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Brit-Am Now no. 1719.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
12 July 2011, 10 Tammuz 5771.

1. New Article.
Brit-Am Research Achievements
. An Overview.
2. Mark Robinson: Useful Web Site for Sephardic Jews and those of Spanish Jewish Descent.
3. Health Tip. Zinc Cream.
4. Brit-Am and DNA. They may eventually catch up to us!
5. Important Addition to "The Wars of
Gog and Magog" by Alexander Zephyr.


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1. New Article.
Brit-Am Research Achievements. An Overview.

Brit-Am Versus "British Israel".
Biblical Proofs.
Historical Proofs.
DNA Findings.
Rabbinical Sources.
i) Confirm Applicability of Biblical Verses.
(ii) Outright Ten Tribes Identifications.
(iii) Analyzes of Ten Tribes Characteristics Applicable to Brit-Am Findings
Brit-Am Still the ONLY Source for Rabbinical Source Locating the Ten Tribes in the West!
Conclusion and Appeal.

Brit-Am specializes in researching the present whereabouts of descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Most of these are to be found in concentrated localities amongst specific ethnicities. A good proportion of all valid research findings applicable in our time for the location of the Ten Tribes came to light as a result of Brit-Am research efforts. In Biblical Studies Brit-Am showed how key verses whose correct meaning was not previously realized tell us where the Ten Tribes are. In Historical research Brit-Am revealed whole new vistas of discovery and enlightenment. In Rabbinical Studies Brit-Am showed how proofs concerning the Ten Tribes were confirmed and corroborated. In other fields of study Brit-Am showed the way and is still doing so.

2. Mark Robinson: Useful Web Site for Sephardic Jews and those of Spanish Jewish Descent.
Brit-Am Now no. 1718.
#4. Descendants of Jews in Costa Rica as Predicted by the Prophet Obadiah?


Yair, Harold Calvo and others may find a wealth of information about
Sephartic Jews in the new world at This is Dr.
Dell Sanchez' website. He has done much research, written many books, and
directs a significant project in DNA research on Sephardic Jews. God bless,
Mark Robinson

3. Health Tip. Zinc Cream.
Do you have a skin rash, an abrasion, a wound that refuses to heal? Does it seem that
the conventional creams you received from the health authorities are lengthening the healing process rather than shortening it?
It may be that in many cases zinc cream is the answer. Pure zinc cream or any cream with a substantial zinc base seems to work.
It dries the wound up and lets the body take over. Relief may be almost instantaneous.
Zinc cream is not expensive and when other means have failed it is worth a try.

Zinc is also recommended as a food supplement:

Zinc is found in all tissues and especially in the eye, kidney, brain, liver, muscle and reproductive organs. It aids the healing of burns, wounds and other minor skin disorders, is useful for bone development and maintaining a healthy resistance to disease and in the reduction of inflammation or body

Zinc Benefits:
There are plenty of benefits of Zinc. Few of the important ones are:
Zinc helps in healing up the injuries. Our body is prone to its and scratches but gradually with time, the wounds are healed. This is done with the help of zinc. It is one of the zinc benefits to heal the injuries in the human body.
Zinc benefits also include maintenance of proper growth and development of the various organs of the body. Zinc also helps in hair growth. For those suffering from diabetes, zinc helps in producing insulin which helps them in controlling their blood sugar level.
The most important point amongst the zinc benefits is the strengthening of the immune system. The immune system is greatly affected by the zinc supplements. Zinc helps in secretion of a lot of enzymes, and in the same way strengthens the immune system.
inc is thus often taken for immunizing the body against common cold and cough. It is also seen that AIDS patients have increased their immunity by zinc benefits.

4. Brit-Am and DNA. They may eventually catch up to us!
Brit-Am has its own section concerning DNA.
We set this up because it seemed that DNA findings were contradicting Brit-Am assumptions.
Instead of impeding it may now be the case that DNA findings are helping.
Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
#1. DNA Substantiates Brit-Am! New Study Admits:
Most Probable that R1b came to Europe after 1000 BCE!!!

The DNA issue from the very beginning did help us in other ways.
DNA clarified the issue that there is heredity; that groups of specific ancestry tend to group together; that even though they group together
they overlap political and linguistic boundaries; that changes in the ancestral constituency of peoples are not necessarily traceable to known
acknowledged historical processes.
DNA is already admitting that most peoples in Western Europe originated in the Middle East area and that a good portion of them probably only arrived after ca. 1000 BCE.
DNA still has a long way to go but give them time.
They may eventually catch up to us or at least be visible on the horizon trailing behind!

5. Important Addition to
The Wars of
Gog and Magog by Alexander Zephyr.



They quote from Job 29:6  ''and the rock poured me out rivers of oil.'  Also, the blessings to the Tribe of Asher, ''let him dip his foot in oil' (Deuteronomy 33:24), directly points  to the geographical location of Asher on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea where the Leviathan Field huge reservoirs of hydrocarbon fossil fuel fields were recently discovered.

Those people who used to joke that Moses at the time of Exodus from Egypt made a big mistake by turning left (Israel) instead of right (Saudi Arabia), choosing the only place in the Middle East with no oil, have been proven wrong by the prophetic Word of the Holy Bible and the real geological discoveries of the 'glory of the Deep' by Israeli scientists.

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