Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell

Reuben was the first-born though he forfeited the rights that would normally go with it. His mother was Leah.
The stone of Reuben was a red Ruby. The redness of the Ruby suggests tempestuousness, depth of emotion, and when channeled correctly a powerful potential.

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Reuben was the natural first-born.
On the negative side: He was impetuous, illogical, emotional, amorous, sexually promiscuous, lacked self-control, tended to arrogate to himself a senior position that was not recognized by his siblings, did not exert what authority he had, tended to gallantry to a destructive and counter-productive degree.
On the positive side.
Reuben though believing that by right he should be the ruler was not jealous of his brother Joseph who claimed to replace him.
Reuben tried to save Joseph. He tried to save all the brothers by offering his two sins as hostages under pain of death.
Reuben has qualities of pre-eminence and excellence, of high quality.
We identify Reuben with France which has a Latin quality about it inherited from the Romans and Roman standards of authority, order, and scientific correctness overlap with those of Reuben.
The identification of Reuben with France is quite a strong and certain one though other Tribes were also present.
Names of the sons of Reuben reflect aspects of his character. 
Chanoch (Hanoch) connotes education and sanctification, of setting in place ceremoniously.
Chetsroni (Hezron) suggests individual ownership of land and of an aristocratic-peasant type of arrangement with each one in their own domain and with the rights accruing from it.
Phalu means "super" and excellent, a striving for perfection and quality, and in religion for mystical experience.
Carmi means vineyard with the concomitant drinking of wine and all that is entailed by it. 
Reuben had other characteristics that are worth noting and that cannot be categorized as positive or negative.
In general in the eyes of foreign and native observers, The French emphasizes logic and rationality, of reason even in the face of reality.
The French wants things to be stratified, for right and privilege to be inherited or given after demonstration of worth though not necessarily worked for in themselves.
In other words one is born to it and where examinations etc exist it is in order to prove that one has been born to it.
This is a French trait. Do courses, be educated, take the examination and get the position or be born to it. Once received accept whatever status bequeathed you. Do not expect drastic changes without having to overturn all of existence and create a new reality where things may be "set permanently" in place anew.
All this reflects the attitude of Reuben being the first born and always feeling his firstborn rights.
This feeling of innate inherited merit however did not blind Reuben to the reality around him.
Neither did it cause him to resent the achievement of Joseph who in one sense would be considered his rival.
Reuben had empathy both for the fate of Joseph and for the feelings of his father and for the sake of Justice.
The French also have empathy for others.
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" has been the slogan of France since the French Revolution.
The traditional symbol of France was a cock which is associated with the sunrise, a symbol of Reuben.
This symbol also reflects a characterstic of Reuben.

Reubenitess: The Women of Reuben
The Womenfolk have the same qualities as the men with slight but significant differences.
Ms Reuben will take things as they are. She is independent and has her own honor or, in some unfortunate cases, lack of it. Her honor will also be that of her husband. In other words she is less likely to debase herself just to spite her husband. She respects herself. She will expect things to go as they should without necessarily having to make an effort. Very often they will indeed do so. In the world of Reuben things are done much by arrangement and with the womenfolk even more so. One arranges or determines things and then carries them out. This extends also to etiquette. She is feminine and even romantic but not naturally loose. She will not be avid to compete with men in a male sphere. She will expect men to be masculine and for this point alone men will often find her company pleasing. On the other hand she may not necessarily be naturally supportive under adverse conditions.

The Banner of Reuben

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