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Brit-Am Now no. 1720.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
15 July 2011, 13 Tammuz 5771.

1. Duane: Pleased with Brit-Am Attitude.
2. Pattie Farm: Blessing to Brit-Am.
3. Alistair Williams: The Separate Roles of Judah and Joseph.
4. Kerry L. Bulls:
Gog and Magog and the Battle Thereof.
5. Brit-Am Matters.


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1. Duane: Pleased with Brit-Am Attitude.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1718
#5. Question Re Quotation "their Jewish  identity will re-emerge".

Awesome response, I have come to feel this way.
I used to think I had to become Jewish.
I feel that if I stick to learning the Tenach, i.e. Law and Prophets, the Most High will place me where He wants me, should be. That should not be at odds with Judah.

2. Pattie Farm: Blessing to Brit-Am.
Re: Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"'
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am and of Proposed "
Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.

I pray that God blesses you abundantly!  With the times we live in many are attacked by the enemy. I am sure they are well meaning people who have no desire to bring harm.

Be blessed and trust upon the arm of God.  The Christians love the Jews and we study the Bible. People know how God feels about people claiming to be Jews or Gentiles graphed in Jews and are not. 

3. Alistair Williams: The Separate Roles of Judah and Joseph.
Re: Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"'
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am and of Proposed "
Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.
re. Judah should bring the ten tribes back.

Dear Yair.
Since reading through your postings the Almighty has opened my eyes to many things, through the Bible and through accepting certain things about myself.
Your work involves establishing truth and building on truth, that is the way forward.
So we have to start at the very beginning to establish one fundamental truth for all mankind.
G-d created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it in six days, He then created the Sabbath for man.
At the time He created the Sabbath there was just one man and one woman, neither of them could claim to be Israelite or Jewish.  They were just the first two of creation.
We find then, that the Sabbath is not 'the Jewish Sabbath' as many Christians would call it, it is 'the day' G-d created for man, to cease from his labours and spend time with his creator.
The first two humans failed to obey G-d and were cut off and the whole Bible is the history of the redemption and reconciliation of that relationship with mankind and G-d, written before it all happened, so that we, can prepare and give G-d the glory for all He is and does.
G-d in His infinite wisdom separated Abraham from his people and chose to work with and through his descendants.
Judah was given specific tasks.
Joseph received birthright promises.
Judah on the whole managed to keep G-ds commandments whereas Joseph or the northern tribes on the whole always did their own thing, or whatever felt good at the time.
Some of the Northern tribes made their way to Jerusalem to keep the feasts as commanded, but the majority didn't.
To this day, we have two groups of people who do not deny who G-d is, who are conscious of the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
Despite being lost, the characteristics of the Northern tribes exist in their descendants as do the characteristics of the descendants of Judah.
The easiest thing to do in this situation is for me to point out the faults in the descendants of Judah.  This is typical human behaviour, but, G-d fearing people must always look at themselves first and work on their own character according to G-ds word and develop accordingly.
It is highly likely that I am a descendant of a Northern tribe, there was and still is, elements of my character that require work.
In my studies, I realised that the New Testament is specifically for the Northern tribes who were gentilised by their failure to hold on to G-ds law.
So as you read on, please, do not get the impression that I am trying to convert you or missionize, this is vitally important for all to understand.
We live in times now, where Joseph has squandered his birthright and he is going to realise soon how foolish he has been, he will come home, but, as the parable goes, the brother who stayed at home, Judah, is not going to be too happy to see him.
And my point is?
Yair, keep plugging away at your work, you will be criticised by many, Joseph still has a lot of learning to do before he is truly ready to come home.
There are warnings ...for Joseph, he has failed to take note, just as he did before his exile and disappearance, your work helps us open our eyes, but we have to take a long hard look in the mirror and address many issues and when it is time to return, the Almighty will send someone to lead us home.
Judah should not bring the ten tribes home, but he should be preparing himself for it, just as Joseph must begin his own preparation.
You are seeing, fulfillment of Judah's reaction to Joseph's return, typical of any family, it'll take some getting used to, maybe those who have returned are supposed to, but, I would say, if we fear G-d we should not interfere, but, continue to hold fast to what we have learned so far and build on it.  All the while watching the history that G-d wrote at the beginning, unfold.
The Almighty has always been at work, drawing people to the right source of information to engage with them and begin the process of opening their eyes, neither you or I can make this happen, all we can do, is work on what the Almighty puts before us and, share it.
May the Almighty continue to bless and keep you.

4. Kerry L. Bulls: Gog and Magog and the Battle Thereof

by Alexander Zephyr.

Dear Yair it has been a long time since  I have written but am back on track now and regularly following Brit-Am.  I hope you have been well.  I like the new format of the website.  God bless you.
To say what I think about chapters 38 and 39 I want to comment that I agree with Mr. Collins on many areas and can see he is a scholar. 

1.        Gomer is not China; it is Germany which still has a strong anti-Semitic faction there
2.       The use of the word 'Israel' and 'Ephraim' I believe are the US and other nations in NATO
3.       But Jerusalem surrounded by enemies is modern Israel in my view
4.       Predator nations wouldn't actually invade the USA as they would be nuked into oblivion faster than they could say Apple Pie.
5.       The Mountains of Israel are the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon correct'
6.       Gog and Magog occurs twice: once before the Millennial Reign of the Messiah and again at the end of the thousand year millennium.  That is obvious.
7.       I do believe that Ephraim and Judah will be reunited eventually but we are united now in so many ways.
8.       I believe that in Ezekiel 38 and 39 it says that Tarshish and all the Young Lions will stand up to the Russian-Arab alliance when they make their move. It is obscure but I am quite sure nuclear weapons are deployed against Gog and his Horde and it will be the end of their evil plans
Thanks Yair for letting me share.  I remain at your service my dear brother.
Dr. Kerry L. Bulls, Chaplain
Founder & President
Healing Word International

5. Brit-Am Matters
Yair Davidiy and all round him (thank God) is in good health.
Several minor yet important developments that may presage good fortune for Brit-Am have occurred recently.
We are working on our new book "Hosea: The Ten Tribes Identified".
Money Problems are serious. We are also still having trouble with our computer. This put us out of action for a few days this week but we used the time for study and research and were blessed through it.
We will see how things go.
In principle we react according to the situations we are faced with and the information we receive.
In addition to this we also adhere to principles of priority when possible.
Our priorities at present include:
Getting through the current financial straits.
Continuing the Brit-Am on-going services.
Publishing the Book "Hosea: The Ten Tribes Identified".
Publishing an improved newer edition of "The Tribes" (which however is quite good as it is and of which a few copies still remain available.)
Intensifying our researches on megalithic monuments and Israelite Migratory Paths with a view to eventually publishing at least one (if not several) book(s) on the subject.
This is all quite a lot but it is worthwhile and needs doing.

We believe that whosoever assists us in the above efforts whether financially, morally, or otherwise  will be blessed by the Almighty.
We have said this in the past and some have been scandalized by our effrontery in this matter.
Nevertheless it is true and we believe it.

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