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Brit-Am Now no. 1625
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

6 January 2011, 1 Shevet 5771.
1. New Article:
Pelops, Ahab and the Achaeans"  by John R. Salverda.
2. Hidden Stevens and Joseph!
3. War Time Speech by Hugh Davis in Darjeeling, India.


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1. New Article:
Pelops, Ahab and the Achaeans"  by John R. Salverda
Brit-Am Editorial Comment.
Pelops and Ahab.
The Achaeans and Ahab.
Ahab in Greek Records?
Israelites, Arimoi, Kimmeroi (Cimmerians)!
Hittites and Israelites.
The Hurrian Mercenary Chariot Warriors and Olympianism.
Chaldeans and Chaldians.
Was Homer really King Omri of Israel?
Pelops, Hippodameia, and Naboth.
Elijah as Myrtilus.
The Murder of Stymphalus.
The Greek Mount Carmel?

Brit-Am Editorial Comment:
John Salverda has authored a valuable and interesting series of articles showing Israelite Influence on Greek Mythology. The northern Ten Tribes lived separately from Judah. They intermixed with the local non-Israelite populations and adopted their beliefs and practices. It is not certain how literate they were and it may be that only a few actually knew how to read and write Hebrew. It was a violent age punctuated by wars, invasions, and traumatic crises. The Bible as we know it had not yet been canonized though the Torah (original Five Books of Moses i.e. the Pentateuch) existed but was revered in Judah rather than in Israel. It was also a period of irrational forces and strong spiritual influences. Under such conditions we may well expect the actual belief system of the common people to have become transformed into something else altogether.

Our studies show that at some stage Israelites (especially from the tribe of Dan) did conquer the Greeks, influenced them and were influenced by them. Also in their movement westward elements from the Ten Tribes sojourned in the Greek sphere. We ourselves do not think there was much of a physical ethnic interaction between Hebrews and Greeks but there was a cultural one.

Archaeological findings show a strong link between Mycenaean (Bronze Age) Greece and Britain as well as between Bronze Age Britain and the area of Ancient Israel and its surroundings. The same applies to Scandinavia. Mycenaean finds in the region of Israel itself are plentiful and may have originated with Israelites. If such was the case then the Israelite component in findings from the British isles and the North of Europe may well turn out to be much greater than is realised.

The article below continues the exposition of John Salverda. The views are those of the author and not necessarily of Brit-Am.

John Salverda in fact says things we would heartily disagree with. Even so, he deserves to be read. It is also important to read properly what he is saying. For instance he claims that Israelite exiles who reached Greece were really Hittites and Chaldeans who had been influenced by Israelite culture. His attributing Gentile origins to Israelite Kings and their followers is doubtful. It could be however that Canaanites and other elements who were driven out or voluntarily left Israel had been influenced beforehand by Hebrew culture and they brought this influence with them to Greece?...

2. Hidden Stevens and Joseph!

Your favorite Brit-Am Organizer is a natural blond.
This means I am slow in picking up things at times.
Not backward, just slow. Later I sometimes make up for momentary [re-]tardiness by surging ahead thus making others forget my initial reticence of comprehension.
Anyway a good time ago we had a min-article about the number of Stephens and Stevens writing into us with their research and literary contributions.
"Brit-Am Now"-859
#2. Hidden "Stephen" and the Lost Ten Tribes.

Lately another one of these Steve "Wonders" came to our attention when
Steve Mathe posted to us a notice about his latest article:

Brit Am ~ A Covenant of People

We pointed out before that even though prosaic explanations suggest tracing the Stephen-Steven name to a Greek word meaning "crown" we preferred the Hebrew "Tsafon" meaning hidden.
This was in response to a suggest by Stephen Ray Hale of "a connection between the names Stephen & Tsephanyahu".

Apart from all that we had overlooked the fact that Joseph himself was called something like Stephen!
# And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnath-Paaneah# (Genesis 41:44).
In Hebrew "Zaphnath-Paaneah" means "Hidden Things [Tsaphanot"]-Revealer [Panaeach]of".

Now when the Ten Tribes reached the Lands of the North, natural habitat of slow blondes like myself, they must adapted themselves to the local conditions.

Tsaphanot Panaeach must have been quite a mouthful for the local boys and to have required an inordinate amount of time to enunciate.

Maybe the result was "Stepen"?

3. War Time Speech by Hugh Davis in Darjeeling, India.
# You needn't worry about the outcome of this war we are all fighting in our different ways. We cannot lose. For if we lose, the whole world as we now know it goes down with us. With the calibre of the men we have fighting for us, there is only one result possible for us. Complete victory. What you have read about the Battle of Britain is absolutely true. The young men who fought in that battle and are still fighting were, and still are, ordinary people, just like you and me, but placed in extraordinary circumstances. They were, and are, not at all like the German fighters who are bolstered up by sheer arrogance, brutality and murder against a mainly unarmed and untrained civilian populace. Ours are ordinary men like you and me, steeled by the conviction of a right cause. Whatever the odds, the murderers must never be allowed to triumph. Otherwise, the human race will simply cease to exist.

# We are arrogant too. Arrogant in doing what is just against sheer evil. I know, I was there. These men of ours would fight against impossible odds, quite impossible, and yet they would win, again and again and again. It even shook the Americans out of their complacency and hesitance. Most of these men are dead now. My friends and school mates. Dead before they have started to live. But their example has shown a light to those who follow on. There is an understanding in Britain that victory is certain. There can be no other result. For us, we cannot fail. The Battle of Britain was the turning point of the war. The freedom of the whole world was saved by this battle. This great battle. It's only a matter of time now. I am proud to belong to the RAF.#

From a speech by Hugh Davis in Darjeeling, India, ca. 1943.
"Indian Interlude" by Hugh Davis, Chapter 12.

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