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Brit-Am Now no. 1376
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
9 August 2009, 19 Av 5769
1. Daniel Duffield: The Second Exodus
2. Question by Andrew Waterhouse and Brit-Am Reply
 Re The  Lack of Academic Historical Confirmation for the Brit-Am
Migrationary Scenario
3. The Updated Welcoming Message for Brit-Am Now Subscription


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1. Daniel Duffield: The Second Exodus

Hi Yair,
It seems to me that we are fast approaching the time when the Almighty calls His children home.  We are seeing a movement with some Christians to return to our Hebraic roots.  Those of us that discover these roots are filled with a passion to learn more truth about the Almighty and His word, the Torah.  I appreciate the weekly Torah portions that you send out Yair as I have learned much from them.  Thanks so much for your hard work and efforts.
I can sense G_d preparing His children for the second exodus when He brings 10-tribers home to His land.  Just like in the first exodus, we are witnessing a world fighting G_d's will.  We have a Pharoah that wants to destroy G_d's people.  He arrogantly tells Yahuda not to build in Jerusalem while at the same time tries to expand the government to enslave both Yahuda and Yoseph here.  However, he is but a puppet in the Almighty's hands.  The Pharoah's plans will not succeed.  G_d will establish His Kingdom and fulfill His word.
While G_d's people are going through this redemptive process, we need to be fully focused on the Almighty.  We need to stay close to Him and His truth.  We need to sincerely repent for our sins and the sins of our fathers who rebelled against G_d and His truth and were exiled from the land.  The best preparation for the days ahead lies in true repentance.  In doing so we will do our part in the redemption process.  The Almighty says return to me and I will return to you.  Have a blessed Shabbat!
May blessings continue your way,  Daniel

2. Question Concerning a Lack of Academic Historical Confirmation for the Brit-Am Migrationary Scenario
andrew waterhouse <> wrote:

Hello Yair, I came across your site a while back when I was looking for evidence of the claims made by British Israel.  I use that phrase as I did have some involvement with the BIWF about 20 years ago and my understanding of these things is mostly from them. However, I abandoned exploring BI after a relatively short time - mainly because I came to the conclusion that there is little or no evidence that my north european ancestors (I'm English) originate from Israel.  On the other hand, there is a mass of evidence to show that my ancestors inhabited north western europe long before the migrations of Israel.  Archaelogical evidence shows boat graves several thousand years old which reflect the stories in Beowulf or the Norse sagas.  In short, I cannot reconcile the argument that my ancestors came from Israel (and I'm familar with the Sythian/Cimmerian migration stories) with the fact that they were already in Europe and had been for many thousands of years practicing an ancient religion that developed into what we now call Anglo Saxon/Germanic or Norse Heathenry - Asatru in the States.  Also, the Roman historian Tacitus tells us that the ancestors of the Anglo Saxons (Ingavones) believed they originated from a god called Tuisto - the twin if you are familar with it).  This is similar to the norse myth based around Ymir - which may also mean twin - and I believe older Indo European origin myths.  There is myth about this god coming from the east - but nothing I see that tangibly identifies with Israel. I recall seeing on your site that Brit-Am does not claim that all north european people are descended from the lost tribes - just a proportion.  This makes more sense to me and would fit better with what I see as the historical and archaeological reality.  It may even tie in with Germanic and Norse myth which suggests a fusion of two peoples - one settled (the vanir) and the other an invading warrior elite (the Asir)  - this is where Odin may have originated.  I have certainly read articles that suggest Asgard was a real city somewhere near the Black sea - but again I remain sceptical.  It literally means realm of the gods.  I would be grateful for your views on this.  I obviously remain interested as I keep trying to find answers.  But I still find the historical evidence a real stumbling block and am unconvinced by the cirular arguments from purely biblical sources.  Andrew  


Brit-Am Reply:
Andrew Shalom,
I sympathize with your predicament having undergone a similar experience in the distant past.
Brit-Am History
People who move from Brit-Am and British Israel type writings into the academic world may be non-plussed by the apparent lack of correspondence between the two. This however applies more to Anglo-Saxon academia and is not the case everywhere.
In Scandinavia, academic research accepts the possibility (or strong probability, depending on what sources are referred to)
of strong contacts with the Meditteranean, Middle Eastern and Central Asia areas on a continuous basis from before the Bronze Age all the way up to the Viking Era.
"The Rise of Bronze Age Society. Travels, Transmissions and
Transformation" by Kristian Kristiansen and Thomas B. Larsson, Cambridge, 2005

General European and British Research if read with discrimination does not necessarily negate this possibility.
You say:
#Archaelogical evidence shows boat graves several thousand years old which reflect the stories in Beowulf or the Norse sagas.#
Beowulf and the Norse sagas date from ca. 600-1000 CE. They do explain the boat graves and many other "stone age" and Bronze Age findings that however are claimed to date back in some cases to beyond 2000 BCE, i.e. up to 3000 years.
How logical is this??
Thing about it.
Would not a scenario placing the boat graves close to Beowulf and the Norse Sages be more acceptable?
Europe in ca. 700 BCE had a sparse population.

You mentioned
"Norse Heathenry - Asatru". Our impression is that this form of modern demon worship is a very recent invention.

You mentioned
#Tuisto -the twin as ancestor of the Anglo-Saxons?#
Jacob and Esau were twin brothers.
Jacob was renamed Israel and fathered the 12 tribes of Israel.

Concerning Tuisto, Wikipedia says:
#Tacitus relates that "ancient songs" (Latin carminibus antiquis) of the Germanic peoples celebrated Tuisto as "a god, born of the earth" (deum terra editum). These songs further attributed to him a son, Mannus, who in turn had three sons, the offspring of whom were referred to as Ingaevones, Herminones and Istaevones, living near the Ocean (proximi Oceano), in the interior (medii), and the remaining parts (ceteri) of the geographical region of Germania, respectively.[1]#

See our book "The Tribes"
Here we identify Mannus with Manasseh and other ancestral figures with Biblical Patriarchs and the heads of Tribal clans listed in the Bible.
As for the Aseir and Asgard north of the Black Sea and a Movement to Scandinavia.
This reflects historical reality confirmed by archaeological and other findings.
The Khazars. Tribe 13

Modern researchers in effect accept the possibility of large-scale ethnic movements from the Middle East westward.
The main obstacle at present to the acceptance by researchers of such a phenomenon is DNA evidence rather than
archaeological and historical findings.
This is an obstacle that Brit-Am is attempting to cope with.

The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement derives puts most of its justification from Biblical Evidence but we also refer
to other sources including secular researches.

God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. The Updated Welcoming Message for Brit-Am Now Subscription

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