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Brit-Am Now no. 1771.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
30 October 2011, 2 Cheshvan 5772.
1. Alistair Williams: Complexity is not an Iron Rule.
2. Book by Walter Baucum now only $7!!!
3. Bill Rasmussen:  TG Criticism of Brit-Am Not Justified!
4. Steve Collins: New Article. Saxon Treasure and the Scythians.
5. New Feature: List of 122 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs With Verses Quoted.


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1. Alistair Williams: Complexity is not an Iron Rule.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1770.
#1. TG not convinced
Dear Yair,
Thank the Almighty that your remit is to inform not to convince.
He gives us eyes to see and ears to hear.
TG has a point, the world is complex, however his observation that 'its a complex World that HaShem gave us', is also flawed.
At the end of creation week, the world was perfect, Adam walked with G-d.
HaShem did not give us a complex world, mankind chose to go it alone and in doing so has created the complex world he finds himself living in.
The Almighty who has known the end from the beginning has promised to send Messiah to restore all things, then we will have the world He has always wanted us to have, we have to come to the full understanding that we are not capable of self governance, we need Him.
May He continue to bless you, TG and all who have read your work.
Alistair eudora="autourl" href="">

2. Book by Walter Baucum now only $7!!!
Re: "Bronze Age Atlantis"
The International Nautical Empire of the Sea Peoples
Walter Baucum

Yair, Shalom. I have be away for two weeks and am just now catching up on many unread email messages. I hate to keep changing horses in the middle of the stream, but I have had to go up in price for my book (but only in the U.S.A.) to 7 dollars (American) because the tape and wrapping paper were costing me too much-----i.e. I have been coming out in the hole with the books. I have told this to many, but some send the money based on their reading of your postings rather than contact me first. This is all right and I am willing to take the loss.

But if you could change this tidbit of information, I would appreciate it. The total shipping cost domestically is $4.95, so I feel that asking $7 is not unreasonable. The overseas shipping of $15 American has remained the same because total cost of airmail shipping has been $13.95. So the $15 asking price has not been out of order.

Although my cancer seems to be still there (i.e. God has not yet healed me), it seems to be slow-growing and at present I still have much of my strength left to do my chores. I really appreciate your kind words that you have sent me and appreciate even more your prayers to our Creator on my behalf. I hope that you continue to prosper and maintain the good feelings that doing the Brit-Am work gives to you. Walt eudora="autourl" href="">

3. Bill Rasmussen:  TG Criticism of Brit-Am Not Justified!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1770.
#1. TG not convinced
Shalom from Bill Rasmussen Brit Am 1770

Yair, I read the brief, absurd missive by "TG" that was addressed to you. This guy is intellectually dishonest. He claims that you reject any criticism regardless of where it is coming from. He also claims you contradict the Sages as well and that your solutions are simplistic.
Where is he getting his information from? I have been a part of Brit Am since the late 1990's. I have seen you take a lot of criticism over the years and many times you have shown humility and have even apologized to various individuals. I feel you take criticism rather well. However, when people act immature and speak to you offensively, you have a right to put them in their place. As for contradicting the Sages, this guy is very misguided. Take no heed to what he says.
One more thing: The research that you have provided over the years is very deep and challenging intellectually. I fail to see where TG sees Brit Am research as being simplistic. Could it be that maybe because his own understanding of the Tribes of Israel is fallacious, that he wants to attack you and malign your work? In any event, when he criticizes the work of Brit Am, he is also attacking those who support Brit Am like myself. I reject his comments and want him to know that he is just plain wrong.
Shalom, Bill Rasmussen. eudora="autourl" href="">

4. Steve Collins: New Article.
Saxon Treasure and the Scythians.

From: "Steve Collins" <>

 "A Saxon Gold Hoard in England?"
Its Scythian Origin ?" NEW
Prophecy Updates and Commentary

Shalom Yair,
You may find this recent blog of mine interesting as the feature article in this month's National Geographic magazine has a LTT connection. I have not been able to do much on the computer lately due to a brain concussion on 8/31, from which I'm slowly recovering.

5. New Feature:
List of 122 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs With Verses Quoted.

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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