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Brit-Am Now no. 1820.
1 February 2012, 8 Shevet 5772
1. Andy Hoy: Use of  the term Jews for the Ten Tribes is Offensive!
2. Upset by Ignorance? What Do You Do to Fix the Situation?
3. Where Does the Term Jew Come From?
4. Alistair Williams: Did Job exist?
5. Brit-Am Considerations.
a. You Are Our Team!  Brit-Am Under-Estimates its own Potential!
b. Physical Descent is what Concerns Us!


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1. Andy Hoy: Use of  the term Jews for the Ten Tribes is Offensive!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1819
#3. The Term Jew and the Ten Tribes.


I agree with A.Z. on the confusion in "Jewish" terminology. We need to start changing this pattern of habitual language abuse. The Bible does not EVER refer to the 12 tribes as "Jews". When the sons of Judah and those originating from the land of Judea call the lost tribes from the northern kingdom "Jews", they ultimately exalt themselves while professing their own ignorance.

We recall the story of Joseph and how his brothers ignored him and pretended that he was dead. This is still happening to this day on a tribal level. Every time Jews call Moses, Abraham, and Joseph "Jews" it sounds both ignorant and dogmatic to me. Real religious Jews should be embarrassed by this dogmatic practice.

The lost 10 should not be called "Jews". Ever. Judah's inclination to not acknowledge his brother by his real name, however prophetic it may be, is still disrespectful. It is what Judah does only before coming to repentance for selling and betraying his brother. To not speak Joseph's name is likened unto wishing him to be dead and voting him back into the dungeon.

Brit-Am Reply:
You seem to be taking offence where no offence was intended.
In this world not only should one not take offence where there was NO intention to offend you but even when there was such intention, at times you should ignore it.
Believe me, each one of us at some time or other gets offended. And there will be those who want to offend us.
Plenty of them.
We do not have to go looking for it when it is not there!
Let it find you, and chances are it will! More than you need!
Non-Jews refer to the Ten Tribes as Jews just as frequently, if not much more so, than Jews do.
As you say this is due to ignorance.
If it so disturbs you then you should do what you can to ally this lack of knowledge.
See the item below.

2. Upset by Ignorance? What Do You Do to Fix the Situation?
We receive letters on occasion, such as the letter above, in which offence is taken because certain Jews (or Christians?) do not take cognizance of the Ten Tribes and Joseph.
The reason why these incidents occur is due to ignorance. Brit-Am is fighting to dispel this lack of knowledge.
If you wish to improve the situation you should help Brit-Am.
What have you done recently in this regard?
Have you made an offering to Brit-Am?
Have you purchased a Brit-Am publication?
Have you sent a Brit-Am posting or linkage to potentially interested parties?

3. Where Does the Term Jew Come From?
Denis Goyet wrote:

Dear Yair:
I was always under the impression that the Term Jew came from the Diaspora a French word GIEU
At least that is what my family (GOI) was called.
Best Regards:
Denis Goyet

Brit-Am Reply:

The term Jew is derived from the word Judah.  In Hebrew Judah is Yehudah and Jew is Yehudi i.e. someone from Judah.
The Kingdom of Judah was the southern Kingdom of the Israelite Tribes. It comprised the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Levi, and representative portions of all the others.
The Kingdom of Judah is distinct from the Kingdom of Israel which is sometimes referred to as simply "Israel" or as Samaria, Joseph, or Ephraim.
In the Bible Judah is sometimes also referred to as Israel but the Kingdom of Israel is never referred to as Judah.
Descendants of former inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah or those who became attached to them are considered Jews.
Mordecai (the uncle of Esther) from the Tribe of Benjamin is referred to as a Jew (Esther 2:5  3:4).
Zechariah 8:
23 Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.

4. Alistair Williams: Did Job exist?

Shalom Yair,
I believe that trying to ascertain whether Job was real or not is a distraction.
There are lessons for all to learn from Job potentially for those whose desire is for the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to be their G-d and for them to be called His people.
The Almighty says 'consider my servant Job', whether Job looks to the Almighty as Creator or the G-d of Israel doesn't matter, G-d calls him His servant!
G-d has also said of one of His servants 'now I know you'.
But going back to Job who G-d calls 'My servant' tells us that Job has been singled out by G-d.
Because of this Job is a target of Satan, Satan thinks that all of Jobs earthly posessions and family and his physical body come under divine protection. Satan knows nothing, but G-d lets it be known that for His purpose Jobs life is in His hands, Satan can do anything, but he can't kill him.
Job knows this and it is this that he holds on to despite everything that happens to him he knows that the Almighty will hold on to him.
It is written that
'he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.'
Job knew that what was happening to him could happen to anybody, it's not what happens to us in this life, but how we deal with it that matters. If our trust is in the Almighty, then no matter what happens we know He has great things in store for us.
It is the end of the account where we find our hope, all is restored to Job in the end.
We then must continue in our studies and hold fast that which is true.
The Children of Israel had a tough time during the journey, but they did eventually get to the promised land, the account of the Exodus and the experience of Job, both are trials through which people either go through as a group, or on their own, either way, if we remain obedient no matter what, all will be restored to us in the end.
G-d Bless you and your team.

5. Brit-Am Considerations.

a. You Are Our Team!  Brit-Am Under-Estimates its own Potential.
In the item above Alistair blesses us and our team.
There is no real team. But neither are we entirely as alone as we sometimes may seem to be.
Alistair himself sends us his thoughts and insights. These are worth reading. They add to our overall presentation. They help make Brit-Am what it is.
The quality of Brit-Am has improved and is considered relatively high. This is as much due to our followers and sympathizers as to us.
We under-estimate ourselves.
Brit-Am has followers that do not go to other groups. There is some overlap but we also have an important niche of our own.
We have Orthodox Jews, converts to Judaism, members and past-members of the various Church of God congregations, Mormons, independent Bible scholars, professional people, academics, researchers, students, etc,
all kinds.
We could be bigger and more influential than all the other groups in this field combined!
For better or for worse we are in fact not even in the same class as them.

b. Physical Descent is what Concerns Us!
There are serious religious differences between some of our subscribers and ourselves.
On the whole we all manage to live with it.
Our message is a religious one. It is derived from the Bible and seeks to reflect Biblical truths.
We are concerned however to promote the realization of physical descent regardless of religious belief.
This is important. It is a beginning for the consideration of other matters.
It is probably the most important aspect of our time.
Are the Lost Ten Tribes today to be found amongst Western Peoples or are they not?
If so to what degree, i.e. what percentage, is identity applicable?
What proof is there?
What does the Bible say?
What secular evidence is there?

After some kind of answer is clarified for the above questions THEN both Joseph and Judah may consider with more seriousness the implications.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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