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Brit-Am Now no. 1159
Date 25 Iyar 5768 30 May 2008
1. Ope Tuslapsi: Zebulon of Finland (as well as Issachar?)
2. Viking Blood Courses Through Veins Of Many A Northwest Englander
3. What Does Brit-Am Want?


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1. Ope Tuslapsi: Zebulon of Finland (as well as Issachar?)
From: Ope Tuslapsi <>
Subject: Zebulon of Finland

Hi Yair.
Good comment from michelle b. Finland is most of Issachar. If not Issachar mentioned as seafaring people, It does not mean that there has not been seafaring in Finland. In Finland there has allways been shipbuilding. The worlds biggest ships (Freedom of the Seas )class is made in Finland. We have shipbuilding yards in Helsinki, Turku and Rauma. (former Wartsila and Masa Yards, now Aker Yard) And also there is lots of boatmaking.
 It is not possible to have such complete knowledge without any seafaring experience. Finland builds mostly Cruisers, Icebreakers, warships and sailboats (Swan). In history, most known ships of Finland were called Uisko (Ushkui in Russia).
If we cannot identify that to Issachar, is It possible to identify to Zebulon ? Zebulon also crossed Finland in biblecodes.
Finns are proved to be close relatives to Flanders. One of Finlands mythological person in Kalevala is Lemminkainen. Lemminkainen is known also in Estonia as one of Kalevpoeg.
He was probably Flemming, that is man of Flander. Finland has lots of Ironage swords belonging to Flanders of Frisians. Findings are made mostly on west coastal region of Finland. Widsith saes : (Caelic weold Finnum) Caelic ruled Finland. Caelic is thought to be Kaleva. Caelic is variation for Kaal. There is lake Kaali in Estonia, which is thought to be sacred for Ironage people. Kaleva also comes from Kaal. Caelic and Kaleva may mean red as the lake of Kaal is red. Lake Kaali is from meteorite that made Iron rain from the sky.
And when the Iron rusted, It colored all the neighbourhood red.
quote : " Ever since the middle Iron Age, that is, since about 500 A.D. Vesilahti, like its neighbours, was involved in the trading community of Baltia, Gotland, the Rhine Valley and Rome. "
More Ironage history in Finland :
Frisians in Veps :
I try to find more information of the iron age Frisian influence in Finland.
Yours, Arsi Saarijarvi

Finland  in Biblical  Codes
At a sequence of 245. Begins at Genesis 50:23 where the verse speaks of Joseph being present at the birth of Machir son of Menasseh. Ends at Exodus 2:3.
FINLAND (vertical alignment, lime-green on brown) touches JOSEPH at the top (white on red) then on the next line are listed REUBEN, SIMEON, LEVI,
The word for WAR (black on yellow) is above
MELEC MITSRAIM (green on black) which intersects FINLAND. MITSRAIM is also found below. Mitsraim is the Hebrew word for Egypt. We have explained however that in some contexts Mitsraim refers to Russia. Finland warred with Russia and was ruled over by her in the past. Attached to the end of FINLAND is HiTSPIN (white on blue) which in the text means "hide" and speaks of the hiding of Moses but in Hebrew this expression can also mean "Go Northward".

QUOTE "  -1151-
#2. Query on Issachar
Greetings Yair,
I wanted to add a comment about the tribe of
Issachar in that according to Gen 49 the blessing of Jacob describes Issachar as a strong donkey bearing a burden. I can see how this might be linked to being for hire. However, there is no mention of them being sea peoples. This attribute was given to Zebulun and in my research, families with coats of arms of ships on the water have been found belonging to descendants of Zebulun.

What are your thoughts about this?

michelle b.

2. Viking Blood Courses Through Veins Of  Many A Northwest Englander

Focusing on the Wirral in Merseyside and West Lancashire the study of 100 men, whose surnames were in existence as far back as medieval times, has revealed that 50 per cent of their DNA is specifically linked to Scandinavian ancestry.

The collaborative study, by The University of Nottingham, the University of Leicester and University College London, reveals that the population in parts of northwest England carries up to 50 per cent male Norse origins, about the same as modern Orkney.

Stephen Harding, Professor of Physical Biochemistry in the School of Biosciences said; "DNA on the male Y-chromosome is passed along the paternal line from generation to generation with very little change, providing a powerful probe into ancestry. So a man's Y-chromosome type is a marker to his paternal past.  The method is most powerful when populations rather than individuals are compared with each other.  We can also take advantage of the fact that surnames are also passed along the paternal generations.  Using tax and other records the team selected volunteers who possess a surname present in the region prior to 1600.  This gets round the problems of large population movements that have occurred since the Industrial revolution in places like Merseyside."

After their expulsion from Dublin in 902AD the Wirral Vikings, initially led by the Norwegian Viking INGIMUND, landed in their boats along the north Wirral coastline.  Place names still reflect the North West's Viking past.  Aigburth, Formby, Crosby, Toxteth, Croxteth are all Viking names - even the football team Tranmere is Viking.  Thingwall is the name of a Viking parliament or assembly (Thingvellir in Iceland) and the only two in England are both in the North West, one in Wirral and one in Liverpool.

The results of this research have just been published by Molecular Biology and Evolution. The 14-strong research team, funded by the Wellcome Trust and a Watson-Crick DNA anniversary award from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), was led by the University of Nottingham's Professor Stephen Harding and Professor Judith Jesch and the University of Leicester's Professor Mark Jobling.

3. What Does Brit-Am Want?
re Brit-Am Now no. 1141
#4. Discussion Concerning "Brit-Am" with Leading Rabbi
We said there:
We answered that we would like the questions concerning the identity of Joseph to be considered.
We would want the proofs we bring forward to be judged favorably and IF NECESSARY further research be done by others.
The aim should be for the QUESTION, AS TO "WHO IS JOSEPH?", to be decided one way or the other.
This, we said, should be the first step. People should know the truth of these studies.
They should be convinced of them.

Brit-Am aims to awaken those who are not aware of their Israelite Ancestry and to deepen the awareness of those who are.
We are aiming to spread
We believe that if we spread the Brit-Am message wide enough and well enough a positive effect will result. Anyone who has involved themselves with the relevant researches knows well that many questions remain unanswered. The overall tendency remains quite clear and this is repeated in discipline after discipline so that the cumulative impression is one of certainty. Nevertheless, it is not enough.
Much more needs to be done and can be done.
One of our aims is to create an arousal of the need for affirmative research on this subject and propagation of the results.
Brit-Am concentrates its efforts on Three Rs:
Research (Proving where descendants of the Lost Tribes are today).
Revelation meaning revealing to others the results of Research.
Reconciliation of Judah with Joseph and of Joseph with Judah.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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