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Zebulon was the brother of Issachar and the two were to be associated with each other. Zebulon was to be a seafarer and to contribute to the support of Issachar who would be engaged in learning the Torah and intellectual pursuits.
Their mother was Leah, sister of Rachel.
The color of the standard of Zebulon was "levanah" i.e. "white" or "whiteish".
The stone of Zebulon was a "yahalom" meaning diamond. The standard of Zebulon depicted a ship. Zebulon was to be important in the Netherlands though elements from Zebulon were to be found elsewhere. The stone of Zebulon was a diamond and diamond merchandising and processing is important in Belgium. Many diamonds come from South Africa and the economy of South Africa historically owed much to the extraction of diamonds. The Africaaner (Boer) inhabitants of South Africa descend from German, French Hugeonot, and Dutch ancestors. It may be that an element from Zebulon was important amongst them.

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Zebulon emphasizes more the practical side of existence though he respects and supports that of the spirit. He has nurturing and protective tendencies. The name Zebulon is derived from the root "Zebul" connoting "home, productivity, fertility". "Zebul" can also suggest the Temple in Jerusalem and this hints at another deeper aspect of Zebulon.
Zebulon is an enterpriser, a traveling merchant. Nevertheless the concept of the "Home" and all that it entails is very important in the consciousness of Zebulon. Even though he is practical there is a deep spiritual side to Zebulon. He believes and wants to believe. The Sages said that most sailors are righteous men and Zebulon was a sailor. In those days going on oceanic voyages was a dangerous undertaking. Those who set sail were aware of a Higher Force and daily conscious of Divine Providence. [From what people say just to walk the streets of South Africa today also can mean putting one's life in the balance!].
Zebulon has analytical abilities. He can be inventive. He is inquisitive and avaricious. He is also potentially quite brave and naturally of a happy disposition. The Tribe of Zebulon was not noted as being aggressive or especially militant. They were not leaders amongst the other tribes. Zebulon can be down-to-earth and even crude in his attitude.

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