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"Judah and Joseph Need Each Other:
Yair Davidiy and A Clarification."

by Alexander Zephyr.


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"Judah and Joseph Need each Other: Yair Davidiy and A Clarification."

 by Alexander Zephyr.

Hello Yair,

Thank you for posting my Article (Part 1),
Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!! by Alexander Zephyr(with some Editorial Comments by Brit-Am).

 I see,
Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"?
that you are having a hard time with criticism against you made by some people. They imply you welcome the Christian Messianic groups, Restoration of Israel Movement, 'Joes' and 'Jacks' of Joseph, Ephraimite sects, Born again Christian Zionists, Jews lost to Christianity, 'Love for Zion', 'Ten Triber', converters to Judaism, (did I listed them all?) who want to make phony Aliyah to Israel and settle in Samaria and in the West Bank. Most of these people are Christians and they believe that the Land of Israel is their eternal inheritance to share with Judah. Basically, the accusers are saying that 'Brit-Am envisions Jewish and Gentile reunification and co-inheritance of the Land of Israel.'

Also, there is a plot going on in the USA to bring 1000 missionaries to Israel 'under the guise of newly converted to Judaism' with Orthodox Conversion certificates to settle in Israel according to the Low of Return for the purpose of missionizing against the Jews.

Any person who is familiar with your writings will not only reject these accusations as false and absurd, he will simply laugh at the accusers. You have always advised on many occasions to those of the Ten Tribes who inquire about immigrating to Israel not to do so at this point of time and wait until there be a prophesied in-gathering under the Messiah ben Joseph at the beginning of the Messianic Era.

Here I am going to demonstrate your position on the subject by quoting from your writings:

'Experience shows that insincere converts or Gentiles who infiltrate the Jewish People join the Mixed Multitude and fight against the Jewish Religion.'

'If the Jewish People depart from the Torah, fall into sin, and or mix with the Gentiles they are in danger of being expelled from the Land and suffering (God forbid|) another Holocaust or worse.'

'The phenomenon of a "Return to Hebrew Roots" in our opinion indicates an instinctive arousal amongst "Joseph" and is a sign of the impending Redemption of ALL Israel. It is as if
Ephraimites are feeling it in "their bones" and are beginning to return to their source.'

'The truth is that wherever one finds Christians there too will be missionaries. The Christian faith requires its believers propagate it.'

'We have written quite vehemently against Christian
Missionaizing on our site. Missionaries steal from the flock of the Almighty!'

 'In general, Ephraimites should therefore at the present time concentrate on their own communities in their own countries and strengthen their connection with the Almighty through Bible Study and Prayer.'

'Certain sects who also to some degree agree with our identifications tell their members that they are "Ephraimites", or "Joes", or "Jacks", or whatever other name is appropriate. They say in effect that this means they are the same as Jews only in some cases a little bit better since (amongst other points) they are also Christians. They then lead their followers to believe that by rights they should be allowed to settle NOW in the Land of Israel and be treated the same as Jews but under a different name. This is promoted as an agenda for which they should work towards achieving.

'The task of Judah is to keep the Law. Jews are not allowed to become Christians. They can not accept any other prophet than Moses, no new revelation of Jesus or Mohamed.' 'Missionaries act against the will of God and are liable to be punished because of it' (Deuteronomy 12:32; 13:6).

I think there are more than enough of your written statements confirming your strong stand on these disputed issues. Those who are trying to wrongly accuse you should be ashamed of their actions and certainly own you an apology.

 Part II.

Personally, it was quite a disappointing surprise that you put me in the same boat with those who accuse you of helping the phony Christian Aliyah to immigrate to Israel for the purpose of Missionizing to Jews.

This is what you wrote about me in your article:

Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"'

 'It is perhaps significant that on almost the same day that this article has been posted by Brit-Am another article has been sent out alongside of it. The article is, 'Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!' by Alexander Zephyr. In his essay the author urges Judah to accept immediately members of the Lost Ten Tribes as immigrants to Israel and even go out and vigorously urge them to come over!'

My writings had an intention very far from the impression given by your statement!

I thought that you know me better.

You portray me as a best friend of Baruch Abramovich and Co. I think that you are mistaken.

Brit-Am Clarification:

We ourselves had never heard of B. Abramovich prior to receiving the anti-missionary reports.

We never said nor did we imagine that Alexander Zephyr had any contact with him or with any of the others.

He has not.

We wished merely to illustrate that a need exists and is felt by friend and foe alike in the "Ephraimite" world to settle in Israel.

Apart from individual cases, on the whole, we advise non-Jewish believers of Israelite descent to do their thing amongst their own people, where they are, to support the State of Israel and their own Tribal nations, to learn the Bible, lead good Biblically oriented lives, and to look out for future developments. Alexander Zephyr, as this article makes clear, agrees with us more than we realized.

It should be emphasized however,
We never intended to imply anything negative about Alexander Zephyr in the first place!

We have only admiration for him and for his writings as may be seen by the fact that we edit, prepare, and publish his articles on our web-site.

AZ Continues:

Seems, you do not realize that by criticizing me you, in turn, criticize yourself. There is nothing in my writings which contradicts  the teachings of Brit-Am. I have to admit that I learned a lot from your unique theological approach. I share and esteem many of your ideas. In many instances of Theology Polemics and the need for Rebuttal against some 'professors' in the past you have given me strong support and a highly qualified defense.

Now, let me explain myself on this particular issue. The article I sent was named 'Judah and Israel.' You renamed it, 'Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!' This is fine. As an editor, you can do such things. The name is not the problem. The problem is that you somehow conclude that I propagate the idea, as those people (or movements) who accuse you, that Judah should go to the Ten Tribes and immediately bring them ('Joes' and 'Jacks', Ephraimites and Christian Missionaries) as immigrants to the Land of Israel. If I would not know you for your integrity and honesty, I would have right away jumped to the conclusion that you were using such tricks with the text as are done in the best manner of Christian Fundamentalists. These are well known for their manipulations with the 'proofs.' I understand that you were upset with the people who had criticized and those who had brought it about. At that moment you, probably, had not finished reading my article to the end: Otherwise you would have understand that there is no base to simplify my position as saying, 'Judah should go to the Ten Tribes and immediately bring them to Israel.' That is absolutely not what I wrote and not what meant.

The main reason I wrote the article is to show that there is a huge difference between the house of Judah, the Jewish People, and the House of Israel, the Israelite People of the Ten Tribes. They are different nations now, living in different countries of the World, having different histories, cultures, languages, traditions, and religions. The Almighty, since the separation of the United Kingdom of Israel, throughout the Hebrew Bible, has always threatened them separately and never stated that they are the same nations at this period of time as they had been in the era of Moses when they received the Heavenly Torah on Mount Sinai and became one Israelite nation. There are dozen upon dozen prophecies in the Scripture saying that all the Tribes of the Two Houses of Israel will definitely re-unite and be redeemed by the Almighty in the End Times with the advent of the Messiah (ben Joseph or ben David). Together they will have usher in the wonderful Messianic World. All the great Sages, the rabbinical literature and other related sources have pointed out that there will be a re-unification of the Twelve Tribes and a Final Redemption of Israel.

Despite all of this, the Jewish People (I am speaking of the majority in Israel and in the Diaspora) do not understand these prophecies. They do not want to listen about the existence of the Ten Tribes in exile, not even to mention sharing the Biblical Land with them. They simply ignore the plain truth of the Bible.

Brit-Am Clarification:

This is only partly correct. On the whole mainstream Jewish awareness of the subject of the Ten Tribes is indeed low.

When such awareness does exist the question arises as to with whom the Ten Tribes may be identified?

Different contenders have been proposed.

Brit-Am needs to get the attention of Judah and present the case for Brit-Am identifications.

After that comes the question of gulf in religious belief and how this may be bridged or overcome or simply ignored??

The Bible itself speaks of these matters and refers to the complexity of some of the issues involved.

Isaiah 49:
21 Then you will say in your heart,

      ' Who has begotten these for me?
      Since I have lost my children and am desolate?
      A captive, and wandering to and fro?
      And who has brought these up?
     There I was, left alone;
     But these, where were they?'

AZ Continues:
To me, this situation is very upsetting. Most of the rabbis and scholars believe that there is no such thing as the hundred millions of Israelites from the Ten Tribes still in exile. They use the 'Replacement Theory' which basically holds that the Ten Tribes is a myth and fairy story, and the Jewish People, Judah, is Biblical Israel, and all the prophecies of the re-unification and redemption in the End Days pertain to them.

To show that their approach is wrong and they should rethink their position and act according to the will of God as expressed on multiple occasions in  Scripture, - is the main reason I wrote the article!

As evidence show, the Jewish People is not ready for this monumental task: To go to the Ten Tribes to teach them Torah and knowledge of  the God of Israel in order to bring them back to the religion of their fathers and to the Promised Land.

So, how in the world could you impute to me the opinion that Judah should go out and bring Ten Tribes back immediately?

Do you recognize the writings below? (quotes from Brit-Am articles):

'Judah must seek to bring the Lost Ten Tribes back. God makes the participation of Judah in the process of returning the Lost Ten Tribes a prior condition for the rehabilitation of Judah himself!'

'We see from the above that Judah will help Joseph return and play a TEACHING role in the Renewal of the Covenant BUT it will not be as Judah at present necessarily understand it. Therefore the time has not come' (
Yair Davidiy).

Is it not true that both of us speak the same language, and have the same message?

Brit-Am Clarification:

It may be that basically we have the same message. There seems however to be a difference in emphasis and priority.

We need to do research; publish results of the research; clarify as much as possible research issues; encourage overall positive energy on the matter; let the concerned parties know what is going on.

This to our mind is the main thing.

This is what HAS TO BE DONE NOW!

Other matters and even discussions about them can wait though there is always room for awareness promotion.

Relatively speaking, subjects concerning issues beyond initial identification are less important at this stage.

AZ Continues:

Part III.

The third point I would like to make is on the understanding of the terms of 'Waking up the Ten Tribes to their Israelite identity,' or 'To discover their Hebrew roots,' or 'Israelite Tribal Identity'.

What does it all mean?

You have answered:

'The Lost Ten Tribes will not necessarily have to convert to Judaism in our sense of the word though they will renew the covenant between Israel and the Almighty and Judah is obligated to assist them.'

'Prophecies concerning the Ten Tribes indicate that they are being called upon to repent and return. To return implies keeping the Law.'

'The Ten Tribes are Gentiles (goim). They are allowed to be Christians as a tool of Divine Providence to bring the Lost Ten Tribes back.'

In another place you wrote that Judah should not try to convert Christians of the Ten Tribes and the house of Israel will reunite with Judah as being Christians.

Brit-Am Clarification:

I do not remember writing that but may have done so.

Most of the Ten Tribes when they return according to our understanding will still Christians.



Whether or not Judah should try and convert "Joseph", I cannot say. Perhaps they should?

What we can say is that,

A. Brit-Am is not to be involved in this matter.

B. Judah at present has neither the intention nor the desire to convert anyone from Joseph.

This is the reality. This is the bottom line.

The rights and wrongs of the situation should not concern us. We need to study the Bible and see what Scripture says.

We are quoting Alexander Zephyr for the sake of fairness but we do not necessarily agree with what we says.

AZ Continues:

I think that 'Present-day Israelites are Christians' (so leave them that way) does not represent what 'Lost Israelite identity' or 'Hebrew roots' should be. Their eyes still have not been opened to the Almighty God of Israel...Scripture and the Sages say this is not acceptable! And to 'bring them back' does not literally mean to bring them to the Promised Land only, but rather to turn them back to the God of Israel and His immortal Torah.

I doubt very much that the Almighty will redeem those of the Ten Tribes who wish to remain 'Christians.'

Those who reject God of Israel and continue to worship false gods, who can not save, and craven idols, 'Will I number you to the sword, and you shall all bow down to the slaughter' (Isaiah 65:12).

Yet, in another place you [i.e. Brit-Am] say,

'I personally believe that the Ten Tribes should be close to the Law. But how is debatable.'

Let me explain my position on this matter. Yes, you are right; I would send Judah to the Ten Tribes to bring them back as soon as possible. But not in a way you criticize me for. Judah will bring to the Holy Land not 'Joes' and 'Jacks', not 'born again Christian Zionists', not Christian "Ephraimite" Tribers who use their 'Hebrew roots' to make a phony Christian Aliyah in order to 'steal Jewish People from the flock of the Almighty'. Quite the contrary. 'My' Judah would bring back newly repented, Torah accepting Israelites with a 'new heart' and a 'new spirit' who finally got out of their 'graves' and found the God of their fathers, the one and only Almighty God of Israel. Yes, I would send Judah to the Ten Tribes to bring them the light of the Divine Torah with its everlasting Laws, with the knowledge of God that they might realize who they really are and be able to restore themselves to the position they were in at Mount Sinai when the Creator revealed Himself to all Twelve Tribes of Israelite nation and gave them His Torah.

That is what I wrote in 'The Peace Process':

'We sincerely believe that the time has arrived for mainstream Christians, descendants of Joseph and other tribes of Israel in exile today, wherever they are, to awake to their Israelite identity, repent and acknowledge the God of Israel; and start helping Judah in his lonely fight against the unjust and corrupt World, to bring God's Plan to a glorious conclusion.'

'Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered' (Joel 2:32).

Ramban (Nahmanides) explained that Israel had been exiled, separated from nourishment of the wisdom of Torah, from the Law, and he welcomed the idea that Judah, the keeper of the Low, should go to the Ten Tribes and awaken them to the knowledge of God of Israel.

'For Torah will go forth from Zion' (Isaiah 2:3).

'For a long time Israel had been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without Torah' (II Chronicles 15:3).

Judah is that 'Teaching Priest' who perfectly understands the prophecies of the End Times (I sincerely hope and believe that this time will eventually come!) and destined, called by God to fulfill the Divine Mission ' to bring his brothers and sisters of the Ten Tribes to the God of Israel; to His Torah and to the Holy Land.

Judah and Israel will be 'as though I had not cast them off' (Zechariah 10:6).

Yair, all over your writings you stress this point of the importance of Judah going to Joseph. I see no differences in our positions whatsoever!

Brit-Am Clarification:

We stress the need for knowledge of Israelite Ancestry.

We believe that is our task and that is what we should concentrate upon. That is what our Age needs, now!

Other matters may or may not be important but our Mandate does not cover them.

AZ Continues:
Brit-Am said:
'Eventually a re-union between Joseph and Judah will take place. The sooner the better' (From your article: Moshiach ben Joseph). 'The sooner the better' is the same as my saying 'immediately' (I never actually used this word, rather said 'as soon as possible') that you blame me for.

 'The children of Israel in the Last Days will seek the Lord their God' (Jeremiah 50:4-5). It definitely means the God of Israel, not someone else!

        This one below is the strongest point I found in your writings on the discussed subject:

'Regarding the Future redemption, the Midrash (Yalkut Shimeoni on Song of Solomon 1:16) states: 'The Ten Tribes who were exiled beyond the Sambation River are they whom the exiled of Judah and Benjamin are destined to go unto and to bring them back in order to merit with them the days of the Messiah and life in the World-to-Come, as it says, 'In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel, and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto their fathers' (Jeremiah 3:18).

That is what my article 'Judah and Israel'  (i.e. 'Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!') is all about!

POINT IV, the last one.

How will the Ten Tribes return to the Land of Israel? In some of your writings Brit-Am says that 'we have always stated that when the Ten Tribes return it will be as one main group under a Divinely Appointed Leader, the Messiah son of Joseph.'

In other places you say that they will return in stages.

My opinion is that the Israelites definitely will return in stages, gradually over a period of time. I described this process in more detail  in my article,

'The Wars of Gog and Magog.'

A simple example from Scripture may illustrate this point. You support the opinion of Rambam (Maimonides) that before Gog attacks Israel, Judah and Joseph will have been already re-united. I am too in agreement with this. It will have been one of the stages of reconciliation between Judah and Joseph. Most probably, this reunification at the beginning of the Messianic Era will take place under the leadership of the Messiah son of Joseph. Together they will have brought the 'fist of My judgment' upon their Arab-Muslim enemies round about. They will have restored the Land of Israel to its Biblical borders. There probably will be more stages. Our Sages say that the re-gathering will be a slow process. They compare it to the breaking of the night by the dawn light of coming morning. Nevertheless, there will be a final reunification under the Messiah son of David (the Messiah son of Joseph by this time will not be alive), and it will happen after the Wars of Gog when all his hordes will have been defeated by Almighty.

'Now will I bring back the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy on the whole house of Israel. Then My people will know that I am the LORD their God, because I sent them away to exile and brought them home again. I will leave none of my people behind' (Ezekiel 39: 25, 28).

To summarize my position on the whole issue of 'Judah goes to the Ten Tribes of Israel', let me finish with a few lines from the
'Wars of Gog and Magog"
that are pertinent to the present discussion.

The Ten Tribes of Israel are still in the 'graves of exile'. They have completely lost their Israelite identity. Their 'dry bones' are waiting for spiritual revival and restoration to their original faith in the God of Israel and His immortal Torah. Today most of the World unjustly goes against the Jews. Anti-Semitism, hatred and racism have reached unprecedented levels. The Jewish People depend on their Israelite brothers and sisters.  Judah and Joseph must reunite in order to face the enormous challenges of these troublesome times of the end of our age. Judah cannot fight God's wars alone. The sooner they reunite, the sooner they will be redeemed by the Almighty.

 Still remain sincerely yours, Alexander Zephyr.

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