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Brit-Am Now no. 1805.
9 January 2012, 14 Tevet 5772

1. Andy Hoy: Questions, and Information.
2. New Article. Notes About Joseph.
3. More Megaliths from Norway


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1. Andy Hoy: Questions, and Information
A few things I wanted to ask and share:
(1. Do you think that the exiles may return in two stages (i.e., a smaller ingathering followed by the greater Exodus)?
(2. Have you explored the roots of North American Amish and Mennonites? What about Puritans? Who do you believe them to be?
(3. What do you think of possible links to Native American cultures? Have you heard of the Paleo-Hebrew Decalogue that they found in New Mexico in the US that was scribed into a large rock?
(4. Have you ever entertained the idea of starting a "lost tribes" museum?
(5. Have you ever read Immanuel Velikovsky? I think he makes a good case (albeit past tense) for abrupt changes in future weather (as you were alluding to in your youtube videos, to be in conjunction with the ingathering), both in Israel and worldwide.
Shabbat Shalom,
Andrew Hoy

Brit-Am Reply:
Andy Shalom,
Regarding your questions especially those concerning two separate returns of the Ten Tribes, is this your own idea or are you quoting from another source?
If someone else has broached this possibility and there are sources explaining it we would like to know.
There may be something that is new to us and that can help us.
Even if we end up disagreeing with it, it could still be worth our while knowing about it.

(1) As far as I know there is no source saying that the Ten Tribes will return in two stages though such a scenario would fit in well with many verses.
It does say that the for Judah there will be two stages:
(a) At first Judah will return and rebuild the Land like it is doing at present.
(b) Later the Ten Tribes will return and the rest of Judah with them.
For a much more detailed explanation of this process and the explanation of Rabbi Tsvi Kalisher see:
BAC (Brit-Am Commentary) to Hosea 6:11.

(2) The Amish and Mennonites came from areas where Israelites were present at that time, they have Israelite characteristics, and they mainly went to Israelite countries.
We may therefore take them to be Israelites.
The same applies to the Puritans and in some ways even more so.

(3) Concerning the Amerindians see our comments:

See the article:
Steven Collins: The Ten Commandments in America ?

We are ourselves at this state are skeptical concerning the Los Lunas Inscription.
It could be a forgery.
Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

(4) A few people have advocated the idea of a Ten Tribes museum.
It could be very effective especially in a place like Jerusalem.
At the moment however we have trouble paying the rent for our own lodging and office space.
However valuable a museum may or may not be the Brit-Am enterprise in our opinion should be considered far more important and have priority.
On the other hand a Museum could be developed from a room in an office or from part of an office and depict various exhibits illustrating  Brit-Am teaching. It could be very effective and would not have to necessarily entail great expense.

(5) Immanuel Velikovsky opened up some important possibilities even if his theory as a whole turns out to be mistaken.
He showed how the Theory of Evolution is invalid and how conventional dating of historical events is often mistaken.

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2. New Article.
Notes About Joseph.
1. Joseph the Hebrew.
2. The Problem of Asenath (Cherchez la Femme!).
3. Who Was Asenath Really?
4. What did Asenath Look Like?
5. Joseph Gathers Up the Pieces!
6. Dan Gathers Up with Joseph.
7. The Broken Men by Rudyard Kipling 1902


According to this it could be Asenath is the one who complements the number of the House of Jacob who went down to Egypt to make seventy!...The name Asenath [in Hebrew] could be a permutation of Asenath, [i.e. the one who was raped!].

Joseph is to also gather up all other Israelites from the other Tribes and from Judah who may have strayed away from their parent bodies.
Joseph also rehabilitates. Numerous emigrants to North America and to the British Colonies came from situations they wished to put behind them.
This is what they were enabled to do.

An Anonymous Commentary attached to Rashi says that Dan would take in the weak and the failing from the other Tribes.
Ireland at one stage had many from Dan such as the Tribe of Dana (Tuatha de Danaan), the Domnonni (Danani), and Viking Danish settlers.
It could well be that most of the Tribe of Dan who formerly were in Ireland and other parts of Britian are now in the USA?

3. More Megaliths from Norway
Shalom Yair and BritAm!

My family has been traveling around in our local area visiting stonecircels.
I sent you pictures from one in Sola last year. This one is in Egersund, about 1,5 hours south from Sola, but still in Rogaland country, Norway. You can read about it here:

Thank you so much for all your efforts and the great job you do for all Israel!
Love and blessings
Britt Lode

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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