The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph

Detailed List of Contents

(1 & 2) Joseph and the Scottish Tartan

1. Introduction.
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. British Israel and the Unacknowledged Input of Jewish Scholars. The Possible Significance of
Joseph Having Had a Tartan Cloak. Tartan in the national consciousness of the USA and Canada and descendants of Joseph.

2. The Term "Cotonet Pasim" (Cloak of Many Colors) and its Actual Meaning.

(a) Cotonet.
Different Interpretations

(b) Pasim.
Rabbi Yonah iben Janach
Aryeh Kaplan ("The Living Torah", 1981)
A Midrash Defines Pasim as Like Ears of Corn of Differing Colors
Iben Shushan
Marcus Jastrow, "Dictionary of the Talmud" (1903).

(c) Rank.
Nachmanides (1194-1270, Spain, Jerusalem in Israel)
Daat Sofrim (Rabbi Chaim Dov Rabinovitz 1909-2001, Russia, Israel)
Sforno (Rabbi Obadiah Sforno, c. 1470 - 1550, Italy)

(d) Linen.

(e) Conclusion.

3. Tartan Type Patterns and the Area of Ancient Israel

4. David Rohl, Joseph, and Tartan Cloak

5. Scottish Tartan and the Temple Garments.

6. Tartan in Ancient Times.
Israelite Migratory Paths
Tartan in the East
Dating the Findings
Sardinia, Israel, and Scotland
7. Tartan from the British Isles in Masada, of Judah
(1. Truth or Hoax?
(2. Masada. Extracts from Wikipedia
(3. The Significance of Masada in Present-Day Israel.
President Bush in the Knesset
(4. Yair Davidiy as a Soldier at Masada
(5. Tartan from Britain at Masada
(6. Brit-Am, The Ten Tribes Movement, and Tartan at Masada.
(7. Conclusion
8. Tartan in Scotland
Scottish Type Tartan Amongst Non-Israelite Nations
Tartan Has National Significance Only in Scotland!
What is Tartan?
The Ethnic Background of Scotland
The Earliest Tartan, Falkirk
Wikipedia, Tartan, Extracts
Tartan Design and the designation of Rank and Status
9. Tartan in Ireland
Kilts and Tartan in Ancient Ireland
Indications of Rank Through Number of Colors Employed
The House of Neal and Tartan?
Tartans and Striped Coats
10. Tartan in Ulster

Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
The Ethnic Origins of Ulster: The Scotch-Irish and Yair of Manasseh
Ulster: Extracts from Wikipedia
History of Northern Ireland: Extracts from Wikipedia
Linda Merle: DNA Genealogy and the Scots, Irish, and Scotch-Irish

Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
Ulster Tartan
Parallels to Highland Dress in Morocco?
Tartan Conveys a Message!
The Sinking of the Titanic and Tartan?
Kosher Jewish Tartan
Designing Twelve New Tartans for Each Israelite Tribe?
Does Tartan Bear an Ancestral Message?

11. Tartan in North America
12. Tartan in Other Israelite Nations

The Great Tartan Disputation
Round One.
Round Two.
Round Three.
Round Four.
Round Five.
Round Six.
Round Seven.
Discussion and Queries
Brit-Am Discussions, Criticisms, Remarks, and Debates About Tartan


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