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Brit-Am Now no. 1692.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
11 May 2011, 7 Iyar 5771.

2. Pastor James PS Templeton:
"The Tribes" quoted in on-line book and suggestion for .pdf publication.
3. New Article: Esau in Germany.


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1. ISRAEL AND JUDAH REJOINED AND RESTORED     by         Bruce McKerras     May 2011

Most Christians have been taught for years that the church has replaced Israel as the chosen nation, taking over her mission in the world. The many prophetic passages that promise the full and complete restoration of ALL the twelve tribes back to the Land, have been allegorized and applied, either to the church or to salvation in heaven.

Such a dramatic change to God's plan, is not indicated in the New Testament or by the early church leaders. The idea of the church replacing Israel, is one that has evolved only in recent times.

The Bible tells how the House of Israel [the Northern 10 tribes] and subsequently, the House of Judah [the Jews] were taken into exile because of their sins. God hid His face from them.  Deut 31:17-18, Deut 32:20, Micah 3:4.

However this 'hiding of His face' is neither rejection or replacement. Actually, the very purpose of the exile is to prepare for the full restoration of ALL Israel. Exile is always understood as a discipline, for a set period of time. When Moses mentions the exile, he then gives the promise of the restoration.  Deuteronomy 30:1-14.

These promises were given to all the people of Israel. The 10 lost tribes, having lost their identity as God planned it, will rejoin with their brother, Judah.

The prophets consistently and carefully distinguish between the two 'Houses'. This separation and eventual restoration is the major theme of all the prophecy.

 Israel [that is the 10 tribes] is scattered among the nations, as many 'as the sands of the sea' and they think of themselves as Gentiles, but God says 'not a pebble will be lost'. Amos 9:9.  They will surely return, to Judah and to the Land. Micah 4:6-7

God's promises to all Israel are absolute and unconditional. There are over forty separate passages in Bible prophecy which deal specifically, in great detail with this great story of the regathering and settling of His people, righteous Israel into all the area given to Abraham, so long ago. Genesis 13:14-17.

These Bible texts cannot be ignored or spiritualized if one wishes to seriously interpret scripture. They have never been fulfilled in the past, not in 515BC, when a few thousand Jews came back to a small portion of the Land, nor yet in our day. The establishment of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948 is a 'first-fruit' sign of what is to come. The Prophets tell how Judah will return first, and their return is a concrete proof of how God has not and will not cast off His people ' including the 10 lost tribes.

The prophet Jeremiah says: Israel is holy to the Lord, the first-fruits of His harvest.  This image of the first-fruits relates to the symbolic meaning of Israel's holy days and the harvest seasons, as set out in Leviticus 23. The Plan of God will be realised through the 'great nation' as promised to the Patriarchs', then the full harvest will follow. There is nothing racist about this Plan, it is a matter for God to use those who He has determined and prepared for His purposes, thus fulfilling His promises. As God Himself declares: This restoration of all Israel will be a vindication of His holy Name. Ezekiel 39:27.

2. Pastor James PS Templeton: "The Tribes" quoted in on-line book and suggestion for .pdf publication.

Pastor James PS Templeton wrote:

Dear Yair, I thought you would be interested in this book which quotes frequently from The Tribes which you have written.

"America and Britain in Prophecy" by David C. Pack


While I mention The Tribes I wondered whether they are available in pdf format, Yours Sincerely, James Templeton.
Pastor James PS Templeton
Newcastle, County Down,
Northern Ireland.

Brit-Am Reply:

Thanks for the link.
Your suggestion concerning The Tribes is worth considering.
We could offer The Tribes as it is now in .pdf format.
Or we could proceed with the preparation of a new edition and then offer that.
Selling .pdf files does bring in some income but it is no substitute for printed works.

3. New Article:
Esau in Germany

The ancient native Germans called their god "Koz"... This name is derived from a Middle Eastern form of Esau ... Esau (under the name of "Koz") was therefore the supreme god of many in Germany

....the Edoni, and Odomants of Thrace .. were offshoots from Edom. Thrace was in southeast Europe but there were many movements from this region of peoples into Germany.

We also find the Idumi in the Baltic area to the east of Germany in Anglo-Saxon times and from this region hordes of Slavonic and other groups moved westward to eventually become Germanized.

A straight forward reading of a passage in the Talmud (Megilla 6) identies Edom with ancient Rome and Germany.
[ The Talmudic scholar, Adin Steinzhaltz, appears to diagree with this interpretation but a Midrash confirms it.]

Edomites to a significant degree are to be found amongst several nations. Any one of them (or all of them together) may be considered a candidate for the role of Edom in the End Times as described by the Bible.

In Jewish Tradition, Germany is referred to as "Ashkenaz". Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer son of Japhet (Genesis 10:3).

The Medieval Commentator, Rabbi Abraham Iben Ezra (1088-1164) said (on Obadiah 1:20) that the Canaanites who fled from the Israelites under Joshua went to Germany.

Many Israelites from the Ten Tribes were also once in Germany but later mostly moved out.

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