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Brit-Am Now no. 1186
Date 14 Tammuz 5768 17 July 2008
1. Ray Fulford: Northern Italy and Israel
2. Identity Nuts Protest Brit-Am "Prejudice", Big Noses, and German Israelites?
3. Why are Normans from the Tribe of Benjamin?
4. Blessings on Condition or Unconditional?
5. Reactions to the Covers



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1. Ray Fulford: Northern Italy and Israel
From: lexdei <lexdei@shaw.ca>
 Greetings Yair,
Please tell us where you believe the Italians -- particularly the northern Italians -- fit into the picture. According to Dr. Ernest Martin, the noted historian and scholar who, unfortunately, did not believe in our scenario of the "Lost Tribes", the people of present-day Italy are not descended from the ancient Romans, but were mainly imports from Babylon and other parts of the Roman Empire who "invaded" Italy when Rome began  to collapse in around 476 A.D.  It was a process not unlike the illegal immigration "invasion" which is plaguing ALL the Israelite nations in our day .
Now, the Northern Italians are descended mainly from the Lombards and the Ostrogoths (cousins of the Anglo-Saxons et alia ) .  There was also a considerable amount of Norman (Viking) settlement in Southern Italy, particularly on the Island of Sicily. It is interesting to note that nearly all of the great luminaries of Italy, particularly the great composers, inventors, artists, architects, writers, etc. were almost all from the Israelite parts of Italy. Southern Italy, even today, shows an absence of the Israelite birthrite and blessing. It is truly amazing how God kept his promise to bless his people.
Ray Fulford

Brit-Am Reply:
For answers to similar questions see:
Brit-Am Replies to Queries about Italy
Israelites and descendants of Judah are to be found throughout Italy.
We would not describe the north-south situation as necessarily reflecting Israelite ancestry.

2. Identity Nuts Protest Brit-Am "Prejudice", Big Noses, and German Israelites?
From: Russ Curenton <dokmarten88@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1184

hahaha....yair, you're a pretty good scholar, but your work is tainted by your prejudice...
 for instance, you didn't include the GERMANS, some of the whitest of the white, in your list of the tribes of Israel...
 Don't get me wrong...my ancestry is English!  But regardless of past problems, I would accept any brother of mine if he came to me as a brother.  Even now, in economic hard times, I accept the true Israelite Jews as my brethren, even though they are responsible for the coming economic depression, even as they were in 1929...
 You need to learn to do the same...
 It is as plain as the nose on a ..khazar jew's face...you refuse to include the Germanic people in the listing of the tribes because of PREJUDICE...your research is tainted...
And THAT is why many of us enjoy your mailings but rely on the Christian Identity / Aryan Nations movement for more reliable information.

Brit-Am Replies:
(a) Prejudice
We are prejudiced and with good reason.
We are sorry to have you here.
We exist to serve the "Khazar Jews" as you call them with (in some cases) the big noses
and not apparent impostors like yourself.

(b) Big Noses
As for big noses my own is medium size but quite impressive.
I have a medium round-looking head so the nose does not stand out so much but it did in my youth
when my face showed less signs of subsequent prosperity.
My Jewish grandfather  from Denmark was more than six and a half feet tall, had a long head and thin face with a great big nose
sticking out of it. It looked quite impressive.
You knew he was around and paid attention to him.
Talking about big noses.
The stereotype of a Jews is someone with a big nose.
Actually the average Jew has more of an "Irish" nose than the average Irishman.
A big nose often implies intelligence and virility.
[So does a bald head - Just ask any of us who are starting to lose their hair].
For examples of big noses among other Israelites see the pictures:
Picts of Scotland

Apart from all that:
Everyone is born as they would wish to be if given the choice.
You choose to be who you are, therefore accept it, be proud of it,
and learn to work with it, and with others on the same basis.

(c) Germans
We have explained many times that we believe that the Germans of Germany
on the whole (but not in every case) are different from those who migrated
to North America.

 Brit-Am Replies to Queries about Germany

3. Why are Normans from the Tribe of Benjamin?
From: Didrik Saemundsson <didriksa@mmedia.is>
Subject: Re: The old thumbstones

We remembering you,
as Iceland was the first country in the world to accept the State of Israel at UN.
But how could you come to that conclusion that Benjamins are Norrmans?
It is extremely important for me to know!
Where are the source so you could make that conclusion?
The Icelanders are Norrmans, that we have known all the time.
The battle at Hafursfiord in Norway 872, was the tunder that enlightened the settlement of Iceland because after that it was no place for us anymore in Norway.
In Icelandic the Jews are called "Goodlings", so you are the blessed.

Brit-Am Reply:

Our book "The Tribes" explains how we make the identifications of the different Israelite Tribes in their present areas.
This work relatively speaking is not expensive and is of good value.

4. Blessings on Condition or Unconditional?
From: Tessa
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1185

Shalom Yair

In regard to the discussion on the blessing to Abraham:
Those who bless Abraham are blessed and those who dishonour him are cursed. So merely being a descendant of Abraham counts for nothing if it is not accompanied with honouring him plus the blessing which he received. Therefore since his blessing was confirmed and amplified through Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons (plus Joseph's two) then the requirement is to honour the whole expanded blessing. This disqualifies any, whether descended from Abraham or not, from enjoying the rewards of the blessing if they do not affirm the greater blessing.
We look back to the Abrahamic covenant as a simple blessing to one man but he looked forward to its terminus, as an unbroken march through time to its messianic climax, of righteousness by faith, affecting an uncountable number of people.

Blessings - Tessa

Brit-Am Reply:
if you would read the references we gave and the article we wrote on the subject:
Queries about Joseph
#3. Question: The Line of Sucession: How Did Joseph Receive the Blessings?
You would see that aspects of the BLESSINGS WERE UNCONDITIONAL.
It is these unconditional blessings given in order to enable Lost Israelites fulfill their destined mission that Brit-Am concentrates upon.

5. Reactions to the Covers
The pictures of proposed covers to our book
Israelite Tribes in Exile"
were not intended to represent the actual designs but rather elements that would be incorporated into the final product.
Some criticized the quality of the coloring but that problem would be eliminated in the final designing.
At all events we received, so far, four reactions:
Three favored the bagpipe design without the bagpipe player.
One (a professional artist) said the design with the bagpipe player was potentially the better though both given design-concepts had advantages of their own.


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