Brit-Am Now no. 1245
26 October, 27 Tishrei 5769
1. New BAMBI Recording and Article: Biblical Zionism
Why WE Need to Support the State of Israel
2. Question on the Tribal Ancestry of a Jew from the Ukraine
3. Viking Horned
Helmuts and Historical Accuracy


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1. New BAMBI Recording and Article:
Biblical Zionism
Why WE Need to Support the State of Israel


(ca. 35 minutes)

2. Question on the Tribal Ancestry of a Jew from the Ukraine

Dear Britam,
I want to know which tribe of israel i come from. My name is Daniel ..., both of my parents are born jewish and as far as i know all of my blood family dating back as far as i know are Jewish. My mothers side of the family originates from Poland and i believe my fathers side comes from Ukraine. I was born in London, England and my great grand fathers were born in Ukraine and Poland i believe.
My mother is ... and my father is ... but his last name was changed when his ancestors moved from Ukraine from ...
I would be interested to know if there is a way i can trace which tribe i am from.
thank you,

I would add that i do not keep kosher nor do i go to synagogue but i identify myself strongly as jewish and zionist. Why do some jews keep kosher and attend synagogue and others do not? Why are some religious and others not? Is there a reason for this? I have an israeli passport as well as as english.

Brit-Am Answers:
(a) Your Tribe
Most Jews are from Judah, Benjamin, or Levi. Some Jews are from other Tribes or from converts.
There are many genealogical lists for Jews and some of them specialize on certain areas.
With some effort you could probably discover what group of families you came from and there may be some kind of tradition of indication as to what Tribe the group came from.

(b) Religious and Irreligious Jews
Many Jews are irreligious as a result of Gentile persecutions of the Jewish religion.
Others are simply in error and seduced by circumstance and the world around them.
Everyone must make their choice which they will be held responsible for.
God bless you

3. Viking Horned Helmuts and Historical Accuracy
Daoine Sidhe Academy <> wrote:

I was recently reminded, by a detractor of the lost Israelite theory, that the book "Lost Israelite Identity" relies on circumstantial evidence which points to the horned viking helmet. In fact, Horned helmets, "made famous by the Vikings", never existed.

There have never been any Viking helmets found with attached horns. The first appearance of horns of Vikings helmets was in costume for modern Opera.

Brit-Am Reply:
I am the author of  "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races" by Yair Davidy (1996)
This book at the moment is out of print.
The work contains ca.448 pages of relatively small script. Every page contains numerous facts and observations. It is not difficult to take one particular point out of context and misrepresent it.
The passage you are referring to deals with the so-called "Sea-Peoples" of the Bronze Age who are often depicted in Egyptian, Cypriot, and Syrian sources wearing helmets with horns on them.
It says (p.154):
##Some of the Sea-Peoples such as the Sardana had two horned-helmuts. This was originally a Syrian habit and such helmuts are depicted on Syrian statues and were later to be made famous by the Vikings of Scandinavia.##
The remark in question was made incidentally and was not trying to prove very much either way.
If we ever rewrite the work we may amend the end of this remark to say:
## This was originally a Syrian habit. Such helmuts are depicted on Syrian statues. They were later to be made famous by the Vikings of Scandinavia. Horned helmuts were not really a Viking characteristic but were known in the west and north from an earlier age.##
A connection did exist between Bronze Age Scandinavia and the Middle East.
This has been confirmed by works of an accepted academic standard, for example see:

"The Rise of Bronze Age Society. Travels, Transmissions and
Transformation" by Kristian Kristiansen and Thomas B. Larsson, Cambridge, 2005

On page 332, Kristiansen and Larsson SHOW images from Bronze-Age Denmark and from the Neo-Hittite areas (of north Syria) and Mesopotamia all wearing similar horned helmuts.

The illustration (in reduced size) may be seen at:

All this may well be circumstantial and in itself prove nothing.
Nevertheless when taken in conjunction with other evidence of mutual contacts it is both pertinent and worth noting.

Occasionally a bight spark who has NOT really done his homework will bring up what they think is the "mistaken" association of Vikings with horned helmets, e.g.
The Straight Dope:
Did Vikings really wear horns on their helmets?
"No self-respecting Viking warrior ever wore a horned helmet in battle--they weren't that dumb."

the association of Vikings with horned helmuts may not be entirely mistaken:

Family Ancestry: The Viking Horned Helmet

"Horned helmets are actually of Celtic influence. Some bronzed helmets buried in Visko, Denmark in 1976 were related to Vikings and shows a pair of curved horn adornments. This particular relic may have been used in ceremonial offerings.

"A portrayal of a Viking with a horned helmet and spears was illustrated in a 5th AD metalwork which originated from the Swedish coast. The image was thought to be a Viking complete with battle gears with a horned helmet who worshipped their god in a ceremonial dance.
"Figures of horned helmets continue to appear in a lot of relics that are mostly found in regions of England. Proofs and figures of the existence of horned helmets are commonly discovered in burial sites, cauldrons, decorative plates, tapestries and amulets.

Tribal Characteristics
in a Nutshell
The Tribe of Benjamin


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