say. I think all points are equally valuable.

Sandie: Your research skills, and drawing the information together.

MN: Your very high level of investigation into your main subject matter.

MK: The fact that you use scripture to prove your point.

Rachael: The biblical and historical research.

Rein: It tells about things were others won’t tell us or at least much later and shorter.

Les: Objectivity but also the openness to those who are of Joseph

Summary and Intermediate Conclusions to Question A.10:

People appreciated the application of Biblical Proofs and verses to points adduced. The general level of scholarship and historical research were much valued. The attitude and personality of Yair were spoken well of. Our uniqueness in personal background, along with the general Brit-Am presentation and the potential of Brit-Am are favorably regarded.

"Preaching to the Converted", the Chosen Ones, and the Present
Additional Points to Q.A.10

Dennis McGinlay <dennis.mcginlay@virgin.net> wrote:  

Dear Yair
Belatedly perhaps, but my take on Brit-Am and it's strongest points are that you are blessed by the Creator of all things to take his message to the peoples of 'Israel' as to their heritage, responsibilities, and destiny ...you work hard and do your best to pass on the knowledge of the history and purpose of God's 'chosen people'. Chosen to carry out God's purpose and plan. Not ours, but his.
Despite your efforts to spread the Brit-Am message as far and as wide as you do, I think you are probably preaching to the converted and that understanding of God's will and message is limited to only so many because time is running out and the end is near. Every indicator points to that fact and so I urge every reader of this site to think hard and long about it's message, and their futures.

The Effect of Brit-Am
a) extent of outreach
b) preaching to the converted
c) newcomers
d) Finances and Turnover

a) extent of outreach
(1. "Brit-Am Now" goes out to ca. 1,500 addresses and then in some cases goes on to other addresses being amongst other things intermittently or regularly picked up by other lists. Turnover is reasonable with newcomers joining while others drop out. There is a technical problem with a certain percentage who wish to receive our mail constantly not doing so mainly due to their servers denying us access. We hope to overcome this hurdle shortly. Like most other matters it will probably require some effort, learning new methods, and financial investment.

(2. The web-site. Daily visits to the web-site are measured by our server whose reports we understand to be accurate. Reports by outside services give similar results on the whole but are more erratic and less reliable.
In November 2006 we were receiving an AVERAGE of 1,284 visits per day, this grew reaching 1,678 in June 2007 and 1,916 in July. It then went down suddenly and drastically reaching 1512 in August and further diminishing to a bit more than 1,100 at present. There are reasons for these fluctuations and the downward trend.
We could conceivably once again take the numbers back to their previous heights and then proceed beyond them.
This would be contingent on the same conditions as in (1 above.
Despite the present downward trend the numbers are still high.
The average visitor stays longer on our site than on most comparable ones and in absolute term puts us in the high range.

(3 Brit-Am also reaches people through book sales, word-of-mouth communication etc.
Everything is important.

b) Preaching to the converted. We would rephrase this definition and term it "Reaching the Chosen".
A proportion of those we reach come to us after previously being convinced by others or else instinctively being strongly drawn to messages like our own. Alternately after hearing from us there are those who have a spiritual craving to know more and more on the subject. These are all the Chosen.
Our large number of visits is partly maintained by the Chosen returning frequently to learn more.
We thereby merit to deepen awareness of this message and heighten the quality of its comprehension amongst those who respond to it.

c) Newcomers. Most visitors to our site appear to be newcomers. This is a guess based on the most popular articles (Physical Anthropology, Pictures of Ancient Israelites, Khazars,  Jerusalem News,  Kings of Israel, etc) and several other factors.
Brit-Am is, as well as enhancing the appreciation of the Chosen, therefore reaching a large number of new people day after day.
Many will make their own quick impression and pass on but others linger and some remain with us.
There is also a problem of "turnover", see below.
Even those who do not stay with us or after a while leave us are often favorably affected and to some degree have internalized the message.

d) Finances and Turnover. Brit-Am depends for its functioning on sales of publications and offerings.
There were always fluctuations with Brit-Am going from one crisis to another.
Nevertheless we also had a number of regular supporters who could be counted on to give regularly in large or small amounts as they wished or were able.
Many of these seemed to have disappeared while others have diminished their support.
The explanation partly lies in a worsening economic climate and a natural weakening of initial enthusiasm along with the changing situation on a personal level of some of the individuals concerned.
Normally however newcomers would step in and everything would even out but this has not for the present happened.

Our friend and Brit-Am supporter, Eddie Chumney, suggested that one of the reasons for the above phenomenon is that people are beginning to feel "that it is not going anywhere".
We have no real answer for that other than to say that for the moment just being what we are, improving on it, and still managing to reach out to others to a relatively modest but still impressive degree is something in itself. We are also laying the foundations for something beyond what now pertains.
Brit-Am deserves to be supported and encouraged in its present efforts.

What Brit-Am will or will not acheive is dependant, amongst other factors, on what degree it will be enabled to function.  

 11. Do you think Brit-Am should involve itself with matters beyond those concerning Lost Israelite identity?

Summary of Answer to Q.A.11:
Most said that we should act as we feel inspired to according to the situation.
Some were very much against Brit-Am diverting its attention to anything beyond its present span.
Several Answers to this question were merged with answers to Q.A.12 below.

 12. What more do you think Brit-Am should do? 

Note: Where it was pertinent we have merged answers to questions nos.11 & 12 together.

Ivan: The west, at large, have not heard of what their true identity may be. A History Channel type documentary would be very helpful and may help to bring a true attitude, rather than a biased one, towards Israel.



Lee: you could have an on-board rabbi to field other questions after the ashmoses.com fashion...

Robert: Yes, the reuniting of Israel as a nation under Gd. One Gd , One people and one nation.
What more do you think Brit-Am should do? Stand up for the truth of the Word of Gd.

Ine: Remember to always present good references and links.

Yoel: To make people realize that the ultimate goal in life is to get to know Hashem, not as a physical descendant of Avraham Avinu (that is more superficial, and often can fall into racism, not by you but by the confused readers that you reach –they need guidance), but rather that Hashem isn’t ultimately interested in sacrifices of bulls or territorial gains but rather that it is a daily korvan of misirus nefesh [dedication] that Hashem [the Almighty] desires from us. We Jews ultimately are not from this world but from the next where compassion, love, kindness and things of this nature is what needs to be mastered as Eved Hashem, total Eved Hashem [Servant of the Almighty], this is why we were liberated from Mitzrayim. We must understand that taking the Ol Shomayim [Yoke of Heaven] is what gives us ultimated and lasting happiness. In reality the territories were destined to be ours from the beginning and there was never a need to play tricky world politics to obtain them. If we had been true to Hashem the spiritual walls (chomot) of the Ir HaAtika [Old City] of the Turk domination would have fallen and we would have witnessed an early arrival of Moshiach without the birth pangs we are and are about to face to obtain the Geula [Redemption]. Instead we fight for this land like the armies of the world, not like Tzivos Hashem [Army-Hosts of the Almighty.

David:...remember who Joseph is. He is lost, he does not know his roots, and he is culturally different than Judah. But he is leading and performing his role.
Invite Joseph into your home and educate him...Teach us your traditions, history and your culture. Remember we are long lost family who have no history. This is what caused me to search. I didn't know who I was. I had no tradition etc. We are willing to learn and I believe it is your role to educate us. We (Joseph) have an "instinct" to love Judah but we don't know why...we need each other desperately for our future survival. I think between your research and educating us about the things that I have mentioned would do it.

P: I think Brit-Am should delve into the background of the Lost Tribes' offense to Hashem, because that is the reason for their dispersion.

Evelyn: Maybe try to involve more people in some way -- get them to write their testimonies maybe for a start and publish one a month...

Sal: Do some freewheeling online brainstorming sessions, throw out and ask for ideas and feedback. This kind of participation would do more to actively involve people with Brit-Am.

Dafydd: Should funds ever permit, the idea suggested some months ago regarding the production of a documentary video is an excellent idea.
How much would this cost?
Is it possible to obtain an approximate cost from, say, the producers of "Obsession". I believe that this would have a MAJOR impact on the Brit-Am message, and would have many other benefits besides, particularly to the people Yeretz Yisrael. I may be going off-track here, but please bear with me.

I think the major problem Yeretz Yisrael faces is not from the localised Jihad, but from a lack of support from dumbed-down Western politicians who are voted into office by equally dumbed-down "lefty" voters. How much support will these western leaders offer Yeretz Yisrael in the years ahead?
Look at the concessions some US leaders have more or less forced on the Jewish Prime Ministers over the past years... This must be countered, and the most effective way to do so is to wake up and enlighten the western world to their own history, and their relationship with the House of Judah. The message must be we are family, we hold different views, different dreams, different responsibilities and tasks assigned by Almighty God, but we are still FAMILY.
This will strengthen the support of the western world for Yeretz Yisrael, which will flow through to the politicians we elect, and how they act. This business of "concessions for peace in the mid-east" must be stopped, it is suicidical and won't result in any peace, but just more demands.
Given the secular nature of most of the western world, it is important for this video to focus on both the historical records alongside of the Biblical proofs of the Brit-Am message. I would keep "talking-heads" to a minimum, focus on the "grand vista" of the northern tribe's migration paths, perhaps starting in Samarkand, travelling through the Caucasuses, through central Europe to the Norwegian fjords, the dykes of Holland, the green fields of England, the cities of the Franks, the hills of Ireland, etc., and then the explosion of the Hebrews through all the lands of the new world.
Combine this with stirring music (I would suggest Verdi's "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" from Nabucco) and you will have a major intellectual and emotional impact.
The visual impact would be combined with Biblical quotations from the Prophets, historical records, and other items of interest such as the highways of the megaliths, the runes in Scandanavia, the predominate red, white and blue on the flags of the Hebrew nations (and the relationship of this to the colours in the Tabernacle in the wilderness) - there is so much wonderful and rich material to draw upon.
Commentary should come primarily from yourself, combined with others around the world.
Jew and Christian, from Israel to America, Scotland to New Zealand, France to Canada, etc., different speakers, different backgrounds, same message.
Such a video would have an impact well beyond the limitations of those who take God's word seriously, the religious Jews, and [like-minded] Christians...
Secular people would be moved by such a video, they would question some of their basic assumptions about their lives, some may even be drawn closer to God. But they all, believer or secular, would become firmer in their resolve to support Yeretz Israel as they awaken to their relationship to the House of Judah as family, distant cousins perhaps, but still family in an increasingly hostile world.

I can attest to the impact of such a documentary. I purchased a copy of the DVD "Obsession" some months ago, and have loaned it to friends, family and acquaintences freely. All have been impressed, and its impact has surprised me. One example: one of my sons-in-law had it on loan, and he loaned it to a work colleague who was talking about the need for Israel to make more concessions to obtain peace in the mid-east. His colleague watched it and came to a new understanding of world events. He in turn retained the DVD for a weekend and invited all his friends to watch it. He had twenty friends, all young men in the late teens to mid-twenties, watch the video at his house. And this is what surprised me - these 20 young men, who probably gathered usually to watch football and have a beer, watched this video THREE times. This shows the importance of the visual media, if someone had given them a book on the same topic, the book probably would never be opened.
How can this be financed?
Are there any agencies in the Israeli government who would finance such a project given it's likely outcome of support for Yeretz Yisrael?

Cam: Publish more books. Many people like a good read while others like the magazine. The articles are nice as well. So as long as funds come in people will get what they can concentrate on the most.

W: For those of us who cannot, though would most truly love to purchase your books, could you supply a little more of the historical information in regard to topics? Perhaps we [lacking funds] could make a small donation each year, and there be a special email sent only to us, to help in our learning and understanding? Just a thought. Well done, excellent site and keep up the good work.

Leah: Work to change the common Jewish thought towards the Lost Tribes and increase awareness in Judah of the Brit-Am poof. Try to show the existence of those lost to Judah.

Dennis: Promote the idea of starting a reality film project.


EC: More geneaology

VS: Stick to your guns. You're doing a great job. God bless you!

D: Without any preconceived thoughts, plans or ideas; to personally and prayerfully ask Almighty God for His complete truth, guidance and provision. If God is not controlling Brit-Am we are nothing.

Sharon: Wider distribution of materials (bookstores, Walmart etc)

Anna: Advertise to visitors to Israel.

Jill: You are doing so much right now... if you were to do more, it would require more funds and perhaps more staff.

Rick: Offer more outdated information on the website to the reader who can't afford to pay for the information, like older copies of the periodicals which are no longer available for sale. The need to be compensated for the information must also be balanced with the need to get the information into people's hands.

RJ: Just an observation, but I notice that there is little input out of England, and Australia. I think if this message gets out in those two countries, it would really help the overall cause. I know this takes time and money but have you thought of doing book signings or tours in England and the United States. At the end of the day, if this message is to get out, it has to be bought by the descendents of Joseph.

Steve: We really need fund drives and prayer campaigns...I already sent you a suggestion re getting more on radio and putting out video presentations on The Universal Torah Network, like Rabbi Richman and Rabbi Greenbaum. This will link your material to a whole new audience who goes to their sites and the sites of other presenters and will see your link to presentations on Lost Tribes.

Kaj: Boiling down the masses of data into forms that can be displayed or presented with enough detail as to show outlines, that irrefutably and unmistakably illustrate who 'Lost Israel" is, from various pints of view.

Kevin: It could consider publishing a magazine/ news sheet where the articles get written with a basis of Brit-Am belief about current affairs - such as what is going on in Iraq. After all, Lost Israel, even though it doesn't realize who it is, is battling its way amongst an evermore powerful assembly of Gentile enemies. Articles of this sort, out in public, would certainly command some attention. Perhaps Bill Dankenbring and Gerald Fleury are examples of this approach.

Ian: Organise! Get endorsement from mainstream Judaism. Build a core membership who pay membership dues and get the supporters something which will allow them to manifest their position to others. That is why I was an advocate, some time ago, of producing a membership badge for people to wear. The Brit-Am Rose is ideal.
Also, how about reciprocal arrangements with other Jewish / Israelite Identity organisations for the display of links to and from their web sites.

Jim: I think you should pray for guidance and do what the LORD leads you to do - don't listen to others - not much anyhow (you did good taking your picture off the front page - Brit-Am isn't about you - it is about the truth.
Just spread more truth - fight the hatemongers.

Carol: Encourage Bible reading for a deeper relationship with G-d, and for better understanding.

Dok: Just keep doing what you are doing. No one is perfect and no one knows everything. By people who offer their insights and share their knowledge, will lead to others with better understanding.

Sandie: Keep on "keeping on".

MN: Yours is not a beginners forum and taking on another subject -apart from the present - could jeopardize the level of attention you now give .
Your aggressievness in pursuing the main subject is 5 star. Also you are very organized - for example like referencing past articles and earlier postings. One possibility is to identify those places as they become known ,where very questionable and outright wrong facts are given and accepted . You have the right to defend your work and use it to point out errors when necessary - i have seen this from you of course- i am saying maybe to be a little more sensitive in this area.

Rachael: You are doing a good job keeping on track with the message, though it must be a precarious balancing act. You should go with your heart. It seems to have worked for you so far. If you wish to involve yourself with other matters because you think Brit-Am needs to evolve in some way, you should do so. If you are considering it only because of outward pressure from others, then stick by your own convictions.

Rein: Go on in this way!

Summary of Answers to Q.A.12:
Regarding what else Brit-Am should do:
Amongst replies excerpts from which we did not post above were those related to religious issues.
There were those who thought we should we should be more open to other concepts and others lamented the fact that we do not spend time condemning them.
We had a reply from Finland that I seem to have lost but he wrote an interesting reply saying he would like more articles on his own country.

Quite a few showed interest in some form of film presentation.
Many intimated that what we are doing at present is OK and merely needs to continue along the same track.
There were those who hinted that a way should be found to get deeper information of the type presented in our publications to those who may not be able to afford them.
Others may be pleased our Scripture and Judaic content but would like even more of it.
It was suggested that the organizational aspects of Brit-Am be revived and organized in a more "organized" way.