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Brit-Am Now no. 1553
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
2 August 2010, 22
Ab 5770
1. Question from Adopted Personage who Agrees with Brit-Am Findings
2. Kerry
Bullls: Compliments and Blessings
3. Derryl Bishop: Who Copies Who?
4. Jim Wright: No other Possible Answer!
5. Edward Anderson: Proof of Israelite Ancestry
6. The non-Jewish Status of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical Law.
7. Could it be that Brit-Am Does Not Please Everyone?


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1. Question from Adopted Personage who Agrees with Brit-Am Findings
B wrote:

Dear Mr. Davidy,
      I have read for some time BritAm's (your) research into the Tribes of the Israelites. I believe you. I am my families genealogist and I found it curious that my Grandfather held onto ideas buried deep in oral family origins. You answered those questions. I am a member of the Clan D and can with Tongue in cheek trace my family (Father to Son) back to Noah and his family who survived the great flood. But.. I am, unknown to the Clan, a bastard having been legally adopted into the family. I have no knowledge of my paternal or maternal parents and no way of finding out. I was adopted very young. I appear to be Caucasian even Gaelic as did my adoptive Father. Am I a tribal member or not? Will I as by my only known name be welcomed by G-D in the restoration of Israel? Or rejected from some ancient DNA of which I have no knowledge?

Brit-Am Reply:
Concerning adoption please read what we wrote:
Brit-Am Now no. 1547
#2. Answers to Questions About Adoption and Tribal Affiliation; Dutch People in Canada

In my opinion you should not use the term "bastard". It does not apply to you and should not be bandied about.
In your case all that we said in the quoted answer about adoption is also applicable.
In short, if you Identify, you belong!
You could also do a DNA test. Such a test could show you with what group of people or families you may be genetically similar.
Nowadays these tests are not so expensive.
If you go to:
Brit-Am History
you will see that the father of my grandfather in Wales had a father whose identity remains unknown.
According to DNA and other factors he may have been Irish but no-one knows or if they ever did know they told us not.
It was a family secret until recently and it may be that my father passed away without knowing of it!
This is not necessarily such an uncommon phenomenon.
This is my genealogy and despite that I feel no compunction with heading Brit-Am, so why should you worry?

2. Kerry Bullls: Compliments and Blessings

Shalom my Brother Yair,
I really like your attitude.  You are an expert in the areas of lineage and DNA and how it relates to Judah and Manasseh and the table of nations, but still you are a learner yourself and don't have a "know it all" attitude.
Self-styled, amateurs seem to love to play a game with you to see if they can catch you in a falsehood or mistake.
This is not a learner's attitude they have but a "know-it-all" attitude-meaning they have just enough info to be dangerous.  I enjoy the repartee and how you are patient with their ignorance and still try to be a teacher to them. 
I like your style and approach and have gleaned a great deal in understanding the prophetic emphasis of the Old Covenant Books of Moses, the Torah, if you will.
I am of Irish lineage and am fascinated over the truth you have brought out about how the Irish are part of Manasseh, et al.  I am very interested in gaining more understanding of how the migration began, I believe in Gaul and then eventually ended up in Spain with the Miletians who crossed the channel to conquer what is the UK.  I visited Northern Ireland for ministry purposes in 1981 for the very first time and had to say that I felt like I had finally arrived home although America is my home.  Now I realize the reason for that: my roots are really there in every way.  Thank you for that.

I know you realize that some people think you are an Anglo-Isrealist but I know you are not.  I see you for what you are: a student of the Scriptures and an advocate for the truth.  I think the term "Israelist" is appropriate in that eventually the whole world will return to Israel fo worship the

Blessings and Shalom to you my Brother
Chaplain Kerry Bulls

3. Derryl Bishop: Who Copies Who?
FW: Brit-Am Now no. 1551
#1. Bob: Welsh and Hebrew and Aramaic

Hi Yair,
Just a little to make you smile, I hope! In response to Bob's comment in Brit-Am no 1551. A few years back at a Friends of Israel meeting at a Welsh Synagogue, the speaker, an Israeli journalist said the Israelis have a a great affinity to the Welsh...apparently name their towns after our churches and chapels....!!!

4. Jim Wright: No other Possible Answer!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1552
#4. TG Replies to # item 2 above and makes new accusations in accordance with his obnoxious nature.

Greetings Yair -
I have a question for TG:
If The Lost Tribes did not settle in NW Europe (among other places) just where are they??
Or does he totally reject scripture and prophecy?
What other peoples have fulfilled the great material wealth and military power prophesied to come to the descendants of Joseph in the last days?? What other nations are pushing the peoples to the ends of the Earth??
The naysayers are always quick to say who is not of Joseph / The Lost Tribes, but they can never say who has fulfilled these prophecies with any viable alternative.
Regarding his lie that your research is "roundly dismissed and derogated in the academia" I would like to issue the same challenge to him as I have been issuing for the past 20 years - show any error or falsehood in GT Armstrong's booklet:
He can't do it
I have put the challenge out to many people much brighter than he is and no one has succeeded yet - with the exception of a verse labeled 2 Samuel when it should have said 1 Samuel - a copyist's error long corrected.
The beauty of sticking to the basics.
The truth is only denied by those in darkness - and TG is in profound darkness.
There is no blindness like spiritual blindness.
He will be unable to show error - and before he even starts I will remind him that character assassination and lies are not a suitable substitute for truth and facts.
But if that is all a person has what are they going to do??
Go with what they have.
And there is plenty of evidence of Israelite blood in Latin America - many Spanish surnames trace right back to Israel and Judah.
A couple that bear a direct connection to my heritage is Perez + Zarah - as in the Zaragossa = The stronghold of Zarah - The Red Hand
Many blessings on you, your family and your work -
Jim Wright

5. Edward Anderson: Proof of Israelite Ancestry
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1552
#4. TG Replies to # item 2 above and makes new accusations in accordance with his obnoxious nature.
Dear Yair,
  I just wanted to thank you for posting TG's posts. It really gives me a good laugh knowing that there are people out there that are dumber and more ignorant than me!!! I already posted a response for people like TG that they can get The History of the Anglo-Saxons by Sharon Turner which NO ONE who claims to be a scholar disputes this work. I have enclosed TWO MORE historical references in this post that TG and people like him can see for themselves that what Yair and other like him state as for as WHO the Tribes are can see that these claims are based on irrefutable FACTS that they choose to ignore!!! It isn't Yair or Brit-Am or any other similar organizations that are living in a "dream world" it is those that read, see, and hear with their eyes and ears CLOSED!!! So, TG wrote:

TG wrote:
#> And this has been precisely my point all are no different from this basketball player because your theory is founded on beliefs, and beliefs are falsifiable. Its Philosophy 101 for much of the educated population. You will never be taken seriously until you can offer a theory that will stand up to criticism, and you can expect far harsher criticism than anything I have said... #

To which I say to READ the historic work of Turner sited PLUS TG can go to the Scottish Declaration of Independance, also known as The Declaration of Arbroath, of which I have an official government copy, which states in part:

# Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today. The Britons they first drove out, the Picts they utterly destroyed, and, even though very often assailed by the Norwegians, the Danes and the English, they took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts; and, as the historians of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all bondage ever since. In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken a single foreigner. #

Now, if the Scots have a CLEAR historical record of chronicles and books detailing these things, WHY don't these "scholars" know of this to prove Brit-am's point!!!??? Who is the one with their eyes and ears closed!!!???
It sure isn't Brit-Am!!! And last but not least, I've enclosed a statement about the Behistun Inscription, written in THREE languages, written on the side of a mountain, that is still there to this day!!!

The Saka Connection

For students of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the inscription has provided an invaluable missing link. George Rawlinson, Sir Henry Rawlinson's younger brother, connected the Saka/Gimiri of the Behistun Inscription with deported Israelites:

 #  We have reasonable grounds for regarding the Gimirri, or Cimmerians, who first appeared on the confines of Assyria and Media in the seventh century B.C., and the Sacae of the Behistun Rock, nearly two centuries later, as identical with the Beth-Khumree of Samaria, or the Ten Tribes of the House of Israel.? -George Rawlinson, note in his translation of History of Herodotus, Book VII, p. 378 #

The inscription connects the people known in Old Persian and Elamite as Saka, Sacae or Scythian with the people known in Babylonian as Gimirri or Cimmerian. This is important because the Assyrian's referred to the Northern Kingdom of Israel in their records as the "House of Khumri", named after Israel's King Omri of the 8th century BCE. Phonetically "Khumri", "Omri", and "Gimiri" are similar.

Behistun Inscription Wikipedia

So, TG, CHECK these few facts out before your next post and then maybe you'll have something intelligent to state, but then again, I wouldn't have anything to laugh about anymore, my bad!!!

6. The non-Jewish Status of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical Law.
We received a question on this matter asking for sources. See the extract below.
In addition to the Jewish Source there exist also Biblical References AND Simple Logic.

Biblical Sources: An Example
"In the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, YE ARE THE SONS OF THE LIVING GOD" (Hosea 1:10).

Simple Logic
Simple Logic says that even though we can say with reasonable certainty that descendants of Israelites may be predominant amongst a certain non-Jewish ethnic group we cannot point to any single individual and say with absolute certainty that they are of Israelite descent or should be considered Israelite. An element of uncertainty on the individual level still exists. In the future there will be a kind of Renewal of the Coventant. Also the Messiah or a process connected with the Messianic Era will tell which Israelite what Tribe they belonged to. We have not reached that stage.

Theoretical Considerations
An Israelite who lights a fire on Shabat should be stoned to death. In practice this required witnesses, warning beforehand, the existence of a Supreme Court (Sanhedrin), etc and a whole rigmarole. But say for arguments sake that all these conditions did exist: Could a Sanhedrin  put an "Ephraimite" to death for lighting a match? or something similar?
Because, amongst other considerations, the so-called "Ephraimite" lacks sufficient proof on the individual level that he really is an Israelite.
Even if such proof were forthcoming they still could not do anything due to "Ephraimites" having at present the temporary legal status as Gentiles.

There is another point: Even though a valid Sanhedrin etc does not exist and penalties like the one in question are not administered the guilt involved still exists and is registered in the Heavenly Court.
Do you really want penalties like that on your plate? Even theoretically?
Maybe you do not believe it? Maybe you think (as some do) that the Law has been abrogated?
Can you really be so sure?
I would not be.
cf. (Exodus 31:14), "You shall keep the Sabbath, for it is holy to you; any one who profanes it shall be put to death. For whoever does any work on that day shall be cut off from his people."

Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles?
The Talmud and the Law.
Yebamot 17 a/b says that the Lost Ten Tribes are to have the status of Gentiles for all intents and purposes.

The Commentary "Keren Orah" (R. Yitzchak of Karlin, 1780s) sums up the case quite succinctly:
# From their understanding of Scripture (Hosea 5:7 ) the Sages declared the Ten Tribes to have the same status as Gentiles for all intents and purposes. They made this decision through the authority of the Prophets and the Divine Inspiration they [i.e. the Sages] had...all others [i.e. Jews] who were assimilated amongst the Gentiles are assumed to have the same status [as the Ten Tribes, i.e. as Gentiles, but being destined to return. ]#

 The Ten Tribes before their exile worshipped idols (2-Kings chs. 17,18). They were in fact pagans. For Jewish scholars who find this concept difficult to accept (as many seem to do) it should be mentioned that according to the Torah (as explained by authorities such as the Vilna Gaon) Israelite inhabitants of an "ir ha-nidachat" (city whose inhabitants have all committed idolatry, Deuteronomy ch.13) are also all considered legally the same as Gentiles, regardless of their indisputable Israelite ancestry.

In the future the Ten Tribes will return and will once again receive the yoke of the Torah. This is confirmed by the simple meaning of the Bible. The Abarbanel ("Mashmia Yishua") implies that whosoever does not accept the eventual return of the Ten Tribes in effect is guilty of denying the Truth of Scripture. This is confirmed by other sources. Rabbi Akiva (Sanhedrin 110b) is often quoted as saying that the Ten Tribes will not return. He was however (in this case) overruled by Rabbi Elazar who asserted that the Tribes definitely will return. Later Commentators (consistent with Rashi) explained even Rabbi Akiva to have been speaking only concerning the Ten Tribes in his own generation and not those of the future. The Bible (see below) expressly says that the Ten Tribes will return and it is difficult to imagine Rabbi Akiva going against an express Biblical message. The Sages declared, "Halacha [Lawful enactment see Tosefta] the Ten Tribes will return".

See also:
The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites

In the Last days the Lost Ten Tribes will return and re-unite with Judah (Ezekiel 37). They will return as a result of Judah gong out to them and bringing them back (Jeremiah 3:18 31:8). They will return as a body. The return of the Lost Ten Tribes will include the occupation of Syria, Jordan (Micah 7:14) and Lebanon (Zechariah 10:10). This will precede the coming back to the Land of Ephraim which nevertheless will take place (Jeremiah 31:5). Ephraim is in fact called upon to return to his cities (Jeremiah 31:19-20). This however can only be done with the agreement of Judah and in coordination with Judah. Judah needs the return of the Lost Ten Tribes (Ezekiel 37:19-28). Not all the Lost Ten Tribes will necessarily return physically to the Greater Land of Israel but rather representative portions (Jeremiah 3:14). The Holiness of the land of Israel will spread to all the world. The other peoples who come to acknowledge the Almighty will do so through the God of Israel and the Almighty will be recognized as such (Isaiah 45:14). Judah and Joseph are the chosen people of God (Psalms 60:9). Judah will lead the way and prepare the path for the others (Hosea 6:11). If at present individuals wish to come and live in the Land of Israel they do so as guests of Judah who is going before the other tribes.

...Just as one can open up an encyclopedia and read about geographical and scientific discoveries that are acknowledged to be factual and true and that every rational person would agree with so would we want that the truths of Brit-Am be related to.

See also:


The Need to Cleave to Joseph or Judah

7. Could it be that Brit-Am Does Not Please Everyone?
you are delusional at best and evil at your worst. delete my email from your mailing list, synagogue of satan.

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