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Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

19 December 2010, 12 Tevet 5771.
1. Timothy F Murray:  Is Ten Tribe Arousal amongst the Signs presaging the nearness of the
2. Kevin: Brit-Am Web Site is "Our Site"!
3. Brian
S.: General and Linguistic Observations.


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1. Timothy F. Murray:  Is Ten Tribe Arousal amongst the Signs presaging the nearness of the
The Ten Tribes were all Exiled and are Amongst Western Peoples!
Polemics: David Parsons Refuted!

        Let me thank you for your website refutation of Mr. Parsons' article in the JPost CE of October.  Please also note my own refutation in letters to the Editor of the December issue, together with that of John Hully and others.  There are serious scholars and teachers who appreciate your own research and stand along with you for this vital teaching.  I seriously wonder if perhaps Brian Hennessy's December article about so-called "Christian Zionists" may have light to shed on this.  I think he's struck the right note there, as well.  At all events, something big is moving on this subject, both among Jewish and Christian scholars.  Could this be among the signs presaging the nearness of the End?  May God continue to bless your efforts.
Timothy Murray.

2. Kevin: Brit-Am Web Site is "Our Site"!
You asked about my URL.  I misled you, in my original e-mail, by referring to Brit-Am's web-site as "our site" !  I meant to express my identification with Brit-Am's offerings in its web-site, and so referred to it as "our site".  For those of us who are 100% convinced of our understanding of the whereabouts, today, of Jacob's descendants, Brit-Am is, indeed, "our site", with you as its chief constructor and editor.

Thanks for your clarification of written Hebrew.
Best regards,

3. Brian S.: General and Linguistic Observations.

I have only just found this site.  I am blown away by seeing my own ideas which everyone dismisses as "weird" expressed here.  Perhaps less color and smaller type would add a degree of seriousness that the material deserves. 
Just 2 weeks ago was the Shabbot in Hanukkah.  The haftara for that is Ezekiel 37:15 though the end of the chapter.  To me, the Tanaac is a LIE OR Ephraim is still out there, unrecognized by himself or the world.  And tonight begins the shabbot of the last parsha of Genesis.  Jacob blesses and prophecies the latter days of his sons and of Joseph's sons.  How these two (Ezekiel and the parsha) can be read without putting two and two together requires deliberate self-blindness, or divine blindness, that is now in the process of being lifted.

I was blessed to come upon the Plain Truth some thirty years ago.  I had always been interested in History, but I became almost expert on American, British and Israelite History.  I am in awe of your efforts to do what I kept telling myself I must do.  I never could figure out where to start!
I was in Israel this summer doing a Hebrew language course.  With an eye out for "coincidence" I have "found" some Hebrew words that seem to have made the jump into English without coming in through commonalities with Indo-Aryan language groups, or the Crusades.  I have NOT found these words in French (where they ought to be if fro the crusades) nor German (if derived from past Indo Aryan connection with Semitic language).  I wonder if there has been any research on word frequency. 
Our understanding of the TLT (I like that abbreviation, saves a lot of typing), ought to be demonstrable by linguistic studies. 
I would theorize that English has a higher proportion of Semitic rooted words than does German, though both are descendants from a common Germanic branch of Indo -Aryan.  Armstrong equated Germans with Assyrians, and I do too.  So I suspect that the Israelites as masses of more or less cohesive tribes traveled with the Assyrians north into the Caucasian Mountains and joined with the westward migration of many peoples including Scythians into Europe.  If Israelites were second class citizens within Assyrian majorities, they might with Yiddish sarcasm refer to them as strangers: Ger. (Though it was them who were sojourning amongst the Assyrians.  Notably the Germans do not call themselves German.  Nor do other languages.  Only English does.
Al the best,
Brian S.

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