Part Five
& Postscript
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There"

Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There.
A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine"

London, 1956

Britain, Zionism,
and the Creation
of the State of Israel


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The titles of original sources, pamphlets, monographs, books of all kind, including poetry and fiction, and of historical works devoted to special themes are too numerous to be listed here. Many of them have been quoted in the text: Additional references can be found in the Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica : a Bibliographical Guide to Anglo-Jewish: History (London, 1937), edited by Cecil Roth, and in the Bibliographies of the standard works listed below.

The list that follows contains the titles of some principal works, on which I have drawn, and which the reader interested in further details may consult.

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 Part Five
& Postscript
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There"

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