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 Are the Ten Tribes Like Ethiopians????


The Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples. Most are not aware of it. Amongst those who are aware of this truth, we find the [New] Ephraimites. These include Angus and Batya Woottten, Eddie Chumney, Montie Judah, and others. We have taken the New Ephraimites as an example of the overall approach of many Christian believers. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, holds that the Brit-Am approach of providing evidence from Scriptural, Rabbinical, and secular sources is the right one. Both the Jews and the Gentile Nations populated by the Ten Tribes need the evidence provided by Brit-Am. Brit-Am should be assisted materially in its task. Without Brit-Am descendants of the Ten Tribes who are aware of their Israelite Ancestry will not deserve to be treated any better than Afro-Americans and White Supremacists who also claim Israelite ancestry. The Afro-American claims need to be considered on the background of millions of African refugees who are liable to attempt an invasion of Israel and already are massing at the borders.

What Should the Ten Tribes Do?
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 Are the Ten Tribes Like Ethiopians????

Ephraimites are the same as Cushim without Brit-Am!!

"Are you not like the children of the Cushites to Me, O children of Israel? says the Lord" (Book of Amos 9:7).

The word "Cushites" is sometimes translated as "Ethiopians" but the Hebrew says "Cushim" meaning the plural of Cush.
Cush was the son of Ham.
Both white and dark skinned peoples descended from Cush.
Nevertheless, the dark ones are the ones emphasized by the Bible.
"Will a Cushi reverse his skin or a leopard change his spots?" (Jeremiah 13:23).

Our organization, the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes, believes that the Ten Tribes are mainly today to be found amongst Western Peoples.
They are considered as Gentiles and such is their religious status.
Eventually they will become aware of their ancestry. This awareness is important to them and we have a duty to spread knowledge of their Israelite Descent both to the people concerned and also to the Jews.
Because we are involved with this subject and somewhat prominent in the field we have become a frequent target for divergent beliefs on the matter.

Afro-Americans who believe they are the true Hebrews often send us missives. They often say that the Jews are impostors  and that the real Israelites are all black men.
Not all the Afro-American Believers in their Israelite Ancestry are Racialist and anti-Jewish. Some are rational and even academic in their approach and there may be some historical basis to their claims.
See the letter we received recently:

 Jews in Africa?
Adoni these are few links of our presence on the continent.

Our attitude is that there may be those of Jewish or Israelite origin amongst African and other peoples. They however have lost their ancestral associations.  They are not to be considered majorities in their places of habitat but rather isolated individuals. Every private person has to find his/her own way. Brit-Am is not a religious movement that offers salvation to whomsoever comes to us. We provide information regarding populations in their generality. There surely are solutions for those who feel they descend from Israel but emerge from mainly non-Israelite populations. This however is not a primary goal of Brit-Am.

White Supremacists from time to time (and at times all the time) also confront us with their doctrines. The White Supremacists and the Afro-Americans are clones of each other. They both say the same thing only present different candidates as being the "Chosen". Both groups are often also anti-Jewish, sometimes in the most virulent manner possible. Hate crimes have been committed in the USA by people who claim that they are from the Lost Tribes and that the Jews are not really Israelites.

If you were Jewish, would you want such people as your neighbors?
Despite this a group of Afro-Americans calling themselves "Black Hebrews" and claiming to be from the Ten Tribes were allowed to settle in Israel in Dimona and elsewhere. This resulted in troubles, unpleasantness, and social difficulties, alongside threats to national security and other worries. They are still there and the problem still remains.
This brings us to the Cushite (African) simile.

Recently the State of Israel has been faced with the problem of African refugees smuggling themselves into Israel through the Sinai Peninsula.

Israel is building a large camp in the south to house the refugees. An impermeable (it is hoped) fence is also being constructed along a portion of the border-line.
A large number are already in Israel. They are a disturbing  element being responsible for crimes and assaults in Israeli cities where some of them have found employment in cleaning and building etc. Their life style is perturbing to their Israeli neighbors.
The Arabs like them even less!
In addition to the large numbers (by Israeli standards) that are coming in there is a real fear that these are only the first wave. Several African countries are in the process of collapse and may fold up altogether. There is a possibility that lack of water, food, civil wars, and wars of extermination may break out in Africa over a large area. This could cause millions of refugees to come pouring northwards and be directed through Egypt towards Israel.

News Excerpt: Two and a half Million Africans at the border and more on the way!!!!
'Ketzaleh: Tel Aviv Jews Will Flee to Yesha from "African Flood?"'
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (8th November, 2010).
National Union chairman Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz warned a Knesset committee Monday that 100,000 African immigrants will flood Tel Aviv in the next few years. 
MK Katz heads a committee on foreign workers and has previously sounded the alarm bells on the flood of refugees that threatens the character of the Jewish state. Most of the refugees previously settled in southern cities, where they began to dominate smaller towns and cities, such as
Arad, and are a significant percentage of the population and the crime statistics.
Their movement to Tel Aviv will make Tel Aviv look like an African city, MK Katz told the committee. He added that the
city?s Jews, many of whom consider themselves tolerant pacifists but oppose a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, ironically will flee to the hills of Samaria to "escape the flood."

Menashe Zlicha of Pardes Katz, part of metropolitan Tel Aviv, said this week that thousands of Sudanese have fled the industrial hub, where they felt unwanted, and have moved into the suburb.

Last July, Interior Security Minister Yitzchak
Aharonovitch informed the Cabinet that two and a half million Africans on Egyptian soil are waiting for a chance to cross the border illegally into Israel. He said that approximately 155,000 illegal foreign workers are in Israel and that 1,200 enter illegally every month...

What makes members of the Ten Tribes different from the Africans?
Are so-called "
Ephraimites" Any Better?
Brit-Am Proofs Are Necessary!!!

Israel was founded as a Jewish State to answer the needs of Jews whose religion obligates them to strive to live in Israel.
In addition after more than two thousand years of persecutions and suffering in Moslem and Christian countries with the Holocaust Climax it was obvious that physically no other choice really exists.

All believers in the Bible should support the State of Israel as a Biblical Entity.
Brit-Am has discussed this issue several times.
In addition we have shown how Jews in the State of Israel are preparing the way for the Ten Tribes to return (Micah 4:8, Hosea 6:11).

Micah 4:
 6  In that
day,says the LORD,
     I will assemble the lame,
      I will gather the outcast
      And those whom I have afflicted;
       7 I will make the lame a remnant,
      And the outcast a strong nation;
      So the LORD will reign over them in Mount Zion
      From now on, even forever.
       8 And you, O tower of the flock,
      The stronghold of the daughter of Zion,
      To you shall it come,
      Even the former dominion
[Hebrew: The First Rule of the Kingdom]
shall come,
      The kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem.

Hosea 6:
11 Also, O Judah, a harvest is appointed for you,
      When I return the captives of My people.

THE JEWS ARE JUDAH by Steven Collins and
Yair Davidiy.

Biblical Prophecy indicates that the Ten Tribes will return as national entities. At first they will settle around the periphery of the Promised Land in what is now northern Syria and Lebanon and neighboring areas (Micah 7:14 Zechariah 10:10)..
At a later stage some of them will join Judah in  Samaria (Jeremiah 31:5).
There may also be those who in effect attach themselves to Judah in Jerusalem.
#2. At First only a Minority from the Ten Tribes Returns and Attaches Itself to Judah!

For religious reasons most members of the Ten Tribes cannot return to Israel at present.
See Ezekiel 11:20
#2. Nachmanides: The Connection Between The Law and the Land
In the Messianic Era these matters will resolve themselves.
Prophecy indicates that at first even whilst they are returning the Ten Tribes will be Christians (Jeremiah 31:4) and that at a later stage religious differences will be settled (Ezekiel 11:18). The complete return of Judah is dependent upon the return of "Samaria" (Ezekiel 16:53, 55, 61) meaning the Ten Tribes especially Manasseh. Manasseh today is mainly the USA. God will renew His covenant with Judah and with Israel (Ezekiel 16:62).
 The Order of Return of Joseph

See also:
Ezekiel 20: 32
1. The Attitude of Brit-Am Regarding: Identifying as Israelite, Keeping the Law, Moving to Israel, Evolutionary Processes of Identification.
Nachmanides: The Connection Between The Law and the Land

Eventually the Land shall be divided up amongst the Tribes with each Tribe receiving its Tribal Portion (Ezekiel 47).

At all events, at present the main task of all those concerned with this truth should be to spread the message of Brit-Am Identification.
This brings us to the subject of so-called "Ephraimites".
This term is confusing. It is sometimes used (as we ourselves once used it) as applying to all Gentile Christians who believe they are descended from the Ten Tribes.
It is also used for only a section of these.
To avoid confusion we propose to call all Gentile Christians who believe they are descended from the Ten Tribes, "General Ephraimites".
The second group we shall call "New Ephraimites". We will use the "New Ephraimites" as an example of a common Christian attitude.
"New Ephraimites" are Gentile Christians who believe they are descended from the Ten Tribes, and adopt a specific life-style and attitude in accordance.
They may very broadly be defined as they who somehow or other belong to groups associated with Angus and Batya Wootten, Eddie Chumney, Montie Judah, and others.
"New Ephraimites" usually believe they belong to the Ten Tribes due to an inner calling combined with the application of a few passages from the New Testament.

Just to clarify matters: Brit-Am recognizes that descendants of Israel often instinctively feel within themselves that they may well be of Israelite descent. We see this as an aspect of spiritual awareness presaging the beginning of the Return.
We are also in favor of Israelites learning Hebrew, spending time in Israel and returning to Biblical values.

What about the others however???
How do you expect Judah to react when "New Ephraimite" types declare they are descendants of Israel and want to live in the Land alongside the Jews?
And they have no evidence other than their own feelings and ambiguous-sounding New Testament passages that in any case are automatically considered anathema by Judah?

Evidence does exist. This is supplied by Brit-Am.
"New Ephraimites" often do support Brit-Am or at least take an interest in Brit-Am.
This has not stopped members of their rank-and-file from threatening us in the past with withdrawal of support because Brit-Am combated anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories or exposed the pseudo-Karaite hoax.

One of the New Ephraimite leaders, Eddie Chumney, supported Brit-Am from the beginning, helped us greatly and is a personal friend of Yair Davidiy and Rabbi Avraham Feld who was once also associated with us. Other prominent "New Ephraimites" have been encouraging in the past and still take an ongoing interest.
Nevertheless on the whole the attitude has been respectful but not overly supportive.
Again, we are taking the "New Ephraimites" here as an example. What applies to them is, if anything, even more applicable to Christian believers in general.

Without a combination of strong Biblical, Rabbinical, and Secular proofs it is highly unlikely that Judah and the Secular non-Jewish Public will take heed of "Ephraimite" beliefs.
Not only will they be likened unto "Ethiopians" but they may just as likely be placed on a lower rung!!

It may be countered that the "Cushites" of Africa are not desired due to racial prejudice that exists everywhere, and to social factors.
Ephraimites on the whole are of European descent, established, law-abiding, pleasant-in-disposition,  and respectful.
They are often eager to work and contribute. Some of them have skills that they feel could be of value to the State of Israel.

Maybe. It takes all types. Ephraimites also not all of the same cast. An element of negativity may be present as well. There are those amongst them who are so dedicated to their beliefs that they cannot find themselves in the presence of a Jew without propagating their own doctrines. There are those who speak aggressively as to what they could and would do and how Judah is denying them their rights in the land. A few seem to have underlying anti-Jewish feelings. All this applies ONLY TO A MINORITY. Problems however could arise. The State of Israel has plenty of problems. Problems can be dealt with. Israel has dealt successfully with much more serious matters. Failures however have also occurred.

If good will on both sides, solutions could be found. Things could be done, progress made. And some progress is happening on a small scale.

Christian believers in their descent from the Lost Tribes should be aware that without Brit-Am chances are that they will not advance far beyond being considered another brand of "Ethiopians". 

"Epraimites" need to convince not only Judah BUT ALSO JOSEPH!!!
Judah will be much more open to the matter when it is seen that more of Joseph is aware of it.
I recently met an Ephraimite couple.
They asked me how Judah is reacting to Brit-Am information.
The answer is that the news is getting out. People hear of us. In general they like the idea without being necessarily convinced of it.
One of the major questions on the part of Judah is how "Joseph" himself will relate to it? And what "Joseph" will want to do with the information?
The couple then informed me that all over North America small groups who believe in their Israelite ancestry are springing up almost spontaneously.

On the other hand, most Christians, they said, are QUITE HOSTILE to the notion!

We mentioned this incident to our friend, Eddie Chumney.
Eddie replied that the answer lies in information, in letting others know and bringing them to understand their Israelite origins.

We agree.

It may however be a mistake at this stage to expect Judah to be more favorable to this truth than most of Joseph is.

Brit-Am DOES address its message to both Judah and Joseph. Our impression is that, so far at least, we are the only group that has succeeded to some degree in spreading the message to both Judah and Joseph and receiving acceptance of it. We have the potential to do much more but need the support of others to realize the strength we do have. This potential of Brit-Am emanates from an inner conviction that needs to be enabled to express itself.

Brit-Am feels that it has an important aspect of the answer and that Ephraimites should help make it materially possible for Brit-Am to do what it should.

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