Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell

Naphtali was the sixth son.
His mother was Bilhah, maidservant of Rachel.
Dan was his full-brother. Naphtali and Dan are often found together and share some attributes with each other. The stone of Naphtali according to the Midrash was an achlomah whose color appears to have been some kind of mixture of red and white.

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Naphtali is characeristed by speed, alacrity, eloquence, fast-thinking, moderation, placation.
His men can be great warriors and are masculine in their own way. Nevertheless to outsiders there could be aspects to his character that with others would be considered somewhat feminine. His menfolk consult with their women. His name connotes wrestling, entwinement, unification. He tends to smooth things over, make sure everything is functioning and help matters along rather than take control himself. He has modest and self-efacing tendencies. He speaks well both in the way he talks and the content of his conversation. He is reliable and sets out to do well whatever he has been entrusted to do. He is not afraid of hard work nor of manual labor. He has artistic talent and is known for his decorative ability.
The "feminine" aspects of Naphtali are exemplified by his symbol being a female deer of a certain type where the female just happens to be faster than the male one.
The rose-like aspect of his national color is also indicative.  A few days ago I went to change a check. The bills had a slightly reddish-white tinge to them as sometimes happens. I asked the amiable lass giving out the money why the dollars were pink.
She replied,
"Because girls like them".

Naphtali looks for a partner to share experiences and responsibility with.
If in work or life-style you become teamed up with somebody from Naphtali, Naphtali may struggle against you or quickly allow you to participate with him.
Whatever the case you will be involved.
Naphtali is not really an individualist though as in all other matters there are exceptions.
He is also not really independent or an initiator preferring to work for others or in partnership with them.
Naphtali is not noted as a leader.
Naphtali is good at co-operative enterprise and communal endeavors.
We identified Naphtali with Norway though groups from Naphtali were also to be found elsewhere.
Amongst some of the Irish one finds aspects of Naphtali.
Naphtali is known for speed, faithfulness, eloquence, and musical ability.

The Banner of Naphtali

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