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Brit-Am Now no. 1852: Ten Tribes Studies.
28 March 2012, 5 Nissan 5772
1. New Article.
Hebrews or Yew Trees
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?
2. Question on Cyprus and the Promised Land.
3. Use of Term Anti-Semitism instead of anti-Jewish.
4. Academic Claims to be Dealt With!
5. Joan Griffith: Ambassador College Assists Important Archaeological Work in Jerusalem.
6. Call to Members of the Ten Tribes: Stop this Negative Obsession with Judah!
7. Brian Patmore: More on the Basques.


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1. New Article.
Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?
Map of EBER Place Names Superimposed on Map of Celtic Place-Names.
The Ancient Israelites called themselves Hebrews.
Meaning of the Name.
Who Were the Celts?
The Celts and the Term Iberi meaning Hebrew.
What is Being Proposed? 2 Points!
Spain and Portugal.
Water Source Root.
Answer to the Hydronym (Water Source) Thesis.
Yew Tree Root
The Yew Tree Theses Refuted.
The IBOR (Boar) Thesis. Germanic Language Application.
Other Occurrences of the Eber Names:
British Isles
Other examples of the name.
Dacians also called Hiberi!
Scotland and Wales had Hebrew-Language Meanings for the Word!!!!
Additional Considerations.
Some Sources.
Appendix: List of place-names with Aber and Inver.
Appendix: Scottii and Hiberii in Various Sources.

We find this word root EBER or Iber used as an ethnic name amongst Eburones, Eburovices, of Gaul and the Iberi of Ireland.
Elsewhere we find it in place-names mainly of Celtic Provenance.
Suggestions as to the original meaning of the word (hydronym, yew tree, boar) all prove specious or valid only as possible secondary applications.
The one place where we did find a confirmed documented application of the name was in Britain (Scotland, and Wales) where it connoted a merging point or place of crossing over.
This is similar to the Hebrew Meaning of the word root IBR!!! from which we derive the word IBER meaning Hebrew!!!!

Additional Considerations.
We find the IBER word to be dominant amongst Celtic peoples. This word sounds the same as the Hebrew word for Hebrew. It also apparently once meant the same as seen from the ABER examples in Scotland and Wales. In addition we find other names in the same vicinity that are similar to Hebrew ones alongside Hebraic (and Canaanite) customs and mythology as well as a linguistic substrate similar (or identical with) to ancient Hebrew.
Furthermore we have proofs from other sources identifying at least part of the peoples in question as of Israelite origin.

More Hebrew Name Articles:

Biblical Proof: The Name Hebrew

Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves?

Were the Ancient Hebrews the Same as the Habiru?


2. Question on Cyprus and the Promised Land.
M. wrote:
I am a first-timer. I have some interest in buying property in Cyprus and read your article on it being included
in Israel's borders. I understand your position with regard to the ten lost tribes and in particular the tribe of Dan
and their connection with Cyprus but, being exiled to an area does not necessarily proof that it is part of the Biblical
borders of Israel that will be restored. Please can you give me Scriptural proof that Cyprus is part of the Biblical borders.
All I have now is:  Genesis 15: 18 That day ADONAI made a covenant with Avram: "I have given this land to your descendants - from the Vadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates River - 19 the territory of the Keni, the K'nizi, the Kadmoni, 20 the Hitti, the P'rizi, the Refa'im, 21 the Emori, the Kena'ani, the Girgashi and the Y'vusi."

Brit-Am Reply.
Different verses describe the borders of the Promised Land.
There are also different degrees of sanctity for different areas and differing time periods.
One, out of several, different opinions would include Cyprus within the borders of Israel according to the Biblical Promise.
Our impression based on the sources is that this opinion is correct and also that it is confirmed by archaeological and historical evidence.
There is NO one-on-one Scriptural proof for this. There is only discussion as to what regions the different Scriptural passages on the subject were meant to apply to.

Concerning Cyprus see:

I hope this helps, God bless you

3. Use of Term Anti-Semitism instead of anti-Jewish.
We do not use the term anti-Semitism.  We are usually careful to say anti-Jewish.
Historically the term anti-Semitism was coined by a rabid Judeophobe (Hater of Jews) called Wilhelm Marr. At the time it was intended to be considered more scientific and respectable.
Nevertheless, the term "Anti-Semitism" is universally understood to mean an anti-Jewish attitude. That is its dictionary definition. It is not sloppy English to use the term Anti-Semitic as meaning anti-Jew.

4. Academic Claims to be Dealt With!
Our recent encounter with Academic recalcitrants brought to the fore certain problems.
These will be dealt with.
The whole episode has been documented.
We have answered all their claims.
We may publicly expose their double standards, or we may not.
The Academics involved were prejudiced against Brit-Am; they slandered Brit-Am; they attempted to intellectually brow-beat us and when unsuccessful resorted to outright lies and slurs.
The whole incident may bring  long -term benefits since several recurring issues are involved.
We could make several interesting and valuable articles out of the whole affair and incidentally discuss historical issues in the process.
This however might take some time. It would also be contrary to our new policy which is to lower the combative overly-contrary image we may have inadvertently been projecting.
We shall see.

5. Joan Griffith: Ambassador College Assists Important Archaeological Work in Jerusalem.
Subject: Archeology

Interesting (short) article. It is interesting to see who supports the show in the USA.

Jeremiah, Prophet of the Bible, Brought Back to Life

Clay bullae from the City of David, Jerusalem, provide new evidence for Biblical figures

Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The relationship between archaeology and the Bible is not always an easy one, but sometimes they come together in striking agreement as witnesses to history. Two small clay bullae (seal impressions) found in the course of Eilat Mazar's City of David, Jerusalem, excavations are bringing Jeremiah, prophet of the last kings of Judah, back to life.

The first of the clay bullae, which surfaced during Mazar's excavation of what may be King David's palace, bears the name 'Yehuchal [or Jehucal] ben Shelemyahu [Shelemiah]' (pictured above left). The second was found in the First Temple period strata underneath what has been identified as Nehemiah's Northern Tower, just a few yards away from the first, and reads 'Gedalyahu [Gedaliah] ben Pashur' (pictured above right).

These two men are mentioned together in the Bible as ministers of King Zedekiah (597-587 B.C.E.). As the Babylonians closed in on Jerusalem during the last years of the First Temple period, Jeremiah, prophet to Judah's last kings, advised Zedekiah and the people of the city to surrender to Nebuchadnezzar's men so that their lives and city might be spared. But not everyone liked Jeremiah?s message, including Gedaliah son of Pashur and Jehucal son of Shelemiah. According to Jeremiah 38:1-13, the two ministers had Jeremiah thrown into a pit because they did not like the message of surrender he was preaching to the people of Jerusalem.

Herbert W. Armstrong College provided support for Eilat Mazar's City of David excavations.

6. Call to Members of the Ten Tribes: Stop this Negative Obsession with Judah!

At first when writing this note we had used the header, Stop this Obsession with Judah!
We then thought about it and realized that we want members of the Ten Tribes to be interested in Judah! It is a good thing. It is a sign that Joseph and Judah may be drawing together as prophesied in Ezekiel 37 concerning the two sticks that become one.
Also Brit-Am benefits from it.
Some peoples are drawn to us since we quote Jewish sources (alongside Biblical and secular ones) and ourselves practicing Jews.
Nevertheless there is a negative aspect to this preoccupation with Judah that should end.
It  is time for they who believe they are descended from Joseph and the Ten Tribes to STOP the negative obsession that some of them have with Judah!!!
By Judah we mean both the Jews and the State of Israel.
Get with the Program!
The main problem is with Joseph i.e. with the Ten Tribes.
The non-Jewish descendants of Israel need to be informed as to who they are.
They need to intensify their Biblical consciousness, support the State of Israel and to be patriotically involved with their own national heritage.
The Three Rs of Brit-Am need to be applied to them.
This is the main point.
This is what should be important.
Other matters for the time being are counter-productive.

There are those who say they believe the Ten Tribes are in the west but in practice sometimes more concerned with discussing how terrible it is that the State of Israel does not recognize them,
or what a pity the Jews do not believe in Christianity, or why the Jews do not practice a different kind of Judaism, or other subjects along the same lines.
They do  not seem concerned with spreading the message of descent from the Ten Tribes. It may not even interest them.
This is not healthy.
Give Judah a rest.
The Ten Tribes today are amongst Western Peoples.
This is the Brit-Am message.
This is what we should be aware of and this is the main message that should go out.

7. Brian Patmore: More on the Basques.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1851
#7. Question About the Basques.

Shalom Yair,

I noted the questions re the Basques.

As you may know I am a Spanish speaking person and would like to advise that most speakers of the language put Gallegos (a Gallegl is a person from the neighbouring province of Galicia), together with Asturia, Catalan and one or two other provinces as being the same people originally.

We have many jokes about that as they are considered as the equivalent to the Irish in humour in the Spanish language.

Interestingly enough legend has it that Prince Ir was sent to Ireland to be the king and the country became known as "Ir-landt", the land of Ir and later Eire another aberration of the name.

Yes, the Irish and the Gallegos are related.

It could be that this is some evidence of Israelite origins if followed up.

Shalom brother and look after yourself.


The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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