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Brit-Am Now no. 1678.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
7 April 2011, 3 Nissan 5771.

1. Mark A. Robinson: "I've always been a Lord Byron fan!"
2. New Article: Reply to a German Apologist.
3. Answer to Question About Verse Supporting "All the Israelites Will Come Back!" by Alex Zephyr .
4. Will the Land of Israel Encompass North America?
5. Brian
Patmore: We Should Pray to Abba (Our Father) for Others!


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1. Mark A. Robinson: "I've always been a Lord Byron fan!"
RE: 2-Kings 19,  Destruction of Sennacherib and the Ten Tribes.
# "Like the wolf on the fold" by Lord Byron.

Thanks, Yair. I've always been a Lord Byron fan. And playing this at the elevated volume it deserves is keeping all the riff-raff out of my office. Truly, I wish I could have lived in the eras when knowledge of the scriptures, history, poetry, and Irish, Welch, and operatic ballads all came together for the prosperity of our souls. Mark

2. New Article:
Reply to a German Apologist

Maybe the Gentiles are disappointed that the Jews are not trying to take over the world? That the Jews do not want to tell them what to do? Perhaps this disappointment is sublimated into fantasies of Jewish plots to rule mankind? Alternately it may reflect Edomite ancestry on the part of the Gentiles in question and reflect what they feel the "Chosen People" should be doing?

Incidentally our movement, Brit-Am, has (or had?) some supporters and sympathizers in Germany today.
Quite a few of our supporters in North America and South Africa etc are at least partly of German origin.
Our researches indicate that those Germans who emigrated to North America and elsewhere in the 1870s and 1880s etc were of different stock from the bulk of the Germans who remained behind.

3. Answer to Question About Verse Supporting "All the Israelites Will Come Back!" by Alex Zephyr .

Mark Mosley wrote:

Brit-Am Now no. 1677.
#1. New Article: All the Israelites Will Come Back!
Remark About Mashiach son of Joseph and the Last Days
by Alexander Zephyr


I was reading the last Brit-Am posting and was wondering the exact Scripture that say all Israel will return and none will be left.  That is my opinion, but another that I discuss this with believes that only a few will return and that we will not give up the lands that we are in now.  I have been searching and can't seem to locate it.  He does not believe that the Almighty will make us give up what we have.  I want to be able to show him in Scripture so we can have a more balanced Scriptural discussion.  I also remind him that the Jewish people had to give up all they had during the reign of Hitler.

Thanks for your help.
Mark Mosley

Brit-Am Reply:
Mark Shalom,
You should perhaps have read the article?
If you did not it may have been our fault since we forgot to include the URL.
Here it is:
All the Israelites Will Come Back!
by Alexander Zephyr
The article shows that  Biblical verses often quoted as if to indicate that most of the Israelites will remain in their present lands are misquoted. They do not say that.

The article quotes several verses including:
'Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own Land, and have left none of them any more there' (Ezekiel 39:28).

 'I will multiply people on you [Mountains of Israel], all the house of Israel, all of it' (Ezekiel 36:10).

It must be pointed out the article in question was written by Alex Zephyr.
The subject matter is pertinent to our studies and of interest to our subscribers.
It does not however necessarily reflect what we believe in.
On the one hand, the literal meaning of Scripture would appear to indicate that ALL the Israelites will return.
On the other hand, there exist Rabbinical Traditions that the land of Israel in Messianic Times will expand to include many other nations (Gittin 5).
See the item below:
#4. Will the Land of Israel Encompass North America?

4. New Entry:
Will the Land of Israel Encompass North America?

Rabbi Yehudah (Gittin 8a) says "the Great Sea for a border" means the Yam HaOkeanus which refers to the Atlantic Ocean.

Our understanding is that Britain  would be considered as in the Great Sea (Atlantic Ocean) and if it includes Britain it would of necessity expand to encompass North America as well!

What was prophesied as destined to take place in the Land of Israel will do so.

What do we therefore do with the Rabbinical statements concerning the future borders of Israel?
We may suggest an answer but it is built on a series of "ifs"!
If these sources are correct and mean literally what they say?
If the future land of Israel is to encompass parts of Western Europe, the British Isles, and North America?
If only a portion of the Ten Tribes return and the prophecies are fulfilled through them?
It may be that after that the sanctity of the Land of Israel will be expanded to include all Lands in which the Ten Tribes are to be found?

5. Brian Patmore: We Should Pray to Abba (Our Father) for Others!
Re NJN-18
#1. Muslim Brotherhood Fact Sheet.
Brit-Am said:
# Notice that in the eyes of evil-doers amongst the heathen the Israelite Nations of Joseph and the Jews of Judah are often equated!
The enemy sometimes instinctively realizes who we are even if we do not! #

Shalom Yair,

I have read the statements re the instinctive nature of the way the enemy seeks out the Israelite nations and individuals/families.

Indeed this is true in my experience. The instinctive animosity towards the people is amazing.

Abba is putting hooks in the "mouths" of his enemies, including the "King of The North", and will crush them upon "His Little Mountains".

If they turn back, repent of their sins, humble themselves before him, ask for pardon and seek proper Holy Torah instruction and start to live a Holy Torah based life they can be saved, the same as the rest of us.
Let us pray that maybe some may see the light and turn to Abba before it is too late.


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