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Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

21 December 2010, 14 Tevet 5771.
1. Dennis McGinlay: "The road has been rocky!"
2. Brit-Am Renewed Appeal and Poem.
3. Brit-Am Appeal Intended in All Seriousness!
4. Problems with
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5. Different Christian Attitudes to Israel Categorized.
6. Additions to Article:
Electricity on Sabbath: An Alternative Approach?
7. Insight from Eddie
Does Isaiah 49 indicate that Christian Zionists etc are from the Ten Tribes?


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1. Dennis McGinlay: "The road has been rocky!"
Re The Ten Tribes were all Exiled and are Amongst Western Peoples!
Polemics: David Parsons Refuted!

Dear Yair

The article by David Parsons is to my way of thinking another attempt by Satanic forces to deny the truth of the Bible
and particularly the promises to Ephraim and Manasseh handed down from and because of Abraham. To me these are the core and fundamental prophesies in the entire old testament that point to the future history and redemption of all of Israel and humanity. They reveal the guiding hand of God in mankind's affairs and ultimate destiny. The road has been rocky but in the end all will be well.

Dennis McGinlay

2. Brit-Am Renewed Appeal and Poem.

Brit-Am relies on the sale of publications and offerings.
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Ongoing Offerings have continued but have gone down whereas needs have gone up.
We have not made an appeal for some time even though we would have been entirely justified in doing so.
We take the situation into consideration and try not to impose on our subscribers.
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For those who are at all able we ask that offerings be made.
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Brit-Am Renewed Appeal.

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Payment for us with life to cope
Enabling to expand our scope.

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Proofs of your Hebraic descent.
Do not leave us in the Lurch.
With our Knowledge we Reveal
What your soul does truly feel.
For our supper we shall sing
Revelation does Brit-Am bring.
Jews and Joes to Reconcile
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Hebrew souls in guise Gentile
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Get yourselves on the track.

Brit-Am wishes to serve you well
Prove yourselves, send some change
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3. Brit-Am Appeal Intended in All Seriousness!
After making the appeal above we received only one offering and this may have been decided upon before the appeal.
Please assist Brit-Am.
The poem may sound a little light-hearted but it was intended in all seriousness.
Brit-Am has an important role to fulfill and is in need of funds.
You, our subscribers, are the only source of funding we have.

4. Problems with PayPal? Please Write Us!
One subscriber wrote and told us that they tried to make an offering via PayPal but the link from our site to PayPal is not working.
We checked it and as far as we can tell, it is working OK.
One may have to wait a minute for the link to respond''
If however anyone else has encountered a similar problem please write us ASAP with as much details  (URL used etc.) as possible.

5. Different Christian Attitudes to Israel Categorized:
Recently we lambasted David Parsons in our article:
The Ten Tribes were all Exiled and are Amongst Western Peoples!
Polemics: David Parsons Refuted!

On the one hand, concerning his mistaken attitude towards the Ten Lost Tribes Parsons got from us what he deserved.
Apart from that however it appears that the good gentleman has otherwise made worthwhile contributions in other spheres that are worth taking note of.

This is what we have done below:

Re the article:
"Christian Friends and Foes of Israel"
Interview with David R. Parsons

David Parsons categorizes the different Christian attitude to Israel under 5 Headings:
Replacement Theology
Liberation Theology
Covenantal Theology
Catholic Church

Replacement Theology and Liberation Theology are usually against the Jews and the state of Israel.
Covenantal Theology and Dispensationalism tend to be pro-Jewish and sympathetic to Zionism.
The Catholic approach is ambiguous.

Replacement Theology is the Old Classical Christian approach that says the Church has replaced Israel as the Chosen People.
Liberation Theology sees the Christian Messiah as a Revolutionary Model to be imitated. The imitating is sometimes done by sympathizing with
the Palestinians etc''

Covenantal Theology says that  the Almighty will never break HIS covenant. This was presaged by writings in the Church Father but only fully developed by John Calvin. Calvin made some horrid anti-Jewish statements but his followers have often tended to be sympathetic towards the Jewish People.

Dispensationalism is associated with the Plymouth Brethren, John Darby, the Scofield Bible, and some Evangelicals. It says that the faithful will be whisked away in a cloud to heaven. Meanwhile most of the Jews on earth will be killed but those who remain will convert to Christianity and carry on the flame.
To outsiders this doctrine sounds silly but important people were influenced by it. Some of the early Restorationists (non-Jewish Zionists) emerged from its ranks as do some major supporters of Israel today.

The Catholic Church has officially rejected Replacement Theology and adopted a Covenantal approach.
In practice however the Catholics assume that they still should be regarded as the primary authority and their directives obeyed. These include policies against the existence of the State of Israel. Nevertheless, room has been made for those among them who wish to be pro-Jewish to feel more justified about it than previously.

6. Additions to Article:
Electricity on Sabbath: An Alternative Approach?

In the article:
"Collective Responsibility and Rabbinical Authority"
Applications of Rabbinical Law Unacceptable to the Modern Mind?

##Jews apparently can't ride elevators on the Sabbath because pushing a button breaks the Sabbath....Such beliefs are pure nonsense to most of us. ##

Initially we answered:
If you are not Jewish you are not obligated by the Law so you can ride in the elevator on a Saturday with a clear conscience. All day long if you like.

We now feel that this answer may have been somewhat unnecessarily caustic. Electricity and the widespread use of electric appliances etc is a comparatively recent phenomenon. When this usage was introduced and became widespread Rabbinical Opinion was divided. There were some authorities who permitted it. Eventually a consensus was reached whereby it was decided (in simplified terms) that electricity on Sabbath would be allowed but initiating the process by turning on a switch etc forbidden. This, roughly speaking, is the Jewish law today in Rabbinical Orthodox circles.

The Conservative and Reform Jewish religions officially apparently deny the Divine Origin of the Torah. There were, and still are, however maverick "Rabbis" amongst them who try to maintain some semblance of Jewish Legal ("halachic") legitimacy. In cases such as electricity on Sabbath etc they will quote the lenient opinions that some Rabbis once held before the contrary stricter view was universally accepted. For non-Jews who do not wish to become Jewish but wish to keep the Law without making it too burdensome on themselves such lenient rulings could be an option?

7. Insight from Eddie Chumney:
Does Isaiah 49 indicate that Christian Zionists etc are from the Ten Tribes?

Isaiah 49:
21 Then you will say in your heart,
      ' Who has begotten these for me,
      Since I have lost my children and am desolate,
      A captive, and wandering to and fro?
      And who has brought these up?
      There I was, left alone;
      But these, where were they?''

22 Thus says the Lord GOD:
      ' Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations,
      And set up My standard for the peoples;
      They shall bring your sons in their arms,
      And your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders.

If you go to the Brit-Am Commentary on Isaiah 49:
We quote from the Zohar and Midrash showing that Isaiah 49:21 refers to the Jews in the End Times when they see the Ten Tribes returning.
They will ask, Where did these come from?
I was alone, persecuted, exiled! Where were these at that time? etc.?

The next verse (Isaiah 49:22) and the verses after it speak of non-Jewish peoples helping the Jews return to the Land of Israel.

Eddie Chumney says we should perhaps combine the two verses (Isaiah 49:21 and Isaiah 49:22) and understand the passage to say that those non-Jews who will help the Jews return (Isaiah 49:22) are the descendants of the Ten Tribes (in Isaiah 49:21) who the Jews will be surprised (and somewhat reserved about) to see identified as their long lost brethren!!!

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