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For More Information concerning the Re-Unification of Judah and Joseph (the Lost Ten Tribes) and Related Matters see:

Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Being Sure of Israelite Descent
Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Ephraimites
Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Messiah
Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Law (Mosaic)
Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Returning to the Land
The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites


"Brit-Am Now"-528
#4. The Two House Doctrine: Will Judah REALLY Go Unto Joseph?
#5. The Two House Doctrine: Reactions
#6. General Compliments and Comments

"Brit-Am Now"-530
#6. William F. Dankenbring Queries Brit-Am Explanation of Jeremiah 3:18
"Brit-Am Now"-531
#2. Another Note on the word "AL" in Jeremiah 3:18
"Brit-Am Now"-532
#3. David Ben-Ariel: Judah shall both go TO and return WITH Joseph
"Brit-Am Now"-614
#6. Steve Mathe: pioneers of the great return must pray
"Brit-Am Now"-638
#2. Rabbi Siegel Speaks on Unity of Judah and Joseph
"Brit-Am Now"-697
#3. Question on Righteous Converts and the Ten Tribes
"Brit-Am Now"-746
#1. Today is the Annual Feast-Day of Tribal Reconciliation
"Brit-Am Now"-758
#1. Mutuality of Acceptance between Judah and Joseph Expected?
#5. "Gather Ephraim"
"Brit-Am Now"-767
#2. Dennis McGinlay: "The Creator of all things
"Brit-Am Now"-768
#6. Andy Reaume: "a bond between us...yet a repelling force keeps us apart"
Brit-Am Now"-777
#5. Should the Ten Tribes Keep the Law?
Brit-Am Now"-778
#I. Israel Feld: Ten Tribes to Repent First!
Brit-Am Now"-783
#3. Ezekiel Sticks and Jerusalem Tables
Brit-Am Now"-786
#6. What do you mean by Repentance?
Brit-Am Now"-788
#1. Are The Two Sticks Now Coming Together?
Brit-Am Now"-790
#1. Returning to the Land
Brit-Am Now"-791
#5. Dennis McGinlay: The Divine Agenda
#6. Important New Entry to "The Return of Joseph"
Brit-Am Now"-792
#1. Minutes of DISCUSSION: The Return of "Ephraim"
#4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Key Lies with Judah
Brit-Am Now"-793
#1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Almighty Wants Return!
Brit-Am Now"-799
#4. Land of Our Forefathers and Future: A Map
Brit-Am Now"-805
#5. Kevin Opp: Need for Unity between Joseph and Judah
Brit-Am Now"-809-810
#3. Re-Union: Nashville, Tennessee Shows the Way?
Brit-Am Now"-824
#3. Yoel Kramsky: The Almighty has Plans of His Own
Brit-Am Now"-729
#2. Rabbi Dovid Siegel: The Reunification of Judah and Joseph (Excerpts)
#5. Robert Graves: Need to know the "Jewish mind"
Brit-Am Now"-833
#1. Brit-Am and the Return of "Ephraim"
#2. Letter from "Lee" in Arizona
#3. Brit-Am and the Return of "Ephraimites" as Individuals
#5. Question on Continuing Conversion process
Brit-Am Now"-836
#5. Kevin Opp: Karaites no Good
Brit-Am Now"-848
#5. Lee Kelley: The Future Kingdom Open to All
Brit-Am Now"-851
#4. Re-Unification Candidate?

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