Role - Introduction


Biblical Locations of the Lost Ten Tribes

  Scriptural Proof 

 The Predicted Lost Israelite Role 
 and Attributes 

  by Yair Davidiy 

 Biblical Evidence:
The Predicted Role of the Ten Tribes

Introduction to Attributes and Assigned Roles
Be a Blessing to Others
Be a Light to the Nations
Be Separate from Judah
Not Recognizable by Judah
Dolmens and Megalith Path of Migration
Prominent Drinkers of Alcohol
Monarchies on the Whole
Descendants of David as Rulers
Christian in Relgion
Associated with Gomer
Hebrew Patriarchal Names
Tribal and Clan Names

Introduction to Predicted Role and Attributes
The Lost Ten Tribes as we have explained were predicted in the Latter Times to be in certain areas and to enjoy certain benefits and blessings. Joseph especially was to be blessed. By examining which national entities today fit the prophecies we may perceive where the Lost Ten Tribes are. All the given predictions need to be fulfilled within one nation or inter-related group of nations and they need to be considered as one comprehensive whole as we have repeatedly emphasized. In addition to blessings and location it was also predicted that the Lost Ten Tribes would possess specific attributes and fulfil defined roles in world history and international affairs. Here too, the same means may be used of determining which nations fit the part and we see that it is the same group of peoples that fit the previous determinations. These predicted roles and attributes may also be considered blessings while the blessings may be viewed as attributes. There is an overlap between the two. The separation of the two aspects may be somewhat arbitrary but it is convenient and enables us to better appreciate the reality of Prophecy and truth of Brit-Am Identifications.



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