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Brit-Am Now no. 1654.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
27 February 2011, 23 Adar-Aleph 5772.

1. Reaction to Radio Show with Rachel Cohen and Cynthia Grace.
2. New Article. THE  LAND OF
MAGOG., Part 3 of THE WARS of GOG and MAGOG by Alexander Zephyr.
3. Joan Griffith: Genealogies.


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1. Reaction to Radio Show with Rachel Cohen and Cynthia Grace
Brit-Am Radio Interview with Rachel Cohen and Cynthia Grace.
Duration: 49 minutes.

Shalom Yair,

Just listened to the broadcast and thoroughly enjoyed!  Keep up the good work.  Good they will have you on the show again to spread your excellent 10 tribes research work.

Carolyn Williams
Oregon, USA

2. New Article. THE  LAND OF MAGOG, Part 3 of THE WARS of GOG and MAGOG by Alexander Zephyr.
'The Russian Theory'; The 'Caucasian Theory'; 'Hashemite Kingdom Theory'; The 'All Europe Theory';  'Indo-European Theory'.

The majority of Bible scholars agree that the Land of Magog geographically represents the territory of Central Asia, including regions of Southern Russia with all its Islamic nations north of the Caucasus Mountains. In conjunction with the phrase of Ezekiel 38:3, 'Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal', this most certainly points to Russia. A  wrong translation of the Hebrew word 'rosh' also heavily contributed to the Russian identification. Instead of translating 'rosh' as an adjective, meaning 'head' or 'chief', as it has been translated in the Scripture on more than 400 occasions, the word 'Rosh' was mistranslated as a noun, indicating a place. Rosh sounds like Rossia, Rashu, Ros, Rus, Russia. Meshech and Tubal are too easily associated with the Russian capital Moscow and the biggest city of the western Siberia ' Tobolsk. After all of this, how is it possible the Land of Magog could not be Russia?

3. Joan Griffith: Genealogies

Hi there,

My sister sent me this story about Thomas Lightfoot, a Quaker Irish-English immigrant to America before the Revolutionary War.

I am not clear on whether she wrote this or copied it from another member site. They have public and private family trees. I'm still poor, so I can't join & find out more to the story. One of the sons of this guy was named Jacob Lightfoot, born in Ireland, and he is one of the stems of my family. I'm just sending this as an example of Irish coming to America and not ending up in the South. :) Rather, there were a lot of Irish in Pennsylvania, and later waves went to Boston and other places at the time of the potato famine.  I know people often write to you asking about how to find their Jewish (or Lost Tribes) roots, and this little story has some resources, should you choose to post them.

Pointing them to is useful since when you go back far enough, you being to link in to the other family trees on the site and find out more and more information. People post stories, wills, and other interesting stuff there.
[Disclaimer: has a membership fee, but I have no interest in this, except for mental interest.]

Frankly, I donno who has had the most influence on the United States of America, Irishmen or Jews!  But we are brothers and sisters.
Joan Griffith

The founder of my family line Thomas Lightfoot (1645 - 1725) was my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He was born in Cambridgeshire, England. His father may have been another Lightfoot named Thomas born in Cambridge who traveled with the teenage Quaker minister George Whitehead, and who in 1653 was persecuted - possibly imprisoned - for his affiliation with the Quakers. The records are not clear concerning the relationship between the elder Thomas and the younger, but they do confirm the younger Thomas as a direct ancestor of mine. It is impossible to know for certain what combination of temperament, personal experience, and mindset possessed by Thomas Lightfoot attracted him to the worldview of George Fox and his 'Friends', but it is a matter of history that he chose to exercise a freedom of thought and an independence of conscience through this Nonconformity - in spite of religious persecution - by remaining a Quaker throughout his life. In 1678 Thomas Lightfoot married Mary (maiden name unknown) in York, England and by 1692 is on record as living in County Antrim in Northern Ireland where he was part of a Quaker committee assigned to purchase land  for use as a burial ground. Sometime between 1692 and 1694, Mary died and Thomas  moved to County West Meath, Ireland where he married Sarah Wiley. In 1716 at the age of 71, Thomas emigrated to William Penn's colony in North America with this second wife and his grown children from both wives. He may have decided to relocate to the New World in order to escape legal sanctions imposed on Nonconformists (Dissenters) in Great Britain at that period, he might have made the move due to degenerating economic conditions created by trade restrictions placed on Ireland by the Crown, or he might simply have been inspired by reports sent by his eldest son Michael who had emigrated there in 1712. Thomas Lightfoot and the rest of his family - with the exception of his son William who remained in Ireland - settled in Chester County on the outskirts of Philadelphia where he remained an active Quaker minister, even undertaking a visit to New England for religious purposes in 1724. A year before his death in 1725 he married for a third time, to a widow named Margaret (Pulford) Blunston.

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