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Brit-Am Now no. 1356 Ten Tribes
June 23 2009, 15 Sivan 5769
1. Important Message: Judah MUST be Supported by Joseph
2. Enjoyed "The
Khazars. Tribe 13"
3. David Jackson: Manasseh versus Ephraim? or not?
4. Stan Presley: Supports Judah and the State of Israel
5. Jack & Wanda
Hertzog:  End of Times Approaching?
6. In Which Order Should Brit-Am Publications be read?
larry whitesell: Does Judah Deserve to be Abandoned?


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1. Important Message: Judah MUST be Supported by Joseph
We identify the Lost Ten Tribes as peoples in the west.
Collectively they may be referred to in Scripture as "Joseph" or as "Ephraim" and in this sense we sometimes also use the terms "Joseph" or "Ephraim" as referring to the Ten Tribes in general.
Specifically the terms may also be applied to Britain (Ephraim) and the USA (Manasseh).

All of Israel including Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Ten Tribes have an obligation towards the State of Israel. The Ten Tribes are DUTY BOUND to support Jewish settlement in the State of Israel and in ALL areas of Israel under its control especially in Judah and Samaria i.e. the West Bank. If the Israelites including the Ten Tribes do not fulfill their duty in this regard they are liable (God forbid) to be punished. This is the message of this weeks portion. The "spies" who were sent to spy out the land of Canaan before the Israelites entered it were in fact emissaries of the whole Israelite nation. They were leaders of the nation, rulers of the people.
They were supposed to return with a favorable report of the Land (which they did) and encourage (which they did not) their Tribes to willingly enter the land to conquer and settle it.
Because they did not do this and the People did not want to enter the Land the whole Nation was punished.
The same principle is applicable today.

Judah is acting on behalf of ALL Israel.
Judah must be supported!
This is an obligation upon all Israelites!
The sin of the "spies" (representatives of Israelite Tribes) must not be repeated!
In our New BAMBI broadcasts on the Weekly Portion we have expanded on this theme and bring up points not included in the text.

Shelach: Entering The Land of Israel, Spying out the land, Pre-eminence of Manasseh, Importance of the State of Israel and Jewish Settlement in the land, Abandoning the State of Israel and Jewish settlement is a danger to the USA and the Jews Numbers 13:1-15:41   (54 minutes)

2. Enjoyed "The Khazars. Tribe 13"
Jim Wright wrote:
Greetings Yair Davidiy -
  I recently read 'The Khazars Tribe 13", I enjoyed it very much and plain to reread it soon. Congratulations on another interesting and informative book.

3. David Jackson: Manasseh versus Ephraim? or not?
From: David Jackson <>
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1355 Ten Tribes
#3. Stephen Spykerman: "No taxation without representation!"

Mr. Spykerman,
Jephthah the son of Gilead was from the tribe of Manasseh and did lead the Manassites in a fight against Ephriam (see Judges 12) killing 42,000 of them, so yes, these two tribes did against each other in biblical times. 

Also, I believe most people who accept the British-Israel/Brit-Am view of history assert that Manasseh is primarily associated with the ancient Angles and Ephraim with the Saxons. Secular history informs us that the Angles and Saxons united to invade Briton after the fall of the Roman empire.  They displaced the native Britons and set up independent kingdoms.  The Saxons set up Wessex, Essex and Sussex and Kent while the Angles set up East Anglia, Northumbria, and Mercia (although there is some indication Mercia may have included Vandals or other groups in addition to Angles).  For hundreds of years these pagan kingdoms fought against each other in all sorts of combinations, including and often Angle versus Saxon.

Going back further in time, Angle tribal mythology records that they fought against the Saxons while both peoples were still in continental Europe as well (see Linsell, Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Migration & Magic, Anglo-Saxon Books, 1994). 

(Broadly speaking, and as would be expected, the people who came to the US from Great Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries settled along side those from their native regions.  People from East Anglia including London settled in the northern US and people from southern 'Saxon' areas settled in the southern US.  The Northumbrians, many of whom had been temporarily resettled in northern Ireland, moved to what was then called the backcountry of the US, such as Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri and points west.) 

I don't see that Isaiah 9 is an astounding!! remarkable!! amazing!! reference to the US becoming a separate country from GB, or its own civil war.  There is no objective, unique references to those events.  If for example I believed that E and M were in India and I looked through Indian history for some kind of conflict, I could make the same claim about the verse.  You're in effect saying this what I believe therefore the verse proves I'm right, and providing no corroborating evidence. 

Isaiah was writing in the period between the division of united Israel into Judah/northern Israel and the subjugation of northern Israel by Assyria.  It seems to me likely that Isaiah was chastising the northern Israelites, particularly the ringleaders of Ephraim and Manasseh for the disloyalty to Judah and letting them know what the Assyrians would soon visit upon them. 
David Jackson
Keller, TX

4. Stan Presley: Supports Judah and the State of Israel
Re: Important Message: Judah MUST be Supported by Joseph
Dear Yair, You and your ministry have been a bright spot in an ever darkening world. I have followed your message for the last two years, at first not daring to believe what I was reading yet drawn back to it time and again. The Almighty is using you to help Joseph understand there is one covenant, One Elohim, one family! I am here because of my faith in [the Christian Messiah]. ...I turned my eyes toward Israel most of my life sensing the need to love , support and never turn my back on my elder brother Judah. I do not have great financial means, yet I would gladly leave everything here and come to Israel and join in the fight if I would be accepted and allowed to stay! I pray for Israel and for the wisdom to know how to proceed. Your little brother , Joe (Stan, Forsyth,Mo:USA)

5. Jack & Wanda Hertzog:  End of Times Approaching?
From: JHH <>
Re: Important Message: Judah MUST be Supported by Joseph

Yes Joseph Needs to Back Israel( Judah) , But Isaiah Ch. 1-3, Amos. Ch. 6, and many, many other places is Addressing the "Chief of the Nations" (Joseph [USA]), shows Joseph and a part of israel, excluding Rueben (France), Dan (Ireland) and others, will be taken in to a hard captivity by the soon coming last head of the Roman Empire.
This will leave the Israelis (Judah) at the "Mercy" of the Endtime Roman Empire, and the Germans will almost for sure lead this Empire at the head of Ten Kings ( Dan 2:42-44), For a while the Germans will try to convince the world and the Jews that they are changed people, and they will probably occupy Judah under the guise of protecting her, and they might genuinely do this for a while, until they reach the peak of their ascendency, then they will crack down and turn nasty, and the "Man of Sin" will move into the soon to be built Temple of God, In any case Judah's power over Jerusalem will be broken for a short time, which will lead to the Messiah's return to rescue Israel, and to smite the nations which have come against Joseph,  Judah and Jerusalem ( Zech. Ch 10 ~ Ch12 ~ Ch 14:3-9), in any case Jerusalem will be extant right till the end of the age.
I think that what will protect Judah for a while, is that they will threaten to unleash all of their nukes on the Arab Capitols, and other unmentioned capitols if they are ever threatened with going under, ultimately though, it is the Lord who has protected Judah.
   The Best Yair
Jack & Wanda Hertzog
803 S. Pequeno Camino
Roswell NM 88203

6. In Which Order Should Brit-Am Publications be read?

Marvin Mayfield  wrote:

I have read all of the Steven Collins material and would like to read all of your works.  Could you give me the proper sequence you would recommend if I were to order 3-4 books at a time?
He has declared to you, O man, what is good. And what does ?? Yahweh require of you but to do right, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your Elohim? Micah 6:8
Shalom Aleichem (Peace Unto You)!
William Marvin Mayfield

Brit-Am Reply:
Our books are designed so that even a beginner can pick any one of them up and understand where we are coming from.
In other words you may start with whichever work most appeals to you according to its title or cover or whatever other factor
you take into consideration.
Alternately a possible order of reading could be:

"Origin" which gives a god, quick overall view of the historical sequences as well as a summary of what the Prophets said on the subject.
"The Tribes" gives more detail as well as showing where descendants of individual Israelite Tribes are to be found today.

"Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America" relates more to the USA and its Biblical specifications.

"Biblical Truth" analyzes prophecies  in the Book of Gnesiss that prove where the Lost Tribes will be in the Latter Times meaning our own day.

"Role to Rule" discusses what the practical implications according to the Bible should be for the descendants of Israel on a national level.

At some stage it is recommended that "The Khazars. Tribe 13" also be read. Depedneing on your individual interests and intellectual pursuits this work should be found to complement the other books and also add an important dimension of its own.

For more details go to:
Brit-Am Publications

7. Does Judah Deserve to be Abandoned?
larry whitesell <> wrote:

Scripture says [the ALMIGHTY] kicked Judah out of Isreal for their gross sins.  Do you demand that He too support Judah in their nation building even though they show no fruits of repentance?  As even some rabbis have noted -  Modern Isreal is a work of man not the Almighty.

"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." -- Frederick Douglass

Brit-Am Reply:
The Jews remained faithful according to the Bible.
see our article:
Why The State of Israel
Should be Supported!


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