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Brit-Am Now no. 1766.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
21 October 2011, 23 Tishrei 5772.
1. Bo Ronn: Statue of a Unicorn from Iron Age Sweden?
2. Australia: Sinim and a Place of Hiding.
3. New Article. Characteristics of the Tribe of  Dan.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]
4. Question on Nachmanides and Convincing Jews about Brit-Am.
5. Jen: Chrislam Warning?


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1. Bo Ronn: Statue of a Unicorn from Iron Age Sweden?
Good Day Yair Davidiy

A while ago Brit-Am was publishing articles about unicorns.

I have just come across something that may be of interest.

Could this statue be a Unicorn? It was found in Uppakra, Scania in the south of Sweden near the city of Lund.
Uppakra was a pre-Viking age trading village.

Unicorn from Scandinavia?

2. Australia: Sinim and a Place of Hiding.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1755
#6. Answer to Query and the "Hiddeness" of Australia?
We answered a question concerning the meaning of the name Australia in Hebrew.
We suggested
I will hide [Ostir] for me [Li]-Yah.
Perhaps it is hinting at Isaiah 54:8.

Another possibility is
Asater-Li-Yah meaning "I will hide myself from God" or "God will Hide Me There" .
In Genesis 4:14 we have the expression of Cain  "SHALL I BE HID" [Hebrew "aSater"] or "I will hide".
This in Bible Codes begins a sequence of 54 letters spelling the word "SINIM".
Sinim is the name in Hebrew for Australia!!!
#2. SINIM= Australia, A Land of Exile.

Here is more is said on this subject and it is shown how Sinim is linked up with Austrlia and with Kain and the Rechabites.

When one looks at this it is actually quite strong evidence confirming the identification of Australia with the Land of Sinim and in turn with the Lost Ten Tribes.

Some of the Brit-Am Bible Codes Findings were very significant, e.g. the exact placement of Tserefat (France in Hebrew) with the Sons of Rueben.

The finding by Jim Wright of the word Dolmen in  Jeremiah 31:15 was also very significant.

Perhaps Brit-Am and its followers tend to underrate ourselves?
Are we too self-effacing?

3. New Article. Characteristics of the Tribe of Dan.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

4. Question on Nachmanides and Convincing Jews about Brit-Am.
Wes wrote:

 Shalom Yair,
I am pleased with the Brit Am Plan you have established,

but I'm having some trouble with part b(2).
(2) Convincing Jews that the Lost Tribes are in the west.
I have a friend who moved here from Israel and he not only refuses to believe the Lost Tribes are in the west but he doesn't believe there are any lost tribes at all.He says all the tribes returned when the state of Israel was established.  I've had him read your Hebrew book on the tribes,"Our Other Brothers" to no avail. I bought both an English version and a Hebrew version of RAMBAN's Sefer HaGeula. Surely he would believe the RAMBAN.  I read the English version and then used my rudimentary Hebrew reading skills to compare to the Hebrew version to ensure the basic message is the same in both versions. They seem to differ in some minor aspects, but the Hebrew version also has commentary that I'm not skilled enough to translate. I gave him the Hebrew version to read and he's still not convinced. He says if I read it and concluded the redemption of the lost tribes is still a future event then I've read it wrong. Have you read the Hebrew version published by Feldheim Publishers? Is it the commentary that leads the reader astray or is my friend just being stubborn?
Wes B.

Brit-Am Reply:
Wes Shalom,
This answer will deal (a) with Nachmanides and (b) with convincing Jews in general.

(a) Nachmanides.
I do not know what your friend is talking about.
It could be that he only glanced at the "Sefer HaGeulah" (Book of Redemption) and did not read the relevant portions of it?
Nachmanides emphasizes over and over again that the Ten Tribes DID NOT RETURN but are destined to do so!
Nothing could be more clear.

We translated the relevant portions of "Sefer HaGeulah" by Nachmanides directly from the Hebrew version. We did not use the official English Translation.

[We have slightly imporoved and upgraded these artilces.]

Nachmanides is adamant that the Ten Tribes HAVE NOT YET RETURNED!
Ask your friend to give you quotations as to his point of view. He will not be able to.

Nachmanides says:

The Israelites went into Exile and ever since then Ephraim and all [the ten tribes of northern] Israel have never been in the Land of Israel...
There was no Redemption for the Ten Tribes who remained in exile....
There are those who say that this prophecy of Obadiah is referring to King Hezekiah in the Second Temple period but those who think so are in error. It is obvious from Scripture that this term, i.e. House of Joseph, applies to the Kingdom of Israel who are the Ten Tribes. They should be ashamed not to recognize this fact! The above verse proves it! When was the House of Joseph like a flame devouring the stubble of Esau? Not in Biblical times! The Ten Tribes had already been exiled and they are still in Exile, in the area of the Canaanites, even unto Zarephath: ?And this first exile of the children of Israel who are [now] from Canaan unto Zarephath? [Obadiah 1:20].
 [Rashi, Iben Ezra, Radak and others say that Zarephath means France, Abarbanel says it means France and Britain].

Rabbi Chaim David Chavel who prepared the Hebrew Original for publication says in an editorial footnote (p. 275):
#AND THESE. That is the Exile of the House of Joseph, these are the Exiles of Tserafat and Canaan, who are in the north extremities, and were scattered there from the First Exile. They never returned. Therefore when could this prophecy have been fulfilled? When was the House of Joseph against the House of Esau who were as straw for them? #

These places are at the extremes of the north.

When did they [the Ten Tribes] come back and when were these enormous exiled groups ingathered to inherit the cities of Ephraim and Samaria? When did saviours go up on Mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau? In the time of Ezra only a few returned as pigeons to their dovecotes. It says, ?the kingdom shall be the LORD's? [Obadiah 1:21]. At that time everyone will openly acknowledge the Kingdom of God. ?And the LORD shall be King over all the earth? (Zechariah 14;9). This too will happen in the future. The general principle concerning these and all similar verses concerning the Redemption of Israel and the fall of Edom and the like is that it is all for the future.

(b) Convincing Jews concerning the correctness of Brit-Am understanding.
First of all a reco\gnized MINORITY opinion does exist amongst Rabbinical Commentators that the Ten Tribes are to be found amongst the present Jewish People.
This is mistaken but it is correct that small representative proportions of all the Israelite Tribes are present amongst the Jews.
Most Jews however descend from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi.

The overwhelming majority of the Ten Tribes are still in Exile, separate from Judah, and destined to achieve their Tribal Expression in their place of Exile.
Most Rabbinical Authorities agree with this assessment. It also accords with the simple literal implication of Scripture.
Separate from Judah

Unknown to Judah

Jews are often wary of discussing Scripture with Christians since they feel some kind of missionizing agenda may be involved.

Most Jews are open to the idea that the Ten Tribes may be amongst Western Peoples.
Here and there however one will find individuals who are vehemently opposed to the whole notion.

It is best not to quarrel with such people.
Some of them will however be prepared to read Brit-Am literature that is given to them.
There was case of Rabbi  in a Yeshivah in Jerusalem who was in such a category. He agreed to read our work, Lost Israelite Identity.
As a result he testifies to becoming convinced and changing his whole world outlook.

Also even though most Jews may be open to the idea very few will become enthusiastic about it.
Most will relate to it as an interesting possibility and nothing more than that.
They will also, on the whole, not really want to engage in lengthy discussions about it.

The book we have on the subject, "Ahim Acharim" is quite good. It is not however for everybody and could use much improvement.
For the moment it does put the message across quite coherently and has been considered convincing if its assumptions prove correct.
This work serves its purpose.
At the moment we distribute this work for free to potentially interested parties.
A few hundred copies remain.

When they are all gone we will consider putting out an improved version if funds permit.
We have additional plans and projects on the board for reaching out to Judah.

I hope this helps,
God bless you
Yair Daviidy.

5. Jen: Chrislam Warning?
Re: Brit-Am Request to Sign Petition
Re. Ephraim: Ephraim and some of his descendants have become weak in their belief. Unfortunately, I see this as a lack of courage and backsliding. That process you mentioned in Hosea is here and it's called chrislam. This will never work out. It'll be one belief or the other...heads are gonna roll!!!

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860).

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