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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
30 May 2010, 17 Sivan Nissan 5770
1. Question: Does the identification of Transporting Slaves (Isaiah 45:14) not also apply to Central and South America?
2. Rob John: The Word "Hail" does not derive from the Hebrew "
3. Bruce
McKerras: The Land of Israel Belongs to Israelites!


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1. Question: Does the identification of Transporting Slaves (Isaiah 45:14) not also apply to Central and South America?

Dear Sr : I agree 100% with the fact of the angloisraelism as described by the extensive research and studies that are presented in your web site. My question however is that the black slaves were taken not only to North America but also to some countries of Central and South America. According to this do we have to consider that Isaiah 45:14 , also applies to these countries as descendents of Manasseh?

Brit-Am Reply:
You are referring to our article on Cyrus and how in Isaiah the figure of Cyrus was used as prototype for the Ten Tribes especially those of Joseph.
Isaiah 45: 14
Thus says the LORD:
'The labor of Egypt and merchandise of
And of the
Sabeans, men of stature,
Shall come over to you, and they shall be yours;
They shall walk behind you,
They shall come over in chains;
And they shall bow down to you.
They will make supplication to you, saying, ?Surely God is in you,
And there is no other;
There is no other God.'

Isaiah 45: 15:
Truly You are God, who hide Yourself,
O God of Israel, the Savior!

As we have explained
 the above verse may be understood as saying: That which comes to Egypt [via the Suez  Canal], the trade of India [Cush], and of the Sabeans [of Negro Africa], shall come over [the sea] unto you. They will be yours, in chains they will come unto you. This was fulfilled by the British and Americans.

It will be noticed that this interpretation is unique to Brit-Am though it is consistent with the literal Biblical Hebrew and with Rabbinical Exegesis.

It is true that Black Slaves were also brought by Spain and Portugal to Central and South America. This took places around about the same time as the British were bringing Africans to the Caribbean Islands and to North America.

A principle that Brit-Am constantly emphasizes concerning Biblical Proofs is that ALL the proofs and characteristics must somehow be applicable in order for a particular people to claim that they are pertinent to the Promises.

The Spanish and Portuguese only fulfilled PART of the Promises but not all of them.
Ethnically and historically on the whole they are not part of the Israelite nations.
They do not fulfill the Ephraimite Criteria.
Ephraimite Criteria  

Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in Scripture.
Spain and Portugal in their heyday were indeed wealthy and powerful but this bounty did not percolate down to the lower classes in an internationally significant sense.
Also it did not last that long relatively speaking.

Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have, etc.
Israelites did pass through the Iberian Peninsula and sojourned there for several centuries. They were not however after that time ever really in the majority and seem to have seldom have had major influence at a national level.

Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths of migration. See Jeremiah 31:21.
Spain and Portugal do fulfill this point. Israelites did sojourn in their lands for several centuries.

Judah: Affinity with the Jews. : This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others. This holds true even though Prophecy (Isaiah 11:13) also indicates that a certain degree of tension would always exist almost to the end between "Ephraim" and Judah.
Spain and Portugal in the past and still today were basically anti-Jewish anti-Israelite nations. This is despite the fact that ON THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL many Latin Americans etc identify with Jews and with Jewish and Israelite values.

Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty, cf. Deuteronomy 4:6.
The Spanish and Portuguese have possessed these qualities but not to an exemplary degree.

Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in potential, see Deuteronomy 33:29.
The Spanish and Portuguese do, or did have military qualities, and at one stage were considered the best warriors in Europe.
This however has not lasted.

Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.
Abraham was blessed to become a great and mighty nation that his descendants might do "justice and
judgment" see Genesis 18:19.
The Spanish and Portuguese have not proven themselves on this point.

Israelite Self-Identification
The Spanish and Portuguese have not proven themselves on this point.

Family Connection:
The Spanish and Portuguese have on this point can claim only partial and problematic links to other European Israelite nations. Israelites and Jews were in their area and must have intermixed with them to some degree. This however appears not to have been sufficient to determine Israelite characteristics.

Tribal Affiliation:
The Spanish and Portuguese do not bear the sings of belonging to specific Israelite Tribes.

They do however possess some of the "markings" of Israelites. We would suggest that a minority of Jews and Israelites may be found amongst them but that most descend from non-Israelite peoples.
It may be that Biblically significant entities may also have settled in their lands e.g. Canaanite Phoenicians,  Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, etc.
The ruling classes may pertain to offshoots of Edom.
As we said, Jews and Israelites may well be found amongst them but not to a determinative degree.
I noticed that in Latin American Literature anti-Jewish and anti-Israelite themes that are blatantly false seem to be accepted as self-evident.
See also:

2. Rob John: The Word "Hail" does not derive from the Hebrew "Halel!
Re: Psalms Chapter 150: All of US, our very beings, and everything else should Praise the Almighty; Haleluyah!
Brit-Am Said:
##  Praise in Hebrew is "Halel". This is where the English word "hail" comes from. ##

Hi Yair,
The English language does not get the word hail, from the Hebrew word "Halel". It  Origin: Middle English heilen, from (wǽs) hǽil, (be) healthy; Wassail, Middle English, contraction of wǽshǽil, be healthy, from Old Norse ves heill : ves, imperative sing. of vera, to be; see wes-1 in Indo-European roots + heill, healthy; see kailo- in Indo-European roots.
So Yair, please get your facts right. Also, it may interest you to know that the English language is predominately from the Latin and Greek, whose, history far out ways that of Hebrew history. Hebrew history is a mere blink, compared to Greek and Greek Mythology etc.
Please ensure you pass the correct information to your Flock, as I have had some weird points of view from some of them with regards to the age of the earth etc, and the age of man.
Many Thanks & Regards

Brit-Am Reply:
The etymology of the English word "hail" is given as Anglo-Saxon "haegel", Middle English "haylen, heilen": to salue, greet.
akin to Anglo-Saxon "HAL" (hale, whole) used as a salutation.
HALE (as in the expression "hale and hearty") means "whole, sound, healthy".
Related words are "whole", heal and "healthy". "Healthy is 'heal-thy" i.e. full of heal.
In Old English there was also a word "hale" (also spelled "hail") that meant soldier.
Similar words are found in Nordic dialects.
Some other existent or hypothetical Indo-European words may be remotely (sometimes very remotely) similar.

Most etymologies are theoretical. In very few instances do real paper trails exist by which the evolution of a word from a previous one may be traced.
Very seldom are Hebrew originals acknowledged.
The explanation  is that Hebrew has been taken out of the equation.

If an expert does not know Hebrew, is blind to the possibility that a word may have Hebrew origins, and considers such a possibility indicative of religious eccentricity, an affront to his own prejudices, and possibly against his religious and family traditions how can one expect Hebrew origins to be recognized'
In Hebrew "Halel" from the root HLL connotes praise, radiate, light.
When the word root contains the same letters one of them may be easily dropped.
Thus we have the name "Hilel" (Shining One translated as "Lucifer") Son of the Morning Star.
Isaiah 14: 12 #  How  have you fallen from heaven,
O Morning Star [Hebrew: "Hilel" literally "Shining One"], Son of the Dawn!  #

This also gives us the word "Halo" and perhaps also "hell" (place of fire and light').
Halel means "praise" and so we have the English "hail".
We have a related word root that in some dialects of Hebrew may be pronounced similarly.
This word is "chayil" or hayil" from t he word root "cHaYiL".
This gives us the Hebrew word Chayil often pronounced as hayil and meaning strength, power, and soldier.
It also connotes health, and recovery.
This is similar to the English words "hale", Old English "hail" (soldier), heal, and health.
The English word "whole" may be distantly related but we would trace this word to the Hebrew "col" (pronounced as "c-h-ol" and easily transformable to "whole") which means "whole".

As for your other points:
The English language is not "predominately from the Latin and Greek" but rather from Anglo-Saxon dialects, a lot of  Norman and Continental French,
much Hebrew, and some Latin and Greek. The Latin and Greek words are indeed numerous but they comprise that section of the language that many people avoid using.

Latin and Greek do not have a history that "far outweighs that of Hebrew history".
The Greeks and Romans were cultural barbarians who took most of what they had from the Hebrew, Phoenicians, and other Middle Eastern Peoples.
They were good fighters but even this advantage was due in part to the significant Edomite elements that had settled amongst them.

The Brit-Am "Flock" as you call them already at least when compared to others) possess in good measure the "correct information".
It is true that they have their own ideas concerning "the age of the earth etc, and the age of man".
This is die to their independent minds and superior knowledge derived from the Bible which is the foundation stone of all that is good in Western Civilization.

3. Bruce McKerras: The Land of Israel Belongs to Israelites!

Hi Yair,
Just wrote this to add to recent postings re whose Land it is.

 THE LAND BELONGS TO MY PEOPLE - ISRAEL           Bruce McKerras May 2010

Jeremiah 32.  The Lord tells Jeremiah to buy a field and hide the deed of purchase in a sealed jar, to be preserved for a long time to come.

Verse 30 Israel and Judah provoked My anger by their idolatry, therefore...

Verse 36 .... the Land is given over to the sword, famine and pestilence.

Verse 37-43 Israel and Judah regathered from all the lands to which I banished them. They will be My people and I shall be their God.

Verse 44 Then, once again, property will be bought and sold.

I would love to think that sometime soon, that jar will be found and proof of Israelite ownership established forever.

Note how the prophet(s) carefully maintain the separation of Judah and Israel

Also note in Jeremiah 12v14 about what will happen to the 'evil neighbours'.

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