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Brit-Am Now no. 1627
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

13 January 2011, 8 Shevet 5771.
1. New Article:
"The Origins of Japanese Populations
"  by KINO.
2. New Entry: Early Israelite Origins Belief in England.
Thomas Tarry 1650, Thomas
Vernier 1657, British Israel, Edward Hine.
3. India and Abraham: Letters and Sources.
(a)  Michelle Bowie: Brahmans sons of Abraham's Concubines?
(b) John
Salverda: Abraham and Hinduism?
(c) Rabbi
Matityahu Glazerson  and Biblical Elements in Hinduism.
4. New Article:
My Brother's Keeper. The Obligation
to Spread Israelite Awareness!
5. Brian Farmer: The Town-Name of "Purity" in Ohio.


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1. New Article:
"The Origins of Japanese Populations"  by Kino
Brit-Am Note.
Were The Native Jomon of Japan Edomites?
Was the Real Emperor of Japan Switched by Another?
The Racial Structure of the Japanese.
Dan, Phoenicia, and Nestorian Christians.
Is there an anti-Israelite Agenda Behind non-Brit-Am Identifications?
Photos of the Meiji Emperor and Samurai.
Photos of the Japanese Ainu People.
Photos of Ainu and Andaman Islander.

There are lots of people who write Japan is one of the lost tribes.
Even an Israel Rabbi wrote that Shintoism has similar customs to Judaism.
Judging by their their websites  I feel they are misinformed and misinforming. Do they have an agenda? What is this movement all about?
Are they deliberately collecting non-Israelites on purpose from all over the world? To diminish the Ashkenazi component in Israel?

2. New Entry: Early Israelite Origins Belief in England.
Thomas Tarry 1650
Vernier 1657
British Israel, Edward

The following entries have been added to our article:
Traditions of Israelite Descent  in England

Early Spread of the Belief
During the Rule of Oliver Cromwell several different groups and individuals gave expression to the idea that the English were descended from the Ten tribes of Israel. Cromwell himself made statements that could be understood to that effect. This was not a new notion but must have existed for some time previously. Fear of the Church and the Establishment had however kept such beliefs "under-cover" as may be seen in the work of Franz Kobler concerning the restoration of the Jews to the Land of Israel.

Kobler tells us:

The identification of the English people with Israel found its most ecstatic expression in the rebellion organised by Thomas Vernier against Cromwell in 1657 and promptly put down.
In a contemporary manifesto the rebels pledged solemnly that they would not "sheathe their swords again until Mount Zion becomes the joy of the whole earth". Thomas Tarry, a London goldsmith, was one of several men who not only prophesied the impending Restoration of the Jews but actually conducted themselves as Heaven-sent redeemers. They originated a movement which, under the name of British-Israelites, was to acquire a surprising importance much later on. In a tract published in 1650, Tarry describes himself as a descendant of the tribe of Reuben and High Priest of the Jews. Shortly afterwards he was drowned when he set out in a small boat in order to call the Jews of Holland to organise an expedition to reconquer the Holy Land.

France Kobler, "The Vision Was There!" (1956)
Part One 1.
pp.15-16 (Brit-Am .pdf edition).

British Israel Originally Amongst the Eartliest Supporters of Restorationism i.e. Zionism Supported by Britain.
Franz Kobler tells us:

      # A simultaneous phenomenon was the rise of British-Israelism. Its origins go back to the beginnings of Puritanism and, at a later stage, to Richard Brothers (see p. 43), but as a sect British-Israel did not come into being until the middle of the nineteenth century. The year 1845 saw the publication of the first systematic work of this eccentric school, John Wilson's Our Israelitish Origin. The followers of the new creed claimed that the ancestors of the Saxon races appeared in the seventh, or eighth century B.C.E.: at the very place in Asia to which the inhabitants of the Israelitish Kingdom had been removed early in the eighth century. For Israel thus rediscovered in the English people the originators of the theory laid claim to the blessings of Abraham and asserted that it would also perform the Restoration of the descendants of Judah and Levi. "The Jews most assuredly will return to Judaea, but not until we ourselves restore them", said Edward Hine, one of the exponents of British-Israelism.

      # On this evidence, British-Israelism may be regarded as a branch of the Restoration Movement, though apart from its eccentricity it held an inherent contradiction to the fundamental Messianic principle of the Restoration idea and this provoked violent opposition especially from Restorationists themselves.

Franz Kobler "The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" London, 1956, Part Four, III. CONTINUANCE AND TRANSFORMATION.

3. India and Abraham: Letters and Sources

(a)  Michelle Bowie: Brahmans sons of Abraham's Concubines?
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1626
#2. Cherie Koch: India, the Brahmans, and Abraham.
Shalom Yair,
Below is a verse from Beresheis but I have also seen this in Sepher Yesher:
In response to Cherie Koch:
Gen 25:6 But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country.
Blessings, michelle b.

(b) John Salverda: Abraham and Hinduism?
Re The Note from Cherie Koch
#2. Cherie Koch: India, the Brahmans, and Abraham.

Dear Yair,

I was intrigued by the note you got from Cherie Koch concerning Abraham and Brahman, I feel that this is something to be looked into, and would encourage Cherie to continue a deeper investigation along this line.

In the research for my article about the similarities between the story of Abraham and the Greek myth of Athamas, I came across the phase, "The ultimate goal in Hinduism is to achieve moksha through the realization that one's Atman and Brahman are the same thing." I even considered including a paragraph or two about Hinduism but was discouraged by the fact that it would be way off on a tangent from the idea of my original theses and was a bit beyond my expertise. If I can ever find the time, I shall have to look into the works of "Hugh Davis."

Never-the-less, in explaining why "Abraham" might be called "Athamas," I was struck by the similarities between these, and the Hindu terms "Brahman" and "Atman." I was completely unaware of the name "Saraisvati" for the "consort" of Brahman, which also caught my attention.

The connection between Israel and Zoroasterism seems evident, and a further connection between Zoroasterism and Hinduism is also good enough to warrant further investigation in my view. Good work Cherie, don't give up your research in this area, you are on to something, no doubt about it.

-John R. Salverda

(c) Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson  and Biblical Elements in Hinduism

Above the Zodiac - From Hinduism Back to Judaism - Hebrew Source of Languages ....

Rabbi Glazerson gives a deeper insight into the values of Judaism, values which have become essential in today's world of quest for a meaningful life. This book attempts to verify the claims of the many Jews who have returned to an observant life, that Torah-true Judaism holds all the wisdom that is to be found in Eastern mysticism. This is accomplished by the comparison and dissection of Hebrew words.

Rabbi Mattatiyah Glazerson

Matityahu Glazerson

Rabbi Glazerson was born and educated in Israel. He studied at Medrashiat Noam in Pardes Chana and at various Yeshivot, including Kfar Chassidim, Ponievez, and Chevron. In 1964, after just being married, he went to Johannesburg, South Africa, where established the Yeshivah Torat Emet and became its head until he returned to Israel in 1980.

Now Available!
Indian Interlude Cover


4. New Article:
My Brother's Keeper.
The Obligation to Spread Israelite Awareness!
A Challenge to Ephraimites and Others!

Letter from Thomas Malloy.
The Possibility of Civil War in the State of Israel.
Ephraimites and Messianics Seek to Abandon their Fellow Israelites!
Are they Really Jews from Judah?
Mutual Responsibility and a Need to Spread the Brit-Am Message.

As for Civil War: Since before the foundation of the State of Israel rival ideologies have been struggling for control. There were times when outbreaks of violence occurred. Civil War was narrowly averted in 1948 due to the intercession of Rabbi Maimon of the National Religious Movement.
Jewish tradition says that in the last days there will be civil war between the True Jews and the Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude) who are usually identified with the secular anti-religious.

The Palestinians also have to be transferred to North Africa and/or Latin America.
Could the Erev Rav include the Palestinians?

Messianics are usually enthusiastic Christians and aggressively assertive about it.
A good portion of the Jews in Samaria and Judah are Orthodox. There are fundamental differences between the two groups. This is not a simple matter.

 The idea of Civil war amongst the Jews resulting in messianics being invited to settle in Judah and Samaria sounds like wishful thinking.
This whole trend of thought is troublesome to us.

5. Brian Farmer: The Town-Name of "Purity" in Ohio.
Re Biblical Place Names in America
Biblical Names in the State of Ohio

Ohio Flag Hello Yair,
  Your list of Biblical place names in Ohio omits a small hamlet named Purity, which is in Eden Township of Licking County.  Purity is small, and does not have a post office, so it may not show up on many lists of towns in Ohio.
  I am unsure of the origins of the unincorporated village of Esto, which is now a thriving Amish community.
Brian Farmer

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