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Brit-Am Now no. 1807.
11 January 2012, 16 Tevet 5772

1. New Article:
Ephraim Comes First!  Malbim
on Joseph (Genesis chs 48 and 49).
2. New Blog: The House of Israel.
3. Andy Hoy: Mennonites Like Hasidim of Jerusalem.
4. David Hogg: More About the Mormons.
5. Michelle Bowie: Tribal Symbols and Heraldry.


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1. New Article:
Ephraim Comes First!
Malbim on Joseph (Genesis chs 48 and 49).

The Malbim affirms that the Ten Tribes are still in Exile, that they to be found as cohesive units and that in End Times they will return being lead by the Messiah son of Joseph.

In the extract and words of explanation below we see how the Malbim interprets the blessing of Jacob to Ephraim and Manasseh as saying that Ephraim would become great before Manasseh.
Ephraim would be great through his own merits and self-assertion almost from the beginning. Manasseh would wait until the vast numbers of his population and the weight of his blessing would of itself result in greatness.
We identify Ephraim with Britain and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the whites in South Africa. The USA is Manasseh. The interpretation of the Malbim concerning Ephraim and Manasseh fits historical reality. The USA grew out of Britain. Even though the USA achieved independence by rebelling from Britain it grew and developed under the British shadow and with the help of British protection and investment. The population of the USA increased immensely along with its wealth and economic potential. Finally due to the sheer weight of what it had become it seamlessly replaced Britain as Policeman of the Globe and paramount world power.
That according to the Malbim is precisely what Manasseh was supposed to do!
England on the other hand whom we identify as the main force of Ephraim placed itself on the world scene from the very beginning.
As soon as the English nation came into existence it conquered Wales and periodically attempted to do the same in Ireland, Scotland, and France.
Under the Tudors England defied the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire as well as defeating and humiliating Spain which at the time was the major world power.
At first the population of England was less than a fifth that of the French. Later it benefited from a population explosion due to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and overseas colonization.
[Sometimes the family grows according to the space available.]
This fits how the Malbim understands the blessing to Ephraim.

2. New Blog:
The House of Israel
Exploring the full house of Israel. All Jews are Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews.
Run by Wallace Robinson.
The blog helps promote Brit-Am teaching.
Looks quite impressive.

3. Andy Hoy: Mennonites Like Hasidim of Jerusalem.
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1806
The reason I was speculating about the Amish and the Mennonites being of Israelite heritage is because the xenophobic and homogeneous aspects of their communities reminded me of the Hungarian hassidics living near prophets street here in Jerusalem. They are a rural version in contrast to the urban Jews. ..I think that most of lost Israel is urban because HaShem told Abraham that his descendants would disposes the CITIES of their enemies.
As for the coats of arms, have you made any studies or are you aware of any studies where they might be associated with signs of the zodiac?

4. David Hogg: More About the Mormons.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1804
#3. David: Mormon Interest.
Subject: The Lost Tribes; Ephraim

Dear Mar Davidiy,
I have read much now that you have placed online with great interest. You have obviously put a lot of work into your research. It looks right and feels right to me. I am definitely a supporter. I don't know why any member of my church wouldn't be either. I myself see nothing which is contrary to my church's doctrine. In fact it very much confirms the church's belief that Israel would be recovered in the last days both physically ( as in the creation of Israel in the middle east) and spiritually ...
The only matter which would possibly concern our church leaders, I feel, would be that individuals would or could place too much emphasis on belonging to Israel as part of the tribes for salvation rather than on individual righteousness.
Having said that we know that the Lord will place the spiritually attuned, by and large amongst Jacob's descendants see Deuteronomy 32v8. They are to teach the Gentiles ( which to members of our Church means those not of the tribes) the Gospel and so, as Malachi said, the whole earth, that is all the peoples of the earth, would be blessed. ...

5. Michelle Bowie: Tribal Symbols and Heraldry.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1806
Shalom Yair,
About the inquiry of tribal symbols. There is also another good resource titled "Symbols of Our Celto-Saxon Heritage" by W.H. Bennett. It may be difficult to find but the author does a wonderful job of tying in the blessings given by Ya'akov to his sons and how many scripture verses show us not only the symbols, but that Israel carried standards when in the wilderness so as to identify which tribe they were. I do think a better title should be "Symbols of Our Israelite Heritage", but that's just MHO. About a year after reading this book, I found my husband's coat of arms in that very book. I think with heraldry being such a large and extensive field, we must research any material out there we can find. Heraldry websites are adding ones they find or others have submitted every day.
Blessings, mb

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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