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1. What is a "Goi"?
5. Should they who accept Brit-Am belief concerning their descent from the Lost Ten Tribes convert to Judaism?
6. What obligations do non-Jewish descendants of Israel have today?
7. Should Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes keep the Law of Moses?

1. Question: What is a "Goi"?
Answer: In Biblical Hebrew "goi" means "nation" or "people".
In Spoken Hebrew and in Yiddish the word "goi" has come to mean "non-Jew". In Biblical Hebrew however the term "goi" ("goy") means "people" and could be applied to either Gentiles or Israelites.
As the article quoted in our note, "Christianity. 1. Reply to Messianic Jewish Objections" ("The Ephramite Error") said:

"While the word goy (English: people, nation; Greek: ethnos) may refer to a Gentile nation, it may, just as easily, refer to the nation of Israel. The term is used to refer to Israel or the Jewish people in Exod 19:6; Deut 32:28, cf. 32:45; Josh 10:12-13; Isa 1:4; Isa 26:2; Jer 31:36; Zeph 2:9.4 Note especially Jer 31:36: "'If this fixed order departs from before me,' declares the LORD, 'Then the offspring [lit. "seed"] of Israel also shall cease from being a nation (goy) before me forever."

The term "goi" in the Bible simply meant nation or "people". Later the appellation came to mean non-Jew. The Talmud (basing itself on Biblical passages) said that the Lost Ten Tribes would have their status as Israelites bound by the Law suspended until the Time of their Return. Their legal standing in the interim period (i.e. our own times) was to be that of "Goyim" for all intents and purposes (Talmud, Yebamot 17). By "Goyim" in this case is meant non-Jewish and not bound by the Law of the Torah.
5. Question: Should they who accept Brit-Am belief concerning their descent from the Lost Ten Tribes convert to Judaism?
Answer: At this stage conversion is not the appropriate response in MOST (but not necessarily all) cases. There may be exceptions but Brit-Am is not qualified or inclined to deal with them.
It is appropriate to point out that in this regard a certain "Ephraimite" Messianic personality did recently convert to Judaism. She was threatened, reviled, cursed, persecuted, and had her livelihood ruined by her former peers. It is not an easy decision to make and Brit-Am neither encourages nor discourages anyone to make it.

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6. Question: What obligations do non-Jewish descendants of Israel have today?
Answer: See our answer to Questions on Joseph, no. 5. "WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF EPHRAIM?"

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7. Question: Should Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes keep the Law of Moses?
Answer: Legally according to the Law the Lost Ten tribes are not at present obliged to keep the law for reasons explained in the sources below. This may change in the future. Nevertheless the recent phenomenon of Ephraimites returning to their Hebrew roots and adopting Hebrew practices to my mind is a positive one and to be encouraged.

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