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Brit-Am Now no. 1790.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
12 December 2011, 16 Kislev 5772.
1. New Article of Importance. Brit-Am Tribal Identifications.
2. New Article. The Tribes 4th Edition Overview.
3. Looking Forward to The Tribes.


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1. New Article of Importance.
Brit-Am Tribal Identifications.
Introduction: Difficulties and Justifications.
Difficulty of Historical Accuracy and the problem of Known Intermixing.
The Tribes Were Each to Become Individual Nations, Each One in Their Own Right!
Different Tribes Tended to Stay Together.
Specific Tribal Allocations.
Maps of Importance:
Map of Israelite Tribes in Europe.
Map of Israelite Tribes in Ancient Israel and the Near East.
Map Showing the Relative Positioning of Israelite Tribes in Europe.
Parallels to DNA and Related Studies.
End Times Identifications.
Biblical Prophecy in the Light of Rabbinical Commentary.
Brit-Am Identifications Exemplified by Historical Reality are Especially Obvious in the Case of Joseph.
The Case of America.
The Dilemma of the Private Person and Israelite Ancestral Identity.
The Future Tribal Identification of Each Individual Israelite.

Biblical Prophecy in the Light of Rabbinical Commentary

Our identifications of specific peoples with Israelite Tribes are based on the Bible.
We find the names of Tribes, of Tribal Clans within the Tribes (Genesis ch.46, Numbers ch.26), of important families, and Tribal heroes throughout the Bible.
We then find amongst groups we otherwise believe to be Israelite these same names repeated.
Very often they are arranged in the same relative family and clan hierarchies as prevailed in Biblical Times.
In addition to the simple literal message of the Bible, we also rely on the meaning of Hebrew Names in the Bible, the correct translation from the Hebrew Bible of Biblical passages, and Rabbinical Commentaries on the Bible. From all these and additional sources we can re-create Tribal Profiles.
These findings frequently fit Brit-Am Tribal Identifications to an amazing degree of exactness.
The Rabbinical Scholars from which we often derive this information were not adherents of Brit-Am, British Israel, or anything similar to it.
In most cases their results were published centuries before we came along!
The Rabbinical results were often reached long before the confirming Prophecies even came to fruition!
The Rabbinical Sages were working in a vacuum with the sole aim of understanding the inner import of Scriptural Passages.
They probably knew nothing about Brit-Am type concepts, though some of them may have.
Nevertheless the results confirm Brit-Am understandings.
These results help strengthen our belief in the Bible. Since we all have the frailties of human beings anything that affirms our Biblical faith is worthwhile.

2. New Article.
The Tribes 4th Edition Overview.

3. Looking Forward to The Tribes.

Blessings to you my Brother!
I just pre-ordered Tribes 4th edition and look forward to reading and studying it.
This is to do my part to help support your very valuable work.
I hope that this will be available also as a [pdf / ebook] download since we travel and are not able to take all of our library with us.
Most of my library is right here on my MacBook.

Thank you! I am listening to and watching all the info I can from mp3s and YouTube downloads.
What a blessing!

I encourage any of your readers / "followers" who have not yet donated to do so quickly.

I also have been guilty of "riding for free," but I believe this is a worthy work, and the laborer is worthy of hire!

[OK you "Brit-Am-ers" let's help Yair all we can !!!] (let us stop being stingy tight-wads).

David in Idaho

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