The Striped-Tie Triad.

Brit-Am Ephraimite Mini-Summit in Jerusalem.

Subject of  Discussion: Proposed Establishment of Ten Tribes Colonies in  Israel and the Middle East.

The Meeting.
The Paper.
Reactions from Our Readers
Bill Rasmussen: John's idea is simply brilliant!.
Brit-Am Reply: There is Not Enough Space!
Further Reply from Bill Rasmussen - It would never, ever happen!
Brit-Am Reply: Opportunities will Come!
The Beauty of Having Independent Colonies!

Greater Israel
The Meeting

Aaron Minazzi of Kiryat Arba, Hebron, initiated a meeting of himself together with John Hulley (Richards) and Yair Davidiy.

Aaron Minazzi has much experience (dating back decades) in Europe and Israel with Jewish and Gentile attitudes towards the Ten Tribes question.
Aaaron speaks French, Italian, and Hebrew well. His English is also passable but could use some improvement.
For this reason he may not be all that familiar to Ephraimites who have visited Israel.
Aaaron however has always been active on the cerebral side in thinking out different scenarios and possibilities concerning the Ten Tribes.

John Hulley (Richards) has written articles and books about the Ten Tribes being in the west. He has done much research on the subject.
Numerous Ephraimite Christians who also believe the Ten Tribes are in the west have met up with John. At both the grassroots level as well
as that of the executive-leadership many Ephraimites and others who think along the same lines are acquainted with John.
John Hulley was also the first person to support Yair Davidiy in his Ten Tribes researches.

Yair Davidiy is the head of Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations. We hold that the Ten Tribes today are to be found amongst Western Peoples.

The meeting took place at Cafe Rimon in the center of New Jerusalem, July 3, 2012, 13 Tammuz 5762.

John Hulley presented a paper, Bible Zionism would be safer.
This paper gave an outline of the ideas found in the article,

The Two Houses Together in the Re-Conquest
by John Hulley (Richards).

The main idea was the need to establish some kind of cantonment for members of the Ten Tribes who might wish to settle in Israel.

Here is the paper:

The Paper

Bible Zionism would be safer

          Secular Zionism applies only to the Jews, a relatively small population.
          But the possibility of peaceful existence like Denmark, Belgium or other small states, is not really open to Israel -- because of Islam.
          According to the Koran the Jews are expected to return to Israel, but only under Moslem rule.
          We are now dealing with the 3rd Islamic state to try to develop nuclear weapons for use against Israel, as well as frequent conventional military attacks.  
          Moslems are taught that they need not be honest in dealings with infidels, and to risk self-destruction if necessary.  Hence the only way to deal with their nuclear threats is through preemptive strikes.
          Iraq and Syria were small enough for Israel to deal with alone.   But Iran is too big.   So Israel is trying to persuade the U.S. and other western allies to stop Iran, with a military strike if necessary.        
          China and Russia are lining up with Iran in the UN and elsewhere.  
Meanwhile the Chinese economy is passing the U.S. in size.
          The confrontation can build up to a world conflict, with Israel in the forefront, and costing historically unprecedented numbers of lives.
          In the process it would be likely to lead to a tight combination of Israeli, American and other western technology and leadership, thus moving these nations toward the reunion envisaged in the Bible.
A Biblical approach to the problem:
          Israel could set aside territory for the establishment of military bases and for settlement by citizens of the six countries which endorsed the Balfour declaration and which voluntarily took part, directly or indirectly, in the reconquest of the Land in 1917-18:
Attacking in Palestine   --                           Australia   New Zealand       U.K.
Replacing them on European front  --          France          Italy             U.S.      
          Since the Emperor Constantine, Christians have ceased to believe in the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.   But the Jews still do.   And they can act on the basis of the four Bible prophets who identify them as the nations joining the Jews in the reconquest of Israel.
          The territory could be separated from the Jewish part of Israel by an internal frontier to reduce religious friction.   The frontier could be adjusted as and if the populations on each side change in size. 
          Bible prophecies also say that both religions (Christianity and Judaism) will be purified by Divine Inspiration after the return.    They can then reunite.  The internal frontier can then come down.
          Other Bible prophecies foresee a much greater and more intensified degree of Divine Inspiration.   If Orthodox Jews and Ephraimites will be amenable to developing their spiritual sensitivity, this may be the source for answers to remaining questions, such as:
          Should other countries be listed as Lost Tribes?

          Should minorities from the countries involved be included?  

                   Moslems for instance?

          Should we seek to occupy the land west of the Euphrates or operate a   world commonwealth with Jerusalem as capital?  Or both?

          If we cannot solve these problems with Spiritual help, perhaps we can solve at least some of them by discussion and negotiation.
          We can also seek the most effective way to end the threat of the Moslems and their backers.

July 3, 2012


Aaron Menazzi (who himself comes from Italy) pointed out that the implied inclusion (by Hulley) of Italy as a Ten Tribes nation is problematic.
The Romans came from Italy yet when they were in the Holy Land instead of helping the Jews they destroyed their Homeland!

Yair Davidiy also pointed out that the Brit-Am viewpoint does not include Italy (on the whole) as an Israelite nation.

John Hulley then said that perhaps Italy is problematic but it must be admitted that many Jews settled in Italy.

Aaron Menazzi  pointed out that he is much reserved concerning the notion of re-settling descendants of the Ten Tribes in Israel.

Aaron Menazzi then gave a short summary of early British beliefs that they were from the Ten Tribes. This included an early (ca. 1500s CE) French scholar who visited Britain, informed the British that they were from the Ten Tribes, and whose message was well received.
We had never heard of this and the source needs to be verified.
Aaron suggested that such sources should be emphasized in order to arouse interest in the subject.

Aaron also said later that there are indeed verses indicating that in the End Times Judah will be helped by Ephraim. One such verse that he mentioned is,

Hosea 10:11 Ephraim is a trained heifer
That loves to thresh grain;
But I harnessed her fair neck,
I will make Ephraim pull a plow.
Judah shall plow;
Jacob shall break his clods.

Aaron pointed out (in a telephone conversation afterwards with Yair) that here we have a clear indication that will be helped by Ephraim. In this verse Ephraim is pulling the plough while Judah is driving it.
[ In later conversation on the phone John pointed out that scriptures like this need to be balanced against others which say such things as that the birth-right passes through Joseph (Genesis 48:15-19 1 Chron 5:1).
Yair however does not see any contradiction. On the contrary. Joseph should be pleased to be of service! This is the very essence of Joseph (Genesis 42:6 Now Joseph was governor over the land; and it was he who sold to all the peoples of the world).]

A similar verse recalled by Aaron  is,

Zechariah 9:
13 For I have bent Judah, My bow,
Fitted the bow with Ephraim,
And raised up your sons, O Zion,
Against your sons, O Greece,
And made you like the sword of a mighty man.

Yair Davidiy said that settling people in separate enclaves is impractical. The Israeli Jewish attitude is more in the direction of all or nothing.

We discussed the subject. John emphasized the urgency of the situation. Iran is a menace to Israel. Netanyahu keeps asking for US assistance and is rebuffed by Obama. Israel is in danger.
The Jews are too optimistic and not sufficiently aware of the dangers they are facing. This same attitude was to be found before the Holocaust. We should learn from the past.
Israel needs more people. This could be a solution.

Yair pointed out that Prophesy indicates that the Ten Tribes will first settle in areas on the borders of Israel such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria ( Zechariah 10:10 Micah 7:14).

Zechariah 10:
10 I will also bring them back from the land of Egypt,
And gather them from Assyria.
I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon,
Until no more room is found for them.

Micah 7:
14 Shepherd Your people with Your staff,
The flock of Your heritage,
Who dwell solitarily in a woodland,
In the midst of Carmel;
Let them feed in Bashan and Gilead,
As in days of old.

This could be a solution. If members of the Lost Ten Tribes would set up colonies of their own on or near the borders with Israel, the Jews would be happy.
Anglo-Saxons make better neighbors than Hizbullah and Hamas cannibalistic maniacal freaks.
Such an arrangement could also serve as a bass for increased contact and mutual interchange between the two sides.

We talked about the situation in Iraq. At present the USA appears to be pulling out. A lot of mistakes were made, causalities incurred. US forces are still in Afghanistan alongside contingents from Britain, Canada, and Australia.

This happened suddenly. NOBODY EXPECTED IT. Suddenly circumstances were such that large forces from Ephraim were in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They could have stayed. They may still stay. Instead of taking losses a few changes in attitude and strategy could make the sojourn both safe and profitable.
Even if nothing of the sort eventuates we have seen how quickly such scenarios can come into play.

Concerning Iraq we have already shown how the Allied Presence (since the First Gulf War, 1991) in the oil-rich Kurdistan region was prophesied as a preliminary step in the return of Ephraim to Israel!
The Return of Ephraim.

This understanding was based on the translation from the Hebrew of the expression fortified cities, and fortress.
Micah 7:
12 In that day they shall come to you
From Assyria and the fortified cities,
From the fortress to the River,
From sea to sea,
And mountain to mountain.

The Hebrew words translated as "THE FORTIFIED CITIES" are "ari Matsor" and the word translated as FORTRESS is "Matsor". This word "Matsor" can indeed mean fortress (as translated) or when used as an adjective "fortified" but it can also refer to an area in the northwest of present-day Iraq, in the region of Northern Kurdistan which in those times in the Annals of Assyria was referred to as "Mutsri" or "MATSOR".

After that, we spoke of other matters and of personal recollections from the days when we were all neighbors in Kiriat Arba, Hebron.
Brit-Am Movement History.

See Also:
The Return of Judah and the Ten Tribes in the End Times

by John Hulley

Finally it was decided to consider making such meetings as these a regular feature to which others shall be invited.

Reactions from Our Readers

Bill Rasmussen: John's idea is simply brilliant!

Shalom from Bill Rasmussen -comment on John Hulley

Shalom Yair. Hope all is well with you. I just read Brit Am 1899 and was moved by John Hulley's comments regarding an assembly of members belonging to nations who have helped in the reconquest of Israel and Zion. First of all, I need to say that John Hulley, aka Yochanon Hevroni Ben David, was instrumental in getting me interested and involved in the two house movment. I read his works in B'Or Torah back in the early 1990's and to say that my soul was stirred is an understatement.
John's idea is simply brilliant. Partition off a part of Israel where people from the nations who feel they are Israelites can settle. Let them establsih their own economy and security. They would not necessarily need to be seen as full fledged Israelis, with voting rights and access to benefits that Israelis enjoy. Rather, they would have to finance their move to Israel and underwrite their own expenses so prove their support of Israel. Within this partition, they should be allowed to construct homes and build an economy. They should also be allowed to provide security in conjunction with the Israeli police and military. In time of war, they could be called upon as conscripts in a type of militia.
This idea has been suggested before as Medinat Zion. A state within a state. I am sure that there are Rabbis and leaders withing Judaism who would be happy to mentor and spiritually guide these people into Torah observance. They could be seen as sojourners in the land until either a state solution is provided for their incorporation into Greater Israel, or until Moshiach comes.
I simply love the idea for its simplicity. There are many people around the world who love Israel, love Torah, love the Jewish people and want to do something to both protect and serve the interests of Israel. We need a way to begin to bring these people to Israel to show the world, especially the Arabs, that Israel is loved by many and that if necessary, they will give their lives to protect her.
To go even further, within this partition, there could be areas, what we call townships where I live, where members of each tribe could settle if they know which one they belong to. In my case, both my wife and I feel a spiritual connection to the Tribe of Dan and I could give a long list explaining why we feel this way. The Tribal settlements would interact with the other tribes to establish businesses, schools, a paramilitary force and defense of Israel.
I just got an e-mail from Women in Green talking about whether or not Israel should apply sovereignty to Yehuda and Shomron. There was an article by Michael Wise outlining why there should never be a two state solution. Information about a one state solution can be found here:

Mandate for Israel. A Democratic Jewish State

 Pehaps the parcel of land for Israelites might lie in either Yehuda or Shomron. Shomron seems more likely as it is what we most associate with the 10 northern tribes. In any event, thank you for sharing John Hulley's idea.
Shalom v'brichot, Bill Rasmussen

Brit-Am Reply: There is Not Enough Space!
The Medinat Zion (State of Zion) or Medinat Yehudah as it was also referred to was a plan by a few followers of Rav Kahanah to secede from the State of Israel and set up there own polity in Judah and Samaria. This was not really serious.
The Jewish People and the State of Israel would never accept your suggestion. To start with, On the whole they are not aware of the Ten Tribes being amongst Western nations.
Since knowledge of Ten Tribes ancestry is lacking, no claim for consideration exists.
Also you have little to offer BUT you would be liable to cause a lot of trouble and headaches.

There is not that much room available. Even Jews are not being encouraged so much to settle in Judah and Samaria. Obama is against it.
There is so little room that Israel is considering building artificial islands off the coast.

cf. the following news item:

Israel considers building artificial islands

# Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz submitted the proposal for the special steering committee. 'The construction of artificial islands can solve the country's lack of space for large industrial facilities,' Hershkowitz said.

Most of Israel's 8 million residents live in a narrow strip along the Mediterranean coast, and the country is running out of space. Most Israelis live in apartment buildings, and even cemeteries are beginning to bury the dead in multi-level structures....
Netanyahu said manmade islands could bolster Israel's economy, ensure its security and protect what little open space remains in the center of the country. #

In short Israel has no need at this stage for groups of non-Jews to settle this side of the Jordan River. The fact is that there is not really enough room for all the Jews who are present to increase and multiply over the next generation or two. The Palestinians need to be transfered elsewhere through economic and other incentives.
Israel needs BUFFER STATES, i.e. colonies of friendly similarly minded Westerners along its borders.
It NEEDS THE TEN TRIBES to populate  areas of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.
That is what Prophecy indicates will take place.
That should be a beginning.
This is what we keep saying but nobody seems to be listening.

Further Reply from Bill Rasmussen- It would never, ever happen!

Sorry Yair. You sound a little miffed at what I wrote. I had no intention of offending you.. Quite the opposite, I was merely thinking outloud.
First of all, I am aware that the people of Israel would never accept a Medinat Zion. I only pointed this out to share that this idea has been posited before. Secondly, I fully understand that the notion of the 10 Northern tribes is not even a small blip on the radar of Israel, both government and people. That is why it is important to continue funding you in order to get the word out, little by little. Thirdly, everyone except the Arabs, UN and Leftists knows that Israel but a thin strip of land with very little area for development. That is why I suggested Shomron. I am not sure if you have read what Michael Wise or Women in Green has to say, but applying sovereignty over Yehuda and Shomron has merit and could be a possible place of settlement for the tribes.
Lastly, your idea that Israelites settle border states like Jordan, Syria and Lebanon is probably as preposterous as how you feel about what I wrote. Seriously, the hue and cry from those countries, the media, Muslims, the UN and Leftists would be so loud, it would never, ever happen. I can't believe that you would even think this is a plausible notion.
For what it is worth, I have no desire at the present to move to Israel. I have 6-7 more years before I retire at age 66. Given how things are going in Israel, I cannot see me and my wife and son living In Israel and being productive. [As an aside, I should have pointed out that to implement what I suggested probably could not happen for at least 20 to 30 years from now.] My personal opinion is that untl HaShem moves upon the hearts of Israelis, future Israelites and nations sympathetic to Israel, nothing is going to happen. There will be continued apathy and possible hostility until Israel is placed in such a precarious position, only the Almighty can rescue them, much like what happened in Mitzraim.
Again, I am sorry if I offended you or raised your ire. I greatly respect you and appreciate all that you do. Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

Brit-Am Reply: Opportunities will Come!
First of all, I was not offended.
I always sound this way.

Even if we do get aggravated at the constant recurrence of this subject it does help us, i.e. it arouses and maintains interest in the whole question of the Ten Tribes.
There may be something here that we are missing?

At all events the first step should always be AFFIRMATION  through proof and learning  of Lost Israelite ancestry.

Let us take your proposal (and that of John) as a possibility.

I do not see Judah accepting members of the Ten Tribes UNLESS they first convert to Judaism,
If millions of them would convert and then swarm into Judah and Samaria that could make a difference.
Otherwise I do not see it happening.

If however members of the Ten Tribes were to settle in colonies around the outskirts then that could help and would not require immediate conversion.
Things could take their course.

We DO NOT ENVISAGE settlement in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan with permission form the present Arab governments.
We foresee TAKING CONTROL by force or by purchase.

Let me explain:
First the truth of Israelite Ancestry needs to be spread further and accepted more widely.
The idea of such colonies needs to be considered and spoken about.
Then, opportunities when they present themselves need to be taken.

There could be wars, economic breakdowns, disasters, etc. Circumstance might change.
The nations in question might be persuaded to cede part of their territories. Perhaps they will migrate elsewhere.
This may sound far-fetched but things like this have happened in the past and could do so again.

In Lebanon for instance, the Shiite Muslim fanatics have more or less taken over south Lebanon. Most of the Christian Lebanese have been driven out by the Muslims. The Hibullah has literally tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel. These missiles are located in villages, private homes, schools, and hospitals. The entire civilian population is involved.

"Hezbollah setting IDF up for another Goldstone"
07/05/2012 18:06

Senior IDF officer says destruction in Lebanon will be extensive due to Hezbollah establishing command posts, bases in villages.


Israel's 2009 offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, will pale in comparison to what will happen to Lebanon in a future war with Hezbollah, a senior IDF officer in the Northern Command said on Thursday.

'The destruction will be greater in Lebanon than in Israel and the amount of explosives which will fall there will be far more than what will fall here... We will need to be strong and aggressive,' the officer said.

Brig.-Gen. Herzi Halevy, commander of Division 91, clarified the remark and told reporters that the destruction will be widespread due to Hezbollah's decision to establish its command posts and bases inside villages and towns throughout Lebanon.

Halevy, who headed the Paratroop Brigade during Operation Cast Lead in 2009, said Israel would take immediate action ' from the air and on the ground ' in a future war that would cause 'extensive damage, not as a punishment but rather to hit the enemy where it is.'

In the event of conflagration assuming Israel is victorious it is difficult to see how the civilian population could be left where it is. Someone whoever would have to replace it. For political reasons it may not be convenient for those who replace the present hostile elements to be Jewish. Perhaps US or Canadian troops will be sent there? These could be accompanied eventually by settlers. This could take place if consciousness of Israelite Ancestry reaches up to and influences the right people. The Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations message does not have to reach everyone. It may be enough at first for Divine Providence to direct it to the right people at the righ moment?

The Beauty of Having Independent Colonies!

The beauty of having independent colonies around the outskirts of Israel lies in the following.

It fits the indications of Prophecy as to that is what should be done at first.
It is to the advantage of Judah.
It would not antagonize the religious establishment in Judah.
The TTs would be independent, not subject to Judah nor a cause of fiction to them.
Interactions of economic and substructure etc could be worked out. The TTs could visit frequently in Israel while Israelis would come to them to visit and work.
The two sides could get used to living alongside each other.
Whatever religious changes need to take place would have time and the appropriate environment to do so.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.


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