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The Task of Moshiach ben Joseph
What Will He Do?
How Does this Apply to Us Today?
Notes from the book "Kol HaTor"

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Who is he?
The traditional Aramaic Translation of the Prophets (Targum Yehonathan on Exodus 40:11) says the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is descended from Joshua the son of Nun from the Tribe of Ephraim. Other sources say that the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is a descendant of Jeroboam the son of Nebath (Zohar Chadash, Balak 56b). Jeroboam had led the northern Ten Tribes when they rebelled against the House of David and broke away and formed their own kingdom of Israel (1-Kings chapter 12). All the Israelites in the separate kingdom of Israel were later exiled by the Assyrians and became the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH who is the descendant of Jeroboam will bring about the re-unification of the Lost Ten Tribes (Joseph) with Judah. He will therefore rectify the sin of his ancestor by re-uniting with Judah. He will make good what his forefather had done wrong. We too if we want to, and try hard, can make good what our fathers and forefathers and we ourselves have done wrong in the past. We can build a better future for the sake of our peoples and for the sake of our children and their children after them. This is our duty.

          The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH in Jewish Tradition in later generations was taken to be a symbolic figure. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH was understood to represent an historical process in which the Jewish people would return to their land and rebuild themselves by natural means. Later the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID would appear and impart a spiritual dimension to the physical-material political structure that the process represented by the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH had prepared. This does not nullify the belief that the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is to be a real person.  It merely supplements it. It adds to it. It helps us understand it. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH was to appear before the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID. In some sources the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is called “The First Redeemer.” The “Second Redeemer” will be the Messiah son of David.

          The Messiah son of Joseph will be the leader of the Lost Ten Tribes. He will be descended from Joseph. In a sense The Messiah son of Joseph may be understood to represent Joseph and the Lost Ten Tribes, as a collective body. By considering some of the deeds and actions of The Messiah son of Joseph we can gain further evidence as to who the descendants of Joseph are today.

The Book “Kol HaTor”
The book "Kol HaTor" i.e. "The Voice of the Turtledove" (a reference to Song of Songs 2:12) was written by Rabbi Hillel Rivlin (1758-1833) of Shklov, a disciple of the Vilna Gaon (1720-1797). It deals with the future Redemption and the task of the Messiah son of Joseph i.e. Moshiach ben Yoseph. This Messiah is an anointed leader who precedes the Messiah son of David and prepares the way for him. The Messiah son of Joseph is associated with the Lost Ten tribes (as explained by the Malbim on Ezekiel 37 and in articles by is on this matter). This book is a collection of the sayings of a great and famous Rabbi (Eliyahu of Vilna) and his followers in the eighteenth century. The work deals with the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Rabbi Elyahu of Vilna is considered to have been one of the greatest Rabbis of all time. The ideas in this book “Kol HaTor” are all based on Biblical or related sources. By noting what the Messiah son of Joseph is expected to do we may also learn as to who the Lost Ten Tribes really are and what in turn is expected of them.

Similar to Cyrus king of Persia
Kol HaTor says [1.6.1] The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is similar to Cyrus the Persian Monarch who encouraged the Jews to return from the Babylonian Exile and rebuild the Temple. Cyrus, the King of Persia, in some respects may be considered a forerunner (or prototype) of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Verses associated with Cyrus (Isaiah 42) are actually to a degree applicable to the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH will be revealed little by little.

           The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH in some sources is referred to as the “Messiah son [descendant] of Ephraim.”

Ingathers the Exiles
The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is associated with the saving of lives and the rescue of Israelites and in this he is assisted by Judah and by the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID.
The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPHis connected with the ingathering of the exiles. America and Britain both in their own way in the past did helped the ingathering of the exiles of Judah to the Land of Israel.
Ingathers the Exiles “Kol HaTor” says [2.40] “His [i.e. Joseph’s] bow abode in strength” (Genesis 49;24). This should be an important principle for us. We have to stand obstinately strong in the holy work of gathering in the exiles which is the task of the first redeemer [i.e. of  the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH].

Our Prayers Are Required
“Kol HaTor says [1.24] “With our deeds and prayers we shall come to the aid of MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Through our exertions with all our might of self-arousal [arousal from below as distinct from arousal from heaven] we will achieve the union of the two messiahs, the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH and the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID, ‘the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah’ [mentioned by Ezekiel 37]. [The two sticks will join together just as Judah and Joseph will join together].

Our Initiative is Needed!
          [In Ezekiel 37:16, Ezekiel was told to take one stick, FOR JUDAH. Ezekeil was then told to take ANOTHER STICK, FOR JOSEPH. Ezekiel was told in Ezekiel 37:17 to join the two sticks together. THEY SHALL BECOME ONE IN THINE HAND.  The two sticks (representing Judah and Joseph) were to first become one in the hand of Ezekiel.  In   Ezekiel 37:19 God says that the two sticks  SHALL BE ONE IN MINE HAND.]   [Ezekiel says that] First the two sticks will become one in your hands and afterwards they will be one in my [God’s] hand.” [i.e. This means that:  First Judah and Joseph should try to join together from below and afterwards God will help them from above]. On the same theme: “Kol HaTor” emphasizes The Two Sticks (representing Judah and Joseph) Must be Joined Together Through Our Initiative! [2.101] Ezekiel (37) speaks of the stick of Joseph [and Judah and the union of Judah with Joseph]. This concerns the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. The Redemption is dependent on the union of the two sticks, the stick of Joseph with the stick of Judah. These are the two Messiahs, the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH and the MESSIAH SON OF DAVID. [It says: “Join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in your hand” (Ezekiel 37;17)].

          At first the union [of Judah with Joseph] comes about through arousal from below by way of nature [through our actions] as it says, “Join them one to another into one stick.” And afterwards [the re-union is confirmed] in a miraculous manner, [through the hand of God, as it says in Ezekiel “they shall become on in Your hand” meaning they shall become re-united in the hand of God!

Comes From the North
Kol HaTor says [2.11] “His glory is like the firstborn of his bull” (Deuteronomy 33;17). The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH comes from the north side and will be aroused by himself. i.e. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH will come from somewhere in the north or at least to the north of the Land of Israel.

Defeats Esau (Edom)
The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH will Defeat Esau meaning the forces of Europe. “Kol HaTor” says [2.17] The guardian angel of Esau will be pulled down by the guardian angel of Joseph (This is also spoken about in the Biblical Book of Obadiah).

Expands Borders of Israel, Wars Against Amalek
Kol HaTor says [2.36] “Enlarge the place of your tent and let them stretch forth the curtains of your habitations...” (Isaiah 54;2). The commandment to expand the borders [of Israel] is part of the task of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. The MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH has the duty of waging war against Amalek and of expanding the borders of Israel and of protecting Israel from  destruction.
Joshua ben Nun Was a Forerunner of the Messiah son of Joseph. He represents [2.44] the First Redeemer [MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH] who fights against Amalek with total warfare. [He fights against the forces of anti-Semitism]. This was also the role of Joshua ben Nun who was [a forerunner and ancestor of] the Messiah Son of Joseph.

“Amalek” represents anti-Semitism and the attempt to exterminate the Jewish and israelite nations. Britain and America in the 19th and early 20th century often attempted to protect the Jews in Europe from Anti-Semitism. In the Second World War Britain and the USA defeated Nazi Germany and Japan. Nazi Germany had planned to exterminate the Jewish people and did murder one-third of the total Jewish population in the World at that time.

          Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 the USA has often helped protect the State of Israel from destruction. The USA has not however really helped Israel expand her borders. On the contrary the USA has often forced Israel to give up territories it had liberated and to constrict her borders, but maybe that will change. Maybe the USA and Britain will help Israel expand her borders in the future as the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is supposed to do.

Purifies the Land of Israel
Kol HaTor says [2.41] “And Joseph was governor over the land” (Genesis 42;6). This means he will overcome all the forces of impurity. This is one of the great tasks of the First Redeemer [of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH]: to extirpate the spirit of impurity from the country by means of settling the Holy Land. When the Holy Land is not settled [with Israelites] a spirit of impurity settles over it.  [When the Holy Land is settled with Israelites the Land becomes pure].

Aroused by Elijah
Kol HaTor” says [2.71] “Behold I will send you my prophet Elijah…and he will return the hearts of the fathers to their sons” (Malachi 4). One of the tasks of Elijah is to arouse the spirit of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Comment:


Causes Non-Israelite Nations to Repent
Kol HaTor says [2.75] The Messiah Son of Joseph arouses not only Israel but also the Peoples of the World to Repent. Jonah the Prophet had the aspect of MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH in his generation. His task is, “to rebuke many nations” (Isaiah 2).

Turns Defeat Into Victory
Kol HaTor says [2.91] The characteristic of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is that out of tribulation he brings salvation. The Heavenly Ladder “Kol HaTor” says [2.97] A ladder on the ground and its head reaching to heaven (Genesis 28). This is an aspect of Joseph as is known. What happened to Jacob happened to Joseph. All of his deeds were an arousal from below with an accompanying assistance from heaven. Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel and had the characteristics of both Jacob and Rachel.

Ingathers Exiles, Rebuilds Jerusalem, Settles the Wilderness
Kol HaTor” says [2.117] The rulership of Joseph overcomes all impurity.
          The task of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is to remove the spirit of impurity from the Land through the ingathering of exiles, rebuilding Jerusalem, and the planting of the wilderness.

Ransoming Captives
Kol HaTor says [2.118] “And the ransomed of the LORD shall return and come to Zion” (Isaiah 35;10): The task of ransoming captives belongs to the  MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH who performs it by ingathering the Exiles…The Major Ingathering of the Exiles cannot be less than 600,000…They will come with rejoicing and happiness. Comment: “Kol HaTor” says The Major Ingathering of Exiles cannot be less than 600,000. 600,000 was taken to be a key number. It is interesting to note that when Israel declared its Independence in 1948 the total Jewish population in the Land at that time was a bit more than 600,000 which was the key number mentioned by “Kol HaTor” about two hundred years beforehand.

Reveals Secrets of the Torah
Kol HaTor says [122] “And Pharoah called Joseph’s name Zaphenat Paneah” [i.e. Uncover of Secrets] (Genesis 41;45). One of the tasks of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH in each generation is to reveal the secrets of the Torah.

Horns of a Unicorn
Kol HaTor” says [131] “His horns are the horns of a unicorn with which he strikes the peoples” (Deuteronomy 33).
The main task of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is the everlasting war against Amalek.
The horn[s] of a unicorn are linked with the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Two unicorns appear on the Coat of Arms of Scotland.
Many descendants of Joseph from Scotland migrated to North America.
A unicorn is part of the symbol of Britain. Both a lion and unicorn appear on the Coat of Arms of Britain. A lion and unicron were used to symbolize the israelites in the end times in Biblical Prophecy, cf.

Deuteronomy 33:
17 His glory is like a firstborn bull,
And his horns like the horns of the unicorn [RAEM];
Together with them
He shall push the peoples
To the ends of the earth;
They are the ten thousands of Ephraim,
And they are the thousands of Manasseh.

Numbers 23:
22 God brings them out of Egypt;
He has strength like a uncorn [RAEM].
24 Look, a people rises like a Great Lion [Hebrew: LAVI (masculine)],
And lifts itself up like a lion;
It shall not lie down until it devours the prey,
And drinks the blood of the slain.

The main task of the MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH is the everlasting war against Amalek. “Amalek” represents the forces of Anti-Semitism.

          The fact is that Anti-Semites as well as hating the Jews are usually also the enemies of the British or the Americans. Even those people who are against the Jews  among the British and Americans are usually found after examination to hold doctrines and to do things that make them in effect the enemy of Britain and America.

Dan will Help!
Kol HaTor” says [150] The Prince of Dan will assist MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH. Comment: The prince of Dan represents the people of Dan. The descendants of Dan are to be found today mainly amongst the people of Denmark and amongst descendants of the Irish overseas.

We Must Do Our Utmost!
Kol HaTor says [p.453] We have to do our utmost for the sake of the union of the two Messiahs, MESSIAH SON OF JOSEPH and MESSIAH SON OF DAVID, the stick of Joseph and the stick of Judah [that Ezekiel described as uniting]”.

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