Brit-Am Radio Comments on Obama and 67

 A Brit-Am, Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, Report 

Rachael Cohen and Cynthia Grace Show
Interview Yair Davidiy (May 20, 2011, 16 Iyar 5771)

Duration: 7.5 minutes

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Brit-Am Radio Comments on Obama and 67

Obama and 67.
Yair Davidiy Radio Comments on Speech of President Barak Husssein about Israel (May 19, 2011).

Tanscript: Below

Rachael Cohen and Cynthia Grace Show
Jamesville, Georgia, USA.
May 20, 2011 (16 Iyar 5771).
Time: 1000

Approximate Transcript:

What is your thought of what the US President said yesterday in his announcement about the State of Israel going to the 1967 borders?
What does this mean for Israel?

Yair Answers:
It is an impossibility. It would be the equivalent of national suicide for the State of Israel.
In 1967 the State of Israel was under siege.
It was faced by enemies on the Egyptian Front, on the Syrian Front, and on the Jordanian Front.
They were about to overwhelm the State of Israel.
They had already removed the barriers of UN Peace-Keeping Troops that were supposed to separate the two sides.
They had put Israel under siege, [blockade],on the sea level. and massed tanks [and troops] on the border.
They were about to attack us.
Israel by a pre-emptive strike managed to save itself.
It was a touch-and-go thing at that time.
Even at the time the then-existing borders were not enough to hold the number of  Arab and Jewish people in Israel: The Jewish and Arab citizens that we have.
Since then, thank God, we have grown to some degree through natural increase, and new immigrants that came;
[including] the millions of immigrants that came to us from Russia.
There has been an increase [in demand on existing resources].

President Obama himself, in his speech, mentioned the improvement in technology that has taken place.
That should include the improvement in the potentialities of the enemy forces.
They can now hit us harder.
They can hit us faster.
They are equipped. They received, through US largesse, state-of-the art weaponry almost up to the same standard of that possessed by Israel.
Israel also receives most of its weapons from the USA but it improves upon them through its own researches and technology.
Egypt is also equipped by the USA. Egypt has a large army. Egypt threatens to attack Israel.
The previous government in Egypt was bad.
Now an even worse government has come into power.
Egypt is now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.
President Obama himself, by his own admittance, was instrumental in bringing this about.
He has responsibility for this.
Israel is under threat.
Israel cannot give in.
We need every centimeter of land, every centimeter of strategic depth in order to protect ourself from the enemies around:
From the Syrians, from the Egyptians, from the Iranians.
Israel has already given in too much.
Israel is endangered.
The very existence of the State of Israel is now in danger because of the compromises and because of what it has given up in the past.
We cannot go any further.
We are on the breaking-edge.
Not only that, but from a practical point of view: There is the question of water resources.
There is not enough water in the State of Israel.
Most of the water in Israel is in Judah and Samaria, in underground aquifers.
That is where most of the water in the State of Israel comes from.
That is where we get our water from.
There is not enough of that and if the Palestinians take control of that they are liable to cut our water off from us.
We cannot allow that.
There are ecological considerations.
Children are being born. Young couples are getting married. They need a place to live.
There is not enough room in the pre-1967 borders for the Jewish people.
We need the room.
There is plenty of room on the West Bank.
The Arabs only take up a very small portion of it.
That is where Israel can expand.
That is where Jewish couples can live and Jewish children grow up in, in that area.
That area is the heartland of the Jewish State.
That is where most of the stories in the Bible took place.
That is where the Jewish People grew, came from.
I would like to make one more point.
The most important point of all is that the God of the Bible forbids us to give up the Land of Israel to foreigners, to idolaters,  to non-Israelite nations.
We are commanded to live in the Land of Israel, to hold on to it, and to go according to what God Almighty tells us to do.
So, that is the bottom line.
All the other reasons we mentioned are also very important.
They are important in their own right.
The bottom line however is that God Himself forbids us in the Bible to give away this Land.
See Numbers  33:55 and other verses.

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