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Brit-Am Now no. 1680.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
10 April 2011, 6 Nissan 5771.

1. Brother Gilbert Bloomer:  Byron and Hebrew Melodies.
2. Answer to Question by Jeff Booth Concerning Zebulon and the Sea.
3. Changes in Article Arrangement. "All the Israelites Will Come Back!"
4. New Article:
Debate: "Will All the Israelites
Will Come Back?"
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times?
5. Jeff Booth: Zebulon and


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1. Brother Gilbert Bloomer:  Byron and Hebrew Melodies.
Re 2Kings 19:1-37.
"Like the wolf on the fold" by Lord Byron. Poem and Recording to Download.

Dear Yair,
The tunes of the Hebrew Melodies come form the music of the Jewish synagogue as arranged by Isaac Nathan. He eventually settled in Sydney Australia and was Australia's first tram accident casulty. Here is the link to more of these songs of Lord Byron and Isaac Nathan.

cheers Brother Gilbert

2. Answer to Question by Jeff Booth Concerning Zebulon and the Sea.
Jeff Booth wrote:

Jacob said of Zebulun:  Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for an haven of ships; and his border shall be unto Zidon. Gen. 49:13.

Moses said of Zebulun: 'for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand. Deut 33:19.

  According to these verses Zebulun would become noted for its maritime activity. However, if you look at a tribal map showing the boundaries of each tribe you will see that Zebulun was totally landlocked with no access to the sea whatsoever.  Zebulun was the proverbial "Kansas" of the Promised Land and his inheritance could not be fulfilled until relocated in the Appointed Place. (II Sam. 7:10) The Elders of Israel in Joshua's day were not ignorant of Zebulun's birthright promise so why did they place Zebulun in the center of Israel with no access to the sea?

Brit-Am Reply:

In Gen. 49:13 the Hebrew words [Chof Yamim] translated as "haven of the sea" should more correctly be rendered as "Shores of the 
Zebulon on the Shores of the Sea in Holland

The blessings to the Tribes in Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33 were to be primarily fulfilled in the End Times.
Jacob himself said so expressly:
Genesis 49:1.
# And Jacob called his sons and said, 'Gather together, that I may tell you what shall befall you in the last days'#.
"in the last days" means in the End Times close to the Messianic Period.
This is is apparent in our time. The Tribes of Zebulon in the Netherlands is now fulfilling this prophecy.
They live on reclaimed sea-land i.e. literally ion the shores of the sea and they are the only nation who does so. Peoples who settled in that region in ancient times were named after Zebulon (e.g. the "Sebulingoi") and clans of Zebulon.
The order of settlement in the Land of Israel was to be repeated in Western Europe.
See "The Tribes".
Nevertheless, you have a point!
The blessings of Jacob and Moses did receive some degree of fulfillment in the Land of Israel.
This was prototypical of their later fulfillment.
The Map you sent us show Zebulon in the middle of the Galilee with Asher on the west, Issachar and Naphtali to the east. Zebulon here has no contact with the sea!


This would appear to contradict the blessing of Jacob who said Zebulon would be on the sea-shores and his border unto Sidon (Genesis 49:13). Sidon (Zidon) was a Phoenician port on the coast.
There are Rabbinical opinions that Zebulon in fact inherited portions bordering both the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinnereth) and the Mediterranean Sea.
Aryeh Kaplan ("The Living Torah") has a map showing Zebulon possessing a sliver of land along the Mediterranean Shores.


See Map.


3. Changes in Article Arrangement. "All the Israelites Will Come Back!"
The article
"All the Israelites Will Come Back!"
Remark About
Mashiach son of Joseph and the Last Days
by Alexander Zephyr

has now been changed into two separate articles:

(a) Zechariah 12 and Mashiach son of Joseph
by Alexander Zephyr

(b) All the Israelites Will Come Back!
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times.
by Alexander Zephyr

4. New Article:
Debate: "Will All the Israelites Will Come Back?"
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times?
1. Previous Remarks of Relevance.
2. Only a Remnant Will Return! by Bruce McKerras
3. Alex Zephyr: Jeremiah 3:14 Proves Completion of Return, Not the Opposite!
4. Alex Zephyr: Gentiles (not Israelites) will be going up to Pay Homage!!
5. Alex Zephyr: Those Who Are Destroyed Will have been left Behind!

5. Jeff Booth: Zebulon and Sidon.
I believe we're both in agreement concerning Zebulun. I believe what Jacob and Moses said concerning this tribe was fulfilled when Zebulun settled in Holland. Maybe the "Appointed Place" (II Sam. 7:10) should be called the "Appointed Places" (plural.) It should also be pointed out, according to Ezekiel, that during the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom Zebulun is place well south of the Dead Sea---almost 200 miles south of  "Zidon."
Zebulun never came in contact with Zidon before the Assyrian captivity and will not be in contact with Zidon during the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom. Maybe the answer can be found here:
I'll admit, the Zidon issue is a tough one.

Jeff Booth

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