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Brit-Am Now no. 1810.
17 January 2012, 22 Tevet 5772

1. The first page of The Tribes 4th edition.
2. New Article. The Offspring of Noah: Japheth, by Alexander Zephyr.
3. Wayne Stark: More on Helvetia (Switzerland) and the Levites.


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1. The first page of The Tribes 4th edition.
The most important book in world history is the Bible, i.e. the Book. The People of the Book are the Jews.
Through their learning, scholarship, scientific and other achievements and also by the State of Israel the Jews have proven their ability and potential in numerous fields.
Parallel to the Jews are the nations of Western Europe especially those of the British Isles and their offshoots in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. These peoples have made their mark in world history more than any other group. In effect they are those primarily responsible for Western Civilization and its values.
Today both the Jews and the West are faced with common enemies and the same threat to their existence.
A mutual bond exists between the Jews and the West. This may be partially explained by the influence the Bible has had (and still has) on both parties.
This work comes to show that there is an additional factor. This is Ancestry. The Western Nations were founded by peoples who came from Israel but had lost their identity.
They are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. This is proven by Scripture, Rabbinical Sources, Archaeology, History, and every other field that is pertinent to the subject.
Do not dismiss this information. It may be vital to our national existence. It is also of importance and interest on the individual level. Read on.

2. New Article.
The Offspring of Noah: Japheth, by Alexander Zephyr.

3. Wayne Stark: More on Helvetia (Switzerland) and the Levites.

Mr. Davidiy [sir] I must express my deep (kavanah) appreciation for your work and your immediate reply to my thoughts on Switzerland [He'LVeTi; the Levites.

You wrote to me: You therefore suggest that the Helveti are really "Ha-Levi[ti]"?
This is the kind of suggestion that is worth keeping in mind in case other supportive evidence turns up.

Jstark: May I offer a couple of additional and what I think consideration as to theLevite
confederacy being Helvetii Confederacy.

(1. The Levites were keepers of the Temple, Synagog, the Ark... Perhaps a coincident but it is
Swiss guards who are keepers of the Pope's acreage dwellings.

(2. Perhaps another coincident but it is the Swiss who keep the "treasures of the world just as the Levites kept the treasures of Israel and to whom a tithe was given by law.

(3. It may be another coincident but did not the Levites, by command of G-d have safe haven cities within the Nation of Israel? For several wars [global and some limited global] Switzerland has been the safehaven of many criminals or peoples fleeing the war (soldiers included).

(4. Under the judges [almost 400 years?] and many prophets Israel was NOT a nation but a confederacy of tribes. The Helveti Confederacy would be more than symbolic of what the Levites understood to be a national organization but the way it was when Israel was under judges and still a theocracy.

(5. Since the Levites were not given land by Joshua this made them a neutral people amongst their own. Is not Switzerland a land of neutral people amongst its much larger neighbors; a people landlocked within the European nations just as the Levites were "within" the assigned territories of the original Nation of Israel?

(6. Every time the Kingdom of Israel was defeated in battle, the Bible tells us that the invading and victorious enemy "raided the Temple". Is not Switzerland where the "wealth of the world" is kept and a prize to be had if invaded? In 2010, Switzerland had the highest wealth per adult of any country in the world (with $372,692 for each person).

(7. Levi and Simeon are brothers, both with a warlike attitude, vicious and merciless when up against a common foe. I recall my father once alluding to a time of Swiss invinsibility; fierce, strong, quick victories then retreat to their safe havens in the mountains. Is this too another coincident?

SIr, I am sorry for the length of this email and I do wish to respect your research, knowledge and time. This study of Israel past, present, and future for some reason has become a passion. Your knowledge to me is like being locked in a library of books. I wish I fully understood why I simply can't get enough time on this subject; Israel and which way did they go. I wish I could instead write a book titled "They Went thata' Way."


Brit-Am Reply:
We identified Switzerland with Issachar. Another possibility was Asher. The Burgundians derive from Beria(g)h son of Asher.
The arguments identifying Switzerland with Issachar and as a secondary choice perhaps with the Tribe of Asher are to our mind much stronger.
Most of Levi was in Judah with small pockets amongst the Ten Tribes.
If you feel really convinced of your case however keep going.
Even if in the end you decide you were mistaken you may well learn a great deal on the way.

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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