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Brit-Am Now no. 1813.
22 January 2012, 27 Tevet 5772

1. Family from Switzerland and Levite Tradition.
2. Brit-Am is Alone!
3. Alistair Williams: Towards an Answer.
4. John Boustead: An Army of Reserves.
5. New Article. Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs.
Part Two of The Buses. The Anti-Jewish Aspect.
6. List of Contents for the Series of Articles, Post-Flood Rehabilitation.
7. New Article.
The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet
by Alexander Zephyr


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1. Family from Switzerland and Levite Tradition.
Rev. Dr. James W. (Chopard) Stark Stark  wrote:
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1810
#3. Wayne Stark: More on Helvetia (Switzerland) and the Levites.
Thank you sir for your reply. I have a deep appreciation for the work you folks are doing.

Rev. Dr. James W. (Chopard) Stark

PS; I have family who moved here from Switzerland and it was they who felt that they were from the Tribe of Levi; family folklore I guess. Thank you again for your answer(s). I am in the process of reading everything you sent to me via e-mail

Brit-Am Reply:
It could be that amongst the Jews in the Swiss area there were many from Levi.
Or amongst the Israelite Gentiles were also to be found a Levite group.
Your Ha-Levi equaling Helveti may also have something to it.

Only these are possibilities worth considering.
It does not mean the Israelite element amongst the Swiss is also from Levi.
At the most it could be an indication in that direction.
Other identifications may also be made and it is one of these that we believe in.
Brit-Am is always prepared to reconsider such matters and if necessary modify our conclusions but it does not come easy.
God bless you

2. Brit-Am is Alone!

First of all concerning the Tribes 4th edition.
The book should be ready soon.
It is worth purchasing.
A lot of people have so far placed their orders which is greatly encouraging.

As for the title of this article, Brit-Am is Alone!, we chose it as a result of a new realization.

Brit-Am has an aspect of the truth that is unique.
Not everyone can take this.

We will continue (God willing) on this path since it is what there is.

We do have a chance of spreading the message that the Ten Tribes are in the west.

People listen to us partly because of what we are and partly because of what we say.
We can deliver.

In the past we hoped that other activists in this field would assist us and for a time some of them did.
At present however most of them do not. Very few of them still identify with us.

Abraham the forefather of the Israelite nations was known as Abraham the Hebrew.
The word ?Hebrew? (?Ibri?) means someone who moves from (or to) the other side.
The Midrash says that Abraham stood on one side and all the world stood on the other.
This is what we are.
Stand by us.

Napoleon said, He who stands alone, stands strongest.

Just because Napoleon said it does not make it true but it is worth considering. At the least there is something to it.

Brit-Am (God willing) will continue along its path and endeavor to spread its message.

The economic situation however requires of us quite a lot more than what we have.
The money is needed for the functioning of Brit-Am.

Whoever helps Brit-Am will be blessed.

3. Alistair Williams: Towards an Answer.

 Re: Brit-Am is Alone!

Dear all at Brit-Am
"Brit-Am has an aspect of the truth that is unique.
Not everyone can take this."
This is true on both counts and it shouldn't really be a surprise.

Amos 5 verse 10
10 They hate him who reproves in the gate, and they abhor him who speaks the truth.

Anyone who the Almighty chooses to reveal truth through will not be liked, but at the same time, we have an obligation not to antagonise on purpose, just for the fun of it.
On the radio the other day the presenter was discussing 'truth' he said that there were several versions of the truth. Such a statement reveals a lot about the state of the world we live in. Humanity is trying to solve the worlds problems without turning to it's creator for guidance.
We know there is One God, the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, according to His Will He reveals aspects of the truth to those who fear Him, however, we cannot claim to know all things yet because Judah went one way and Joseph another.
My personal understanding to date.
The Western nations are Joseph.
G-d established His prescribed way of living to all of Israel, offering blessings or curses depending on what they did. At this point it would be very easy to scrutinise Judah's shortcomings, this is a trap we have to avoid.
However, we can deduce that if the descendants of Joseph had lived the way the Almighty instructed the Western nations and all the nations they colonised would be keeping the Commandments and Statutes today. There is ample evidence to show that this is not the case.
The G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob says He will not change, He is the one who was, is and ever shall be.

Ezekiel 3:
1 And he said to me, "Son of man, eat whatever you find here. Eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel."
2 So I opened my mouth, and he gave me this scroll to eat.
3 And he said to me, "Son of man, feed your belly with this scroll that I give you and fill your stomach with it." Then I ate it, and it was in my mouth as sweet as honey.
4 And he said to me, "Son of man, go to the house of Israel and speak with my words to them.
5 For you are not sent to a people of foreign speech and a hard language, but to the house of Israel---6 not to many peoples of foreign speech and a hard language, whose words you cannot understand. Surely, if I sent you to such, they would listen to you.
7 But the house of Israel will not be willing to listen to you, for they are not willing to listen to me: because all the house of Israel have a hard forehead and a stubborn heart.

Brit-Am has looked inside the scroll and eaten whatever has been found, you are speaking to the house of Israel, not the modern state, but the descendants of the lost Israel. What you reveal has implications for those people. In the first instance the information is sweet, then the truth dawns. Just as ancient Israelites failed while Moses was up the mountain, the lost tribes have failed to do what was right in the countries the Almighty gave to them.
Trouble is coming.
An example.

Leviticus 26
19 and I will break the pride of your power, and I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze.

The UK has no aircraft carriers, in the '80's she was able to re-establish sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. Sovereignty of those Islands is being challenged again, the message to the Islanders is to 'make their minds up'. Their choice is stay and possibly become Argentinian or leave for the UK.

In America, the main wheat and cattle producing states this last year experienced the worst drought in years whilst at the same time there were extreme flood threats in other locations. Most people are completely unaware that the US has been dipping into it's grain stores for years. They and other nations have turned to Russia as a major wheat producer to subsidize home grown supplies. Last year Russia experienced a drop in wheat production and stopped exporting.
Troubling times indeed.
We watch helplessly as trouble brews in the Middle East, we know what the cause of our tribulation is, we can talk about it, but our fellow countrymen do not want to know.
Truth is truth, there are not several versions of it though the truth may affect us differently simply because we live in different parts of the world, there are aspects of the truth which Brit-Am has identified itself with.

Whilst you may feel that Brit-Am is alone, you are not, we are having to face up to some truths and repent, turning back to the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in genuine humility.

Your work has led to the log being removed from my eye, maybe one day a splinter might need to be removed from yours, or maybe not.
May G-d continue to bless you in all you do, and as you reveal aspects of the truth to your followers, let them open up other aspects of the truth to you. When they do follow the advice they have to follow and the Almighty will ensure that the truth, His truth will shine through.

Thank you Brit-Am.

4. John Boustead: An Army of Reserves.
Re: Brit-Am is Alone!

Brother, you do not stand alone. G-d is forming up an army full of reserves who stand with you.

5. New Article. Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs. Part Two of The Buses. The Anti-Jewish Aspect
This article is item no.3 in JN (Jerusalem News)-980.
For those who read it last week the article has been re-arranged and parts re-written.

6. The Series of Articles, Post-Flood Rehabilitation.           
 by Alexander Zephyr
has so far encompassed 5 entries.
The 6th entry is in effect an article we have published in the recent past:
CANAANITES and GENOCIDE by Alexander Zephyr
The 7th entry is the new article,
The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet.

Here is the Whole List of Articles in the Series:
Post-Flood Rehabilitation.           
 by Alexander Zephyr
(1. Who Were the Sons of God?
(2. The Wife of Noah and Canaan.
(3. The Offspring of Noah: Japheth.
(4. The Offspring of Noah: Ham.
(5. The Offspring of Noah: Shem.
(7. The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet.

7. New Article.
The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet
 by Alexander Zephyr

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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