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A Few Select Recent Testimonials Concerning
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
31 July 2011, 29 Tammuz 5771.

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Testimonials and Remarks About Brit-Am
Note the remarks below are derived from Answers to a posting of ours (28 July 2011) entitled "Brit-Am E-Mail List Check".
Many similar compliments and observations are a regular feature of our ongoing e-mail list features especially,
Brit-Am Now

This is the note we sent out and from answers to this note we received the testimonials in this artilce:

Brit-Am E-Mail List Check


As you probably know Brit-Am has been suffering from computer problems.

We are restoring our system and attempting to improve it.

Please answer this note:

The answers will help us in several ways especially as to whether or not our e-mails are reaching the addresses we send them to.

Are you pleased with Brit-Am?

Is there anything you would wish improved?
Is there any subject you would like to see more discussion and reportage of?

If you are not pleased with Brit-Am:
Do you wish to UNSCRIBE?

If you are not pleased with Brit-Am BUT wish to remain subscribed what would you wish us to change?

Yair Davidiy
on behalf of
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

Part Two.

Shalom Yair,
I am pleased with Brit-Am and wish to remain subscribed. Your
hard work and persistent nature are a great gift to the rest of us
from the Almighty.
Thank you!
Dan and Priscilla

Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
[Would Like to see:]
More definitive historic data-- not just [what] someone thinks, but rather the facts and just the facts.
 "Pastor Jack"

From: "Ron Fraser"
Greetings Yair,
I read every dispatch you send and, as a result, continue to add to my education in the origin and history of peoples generally and, in particular, Judah and the nations of Israel. Your books remain a regular source of reference for writing and teaching. Your work is appreciated. See answers to questions below.
Ron Fraser
Are you pleased with Brit-Am? Yes
Is there anything you would wish improved? No
Is there any subject you would like to see more discussion and reportage of? More of the same

Shalom, I am very pleased with Brit-Am. Thanks Judith

Are you pleased with Brit-Am? Yes, Absolutely.
Is there anything you would wish improved? Not really
Is there any subject you would like to see more discussion and reportage of? I love individual tribal discussions
Bill R.

I like Brit-Am very much. You are doing a great work and I highly approve of your work. I... God knows and will bless you I know because I'm praying for His Blessing on you.

... I do appreciate the research and thought that goes into your e-mails. Shalom! Shoshana

Yes, I find Brit-Am interesting and useful. And I think it plays a part in
preparing Israel for re-gathering (remember, though, not all who are called
Israel are really Israel).
I would like to see more focus on the related prophecies promising and
describing the re-gathering of the Tribes.
God bless you and yours. Mark

Hello Yair:
You do a great job.
Denis goyet

Hi Yair,
Shalom from Wales.
I so appreciate all you're doing. May [the Almighty] hasten the day when I am in the land of my ancestors, Amein!

[Would Like to see:]
Better user interface of website.
[The Present web-site appearance is] Very unattractive and jumbled.
Needs to be streamlined and organized.
I've strongly suggested this before.
Christian Loor

Hi Yair,
Just had a look at your website again. I can't think of anything to change. Looks like you have made some additions which I am eager to read. I am pleased with Brit-Am. My main interest these days has been in Y-DNA. So certainly I would like to see more reporting on this subject. Particularly if any new findings support Brit-Am.
G-d Bless
Craig Driver

I am pleased with Brit-Am and appreciate the work you are doing.

I am pleased with Brit-Am
Love Charlie at Bet AMi Congregation

We have been on your list (except for a few interruptions due to moves) for perhaps close to 10 years; we are blessed by your wisdom in and love for HaShem's word, especially re his purposes to restore the whole House of Jacob. My husband followed your site. He passed away a few years ago, but to the end he was strong in the hope that one day we'll be reunited in the land.
... It is often instructional and helpful reading other reader's comments along with your further expounding on the subject. I often fwd your mail to Christian friends w/the hope they will come to the knowledge and understanding of Ephraim... but sometimes would be nice if there was mail purely devoted to this issue alone. Christians in general need a better understanding of who Israel is, the whole house. I received a mail yesterday that I will try to answer today: A friend wrote:
I'm in a discussion with basically some that don't believe Jews are still the chosen people anymore....
Do you have scriptures handy all together that I can use in my discussion.
God bless you; enjoy the Holy Land, BP

I believe understanding who the whole house of Jacob is will dispel replacement theology teachings and make us a unified one in the Father's hand!
Blessings on your times Yair,
Shalom and simchat,

From: David Betts
 Re: List Check
> Are you pleased with Brit-Am?
Yes, very much!
> Is there anything you would wish improved?
PLEASE remove ALL (translation: ALL) non-essential symbols that take up entire screens on iPhone. It is very distracting, uncomplimentary, unclean, and takes up bandwidth!!
> Is there any subject you would like to see more discussion and reportage of?
Research / your view on difference between "Messianic Jews" and "Messianic Israel."
I wish you multiplied blessings. I help when I can via purchases & prayer.
Shalom to your home; Peace to your heart!

May [the ALMIGHTY] our Father bless you,

From: Fred Hendrickson
Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
Every thing is OK with me...

Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
Are you pleased with Brit-Am? YES
Please keep up the good work
Jim Brister

Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
I am pleased with, and thankful for Brit-Am, Yair. I try to make people aware of the Lost Tribes and always refer them to your site for in-depth information. It seems that whatever their questions, you have some article that will at least touch upon that subject. I also encourage them to write to you.

... I enjoy reading your emails. I dont always have the time to reply and sometimes I put your emails in a folder until I have the time to read them.

Thanks for your note.
It would probably be unfair of me to criticize, since this is a free
service, and you are devoting your time and resources to bring it to
It is more a matter of emphasis than anything else. I would suggest that it
might be good to cut back on some of the articles of a highly speculative
nature where the tangible evidence is negligible, and replace the latter
with a few more contemporary insights, including the immediate future of the
State of Israel. Prophecy is now unfolding in a big way just as the
prophets, especially Daniel, Ezekiel and others, had predicted it would. The
very existence of a Jewish State is the greatest piece of evidence of God's
intervention in world affairs. Everything is being shaken just as the
prophets predicted, and things are happening that would have been considered
literally impossible only a few years ago. It is time for both Judah and
Israel to revise their thinking. ... God has a plan to bring them together in a single
faith ----- a faith which will come into being when the veil of blindness
has been removed on both sides.
May He who is all mighty and all loving speed that day.
Ray Fulford

I am pleased with what Brit-Am is doing and what your about. As a Christian, the information is both challenging and refreshing. Keep me on the list please.
David A. Tennefos

...everything I have ever read [from Brit-Am] has been extremely helpful. .. you are helping the returnees with practical information.
Blessings and shalom, Sylvia

Every thing is very good thanks yair

Yes your messages are reaching us at the right address and we love them! wouldn't change anything at this time --can't think of anything in particular we would want you to address --just love all that you cover! look forward to it every day--...  --appreciate you very much and all the work that you do--Christy & David from Ohio, USA.

I am completely OK about Brit-Am. The Web-site superbly complements the
impressive set of books....
At some near-future time, I will provide some positive pointers for improvement....
I realised, many years ago, that ALL the tribes are present, here in the U.S. ...
I would definitely welcome more discussion about where we suspect, or KNOW with conviction, where each of tribes NOW live, with passages of published histories that deal with the various locations. ( I know that material within Brit-Am's media already exists about this - I think I'm eager for all of our studies to somehow be pooled and classified and maybe published, as a body of work.
Best regards,
Kevin Benefield, Raleigh, North Carolina ( A transplanted Aussie from
Melbourne, Victoria )

I am very pleased with Brit-Am.

Yair Shalom,
I am not disappointed in Brit-Am. Quite the opposite. A biblical truth has been preserved and enhanced and as G-d is no liar it is always refreshing to embrace truth in a day and age where the world pursues lies in nearly every aspect of its business....
Am I satisfied/pleased with Brit-Am? I would not be where I am today without your research. Avigdor.

Hi Yair;
Your doing a great job on a topic, the importance of is incalculable. I'd like your input on the topic of Japanese role in the lost tribes. ... I would be honored if you would comment on this blog post I put together on the subject.
Thanks ... Chris

I am very pleased with Brit-Am the way it is...May [the aLMIGHTY] be Praised through your ministry.
Hans H.

Shalom Yair,
You are providing an incredibly invaluable source of information and teaching. You say it like it is and I appreciate your frankness. I like the variety as well as the openness inn publishing those who criticise.
I would change nothing.
The Almighty Hashem bless your efforts.
David Ramdhari

Shalom Yair,
well I am pleased with BritAm. I would like to see the following in your your mails: (if possible) more information concerning discussions in Israel about the tribes, reunification, nozrim if possible. I
know you do it already, but this interests me.
Shabbat Shalom for tomorrow
Dan H.
Hamburg, Germany

From: joe mitchell
Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
 i   am pleased. more on archaeology of Israel

Dear Yair,
I know how you must feel when you may get very little feedback from the
research and work that you perform. I send out a publication to many nations
around the world and get very little feedback. I have read your books and
agree with much of your direction and efforts. I am a Christian of the
Restoration Movement brought forth by Joseph Smith Jr.... we receive a
patriarchal blessing where our lineage is revealed. I was blessed with the
tribe of Ephraim. I know that you, a member of the tribe of Judah look at
the gathering differently than I ...I would still like to receive your comments.
Nolan W. Glauner
President of Seventy
Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830

Shalom Yair
I am well pleased with Brit-Am and wish to remain on your mailing list. I have learned so much from your site, and continue to learn, about my possible Jewish heritage. I have no evidence except what my heart and soul have said to me since I was a very young girl. And because of you and your work, I have learned that what my heart and soul tell me is quite possibly the truth. The fact that I may be of Jewish origin, and from the family of Abraham(!) is awesome to me and makes my heart swell.
Brit-Am is perfect the way it is, for me, and I can't think of any way to improve it. Smarter minds than mine may think of improvements, but I can't. ..
I am extremely grateful to you for the great work you do, and love your site. ...I  contribute my prayers for your work to be kept in our Father's hands.
Thank you.
Colorado, USA

I am very pleased with Brit-Am and am in agreement with the goal of uniting the whole of Israel.
Mark T.

I am very pleased with Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am. You talk about regathering the dispersed of Israel or rather having them begin to reclaim that identity and stand with Judah.
Terry McCann

Bless you all. You are doing a wonderful job!
David Barlow N.Z.

Dear Yair
I think I did say that I was not a believer in BI however I have enjoyed some material on the site but have not been able to read everything because of other demands.
I have worked fairly closely with some local British Israelite people but discovered that some were anti-Semitic and their views were I considered dangerous. It was good therefore to find that Brit-Am, rejected that kind of thinking.
I have appreciated your honest approach and attempts to be faithful to the evidence. Someday I hope to visit Israel and see the places that I have known of all my life.
I could not say I have been displeased with the site. I have enjoyed it but do not agree with many of the views expressed.
I wish you well and cannot forget that your son's name is the name of a cross border group that I formed in 1995 - the Guild or Uriel. The term Uriel is a local name in the borderlands of Ireland. It is also used of an angel in Essex where my family came from in the 12th century.
Uriel was for a time during the middle ages divided into English Uriel and Irish Uriel (often spelt Oriel). My ancestors lived on the border and often fought and killed or were killed there. They also are known to have formed at least one marriage alliance with the Irish of Monaghan in the early 17th century.
Roy (Belfast)

Shalom Yair,
Thank you for sending to me your e-mail check list. I am pleased with the content of the Brit-Am website. It is very informative and as I have an interest in the history of Israel from both reading/studying the Bible and researching my own family geneology, I enjoy reading your emails when they arrive in my inbox.
Kind Regards,
Kylie Niebling (Australia)

Shalom Brit Am,
My you be blessed night and day! I wouldn't change anything about Brit Am, and I am very grateful for all of the hard work!
Summer Lawrence

Dear Yair,
Best of wishes to get your computer system back on track. Appreciate the Brit-Am ministry, especially your books.
Steven Dotson

From: allan bauman
RE: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
I receive your emails and I am pleased with them
Thank you

From: Leland
Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
... Keep up your good work. You do a good job.

From: "north pennine rainbows"
Re: Brit-Am E-Mail List Check
Hello Yair, Just responding to your request for feedback.
Firstly Many Thanks for all your newsletters & the admirable & devotional work that you do. I have a backlog of your newsletters which i need to yet read, but i put them all in a folder. ...I'm very pleased with your newsletters & therefore cannot think of anyway you could improve on what you are already doing. ... Shalom Shabat. megan ( uk)

I would like to continue receiving your  e-mails.
Lasse M

The Suggestions.

As may be seen from the above the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Most were pleased with Brit-Am as it is.
[Those who were not have presumably unbsubscribed.]
There were some who though pleased on the whole would like to see additions and improvements.
Suggestions made included the following:

There was a request for more about prophecies and regathering the Tribes.
More discussion of Tribal Characteristics.
Improving the web-site appearance.
A little more on Israelite Identity Proofs.
More iPhone friendly formats (??)
More about Prophecy and straight-forward evidence and less speculation?
More on location of specific Tribal Groups today.
Tribal identifications, re-unification, Predicted Notsrim (Christian) affiliation.
Archaeology of Israel.
There were also a few who were doubtful about the whole subject yet wish to remain connected.

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