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The Criticisms.
A. Miriam
B. Hebraic Roots and Rabbis Gone Wild" by Jewish Israel
C. 1,000 Missionaries Seek Phony Conversion Certificates to Enter Israel Under Law of Return
Brit-Am Reactions.
1. General Reply.
2. Reply to MIRIAM
3. Reply to Hebraic Roots and Rabbis Gone Wild by Jewish Israel

4. Reply to 1,000 Missionaries Seek Phony Conversion Certificates to Enter Israel Under Law of Return.

Addendum. Message from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes. A Question of Priorities?
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#3. Correspondence with the anti-Missionary Organization "Jewish Israel".


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The article below concerns criticism against Brit-Am. Certain Christian groups have announced their desire to settle in Israel alongside the Jews.
There are also Christians (sometimes referred to as "Ephraimites") who believe they are of Israelite descent who in some cases have a similar wish. The Christian Missionary Menace in Israel against the Jewish population is growing and has already done much damage. Brit-Am believes that amongst some West European non-Jewish peoples are to be found descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel. Many of the peoples in question adhere (or their families did) to the Christian Faith. In fact Christians, since they are usually already familiar with the Bible, are more open to Brit-Am beliefs.
Two separate, but similar in aim, anti-missionary activists have connected all of the above factors and managed to smear by implication Brit-Am which otherwise has kept its reputation unsullied.

Their line of reasoning seems to be:
Some Christians are engaged in Missionary activities targeting Jews. Other Christians want to settle in Israel. These include "Ephraimites". They could also have missionary intentions. Brit-Am strengthens "Ephraimite" beliefs regarding their Israelite ancestry. This, in their eyes, helps justify their claim to be allowed to live in Israel. If they did live in Israel they might engage in Missionary activity. In fact, such might be their true aim. Brit-Am therefore shares some of the guilt if such exists.

This attitude may sound far-fetched but that is what is being said and they may even have a point!

It is perhaps significant that on almost the same day that this article is being posted by Brit-Am another article has been sent out alongside of it.
The article is,
"Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!" by Alexander Zephyr (with some Editorial Comments by Brit-Am). Part One.

In this essay the author, Alex Zephyr, urges Judah (i.e. the Jews especially those in the State of Israel) to accept immediately members of the Lost Ten Tribes as immigrants to Israel and even go out and vigorously urge them to come over!

This passage apparently gave the wrong impression.
The real sentiments of Alexander Zephyr are actually very close to those of Brit-Am as explained in the article.
"Judah and Joseph Need Each Other:
Yair Davidiy and A Clarification"
by Alexander Zephyr.
Alexander Zephyr has no connection, physically or ideologically with any of the groups mentioned in this article. He does have an overall agreement with the Brit-Am position.
Alexander Zephyr is against Christians Missionizing Jews and so is Brit-Am.
Any attempt by anyone to imply otherwise is an outright lie.
It is a malicious slander and will be treated as such.

Brit-Am in its editorial comments (published as an integral part of the article) agrees with some aspects of what Alex Zephyr says from a Biblical point of view but moderates his approach.

We have always stated that when the Ten Tribes return it will be as one main group under a Divinely Appointed Leader (referred to as Messiah Son of Joseph) and that the return initially will begin from the periphery of the Promised Land i.e. from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.


Micah 7:
12 In that day they shall come to you From Assyria and the fortified cities...
14  ...      Let them feed in
Bashan and Gilead, As in days of old.
15 ' As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt, I will show them wonders.'

Bashan (Iraq and Syria), Gilead (Syria and Jordan) and Lebanon along with other areas are sections of the Land of Israel and should belong to Israelites. The Ten Tribes when they return will initially settle in these areas. We do not encourage individual "Ephraimites" to come to live in Israel at this stage though we recognize that in some cases there may be exceptions.

See Also:
Messiah Son of Joseph


The article below is interesting and informative and some of our commentary may even be found amusing.
At first we will quote one of the criticisms in full, and give excerpts from two others, and then answer some of them.

The Criticisms.

A. Miriam Woelke
Christian Missionaries trying to make phony Aliyah to Israel

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Every Sunday night, Rabbi Mordechai Machlis is giving a class at the "Israel Center" (OU) in Jerusalem. And almost every time, Yair Davidy is participating in the class. Davidy is a guy whose English I can hardly understand, as he speaks with a very heavy South African or Australian accent. A rather sloppy looking guy who behaves in an arrogant manner. Rabbi Machlis always praises him as someone who is famous and has written various books on the lost Jewish tribes.

Once I had a look into one of these "famous" books at the Machlis home and, as I expected, Davidy's book didn't have any kind of recommendation, as Jewish religious books usually have. In other words, Davidy (who I have never ever seen at the famous Jewish National Library in Jerusalem) is making up his own thoughts on the tribes. Without any research and discussions with real professional Rabbis or Scientists.

Once Rabbi Machlis was again praising him during his class when a young Christian woman from South America claimed that she has "Jewish" roots. The "root issue" has become a popular method of missionaries sneaking into Israel and trying to claim their Jewishness (which has never existed). They just show up and claim to be from tribe so - and - so. Just like the "Bnei Menashe" from India, some self - appointed Jews from Peru or Kenyia.

I knew that the young woman was lying and as soon as Yair Davidy announced his false weirdo theory that she must be Jewish then, I almost jumped up the roof. You are a Christian and mention "your chosen tribe" to Davidy, the guy will make you Jewish right away. Probably because of all the Christian donations he may get out of this.

Now, plenty of Christians have been claiming to belong to a tribe. They are trying to make Aliyah in order to prostelyze Jews afterwards. Their latest plan is the establishment of a Christian settlement in the Shomron (Samaria). Unfortunately, many Jewish settlers are ready to help the Christians, as lots of money is involved. Lately, the national religious settler movement has become addicted to Christian missionary money.

B. Hebraic Roots and Rabbis Gone Wild
Posted by Jewish Israel on June 21, 2011 at 10:30pm
Brit-Am Comment:
The article below mentions Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am very briefly. It associates us with Rabbi Avraham Feld and his cronies.
This is inaccurate and unfair.


"Before 1900 private guests and 2 billion people around the world, the royal House of Windsor,represents the only reigning monarch of the ancient dynasty of Kings David and Solomon. It set the stage for the Davidian Dynasty to continue now through Prince William and his Israelite bride, Catherine Middleton' Of course, the Lost Tribes have truly been lost for about 2700 years. Yet, through the studious documentation of Jewish scholars, such as Yair Davidiy with Brit-Am, and Rabbi Avraham Feld with Kol Ha Tor, the Tribe of Ephraim has now been identified as the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons on the Isle of Britannia that eventually by her Davidian rulers became the British Empire." --- Dr. Robert Mock of
In part 1 of Jewish Israel's investigation, we disclosed that the leader of a group of 1000 evangelicals, who are seeking to make aliyah and settle in Samaria as "converted Jews", is an active and committed messianic Christian. In part 2 of our report, we explored the politics involved in promoting this endeavor and we exposed several Israeli politicians who are bolstering an evangelical Christian foothold in the Jewish state.

In this third, concluding part of this series, Jewish Israel examines the "spiritual" dynamic of the movement which inspires "Christian aliyah", especially taking a look at some of the rabbinic personalities involved in this precarious venture.

Wild Weeds Take Root

Baruch Abrahamovich (Avramovich), the leader of the Christian messianic group which aims to make aliyah and establish a commune-like settlement in Samaria, is connected to both Christians and Jews enamored with the so-called Hebraic Roots or Restoration of Israel movement.

As indicated in our previous reports, Abrahamovich has featured messianic Hebraic roots leader Eddie Chumney on his Christian radio show and was apparently introduced to influential Israelis by Ben Ehrhardt, one of the foremost leaders of the Ephramite sect of the Hebraic restoration movement....
On Ehrhardt's Facebook page, he seems to imply that Abrahamovich is laying the groundwork for future Christian aliyah and that this plan has been in the works for three years now. Ehrhardt was at one time collaborating with Joel Bell in Bell's World Biblical Zionist venture, also aimed at preparing the way for Christian aliyah.

Hebraic Roots scholar and advocate Dr. Robert Mock reports that he and Abrahamovich are associates of Kol Ha Tor, an organization founded by Orthodox Rabbi Avraham Feld....

Generally  it can be said that the "Ephraimite," "Restoration of Israel", "Two House" or "Ten Triber" movements are Christian messianic sub-sects. The adherents of these sects, sometimes referred to as "Joes"' for the house of Joseph, or "Northern Kingdom Israelites", consider themselves grafted-in to the Jewish root through Jesus. They believe that the Land of Israel is their eternal inheritance to share with 'their brother Judah'( the Jews) as co-heirs under a new covenant governed by jesus. Many, but not all, of these cults promote the idea that certain "born-again", 'Christian Zionist' sectors of the church are part of the 'lost tribes' and actual blood descendants of the ancient Israelites.

The Hebraic Roots movement was at one time considered fringe, but it is gaining popularity, with respected publications, such as the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition, which has featured articles on the subject....

It should be noted that Hebraic Roots movements are made up of varying messianic streams which have inconsistent, some would say, evolving ideologies. The leaders are often at odds with one another, and more than a few of the personalities involved are confused and colorful, to say the least...

It is important and fair to note that more than a few members of these messianic sects, including Jews lost to Christianity,  have indeed made the crossover into authentic Judaism or have joined a number of burgeoning Bnai Noach groups. These successes have encouraged and inspired certain Torah observant rabbis and scholars, to deem the evangelical thirst for the Hebraic Roots of Christianity to be part of an end-times prophetic process. ...

While the aggressive proselytizing tactics of Jews for Jesus have, for the most part, failed miserably in Israel, bringing Christians closer to their Jewish roots is exacting a toll in the Jewish state. The Baptist Press just released these figures:

"Now there are an estimated 150 Jewish [messianic] congregations around Israel meeting in different languages. The number of believers is estimated to be around 20,000, growing exponentially from 1948 when 12 Jews who believed in Jesus could be counted, to 1987 when there were 3,000 and 1997 where there were 5,000.'

.... A number of Torah observant Jews attribute the intense "love for Zion" among Christians, and their increased spiritual confusion, to messianic birth pangs. With great anticipation, these Jews cite Zechariah 8:23 ' a time when "ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the hem of a Jewish man, saying, 'Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'"

But when it comes to the Hebraic roots movement and attempts at the "reunification"of the Gentile "lost tribes" with their Jewish "brothers", Rabbi Avraham Feld, of Kol HaTor and Yair Davidy, of Brit Am, are certainly front and center.

While researching for this report, Jewish Israel was surprised to see the Maccabee Institute, a charity organization, whose purpose is to fight assimilation and promote Jewish heritage, mentioned as supporters of Brit Am, an organization which "avoids the discussion of religious differences" between Jew and Gentile members of the "Lost Ten Tribes" and envisions Jewish and Gentile reunification and co-inheritance of the land of Israel.

From the Brit Am site:
The Maccabee Institute, located in Israel, is headed by Rabbi Avraham Feld and by Rabbi David Feld. They have been consistent and firm supporters of Brit-Am Israel from the beginning. 

Sure enough, when we went to the American Friends of The Maccabee Institute website we found this headline:

Mossad Maccabee is user friendly to Ten Israel !!!!  ...

On May 1st, Jewish Israel contacted Rabbi David Feld, President of the Maccabee Institute, to express our concerns and to discuss any connections he may have with recent Christian attempts at aliyah.

Rabbi David Feld was very attentive and concerned. He told this writer that he has met with members of the Hebraic roots movement and that he originally thought the Ten Tribers/ Ephramites were Noahides, but he now realizes the dangers involved.

Rabbi David Feld told us that he is not associated with "Ten Triber" movements and he was unaware that his homepage was welcoming them. He assured us that any confusing links and references on the Macabee Institute site would be removed.  Rabbi David Feld reiterated that he is adamantly opposed to missionary activity and believes that there should be clear lines drawn between Judaism and Christianity.  However, he does support upstanding, moral non-Jews who are seeking to learn more about the Noahide Laws.

A few weeks after the above conversation took place, the linked reference to the Ten Triber movement on the the American Friends of The Maccabee Institute homepage was removed.  Nevertheless, the existing page content remains.

A day after that conversation, a very anxious Rabbi Avraham Feld, Rabbi David Feld's brother and founder of Kol ha Tor, contacted this writer.

... Rabbi Avraham Feld was very concerned that any report on the subject of recent attempts at Christian aliyah should not jeopardize his efforts. Throughout our conversation, he kept stressing the importance of showing a friendly and welcoming face to these gentiles. He confirmed that that "Ten Israel (Ten Tribers) are goyim" and that the Ephramites are "a confused group."...

C. 1,000 Missionaries Seek Phony Conversion Certificates to Enter Israel Under Law of Return

A plan to bring 1,000 missionaries to Israel, under the guise of newly converted Jews seeking to settle the Shomron, is picking up steam, Yad L'Achim has learned.
The plan, which calls for the missionaries to undergo "conversion" to Judaism in the United States and then immigrate under the Law of Return, was hatched by Baruch Abramovich, a veteran missionary from Portland.

Though the plan was originally kept under wraps, Abramovich, host of a messianic Russian-Christian radio show, has recently begun speaking about it publicly. 'We aspire to create a community in Samaria, or in any area that would like to absorb people who truly love Israel and the Jewish religion,' he said.

Rav Lifschitz enclosed hard evidence showing that Abramovich is a senior, and very active, missionary.
"The missionaries seek to use their Orthodox conversion certificates to reach as many Jews as possible," Rav Lifschitz wrote. "According to our information, there is a suspicion that Abramovich's group is likewise arriving with the goal of getting innocent Jews to convert to Christianity."

Brit-Am Reactions.

1. General Reply.
The above entries are written by self-appointed Jewish activists against Christian Missionary Activity.
This is a legitimate concern if the self-appointees actually achieve something.
Everyone has their task in life.
They both claim that recently various Christian groups have been making attempts to settle somewhere in Israel possibly in Judah and Samaria i.e. in the West Bank. They say that the people in question actually are plotting to missionize amongst the Jews. These scheming would-be settler-cum-reprobaters, they imply, include "Ephraimite"-types who also want to settle here in groups.
It is claimed by these ardent defenders of the faith that belief in Israelite Ancestry is being used as a ploy for Christian Missionary Infiltrators.
It could be.
The percentage of "Ephraimite"-types however who really are missionaries is very small considering the circumstances.
The truth is that wherever one finds Christians there too will be missionaries.
The Christian Faith requires that its believers propagate it.
Apparently the number of Jewish apostates has greatly increased in recent years.
This is to be lamented.
We have written quite vehemently against Christian Missionizing on our site.


We may have lost support because of our anti-missionary statements. Few others would have dared to make such vigorous declarations on the matter as we did. We were prepared to say what we did because it needed to be said. We took the risk of losing support despite our frequently precarious situation.
We therefore find it somewhat insulting to have our venerable name linked even in a very tenuous manner with alleged Christian Missionary Designs.

We emphasize and have always stressed Research, Knowledge, Spreading the Knowledge, Working Towards Reconciliation along with support for the State of Israel and for all Western nations and Biblical Values.
Time and time again we have spoken of our belief that "Ephraimites", apart from individual exceptions, should not attempt, at present, to settle in the Land of Israel.
We have also repeated our opinion that Ephraimites are not, at this time, obliged by the Law to keep the Commandments in the same way as the Jews are obligated. If they wish to settle in Israel however they should probably keep the Law.
Nachmanides: The Connection Between Law and Land

On these two matters we lost supporters, financial assistance, and association.
Others built themselves up by filling the void our stand on these issues had left.
I received an e-mail from one of their "leaders" saying expressly that was what they intended to do.
On the one hand by standing on our principles we may have lost support that we could have used.
On the other hand now that our adversaries and erst-while associates are being criticized we too are being linked with them!!
In other words not only did we probably lose out to them but we are now getting blamed along with them for their lack of common sense and sound judgment and for their having taken a position we fought against!

[ We do not wish to sound too negative.
Maybe in the past we had received praise that was not entirely due to us so now it is being balanced out?
Our disappointment with certain activists separating themselves from us had been mingled with a sense  of relief.
In a sense it freed us to think and act as we needed to.
If we lost followers we also gained some and there were those who managed to adhere to both parties.]

Not only were we not a party to any plans these "Ephraimites" might have had but we know virtually nothing about them.

We recently were interviewed by Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio (Arutz 7). Tamar in her questioning seemed to be broaching the question of "Ephraimites" intending to convert and/or settle in the Land of Israel. Anyone who listened to the interview we had with Tamar Yonah probably realizes that Tamar was in fact informing us of the matter based on what had been told her (and not us!).
Why the USA Needs Israel!!  Continued.
Reactions to Interview with Tamar

2. Reply to MIRIAM WOELKE.
Some mysterious female, calling herself MIRIAM WOELKE  (apparently a native of Germany; she has a blog in the German language) speaks as if she knows me though I cannot place her.
She describes an incident in which I gallantly came to the support of a young damsel from South Africa. Alas, I do not recall the incident so cannot reply. It may have happened some time ago or else Ms. Miriam has confused unrelated events at which I was not physically present.

Ms. Miriam  says I go around making everybody Jewish!!
She also describes Yair Davidiy as,
"A rather sloppy looking guy who behaves in an arrogant manner".
 Well, Nobody's perfect!
I came from Australia (which is itself a nation of informal dressers) to Israel in 1974. At first I was on a Kibbutz, then Yeshiva, then the army, then here and there and much of the time in Judah and Samaria. An informal dress code amongst certain patriotic circles at that times was considered almost a mark of patriotism. Israeli Society has since moved forward but yours truly in some matters has remained his unadulterated pristine self true to the pioneering code.

My carefully studied casual accoutrement may well be considered a mark of altruistic self-abnegation!

Ms. Miriam complains that Rabbi Mordecai Machlis speaks highly of us and of our work.
This could give a wrong impression.
Rabbi Machlis is not against us but neither is he a committed adherent.
At the most I think Rabbi Machlis should be described as someone who is not convinced yet has not entirely closed his mind on the subject.
Rabbi Machlis has a positive attitude and is highly learned. He knows how to take different opinions and conflicting possibilities into consideration. As a scholar himself he has a respect for scholarship.

3. Reply to Hebraic Roots and Rabbis Gone Wild by Jewish Israel.

(a) Not only did the anti-Missionary activists write wrong things about our venerable selves.
They posted old photographs of us!
They also linked us with Rabbi Avraham Feld though the association between us was emphatically and clearly dissolved a long time ago.
They spelt my name wrong. [How bad can it still get?].

(b) At the beginning Rabbi Feld was a member of Brit-Am and helped us greatly.
Personality Differences and variations in outlook and approach resulted in Rabbi Feld going his own way with our blessing.
Rabbi Feld is now partners with Obadiah Abrahami. Obadiah has urged subscribers of his e-mail list to pretend that they no longer believe in the Christian Messiah and to convert to Judaism.
We doubt that Rabbi Feld agrees with this (or is necessarily fully aware of it) but that is his affair.
Obadiah himself believes in the Christian Messiah (he has a web-site dedicated to that belief) but, according to his announcements, is strongly against Missionizing of Jews.

At all events,
We went to great lengths and paid a price that such associations not be made.

We do not (except in exceptional circumstances) usually encourage anyone to convert to Judaism.
Those who do are welcome.
We believe that the Ten Tribes when they return will be Christians.
It may be that in the End Times Jews will have to convince members of the Ten Tribes to change their religion.
That time has not arrived. Until it does we can leave things to the Messianic Era.
Neither Jews nor Joes are ready for such action.
For someone to take such responsibility upon themselves would require a degree of certainty approaching Prophetic Inspiration.
This we have not got.
Neither does Scripture indicate that the time has come.
There is no reason or justification for it.
We do not have to have all the answers.
Brit-Am is concerned with its Three Rs: Research, Recognition, Reconciliation.
That is more than enough.
All truly concerned Israelites should support Brit-Am in these endeavors.

4. Reply to 1,000 Missionaries Seek Phony Conversion Certificates to Enter Israel Under Law of Return.

This article does not mention Brit-Am and has nothing to do with us.
It was Ms WOELKE and Jewish Israel who tried to link us to it.
The authors themselves said nothing about us and probably have nothing against us. Just the opposite.
We are just as much against Christians missionizing Jews as anyone else.
This, after all our writings etc, should be self-evident.
It is even somewhat insulting that we feel a need to repeat it.

Do these bright zealot-anti-Missionizing types know that about 20% (or more') of the funds for certain Christian missionizing groups in Israel comes from Japan?
Perhaps they should dedicate their attentions and energies in directions where they really are needed?
Or do they themselves have a soft spot for the charms of Nippon?
How much scrutiny could they really take?
The Japanese also pay for a good portion of the Palestinian budget.
There are other areas of Christian missionizing activity.
These include other rival (non-Brit-Am type) claimants to belong to the Ten Tribes.

Are Woelke and Jewish Israel chasing a harmless fly while ignoring rampaging elephants?

Brit-Am is a movement that includes Jews, converts to Judaism (both Reform and Orthodox), former and present Church of God People, Mormons, Ephraimites, and numerous others including Christians of all sorts. [Our friend and Brit-Am supporter, Athol Bloomer, is a Roman Catholic Brother.] We also have friends in Singapore; Supporters and sympathizers from India, Afghanistan, Japan, Jamaica, and all over.
Aren't we nice?
We have been praised several times for our success in keeping numerous divergent elements together in harmony.
God willing, we will continue along this path.
We are searching for the truth and have merited in many ways here and there to find it.
That is quite a lot to begin with and we have not finished yet.
Brit-Am subscribers and sympathizers identify with us.
We have achieved a consensus as to what needs to be done at present and a unity of purpose.
We urge others to assist us and to continue their support for us.


Message from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.

A Question of Priorities?

Let us stop letting others overduly determine our policies and order of learning and teaching.

The business of Brit-Am is primarily to learn the Bible and to prove where the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel now are.
Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, nearly all of us are in favor of the State of Israel, sympathetic to the Jewish People, and patriotically loyal to our own nations. We also believe in the Bible and are interested in the Biblical Message.

Very few of the non-Jews here really want to change the Jewish People. If anything they mostly think the Jews should be more fervent adherents to Judaism.
Those who are Christians might sometimes think that it would be nice if the Jews knew more about them but nearly all are agreed that this is not a priority.
Yair Davidiy (representing Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes) does not want to convert his Christian subscribers and sympathizers to Judaism. Even if he did, he could not since the Jewish Establishment is not interested. Right or wrong, this is one reality that we live with.

Others might imagine all kinds of other things but this is not what we are about.
We are about knowledge, spreading knowledge, fraternal friendship, recognition and linkage.
We want to know where the Lost Tribes are. We want to prove it and confirm it.
We think others should also know it. We will do what we can to let them know.
Very many would really like to know.
Once they do know it, let them deal with it.
We would also like to deepen our appreciation of the Bible in general.
This is what, God willing, we will do.

All of the above may not be everything we should do but it is part of it.
You go to your dentist for one thing and to your doctor for another.
Such is life.

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#3. Correspondence with the anti-Missionary Organization "Jewish Israel".
(a) Background.
(b) Brit-Am Letter to Jewish Israel.
(c) Reply from Romy Leibler on behalf of Jewish Israel.
(d) Brit-Am Reply to Letter from Romy Leibler.

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