Simeon and Ireland: Colors and Gems

Israelite Tribal Jewels. Tribal Stones and Hues in the Light of Hebrew Nations Identifications, Simeon in Ireland

Simeon in the Midrash (Numbers Rabah, BaMidbar, b; 7) was given a green color and the emerald gem. In the past we identified Simeon with elements in Ireland and Wales. A closer examination emphasized the presence of other tribes in Ireland. This tended to eclipse awareness of Simeon. Nevertheless Simeon was in these regions and influenced their character. Ireland has been nick-named the Emerald Isles and the color green features in both Wales and Ireland. Many Irish settled in Australia whose semi-official colors (e.g. Olympic Games teams, etc) are yellow and green. The experts will tell us that green is a combination of blue and yellow but in Rabbinical Tradition yellow is often considered a type of green. At all events, green definitely is a color of Ireland. Elements from Simeon were present in Ireland and did influence the Irish national character though to what degree Simeon predominated as compared to other Tribes is not certain. Semuen in Irish tradition was associated with the Fir Bolg [whom the Milesians conquered], and with the inhabitants of Wales and Britain. The Pictures below pertain to Ireland. The case of Wales will be dealt with separatedly. It is worth repeating that in ancient times the color of Ireland was not green but rather saffron which is an orange hue and may pertain to the Tribe of Dan, as mentioned elsewhere.

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