Israelite-Dominated Nations and World Population.
Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. They are the Lost Ten Tribes. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields.

We have identified nations whose historical experience has been dominated to some extent by those of Israelite orgin and whose population encompasses a significant proportion of Israelites.
In the statistics below we see the populations of Israelite Nations and also look at those of Edomite ties alongside others of general interest.
This article should be consdiered a continuation of our previous one,
A Hebrew Multitude; Israelite Nations by Population and Percentage.



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Statistics: Israelite-Dominated Nations and World Population.

List of countries by population
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Israelite Dominated Nations followed by Notes.
Selected Non-Israelite Nations.
Non-Israelite Nations of Possible Edomite or Similar Influence.
Non-Israelite but Possible Borderline Nations.
Further Reflection: Israelites and the Wilderness.


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Israelite Dominated Nations followed by Notes.

 USA   313,594,000  4.47%
21[] France [7]65,350,000 January 1, 2012      0.93%Official estimate
22[] United Kingdom 62,262,000 July 1, 2010  0.89%Official estimate
35[] Canada 34,805,800 May 23, 2012           0.5%Official population clock
52[] Australia 22,912,789 May 23, 2012         0.33%Official population clock
62[] Netherlands 16,733,727 March 31, 2012  0.24%Monthly official estimate
75[] Belgium 10,951,266 January 1, 2011       0.16%Official estimate
86[] Sweden 9,495,113 March 31, 2012         0.14%Monthly official estimate
96[] Switzerland  7,952,600 December 31, 2011  0.11%Official estimate
97[] Israel       7,869,900March 31, 2012               0.11%Monthly official estimate
111[] Denmark  5,584,758April 1, 2012            0.08%Monthly official estimate
115[] Finland    5,409,790May 23, 2012            0.077%Official population clock
118[] Norway   5,013,000May 23, 2012            0.071%Official population clock
South African Whites ca. 5 million i.e. ca. 0.71 %
119[] Ireland    4,588,252April 10, 2011             0.065%2011 census
122[] New Zealand  4,435,800 May 23, 2012    0.063%Official population clock
178[] Iceland 320,060 April 1, 2012                0.0046%Official estimate
199[] Jersey (UK) 97,857March 27, 2011       0.0014%2011 census
202[] Isle of Man (UK) 84,497March 27, 2011 0.0012%2011 census
206[] Guernsey (UK) 62,431March 31, 2010  0.00089%Official estimate
207[] Greenland (Denmark) 56,749 January 1, 2012  0.00081%Official estimate
213[] Faroe Islands (Denmark) 48,285 March 1, 20120.00069%Monthly official estimate
220[] Gibraltar (UK)[18] 29,441 July 1, 2010     0.00042%Official estimate
221[] ?and Islands (Finland) 28,355 December 31, 2011   0.0004%Official estimate
222[] British Virgin Islands (UK) 24,000 July 1, 2012   0.00034%Official estimate
234[] Falkland Islands (UK)[19]3,000 July 1, 2012   0.00003%UN estimate
235[] Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Norway) 2,495March 1, 2010   0.00002%Official estimate
236[] Norfolk Island (Australia) 2,302 August 9, 2011   0.00002%2011 census
237[] Christmas Island (Australia) 1,462June 30, 2010  0.00001%Official estimate
238[] Tokelau (NZ)1,411October 18, 2011   0.00001% 2011 census
239[] Niue (NZ)1,000July 1, 2012    0.00001%UN estimate
242[] Pitcairn Islands (UK)66July 1, 2008   0.000000001%2008 census


Britain and British offshoots (Canada, Australia, South African Whites, New Zealand, etc) comprise ca. 130, 000,000.
This is ca. 1.2%
The USA has 313,594,000. This is 4.47%
The USA plus  Britain and British offshoots has ca. 443,600,000. This is ca. 5.67%

France has the highest followed by the Netherlands.
Total for non-Joseph Israelites (without Israel) is ca. 131,000,000.
This is about the same as Britain and British offshoots.

The Israelite nations contributions to world population is about  7% of the total.

Out of these it may be that only a minority are really of Israelite Origin.
Nevertheless their places of habitation belong to Israelites in so far as Israelites have a dominating influence or at least that is highly significant.

Selected Non-Israelite Nations

1[] China 1,347,350,000 December 31, 2011 19.21%Official estimate
2[] India1,210,193,422 March 1, 2011 17.25%2011 census
4[] Indonesia 237,641,326 May 1, 2010 3.39%2010 census
5[] Brazil 192,376,496 July 1, 2011 2.74%Official estimate
6[] Pakistan 179,627,000 May 23, 2012 2.56%Official population clock
8[] Russia 143,100,000 April 1, 2012 2.04%Official estimate
9[] Bangladesh 142,319,000 March 15, 2011 2.03%2011 census
11[] Mexico 112,336,538 June 12, 2010 1.6%2010 census
12[] Philippines 97,594,040 July 1, 2012 1.39%Official estimate
15[] Egypt 82,097,000 May 23, 2012 1.17%Official population clock
17[] Iran 76,380,000 May 23, 2012 1.09%Official population clock
25[] South Korea 48,580,000November 1, 2010 0.69%2010 census
33[] Poland 38,501,000 March 31, 2011 0.55% 2011 census

Non-Israelite Nations of Possible Edomite or Similar Influence.

10[] Japan 127,610,00 0 May 1, 2012 1.82%Monthly official estimate
16[] Germany 81,858,000 October 31, 2011 1.17%Monthly official estimate
18[] Turkey 74,724,269 December 31, 2011 1.07%Official estimate
23[] Italy 59,464,644 October 9, 2011 0.85% 2011 census  (also contains Israelites).
28[] Spain 46,185,697 April 1, 2012 0.66% Monthly official estimate
29[] Ukraine 45,644,419 December 1, 2011 0.65% Monthly official estimate
32[] Argentina 40,117,096 October 27, 2010 0.57% 2010 census
74[] Cuba 11,241,161 December 31, 2010 0.16% Official estimate
79[] Portugal 10,561,614 March 21, 2011 0.15%2011 census
92[] Austria 8,452,835 July 1, 2012 0.12% Official estimate
87[] Belarus 9,460,600 April 1, 2012 0.13% Monthly official estimate
24[] Palestinian territories 4,293,309 July 1, 2012 0.061% Official estimate
125[] Croatia 4,290,612 March 31, 2011 0.061% 2011 census
137[] Lithuania 3,187,700 May 1, 2012 0.045% Monthly official estimate
144[] Latvia 2,070,371 March 1, 2011 0.03% 2011 census
145[] Slovenia 2,058,080 May 23, 2012 0.003% Official population clock

Non-Israelite but Possible Borderline Nations

80[] Czech Republic 10,504,203 December 31, 20110.15% Official estimate
175[] Malta 417,617 December 31, 20100.006%Official estimate
217[] Liechtenstein36,476December 31, 20110.00052%Official estimate
Some Nations, such as Italy, whom we have counted as under Edomite Influence, also may have strong Israelite Components.

Further Reflection: Israelites and the Wilderness.

The Tribes of Israel from one perspective are divided between Judah and the rest. Judah today is to be found amongst the Jews of the state of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora elsewhere. [It is to be noted that World Jewish Populations and the Ten Tribes. most Jews today are either in the State of Israel or in Israelite nations such as the USA, Canada, France, UK, etc. A minority of less than 10% is still to be found in non-Israelite countries such as Russia, Argentina, etc].
From another point of view a distinction is made between Joseph and the others.

The non-Joseph nations include Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Eire, and the State of Israel.
They number ca. 130 million.

Britain and her offshoots comprise the descendants of Ephraim.
Britain and British offshoots (Canada, Australia, South African Whites, New Zealand, etc) have a population of  ca. 130, 000,000.

The USA contains elements from all the Tribes. Joseph is predominant. Numerically there may be more of Ephraim than Manasseh in the USA BUT Manasseh predominates in other ways.
The USA has ca. 313 million but many are non-Israelites. The non-Israelite component in the USA may now be an overwhelming majority of the total.

Roughly speaking we may assume that the USA (Joseph) has about as many Israelites as the other Israelite nations put together.
Amongst the other nations Ephraim (Britain and her offshoots) have about half which is a quarter of the total.

A rough picture could give us the following proportions:

Other Tribes: 1
Ephraim: 1
Joseph (i.e. Ephraim and Manasseh in the USA): 2

Perhaps half the Israelites are now in the USA.
Another quarter are with Britain and British offshoots.

Is North America the Wilderness?
There was a thread about the Wilderness.
Hosea 2:14 and Ezekiel 20:35 both speak of Israel being brought into the Wilderness in the End Times or in the Period leading up to them.
Ezekiel speaks as if to say that the Israelites will be brought into the Wilderness as a place of initial purification. From the Wilderness they will enter the Land of Israel. From there the process of rectification shall continue.
 We had a thread in the past on this matter.

Brit-Am Now"-1053
3. Question on Israel in the "Wilderness" in the Latter Times

Brit-Am Now"-1054
1. Opinions Concerning the "Wilderness"

Brit-Am Now"-1056
3. The Wilderness: Physical or Spiritual?

Concerning the view that the Wilderness is the USA. This could also all of North America i.e. include Canada. Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa when first settled were also Wilderness places.
The Wilderness in this sense did have an effect on the Israelite Peoples who settled there. It freed them from the European pagan mid set. Settlers in these areas were influenced by their surroundings and the exigencies of survival. They also attempted to put into practice Biblical principles that previously had existed more in the realm of theory rather than practice. On the whole it may be said that the settlers became more egalitarian, and more open to new ideas and to change.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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