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Brit-Am Now no. 1607
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

29 November 2010, 22 Kislev 5771.
1. New Article:
Scandinavian Legends
and the Hebrew Bible.
Aesir Legends from Norse Mythology" by John R. Salverda.
2. Rick
Secoy: Question about the spelling of the name "G-d"?
3. Question from Avigdor Re Deleted Passage About Predicted Coming Events.
4. Additions to article: What Should the Ten Tribes Do?
#1. The Brit-Am View. What About Joseph Knowing as Well?
#2. At First only a Minority from the Ten Tribes Returns and Attaches Itself to Judah!
5. Questions from P. About Drink and the Bible, Jews and Witchcraft


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1. New Article:
Scandinavian Legends and the Hebrew Bible
Aesir Legends from Norse Mythology
by John R.
The Norse had to live as neighbors with the remnants of the Amorites, the Germans (named for their original homeland in the shadow of mount "Herman"). Thus Norse mythology displays an enduring preoccupation with the giants unlike any other tradition. To them it was not the "spiritual" bad angels who had to be defeated, but the gods and the giants were at constant war, right up until the end of time, and there was no certainty of divine victory either.

2. Rick Secoy: Question about the spelling of the name "G-d"?
Rick Secoy wrote:

Dear Yair, Im a great fan of your organization & your wk.Ive learned alot.My question is why when you spell G-d,why the dash? If I were a Jew I would be proud to make it complete "GOD". Im not a jew ,& Im proud to say & or spell His nameGod. If I have affended anyone Im sorry. Like I said "stupid question" thanks Rick Secoy

Brit-Am Reply:
Rick Shalom,
We ourselves do not spell that name with a dash. If however someone writes to us and they have spelt it with a dash we keep it as they have spelt it. There is no law saying it has to be spelt with a dash. There is an understanding that the Hebrew Names of the Almighty should not be spelt in full as they are read.
Some people extend this prohibition to the name "God" in the English Language out of respect.

3. Question from Avigdor Re Deleted Passage About Predicted Coming Events.
Avigdor wrote:
"Arouse Yourself! O Israel! " by Avigdor

Yair Shalom,

The following was cut from the article....

## Dec 21st, 2012 has the gentile world in suspense pursuing leads from Nostradamus, the Mayans, etc....while the children of Yisrael will flock to the BOOK and make sure that their souls are walking in accordance with the will of HEAVEN. 

Passover and Succoth of 2014/2015 becomes even more interesting because of the lunar eclipse that occurs exactly on these two holidays...two years in a row. This double eclipse that occurs during these two BIBLICAL holidays occurred in 1492 and 1967 and this should ring a few chimes.  This signifies huge changes for YISRAEL that belongs to G-D. Major transitions/elimination for the human race as a whole will occur before mankind beats its weapons into plowshares (Isaiah 2). ###

...yet the Torah is explicit that the heavens are G-d's time piece and they are for "signs and times" and past events in regard to these celestial markers is very significant.

What is the latest in Yisrael in regard to these future events?


Brit-Am Reply:
Avigdor Shalom,
I am not up-to-date on future predictions.
Major Rabbis do not make or support specific prophecies. On the fringes however one always finds different scholars and near-scholars
who over-enthusiastically see signs and wonders of the End Times all the time.
We are careful about specific dates because of the prohibition against false prophecies (Deuteronomy 18).
As for Astrology etc opinions in Judaism are divided about it. Most are skeptical. Some prohibit it.
Maimonides was very much against it and I personally have an  inclination to prefer Maimonides on most matters.

We removed the relevant passage from your article:
"Arouse Yourself! O Israel! "
because we wanted what your wrote to be representative of

#4. The Ephraimite-Jewish View.
and the prophetic passage was extraneous in our opinion regarding this view.
HaShem be with you

4. Additions to article:
What Should the Ten Tribes Do?

#1. The Brit-Am View. What About Joseph Knowing as Well?
Brit-Am in effect says that before worrying about being accepted or not accepted by Judah, those amongst Joseph who are aware of their ancestry (i.e. "Ephraimites" and others) should be concerned with more of Joseph also knowing as they do. Judah too should receive the information in acceptable presentation such as that which Brit-Am can make available..
Once more of Joseph is aware and Judah is also informed and interested other matters will automatically come up for consideration!!!
All this seems obvious to us but others prefer to make themselves oblivious to it! Perhaps sub-consciously they are looking for an excuse not to really do anything about it? Is that why support for Brit-Am is not as forthcoming as we feel it should be?

#2. At First only a Minority from the Ten Tribes Returns and Attaches Itself to Judah!
Reactions and Comments
with Brit-Am Replies.
From: John R. Salverda
Extracts from Brit-Am Reply:
The chapter should be considered as one whole.
In the days of Kings Josiah (Jeremiah 3:6) Judah had sinned.
Judah had seen how northern Israel had been exiled and divorced (3:8) for their sins but Judah still kept sinning herself.
The exiles of Israel were in some ways even better than Judah had now become (3:11).
The rest of the chapter continues and predicts the eventual return of northern Israel.
A minority (one of a city, two of a family, 3:14) of them will come to Zion i.e. re-unite with Judah.
Eventually Judah will call upon the Ten Tribes to return (3:18).
The Ten Tribes will then come back as one whole.
We may perhaps see a progression here:
At first a minority of individuals return and attach themselves in effect to Judah in Zion (Jerusalem).
Later the whole body of the Ten Tribes come back.
We shall all be ashamed of our sins and repent (3:25).

5. Questions from P. About Drink and the Bible, Jews and Witchcraft
Pattie wrote:


Is it true that it is a sin to drink wine according to the Jewish faith?  We were raised to love the Jewish people, my Daddy was a Minister in work for the Lord. 

Also my family is from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and England. My Daddys' last name is Green his Daddys family was from Ireland.  My Grandpa was a redhead.

Our Bible says it is wrong for people to say they are a Jewish and are not.  

Brit-Am Answer:
Wine is permitted but drunkenness is condemned.
Even so, wine drinking was only allowed when the drinker was not involved in sensitive issues.
A Priest who drank only relatively moderately (by our standards) when serving in the Temple could be put to death.

This is some what an odd question?  When it speaks of sacrificing under every heavy high
tree what does it mean?  Is it speaking of sacrificing to demon idols? Then it this forms of witchcraft being performed?  Is this the same thing that the hindu people do?

Did they do this to do evil to people as well as child birth for those who were baren?  It speaks of killing the first child who breaks through the womb.  Were there people who were witches then?

Don't misunderstand I was raised in a Christian home and love the Jewish people and have ask my Jewish friends this question.  They were unable to answer the question.

Brit-Am Answer:
The Ancient Israelites from both Judah and northern Israel (the Ten Tribes) at times practised idolatry which is the same as witchcraft.
Most pagan religion associated with non-Monotheistic Religions (i.e. not belonging to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam) are forms of witchcraft.
The Ten Tribes were exiled for committing idolatry (2-Kings ch.17).
Indications are that they also committed human sacrifice including offering up the first-born. This was a Canaanite custom known also from Carthage and other places.
Present-day abortions may not be much better.

Do you agree that people who are practicing a form witchcraft; that they say is Kabbalah.
Is a different Kabbalah?  They also say it was created by King Solomon?  Do you agree that he had prayers like his Dad but that those prayers were wicked instead of being to our God?

Brit-Am Answer:
No. These are lies and fantasies spread by evil haters of the Jewish People.
They who spread such lies about the Jewish People often prove upon examination to be themselves perverts and wicked criminal types.
Sometimes they worship the devil. Be aware of anti-

In any of the Jewish books is there a book that is written on the darkside that tells people how to do evil things.  People think they are following Jewish mystics and I think they are following and practicing forms of witchcraft that God cautioned against?

Brit-Am Answer:
Not so. You have been deceived. There are no Jewish Books (as far as I know) such as you describe.

Can you comment?  Also does the Torah speak of how to stop curses spoken by others?
or How to repair the hedge broken by someone?  I am being attached by demons?  I don't understand how this can be.  I have a dedicated life to God and his love.  The people I would have trusted to ask this question are dead, so I hope you don't mind me asking you?

Brit-Am Answer:
If you believe you are cursed pray to God, do good to others, ignore the evil. This should suffice. Distance yourself from bad influences and seek good company.

Also when olive oil is dedicated for healing prayer, are you suppose to stick you finger in it and hold it upside down?  or Is there some way of opening the bottle while praying for the oil, according to the teaching of Jewish faith?  The person who prayed for me told me you have to put your finger in the oil; she said you had to dedicate the oil? 

Brit-Am Answer:
This sounds like witchcraft to me.
It is not Jewish.
You may have unwittingly associated yourself with witches who are telling you lies about the Jewish People.

Alternately, concerning the oil anointment, you might be describing a Christian practice that if you believe in it may be efficacious.

I am desperate to get these attacks stopped.  Can you recommend to me any teaching in the books of God, that speak to the healing of the hedge and stopping demonic force against someone who isnt sinning?  Thank you for your response and support in this manner.

Brit-Am Answer:
Read the Bible. read it all the time and pray.
Find some clean healthy innocent form of relaxation that makes you feel good and forget other matters.
Keep yourself and your surroundings as clean and healthy as possible.
Eat and sleep well and exercise if you can.
Satanic influences breed in unhealthy and dirty environments.
Try to make friends with nice people who have a positive attitude.

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